Friday, July 31, 2015

SELFIE Achievement Friday--Horde Style

Yes, yes.  I know im always taking Ally pics but I DO play both!  My main server is just all Alliance at the moment so my Hordies get less love!  But they are working... Slowly!

Halls of Origination
 (I HIGHLY suggest using a horde for this one, even a level one.. Guards here fly in more places then in Stormwind.  Easier to get tagged.)
Wintergrasp Keep
(need I say it... DONT DO DURING THE PVP!)
 (FYI, its a photo bomb!)
Valley of the Kings (Loch Modan)


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

LFRs: Soloing VS Group

This may seem silly to some, but I have been asked before on my thoughts for LFR and its worth.

Well, ya its gear.  I mean, if you don't hardcore raids, the only way you'll see ANY content is via LFR.  Thanks to LFR, I got to see current content in Cata that I wouldn't of seen because I wasn't raiding.  Thanks to it, I got to see Siege in MoP because I wasn't seriously raiding it.  And now I get to see and learn the fights of Hellfire before I lead my team through it. 

And in most cases:  The gear is worth it!  Sadly, Tanann killed the need for doing the Hellfire raids at all if your willing to farm crystals. 

That being said, I want to point out that this post is for those with either enough free time to grind AND do LFRs for gold each week.  Or for those who just enjoy seeing the raids-even if it isn't completely up to snuff (I wouldn't call it easy either..  You've got a chance of wiping as much due to inexperience or trolls!).


Lets start with SOLOING:

  • No pressure.  Ever noticed when your with friends how you feel a need to try harder?  It may not be that you WANT to be the best dps/healer/tank..  Just more of you don't want to look like crap in front of them!  That's abit of stress there!
  • No timing or waiting.  If you raid serious, you get this better then most.  You cant start without this person, you have to wait on AFKs, and you cant be the dick who says "Baby can cry.  Were not wiping."  When ya run solo in LFR, its on your time.  Requeue back to back or take a 30 minute break!
  • Focused on your task.  Ya know, friends are great...  But casual players do tend to be less focused during fights.  Because of that, they joke and try to hold a conversation during a mechanic filled boss like Rag.  So, their dps/healing is crap and they are probably dragging you down too.  Sadly, hardcore raiders are JUST as bad.  Yes, you heard me!  If their not bragging about how "easy" it was, or how everyones a "noob" then their spending the whole fight saying whats being done wrong.  In all cases, reading while fighting is distracting.  But listening to a rant over vent is a pain in a fight.  And when its someone you know, switching off the active chat for the fight might get you a extra special bitching later.
  • No obligation to stay in a bad group.  When ya run with others, they may not want to drop and sit for thirty minutes waiting to just to start a new queue.  This means the no way in hell groups turn into your pet project.  That 15 minute raid is now a 4 hour one..  Well, what can ya do?  This person is your friend and will hate your guts if you ditch them..  As with all things group:  its not all about you. 
Okay, now that I've pretty much shared the down sides to group, AKA the reasons you'll rather solo...  Let me share the reasons for GROUPING:

  • Added gold!  Oh ya, in Warlords LFRs with friends gives you "Stacking the Deck" which means an extra 40-400 gold per completed queue.  That means your getting a average of 275 a run.  Now that's some nice change!
  • Chance at faster queues!  As a dps, your que is long, aint it?  Well that tank/healer that hates running along can cut that time drastically!
  • Less likely to be put in a "Half-Done" group.  Ya know when ya need EVERY boss?  Well that's when WoW puts you in a group at the second or last boss.  Well, I can say from experience:  When with others, you rarely get put in started groups.  Unless they majorly fucked and lost 90% of the raid.  But you get the point?
  • Less likely to be kicked.  Ugh.. I know trolls use this to their advantage..  But if you have a friend or two hitting "Decline" to that vote to kick, you'll be able to stay in group.  That means (assuming your not a troll, in which case ya can go have fun time with a jagged bottle.. ;3 ) that your probably either the person trying to explain how the fight is suppose to be, or you dc'd for 5 seconds and their impatient, or the VERY common: your pulling less then that WAY over geared tank who is in the top 5..  I've seen the 3 happen and sadly, have had then be put on me due to gear or honest to god lag.  But, since I tend to queue with friends to give them faster queues, they stick by me and decline the votes off the bat and tell them where to shove it (atleast while im dc'd... ).  Nothing sucks more then being on the last boss and being thrown out because someones being a ass or because your power flickered.

Well that's my list.  Yall got anything to add?

A special thanks to the person who requested the post, and to my guildies Don and Josh who helped me brain storm the reasons!

Happy Hunting!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ding Ding Ding! I think we beat Wrath!

That's right my pretties!

We just hit 80!


Now lets kill the Lich King, shall we?!

