Saturday, November 28, 2015

Big Adventures on the Farm!

Not one of the hardest fights (atleast I never thought it was, annoying though) but certainly not forgettable.

What you'll need:

A Skimmer or similar Battle pet.  Plenty in MoP areas to be had!

A strong Mechanical pet with Batter and a faster speed then the grub!  I like my handy-dandy Cogblade.

I used this with my Elekk but you can use with a leveling pet too! 

First take your water pet out.  Pump over and over till Flowers dead.  I use to try and fight the sunlight (which you still can with these pets and cleansing rain over healing wave) but now I just blast through.

Turnips up:  Go ahead and prepare a pump but don't fire.  Hes going under.  During these phases heal up and prep a pump.  Now once hes up Water blast THEN pump to get the most use out of it!  Rinse repeat.

Grubs Up:  Attack as much as you can till your down.  (If using a leveling pet bring him out when you can but watch the attacks)   Bring your Mechanical pet up and batter the poor maggot.

I.W.I.N. button hit.  Done!

Happy hunting! 


Friday, November 27, 2015

Giving back SELFIE's from fans!

Aww, you guys are great.  I actually had a few friends send me pics of them setting down feast as well in honor of my last SELFIE post!

Thanks Wulf!

As always, i'd love to see more from yall, feel free to drop me some and i'll share them here!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reputation Grinds: Consortium

Im actually writing this while I work on the rep (hah..)

Okay, sadly enough this is a time consuming run for a small reward, but if you want to be "Beloved" you probably need to hit it.

Luckily I found a super easy way to do it!  (Big thanks to Lozzo from WoWHead for posting his strat.)

First off, get to honored.  If you leveled via the group finder or atleast quested in Nagrand, your probably at this point or near by.

To get to honored you can just easily do the basic quest or run Normal Mana Tombs (I suggest this since its a easy reset with little effort!)

Now after you hit honored, it gets tricky.  Your ways of leveling are limited.  Smart thing to do would to be doing the quest NOW or you can easily follow the trick I am.

My new trick:  Spend several hours getting to know a spoiled prince!  Im not joking, do a full clear on Heroic UP TO PRINCE!  (This should give you alittle over 2k rep without any boost)

Now sit on your arse and let princey beat on you.

Why?  He summons adds through the fight.  Orbs: 8-11  Apprentices: 22-25 per kill.

These summon endlessly too!  Just do a 5 minute AFK come back, move prince away (orbs will follow) and kill all the apprentices.  Easy.  I found I got roughly a full thousand every 12 minutes or so.

I did this on a night elf druid, took me a few hours to get from honored to exalted but it was WAY better then the daily run.

Yall enjoy and good luck!  And dont forget, its still Anniversary so you can get a extra 11% per kill.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Post Updates! Plus Announcements...?

Already, first off:  Big Adventure Updates on BOTH Darkmoon Faire pet battles.  This starts next week so you might wanna grab them if ya need them!  :)

Second:  I've updated several of my older Battle pet posts to include Big Adventures so check those out if you still need Trunks.


Anniversary is ending next Monday!  Get your limited time Achievements and toys while ya still can!


HAPPY TURKEY DAY (on the 26th!)


Winter's Veil begins December 16th!  I have a old guide posted that you can take a look at, i'll probably do another too.

But for now, find those achievements ya lack, this might be your year to get the Purple Proto!


Looking for ideas still to replace SELFIE Friday for next year.  I've got some but would love more.  :)  The more I get, the more I know what people want.




Survey Poll:

Whos excited for Legion and the Movie?

A.  Cant Wait

B.  Meh

C.  Im answering this AFTER they released

D.  First to comment!

E.  What movie?

Glitchy: "I want to be inside you"

I don't think it was planned, but on blizz you did it...

So me and my boyfriend are doing stuff.  He goes to be a stone drake, and I jump on.  Done it 12 times already today.

But this time, he SUMMONED a mount rather then turning into it.

The result:  Me riding INSIDE him while he rode a random stonedrake.


You can barely make me out in the giant worgen.  But you can see my priestly glow, and the Pepe sitting on MY head!  You can also tell im mount on him...

It was a strange flight back to the garrison.  He told me "Now I really am the Big Bad Wolf.  I ate you up."


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ghouls, Adventures, and Robots...?

This ghoul uses some Mechanic friendly pets, so let those Robots shine.

Two Mechanical pets with AoEs (Personal World Destroyers, XT, you get the gist.)

Your going to start with AoE attacks.  Attack and the like during the CD rounds.  Once your first pets down, pull in the second one.

Same idea, AoE it down.  Why?  Because this will make the rest of the fight one-two shots.  I decided to use Thrash over a mechanical attack because the rat wont take increased damage from the AoEs.  In other words, he'll need more damage.

If using a Plushie you don't have to bring him out.  I personally didn't.  At all...

