Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to my US fans!

For the rest of you we have a announcement.  I've posted a new page on the list above about the World Events in Game to go with all my Guides.  Enjoy!


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Analynn wont throw you a bone!

Okay, okay, no more jokes.  That one was just terrible!

Horde Only, no Plushie needed.

Got some L5s running about here.  The kickers are the snail and its healing fest and the moth.  Because moths are just hard hitting b*tches!

So take on the 3, 4, 5 levels at your own risk!  I highly suggest 4, 5, 5 unless you've got some hard hitter Magic to take out the moth.  Cause it can just destroy your line with moth dust and alpha strike.


Friday, May 27, 2016

Let's Get Cooking! Kungaloosh

I have no idea who started this one but I found on Pintrest.  So in honor of the coming recipe book lets all raise a glass of the knock-you-on-your-ass Kungaloosh!

Spoiler:  I tried this one and the murloc skull was pretty damn hard to get...  I mean really, do you know how hard it is to get a intact skull off the buggers?  And so hard to kill them without hitting the huge head....  I suggest buying one off a gold farmer instead!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Things that Piss off Healers

Im suffering from writers block so i'll be doing a few silly post while I find some ideas.  Like this one.  Enjoy!

Asking for Rezzes.


Blaming the Healer for you being stupid. We cannot cure Stupid.


Making the healer run back after a wipe so you can get a rez. Lazy shit. -.-


Having people DEMAND rezes (especially when were trying to rez!).


Demanding buffs... Especially in the middle of the damn fight. Pro Tip: DONT DIE TO FIRE AND WASTE THE BATTLE REZES THEN DEMAND BUFFS! >>


Saying their dps sucks.... "Really? Im not on the dps meter? Well according to the healing meter im top and your not." (True story!)



You get the point. The best way to tick off healers is the Blame game, Rezes, and morons. Tread carefully!



Saturday, May 21, 2016

Torture the Sadist

Has anyone missed my bad jokes?  No?  Your no fun.

Horde only, No Plushie to be had.

3 L7s!  Beast, Beast, Critters. 

As always, im gonna suggest the favored 5, 6, 7 but due to the poison factor, i'd go for 6, 6, 7 if you don't have the needed attacks to handle quick kills. 

I wish you luck!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Money Machine Garrison Pt 3: Missions

See Also:

Part 1 of the Series:

And Part 2:


Missions!  no brainer right?  Well did you know gold missions aren't the only way to bring it in?


You can get gold by AHing these as well.  Or selling in trade.  At this time the prices are super low but once Legion hits they'll start to climb!


Are you decked in the Mythic H?  Well I bet you don't need those boxes... But that gear can average 30 gold a pop and and I doubt ALL of your followers are out there at this time. 

Same goes for gear tokens.  Even the low level stuff will be 5 gold or more!

Follower Gear Tokens:

Once you cap the followers at 675 (I highly suggest this!) then those tokens are useless... WRONG!  They sell for 3 gold to 45 gold!  Vendor those suckers for a nice chunk.

Vanity/Toys/Heirlooms/Frozen Arms:

Again, once you got it you can sell via AH and trade.  The Tentacle heirloom can even be sold as long as you don't open the void bag.

Gold Missions:

This is a given, you should start by filling these with treasure hunters!

Mats/Rep Token/Apexis Crystals:

Do as you please! 
Personally, I don't need crystals so I just cash them in for gear tokens to sell in tanaan or for the pet to AH. 
The Legion Rep Token is great to sell on the AH or use for yourself.
Mats-eh, i'll do the blood one to make the upgrades to sell but if you don't have alts or hate AHing, then why?

Other Resources:

Oil and Resources are a nice thing.  If you dot extra followers then send them out!

Any others (AKA EXP missions and Rush Orders)

These are your choice and last resort.  I personally skip them.

And that's my mission Guide for Gold...  I'll probably do one more on Ship Yard but if Legion hits first i'll probably skip it!


Monday, May 16, 2016

Alittle New

I mentioned way back that I was working on more pages.

Well now I finished one!

The Battle Pet Index is DONE!

What you'll find here is the Battles I've reported and all the ones I have left!

Just a easier way to find what you need!

Enjoy :)


Saturday, May 14, 2016


Horde Only Trainer, no Plushie needed!

Three L3 pets. 

You'll want:  2, 2, 3 or you can try 1, 2, 3.  (these are suggested for getting exp!)

Critter, Critter (actually acts as a Elemental due to a healing debuff!), and lastly Beast.

So if your really hardcore, a Beast, Aqua, and Mech are needed or you can one shot.  Take your pick!


Friday, May 13, 2016

Nostalgia: Tyri the Blue Dragon!

Back in BC we met Tyri the blue dragon, but you didnt know yet the role she played.