As always, thank you for your continued views and messages!  I love you all.  <3

If you like my art, you can find it on my DA

Thank you again guys!  See me again Weds for more Post!

Just abit further till 100!  Don't quit on me now

Happy Hunting!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vesharr and your BIG Adventure!

This is part of the Pulshie Achievement!  Needless to say, ya don't have to have it at 25 to work.. But with my method, 20+ is always best!

First Pet:  Nexus Whelping.  If you follow ANY of my methods then you should have one of these at 25 by now!  I love this thing.  Go ahead and get your Mana Surge and then Arcane Storm combo started.  Naturally apply the weather THEN the Surge.  This should have no issue killing the first pet and starting the second.

For second opponent, Use the whelp till it dies and then your Ooze (any ooze will work, you just want absorb and expunge!).  For this one you'll kill as normal till you get the vines.  When the vines are started switch THEN to your elekk!  Let it take the heavy blow since it has no real attacks.

For the last Opponent, Kill as normal but hit as hard as possible. 

These could be tricky, especially without a 3rd pet to attack so don't get discouraged if it takes a second try.

Naturally, if your not doing the elekk part, just use any magic pet or use a elemental for the second opponent (As I showed above!).  That's all!


Friday, July 24, 2015

SELFIE Achievement Friday

More for the Achieve!  This time I offered a "few" of each location.
 Throne of Kil'Jaeden
Throne of the Elements
Onyxia's Lair (Inside and at the door count!)
Light's Hope Chapel (Eastern Plaugelands)
Hope ya enjoyed!  See ya next week with more screenies and goodies!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Awfully Big Adventure! Achievement and Notes!

Since I've done most to all of the Garrison Battle Pets at this point, i'll be posting for these on Saturdays now!  (Well, mixing them in while I finish the last 3 or 4 from Garrison!)

My Suggestions: 

Get the elekk to 20+!  This is not a pet with attacks.  Its a Soaking pet.  If you want to start without my suggestions then consider:  How can I use the massive health to my advantage?  Figure out big attacks and about when to switch in to absorb those!

Its A achieve to have it at 25!  Why not do that first?  This means grabbing a 25 battle stone with that spiffy new 100!  Or just level stones..  Or maybe just a few dragging through with powerful 25 pets in 20+ areas to get it up?

Watch the times.  This requires SOME time sensitive Battles!  Including Darkmoon.  Try to be aware of that!

Don't rush!  Some of these fights will be VERY hard!  The Darkmoon ones alone are a pain but can you imagine it as a 2 pet?  Don't get stressed or upset!

Don't try this with 3 25 pets..  I have about 400+ 25 pets and I still think this will be a pain!  Why?  Because you'll need JUST the right pets for some of these and I don't have the most OP pets in WoW-even if I did, they'd get nerfed!  You'll need a HUGE variety!  Think of Timeless Isles, that battle scenario is maybe on par with this in some ways.  In fact, you'll need a few of those for this...

Plan!  Plan now and spread it out!  Its for your own sanity!

Well, that's what I got for now!

Look this weekend for Vesharr!

But for today...  Heres a How To for Ashlei!  (Since I put her in months back!)

You'll see it there too, but same idea.

Whip, whip till dead.  Whip, Heal on her plushie, it'll switch out.  Whip Talbulk to death.  Next you just switch in your leveling pet.  Then YOUR plushie.  Then just kill it off!  Done!

Good luck!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Reference Monday!

Ya, not a update but I only got the two at the moment so Its not worth a Friday Update.

So, let me ask, any of you seen Sweeny Todd?  The movie or the play?  Well, assuming most gamers aint much for operas or musicals... Im betting you like Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean, yes!), well hes the star of this musical remake of the classic musical.

Anyway, its a barber whos sent away and come back looking for revenge.  I don't want to spoil it so just so you get the reference:  In the movie hes on the TOP floor of a shop and he KILLS with a old fashion razor (which at the time is the normal).  At the beginning of the movie he actually hides a body upstairs to keep it hidden before they find a... new way, to get rid of the bodies.  There, no spoilers!

Well, While at Stormwinds BARBER SHOP I decided, bored.  So, up I went.  And up stairs I go to the only room (just as in the movie, its one room above the shop).  And inside I jump on the bed and look over.  And OMG...Its a skeleton.  Under the floor board.

So why is this different from a "hey Skeley in the closet." thing?  Well take a look and tell me if you notice anything else to make that link!

Say, anyone notice theres dirt under the board..?  isn't this a top floor...?  o.O

Anyone else wanting to see, just go up to the second floor of SW Barber shop.  In fact, send me some of your own screenies, selfies, ect of the Reference!


HINT:  Its the Razor.  Same as Sweeny Todds "Old Friend."