If doing it for exp, I suggest a 20+ pet or something that can survive damage.  But since there are DoTs and multiple hit attacks, a Mechanical or magic cant save the day and take the hits.  So don't cling to that.

Happy Hunting!


Friday, November 20, 2015

Stormwind Food Bank is OPEN! -- SELFIE Friday

Okay, I love WoW as much as anyone but you have to remember:  Its Good to help Charity.  So to celebrate Thanksgiving im asking all my fans to remember those less fortunate and donate food, goods, spare cash, and even your time this Holiday season.

It might not seem like much to you but it could make the world to someone else!  So now I've said my bit, enjoy the Collection of my own 'Charity' to Uldum! 

Oh yes.  Me and Navvy made a line of Feast out the Bank and to the Entrance of Stormwind City.  Many a random player ate at our little Bee Line.  And many more asked a kindly "wtf?  xD" but we had a good laugh.

Even though its in a game I hope our 500+ Feast Line inspires you to give alittle to your own community this Holiday!  (RL Community that is!)

Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and everything else!  And please share the love the rest of the year too!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11th Annivesary!

Because I couldn't do it Monday, I want to say what a honor it is to see you all at the 11th year mark for WoW!

Its been one hell of a trip.

So, 'nough of the mush, heres what you really want:  Goodies.

This year we get Two Achieves, both Feats of Strength!

First logging on, and for using a item... ;3

Said items are:  VanCleef Costume (We miss you ya damn vile-rabid dog of a laborer!)

A INFLATABLE THUNDERFURY!  Which awards a achievement that memes a very old, long standing tradition with trade where someone would say "Did someone say..." and then link the ever longed for Thunderfury.  But only 5 charges on it...

Next you get two BoA wands that turn people in Murlocs or Gnolls (Hogger!)

Lastly... A rep/exp 11% boost for a hour.  ---Can NOT be Mailed, Buff falls off when logged out---

After last year and seeing the Core are a boosted raid, this stuff is pretty dull.  Sadly, all of it has charges and wont be used for fear of losing it.  Hopefully we'll see them as toys soon instead.

Happy Anniversary my friends!


Monday, November 16, 2015

WTF Challenge 3

I had to rush this one, but do any of you watch American Dad?  Well, this one reminded me of a episode where Hailey wanted to be a news Anchor, Roger of course is a greedy-sterotype trash reporter, and Steve is proving to be awkward with sex.

Well, Steve was given the chance to ask his sex ed teacher any question (anonymously, of course) and asked if a Vagina was "a vacuum that sucked a man up inside it." 

You can see where this belt just clicked that thought in my head...  I know its suppose to be shaman-ie and all but when you get it on a hunter and you notice is a mini tornado above your undies...

It turned into a vacuum that sucks a guy inside in my head.  I actually got a imagine in my head of a nude (WoW style nude ya pervs... Still had his briefs on) worgen trying to swim in a tornado as he got sucked into the belt...  Then I burst into tears I was laughing so hard. 

I have a strange mind.  Lets just say MY MIND is the WTF of the month, shall we?


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nearly Headless Jacob and a Big Adventure

Two fast critters will do what ya need.  I personally enjoy a hard hitter with DoTs paired with a Multi-Hitter (such as stampeade and Flurry).  Either way faster is better.

If using a Elekk you can start with it to take the Doom which will save you ALOT of pain.  You can also take the Revival phase to switch it in to take damage or just apply DoTs or start a Stampeade to make it end quicker on next pet.

If using a leveling pet, be weary of its level.  If it can take about 800-1k worth of damage, start with it to take doom (Mechanical or Magic pets of any level could do this).  If its lower, then bring it in during a "Unkillable" phase.

This was a decent fight, as you can tell it wasn't a solo pet kill and my plushie was used to take damage.  But I did beat it with this team.

Happy Hunting!


Friday, November 13, 2015


Again, a big thank you to Navvy for sharing these.  <3  If any of you wanna send in some of your own, comment below or send me a line!

Rawr!  My Arse is cold.
I gots a dog house on the lake!
Not so Scary Scarecrow.
Is that a troll cum face...?  >>;
Hey.. that's not part of the Achieve!  But I DO look good in that tabard...


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Achievement Pursuit: Calavera

I know its a silly achievement with no reward but the points, but really who doesn't like getting to beat up their friends with this?

Quick Facts:

The old method of getting the achievements (AKA fighting in instance) no longer works.

Your suppose to be able to continue to get these points even after Day of the Dead is over.

You must duel for this to count.

You both must have the buff.

Im not waiting till next year to post this because it might get "Fixed" again before then and my info be wrong!  D:

So, the old method was to go into a instance with a nearby graveyard and beat each other senseless.  You could even have multiple people attacked for quicker counts.

This stopped working once the costume became a toy.

PS, these are now toys and count towards the collection achievements!

Current method (As of 2015)

Two players put on costumes and duke it out in a duel.  Loser loses the costume while winner stays in theirs.