She is later a part of Deathwings fall, she gifts you her life as a caster legendary staff, and she was used in a comic telling of the Sunwell (in truth, the first Warcraft Comic I ever read!).

But before this, she was in in Netherstorm.  Researching the Nether dragons.  It was she that found out about their creation and truely wished to save them.  (I believe this was in another book or warcraft comic actually!)

Jorad Mace was also featured in the comics though hes kind of just a prop in game.

Enjoy the memories and new knowledge!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Garrison Money: Part 2 Followers

See also Part 1 of the Series:



This wont be as long as Part 1, but it is important to note that followers highly effect your income.

The quest all require a variety of things but a few things are for sure:

You need traits, you need attacks, and you want a balance.

Lets start with Attacks.

In truth, you want a good balance of each. 

Theres 9.  So you want 2-3 of each (not including traits!)


If you have no orges, then you DO NOT NEED ORGE BUDDY! 

You get that idea, Don't be afraid to change the trait.  Now its no longer random and you can pick and choose.  So drop the unusable to start with.

Aim to get Resource buffs.  Naturally Treasure Hunter is the one you want most but don't knock Grease Money for Oil, or Scavenger for Resources!  You cant make gold without these too.

USE DANCER!  Ya you can get the Danger Zone but this is like half a danger zone.  Place it on followers without danger zone though or it'll get marked out. 

Racial/environment/slayer traits:  If the racial can be used, hold it unless you need better.  The same for the other two.

Bonus Perks:  Don't knock the extra of the High Stam, Burst of Power, ect.  Keep these and enjoy!

Balance:  If you do as I mentioned above, then Balance shouldn't be hard to find.

Followers worth farming:

Garona-Ring Quest.

Oronok Tornheart-Tanaan Quest Line

That's the end of this post, enjoy!


Saturday, May 7, 2016


No Plushie Needed!
Two level 2s, one Critter but first a beast.
I suggest a 1, 2, and 3.  Or 1, 1, 3.  You get the idea.  If you have 2 flyers or one mech then you can do all 1s.
But this late in the Pokémon game, use what you got and don't forget to bring out that hat and treats for your lowbies!
Horde only trainer...  So sorry to the Allys, yall got your already!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Achievement Help: Mine Sweep

Wrath Babies and older remember this being the most pain in the ass out of raid achievement.  In fact, it still is a pain!

I even only recently got it.  Know why?  Its a lot of luck!

So I went looking at other sites and found a bunch of ideas.

Many were debunked by other commenters and myself (naturally I tried it all).

Mounts:  Don't go flyers.  Flyers go higher and cant stop mid throw as some suggest meaning it takes LONGER!

Avoid slow falls-Again, slower falls.

Speed increases-These can help get point A to point B.

Patience-Havent you figured out its required?

Well, now that I've shared that.  I'll share my comment that I left on WoWHead.

"   Throwing my two cents in: Luck. All Luck.

I tried most of the easy methods including Flight form, huge mounts, flying mounts... No deal.

After 30 minutes I said f*ck it and decided ran... ON FOOT! I aimed to hit 1 mine at a time and sometimes hit 2. I did not land on a mine every time, I had to run a short distance a few times.

Moral? More mines hit means higher flight and you cant stop that flight with flyers so you end up so high it'll reset. If your having trouble just try hoofing it instead and hit singles over and over. It may take a few minutes but It was so much faster then the mounted ones...

Good luck to everyone whos trying!   "

As you see, I mention that I finally just dropped mounts and ran on foot wanting to hit fewer mines-1 or 2 not a bunch.  I also kept going till I finally got it.  Thirty minutes wasn't bad but far more then what it should require.

All the same, I wish yall luck!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Children's Week Guide

May 2nd to May 9th

Oh look, new toy in 2015 and now in 2016!  (Finally)

Lets start with the toys.

A green and Yellow balloon sold by the toy venders in SW or Org.  10 silver each!


Mr Wiggles-Piglet

Outlands (Shatt):
Egbert-Bird in a egg!
Willy-Baby Beholder
Legs-Mini Strider

Northrend (Dal)
Oracle Hatchling
Wolvar Pup

All of these pets can be gotten by doing a laundry list of quest. 

Ally/Horde Set:

First Set:

Take them on a special ride (Horde goes to Azshara for a rocket, Ally goes to Westfall for a motorcycle ride).

Visit a Cool Leader (Horde sees Sylvanas in UC while Ally is hitting Darn. to visit Malfurion)

See a Fallen Leader.  This one gives abit of recent lore too.  (Horde goes to Mulgore to see Cairne Bloodhoof while Ally goes to IF to see Bronzebeard.)