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mini Gruuls, kick their rumps!

First Method:

Take A flayer youngling, start with Kick and then Shield.  From this point on Blitz till BOTH are reset.  Just rinse and repeat till your pet or the first opponent dies.

-If you die first, just kill with second pet.

-If he dies first, use blitz first followed by shield.  Then Kick/blitz till dead.  It shouldn't take long though.

Second Pet was a restless shading, but really any undead will work for 2nd and 3rd (I prefer my Whelping though!).  Just attempt to dodge/block Haymaker which covers on your 2nd, 6th, and so forth rounds with the Gromli.

Alternate method:

I found Roaches are GREAT subs.  Especially with long fights.  All you need is a 20+ roach with Apocalypse.  Use him and the ability first, switch to the flayer and continue as normal.

This gives you EXP for the fight, plus it means that Gromli is all but assurably taken out.  My comet hit about 2 rounds into Gromli, so it was close but it worked out!

I still suggest the first method, but this one WAS faster and will be easier for anyone lacking a few pets.


Friday, July 17, 2015

SELFIE Achievement Friday

I seem to be getting a good reaction to the SELFIEs focused mainly on the Achieve.  So I'll do another one of those!

The Dark Portal
Wrymrest Temple, Dragonblight
Blackrock Mountain  (Cant be in ANY instance.)
The Shaper's Terrace (Un'Goro Crater)
 Deadmines (Im told the instance works too, but I took outside)
Westfall Lighthouse

That's all for this week.  Yall keep safe and happy hunting!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Guild Achievements: Critter Kill Squad and Crittergeddon

This ones a shout out for guilds!  Ya never see much help for those... 

This is a easy, basic, achievement that you can help with in your spare time.  And it rewards a pet too!

With constant AoE you can easily kill 3 per 5 seconds (allowing respawn).  I believe we were averaging about 2k a hour.

You stand in a corner of Deeprun tram (where the rats are) and just AoE.  Shammy totems, Mages Blizzard, DKs Death and Decay... It don't matter.  Just stand still and AoE.  That easy.

At the same time.. Its boring.  If you have a Enhancement Shammy with Magma totem, your the safest bet.  Set a totem out, read, talk, watch TV.  Just refresh, done.

Even a new recruit can do this.

Having multiple members will NOT mean multiple counts.  In fact, more then 4 people (1 in each corner) is useless.  I suggest only 2 unless your server hopping.  Cuz only 2 corners are worth much.

And that's that.

Happy Hunting, good luck!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Funnies: Timeless Glitches

These always make me smile.  Maybe you've noticed them too?

I see this on ALL my alts... Mainly that one beetle, but sometimes other pets.  Always that same Wolf model.  Anyone else?
Clipping... I hate you.
Ever had this happen in Halls?  The damn thing doesn't break so your stuck?  So ya...  They both went the whole time like this since they couldn't port out.  This was us leaving.

So how was that for a Monday Update?  Abit silly ya.. But these glitches get sooo bad!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

King and Queen of Flowery Pain!

It's the one, and onlys... King and Queen Floret!

For those who never did these... They hurt.  They have these wonderful attacks that just take either 80% of your health or ALL.

But, I found the simplest, stupidly easy way to do it..  Frogs.  Any Frog.  I can do this with one frog, or two frogs usually.  Depends on luck.  But on my worse day, I rarely need the 3rd.

How is it done you ask?  One spell.  Frog Kiss.  Just spam frog kiss!  Don't even bother with the others.  The biggest pains in your rump are smothered with Prince Charmings and die. 

Why?  Frog kiss starts low, in 200s but goes up to 500-600s.  It also has a chance to stun which forces a switch, giving you two rounds of no damage. 

I don't heal, I just kiss spam.  I don't even use jet.  At its peak, building abilities are insanely strong.  But this one is increased because their elementals.

So.. Ya.  Three frogs.  Any frogs.  Kiss to death.  Done.  Boom.  Easy!

Happy Hunting!


Friday, July 10, 2015


A bunch on SELFIES from ICC.  Also needed for the Achieve! 

For the Achievement.

Because im a lover of the third properties.  Nothing.  Me.  Enemies. 
I am the Lich King!  With a weird hate.   
 SNOWING!  I love snow!
Ow, Ow, Ow... Painful hitting, ow.
Me and the New Lich King.  He must like the Lichbane rune with those fiery eyes.
My shot with his shot.    Would ya believe that was a accident?
Love being able to do these emotes during SELFIES.  Make it abit more interesting..
Don't forget the frosty souls!
What?  They make me smile.  Im slightly sadistic.
Hey... Where's the camera?
Its fun to SELFIE while you slow fall. 
And to finish it off.  I do love the blue flames.  I want some just like it!  Will go WONDERFULLY with all the chains..