Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blood Knight Antari is a Big Adventure...

Being the BC Master Pet battler, this one was abit of a snug fit.

I highly suggest a Ony. Whelp and Sporeling as a winning team for this fight when unable to use a third.

Start out with your usual rotation on the Whelp.  Whip, whip with fly off to avoid heavy damage and healing whenever at 50% or lower.

Once the Whelps dead bring out your Sporeling and keep crotch and leech seed up as long as possible with filler of punches. 

It'll be a slow victory, but a victory!

Happy Hunting! 


Friday, January 29, 2016

Horn-y Fan SELFIES and Screenshots

Thanks all for more screenies!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Garrison Buildings: Enchanting and Alchemy

Alchemy Lab

L1:  Nothing
L2:  With a follower working you get free potions daily!
L3:  Nothing.

Mainly a Proff building for recipes and orders.

Enchanter Study

Not so much the study as a shake, even at 3.

L1:  Non Enchanters can no DE!
L2:  With a follower you can now transmog your weapons enchant!
L3:  Nothing

This one is actually more useful then most other profession buildings because it does give you something to do and can make your garrison popular or just be one less thing to look for when you want a illusion.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nicki Tinytech and a big adventure!

Anyone else think that name is just insulting?  I mean gnomes make HUGE things!

This one is actually part of the Plushie achievement but once you don't need it you can switch in a 10ish, magic, or mechanical pet to take a hit for exp!

Pet range:  18-22 (For a fair fight) Hers are all 20s.

Personally, I just didn't play nice this time.  She uses three mechanical pets so I used my Fel Flame to get a quick tick on my achievement and alittle exp for the was 17.

I would use atleast one Elemental and avoid beast for this fight.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Garrison Buildings: Scribe and Blacksmith

Scribe's Quarters

L1:  Notta
L2:  Follower to make Merchant Orders
L3:  Notta

This one has a use outside of proffs.  These merchant orders made via the follower can sell for 75-225 gold.  Not a bad haul.  looking worth it yet?


The levels only increase your work orders on this one and allow a follower to work there. 

Another that's pretty strictly a recipe and work order dump.  Boo.  But it also provides another forge and anvil, no running to the mine for me, no sir-ie...  I don't need to mine my ore...

Ya, that aint convincing me either.

Monday, January 18, 2016

WTF 5?

How can a ghost die?

So apparently Fatigue can kill ghosts as well.

I was on my way somewhere in auto fly and ended up going into fatigue zone...  I died, no big deal I run back.

Im a ghost.  I get the fatigue bar...  Its a glitch, no big.  I DIE  BEFORE REACHING THE CORPSE?!  How does a ghost die?!  ><;

If that's not a WTF idk what is!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

David Kosse of the Hinterland

Another Lowbie that you may not wanna blow through.

I suggest 11-14s. 

A well placed beast pet cant hurt against that there rabbit neither.  But again, the actual pets don't matter much at lowbie levels.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Garrison Buildings: LeatherWorking and Tailoring

Ya, im trying to rush through the ones that are left, next expac be coming!


Lv1 Nothing really
Lv2 Followers working allow decorative tents to be made
Lv3 More Work Orders

So for this proff building your left with little to long for.  Basic buy your recipes and get extra leathers.  The thing you might want a follower for though is the tents.  These give a great buff and like feast can make you a adored part of any raid!

Tailoring Emporium

Again, mainly a profession building, but it has no real bonus to leveling it up.

If you get it to two and put in a 100 follower your work orders give double the amount.  Great if your making gold off making and selling the bags and plushies.

Not much else to say for this post.  Yall take care!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Friday Spot May be filled!

Just like the Monday WTF posts, I think i'll be filling Fridays with some changeable topics (as yall knew I planned to) but I wanna keep it light and fun.  So im still trying to really nail down what i'll be doing, but for now expect to see the Nostalgia, Achievement Help, and more Screenies/Fan pics for the time being!

Behave yall! 


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Deiza Plaguehorn, meet my fury!

Another lowbie trainer which you COULD overpower with 20+s, or you could enjoy the exp. 

The range of 10-15 will work, but you'll be going against the Undead Critter, and two Beast.  Critters are best kept in your bags.

I personally prefer to keep a 14-15 to start so I can bring in two lower levels, usually in the 11-12 range.

As a rule of thumb I try to include a flyer for reduced damage or a mech for increased damage on the grub and spider.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Nostalgia: Mage Portals

A new post idea, revisiting the fun of some of our older things in WoW....

This post is Mage Portals!

Interesting fact, did you newer players know that portals use to NOT be free?! 

The reason people still "Tip" mages is because Mages use to spend a gold on every portal they made.  In the older days you needed Portal Stones/Runes to make portals and every gold earned came VERY slowly.  So, mages would require either a gold or a stone for their trouble and would often take groups at a time. 