Best way to do this is to get a group of 10+ people and pick a "fighter."  That person will go around dueling the others till their buff falls off.  At this point the fighter will join ranks and be attacked by another person.  You just go on and on till everyone has it.  If you do this on Day of the Dead you should have no issue except with keeping people in AFTER their achievement. 

Just remember you have to /duel and both be in costume.  If everyone takes off their armor or uses lower level players it'll go faster.  DKs with the Talent Purgatory will count as two kills since you can hit them again.

Why 10+?  Because ideally you'll need atleast 15 seconds average per person (if their at max) to knock them down with 2 minutes on the costume.  This will take roughly 3 or so minutes if everything is "perfect" but were going to say you have a few that aren't cap and that someone gets REALLY lucky and just gets to sweep kick over and over which will reduce the time.  Assuming its not perfect, but average, that gives the start of the circle time to rebuff and be ready without ever stopping.

I suppose you could do it about 5 if each person have more then one costume to keep them applied in the shortest amount of time.

If you cant have that big a group, then you can just trade kills with a friend.  I suggest you both be DKs with Purgatory and make life easier with a 2 kill spree.  You'll still be stuck waiting on costume cooldowns so why not speed it up where ya can?

I hope this will help a few of you.  To be honest, I have a cruddy flu that I can shake so I just needed a quick post.  But someone out there can put this to use and to them I hope they enjoy!


Monday, November 9, 2015

We Interrupt your usual updates for...

So sadly I couldn't attend Blizz-Con but I did check out the trailers as soon as they popped.  So Im sharing the awesomeness here.

First we have Legion.  As we all know, this gives us Demon Hunters, New Level Cap, and the /100 boost.

Awesome, huh?  Im sure fanboys are drooling over Sylvanas.  And that's okay.  Sadly for you, no revealing armor in that trailer. 

Bad news for PvP:  Were striving for peace (ya, right...) That happens every expac and we still break it off after big bad is down.  Seriously though, Harpooning Hunters, Spirit Feral Kitties, Custom Legendary Weapons?  Im drooling.

Suppose Release Date:  September 21st. 

Personally, I say hold it till December if that means we get the full game with less glitches.


The long awaited, teased the hell-out-of-us MOVIE! 

Its not Legion Themed, in fact its a lore junkies wet dream/nightmare.  Its Warcraft1 (Original WoW, not vanilla).

Its Baby Thrall, its King Llane, its Dreka, Duratan, Gronna. 

Sadly, it looks like their bring in the star crossed lover idea... Not really part of the lore.  The trailer didn't show any red eyes or much green skin either.  In fact it looked more warriors with little magic.  So we'll see.

It also looks like the books they've shelled out over the years wont be a complete match to whats going on either.  -Boo...-

Either way, you can bet i'll be shelling out a weeks worth of pay to go see it.  Nav and I are beyond excited.

All the same, whos excited for this?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bill Buckler and his Swabby Crew

This pirates had better days.

Three L11 pets, a murloc (humanoid) and 2 birds. 

A super easy fight.  I highly suggest using a team of 10, 10, 11 or 12.  Avoid using Aquatics and just watch that group damage one does.

Well, that's all for today.  Enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2015

SELFIE Raid Night

So I was doing some raids, and during phase changes and RP, what else can you do?
Frostie wall, takes too long to shatter.  These two bosses take faaarr to long.
Serpentshrine Cavern

Its not just Vash back there!  My damn water element is picking fights with the dog again!  This is why I cant have fiery pets..
Onyixa's Lair

Breathing?!  NO!  /cower /ice ice baby!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Up your Timewalking

I got good feedback from my post on the Legendary's so now im pulling the stops to make your Timewalking more epic.


No joke, these are far away currently but not in Wrath.  Going back and getting and 80 raid gear you can get a gem attack with most of your wanted stats.  I personally suggest going for Uld 226 stuff.  Prep for the Uld Achievement while gearing out.

Best T Pieces

Oh yes.  If you don't like the current T choices then go for the older ones.  It all scales down so why not use Firelands over Hellfire?

Trinkets and Rings

Effects, effects.  You want items that proc because they often had the same stats with a damage boost.  These were end game usually but the proc stands with a scale down.


Of course you know this already, but just incase you forgot!

Level Capped

Even though its all scales down there is a huge dps difference.  That final talent and all the Draenor perks just make a huge difference.  I tried with the same alt and added a extra 1k to my damage by going from 94 to 100.

That's my tips for the week.  I hope you enjoyed!


Monday, November 2, 2015

Tech Issues: Resolved!

I got my computer back like the 25th so im rushing to get all these post back up!  I'll be doing newer stuff first but i'll be back dating too.  My hope is that i'll have my lost two months back up by the 18th, but it might take me some time to write all the Pet battles I missed-sorry if their abit short now!

Wish me luck!