Second set:

ICECREAM! Yap, your getting them sugary sweets.  (Horde goes to Goblin slums of Org while Ally hits the Mage Quarters in SW)

Fly a Kite! (The same toy vendor in SW or Org that sold your balloon sells Dragon Kite 2 packs.  Buy and fly a kite with your orphan out!)

Last Set:

Turn your orphan back in (after buying a sword rack from that same vendor!) and receive your pet, a pay off (5 gold..), or (new 2015) a pet care package that has battle stones, pet items, and pug costumes!

Shatt Orphans:

First Set:

Both sides will want to see the Dark Portal.

Visit a land mark-Ally goes to Auchindoun in the Ring by Summon Stone, Horde goes to Nagrand to see the Throne of Elements.

See/Make a friend!  Horde you'll be going to Zang. to meet the Muchroom people and Hch'uu while Ally goes to Nagrand to meet Jheel the girls brother.

Second Set: 

Both will want to visit Caverns of Time where you'll get them a Toy Dragon from the Quarter Master Alurmi.

Seeing their peoples home is next.  In this case Horde goes to see the Tauren Chieftians in SMC.  Ally heads to Exodor to make two stops:  First to see O'ros the Naaru and then the Farseer in Crystal Hall.

Last Set:

Now you turn in and receive the same rewards (but different pets) as you did with the first set!

Dal Orphans

They will want go to Grizzly Hills and Grizzlemaw. 

Next the Bronze Dragonshrine in Dragonblight.

Playmats! must be made in Borean Tundra with the murlocs of Winterfin retreat.

Next is Un'goro crater's Shapers Terrace to meet Etymidian.  But never fear, you take a waygate in Sholazar Basin if you don't want fly from Uldum or Caverns of Time.

Back to Dragonblight and to the Wyrmrest Temple!  The little orphans want to meet the Great Dragon Queen, Alexstrasza.

Now its getting late.  Back to Dal with you, ah but don't forget their toy!  Over to Wonderworks you'll buy them a Small paper Zeppelin (not the kit) and throw it to them.

Now the fun ends.  Back to the Matron to turn in.  Same rewards but you can get your orphan as a pet via mail!

Is that last part creepy..?

Well now that you got a run down lets talk Achievements!

Aw isn't it Cute?
The first ones free, just do the quest to earn a pet.

Bad Example
Each sweets in front of children!  (They must be out to get credit)

Craft or buy from the AH a Delicious Chocolate Cake and Tasty Cupcake.
Grab a Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream from Alowicious in Org or Emmithue in SW.
Red Velvet Cupcake, Dalaran Doughnut, Dalaran Brownie, and Lovely Cake (to get a slice) from Aimee in Dal.

Daily Chores
Because adults have Dailies.  Turn in 5 quests with your orphan watching.

Hail to the King, Baby!  (Orphan MUST be out for kill!)
Go to UP and kill King Ymiron (Last boss).  If level capped do it on Heroic for a chance and the mount off another boss.  If your in the higher 70s, grab exp by que.

Home Alone
Hearth via the stone while the Orphan watches!

School of Hard Knocks  (Orphans MUST BE OUT FOR EACH EVENT!!)
This one will actually take time and patience.  Also Luck.  Don't wait around to start this one.

Capture a Flag in Eye of Storm.  (Sit in the middle and snag the flag then run it to any of the four bases your fraction owns.  You cannot mount so invest in daze free speed increases like speed pots!  You also cannot stealth)

Assault a tower in Alterac Valley.  To Assault means to claim.  That means they must OWN for it to count.  You don't have to keep it, just click it. 

Assault a flag in Arathi Basin.  Same idea as the one above but you have 5 areas.  The one always owned by the opposing fraction will be Stables and Farm (so if you see a opening, assault) but the other three tend to go back and forth leaving you lots of chances as long as your moving.

Return a Flag in Warsong Gulch.  This one... It can be a *itch.  This requires two things.  One: For them to STEAL the flag.  and TWO: for you to Kill them AND be the first in the click fest to hit the flag.  You've got to fight the PvPers for this because that flag can be picked up again plus theres a Achieve to return 5 flags in a game.

Again, don't forget this don't count without the orphan watching so macro it if you have to, to resummons after each death.

Veteran Nanny (Not part of Meta)

This WILL take three years.

On the SAME CHARACTER collect Peanut, Egbert, and Willy (from the Shatt orphans) by doing Childrens Week.  You cannot just buy them.  You cant use multiple characters.  It'll just take time.  But its not part of the Meta anymore so its cool!

That's all for this guide, catch me again for the next holiday!

Monday, May 2, 2016


Ya know... Cata was sooo long ago...  Why is there still SMOKE?!  In fact why isn't anyone building this back up?

I mean right away they fixed the FRONT...

My god, is that still BURNING?!

Not to mention its a HUGE Defensive issue!

Ah well...  We miss you Park!