Since there was no Dal or even Shrines full of portals and no link between Darn and Exodor or UC and Silvermoon...  Mages were pretty popular. 

Nother fun fact?  Mages had to RUN to every city to learn the portal and teleports.  There was no flying, and your fastest mount was the 100% ground. 

These weren't really the good old days for anyone, except maybe the Taxi Mages that spent all day porting whole groups for a gold a piece. 

Till next time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Garrison Building: Inn

Ahh, the Inn.

L1:  Quests, great for leveling.  At max you'll get ones that are slightly better and can give pets and toys.

L2:  New follower a week!  Plus more quest to take.

L3:  Gold missions and MORE quests!

Those gold missions for followers are nice.  Their 25-150 gold but they usually come in spades so it'll wrack up.  Plus with the L2 addition you'll be able to only recruit treasure hunters and rack it in with the alts!  Who needs highmaul gear when your pulling 8k a day off missions?  No one, that's who!

Theres also about 25 quest with an achievement to do atleast 10.  Most provide low level gear and mats but others offer pets and toys and even a few followers.  Just another encouragement to do your Heroics.

And ya, that be the basics.  Its not the most interactive place, but its your tourist attraction it seems!

Elve's out!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Timeline, cause why not?

Ya know, the blog lived long before I brought it here.  In fact, it was started in 2012!  And now with 2016 approaching I wanted to take a moment to revisit that...

Started July 28, 2012 on Webs

Ran till Feb 27, 2015 when it moved here.

Started on Blogger (Blogspot) Official-like on Feb 26, 2015 where I announced the retirement of the closed (but still open) Original site.

From there I reposted every Weds till all of the old post had been brought over.  This went on till April.

From that point on, the site has been posting all new, mostly on time works!

SELFIE Friday:  March 13, 2015-December

This post has run every friday without fail, all started by a silly toy added.  Since then i've enjoyed recieveing the Fan Pics and suggestions for it.  But for the new year, it'll no longer be a weekly, but a monthly post.

I've decided to do try the Different Week idea that was suggested so now Fridays will include a variety of things.

Mondays will be for Updates, Announcements, and Milestones.

Weds will continue as normal.   Saturdays will continue as normal.

The site as a whole was 3 years old as of July 28, 2015!  (That means it'll be 4 years old this year!).

As of Feb 27, 2016 this site (Blogspot) will be 1 year old *blows festive horn*

Since i've moved here my fan base has grown for my thousand views a year to over a THOUSAND views a month!  Im excited, happy.  All in one!

Heres to a great new year!


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tanaan's Dreadwalker

First pet is the classic:  DoT then Conflag on CD with Burns to fill in.  This should tear through the main pet pretty good.  Keep up the rotation till your down.

Second Pet:  Use your leeching seed on CD and keep applying your 3rd one as a DoT.  Your main goal at this time is doing what you can to stay up till the debuff falls off the back line pets.  So if your doing nothing to them its fine.  Just keep nipping at em.

Third pet:  This one is really popular for the Tanaan Fights because it can keep healing through till the debuff falls off.  If you have less then 50% health then start with your heal and follow up with the shield/blessing.  If you have more then 50% then do shield before you start the heal.  More then likely your under 80% health though so don't put it off.  Your probably also looking at 2-4 rounds more of that debuff on the backline so no rush!  Fill in with attacks and keep yourself about 50%.  Done!

Usually i'd made other pet options list but for this one, the needed attacks aren't often found on similar types or in the right order so options are slim.  You might could trade the spore bat for the spore collecting humanoid from Zang Marsh, but ya.  Currently the others are one of a kinds to my knowledge (outside of promotion or buyable pets from stores-which I try not to list).

Happy hunting!


Friday, January 1, 2016

Achievement Help: Supermassive

Taking a few of the not so fun Achievements and helping you do them!

For this one i'll explain the Ulduar Achievement Supermassive (Algalon) as done on 10 man, though im pretty sure you could apply the same idea to 25.

Basics:  Close three Black Holes in 10 secs and kill Algalon.

My Method:

Kill Stars as close as possible to each other. When you have enough out (on 10 man he spawns 4 at a time, i'd kill all four just incase you cant manage one) run the stars over (The stars will prefer anyone with the phase punch debuff. I found that out the painful way when 2 manning it). Once that's done, nuke the boss.

Its possible to do solo but if you lag on this fight or have a bad case of Bad luck, i'd just bring a friend and switch off ever 3-4 stacks. Just make sure they know what your doing incase they get the stars. If you do bring a helper then i'd also just kill like 8 stars (2 sets) it makes the closing ALOT quicker, just make sure you don't get sucked in by getting too close to the holes.

Just remember the higher you are the sooner the boss dies.  at level 90 on my tanking monk I found that just auto attacks got him down 50% before it was time to switch (this was quest gear from MoP, not raid geared...  Hes a major push over).

Good luck and happy hunting!