Monday, August 31, 2015

100 Post!

We interrupt your normally planned updates for... We hit 100 POST!  :D (Actual 100th Post!)

To celebrate, you get more then a silly pic too.  I have some requested blog ideas that im going to be answering this week with updates EVERY day!

This means I wont be touching the Battle Pets or SELFIEs till next week, but hey, isn't 6 days of updates worth more?

So look at us TOMORROW! (Yes, Tuesday!) for our first request:  Gara the Spirit Beast.  This one will be split abit because of all the screenshots I took as well as the information.

After that it'll be the Warlock Green Fire.  We finally got that one covered!  Sadly-Its much easier then I remembered...

And then, who knows?  I got more request and if I don't touch them this week then i'll work them in over the normal posts, I promise!  Please keep requesting and THANK YOU ALL for your continued views!

Heres to another 100!

Also, a extra SPECIAL!  Tomorrow we get flying!  Yaay!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jeremy Feasel, meet your match! Plus a Adventure!

Because next week is abit full, I share with you Darkmoon Faire's first battle pet trainer!  I already gave you Jr, but now it is Sr.'s turn!

First:  Dragonkin.  Tailwhip and slow is GREAT!  I personally enjoy my Onyxian Whelp, but any will do.  But Heals and Fly By are VERY helpful for this method!

Second:  Elemental with Dodge/Avoid.  I like the big boom of Burn.

Third:  A Flyer.  Honestly, a moth is PERFECT.  They have a great combo for the wretched monkey!

First:  Start off with the dragon.  Just tail whip the eyeball till death.

Next pet:  Tail Whip as needed, attempt to heal and avoid if possible-the more you get out of this pet, the better your off for the monkey.

First pet dies.  Bring in the Elemental.  Aim to dodge if you like, but unless you can time it outside of getting the mark, your wasting it.  Just burn down the tonk.

Monkeys in:  Hes going to stun you.  Cant be helped.  If you can manage to avoid that stun, then do.  But more then not, your taking some pain.  Hopefully you can survive to attack but if you cant, then you've atleast saved your flyer a very PAINFUL blow.  Pretty much, burn till dead.

Elementals down, moth in.  Alpha strike till your no longer faster, only stop if its to Cocoon to avoid the stun.  At this point, moth dust and attempt to use Cocoon to avoid the stun if the DoT has fallen off.  You should have won at this point!  Yay!


Monkey is the worse.  You cant overpower because he simply stuns and DoTs you to a insane point.  A flyer takes reduced damage and the moth has some powerful abilities to help even the odds.

I know it would make sense, but don't try and switch your living elemental in and out for stuns.  Because you have to take a turn to switch, you'll just hurt the flyer more then if it was stunned itself.  Unless you have a ability like the Plushie's Itchin' for a Hug, it takes a turn.

If you fail once, don't be upset.  This method works better then any I've found, but the monkey's stun and DoT can be fatal.  If the DoT's first hit hits you ALL three times, you'll pretty much have no health to start with, leaving you with a BIG disadvantage.  So if you have to retry, don't be discouraged.

If you DO TRY (im not recommending AT ALL) to level a pet in this, make it a 23+ moth pet.  This method just wont allow for anything else. 


After much trail and error, I have a workable method for this guy and a leveling pet!!

First:  Lil XT or Personal World Destroyer (Mechanical AoE pet)

Your going to 3 round AoE and then zap/attack till the tank comes out.  At this point you switch.

Second Pet:  Fel Flame (A pet with burn/conflag. combo... The Panda Fire elemental can do this as well!)

Burn, Conflag., attack till tanks down.

Third pet:  Leveling or Plushie!

Take the stun (if your the plushie, take the banana rain too, if your a leveling pet, switch in your flame to take that hit).

If your on your Elemental pet then try to go ahead and get a DoT on it.  In theory, the monkey is already low in health so this will just help.  If you die, its sok.

Now, once the second pet is dead, finish it off with your first pet.  Done!

Happy Hunting!  Don't forget the week after is Darkmoon again, so get these pets ready!


Friday, August 28, 2015

SELFIE Tour: Ravenholdt Manor

This IS part of the achievement.  But I was there finishing my Legendary quest on my rogue.  So I took a few to celebrate!  Including some with wings!

Lets Celebrate those daggers!



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Garrison: Storehouse

No pic for this, really it doesn't change in three levels..

So!  The basics:

L1-Acess to your bank.

L2-Your Guild Vault is added! 

L3-Transmog and Void Storage added!

This also increases work order too, but since most of us check the garrison every 2-3 days, having more then 20 work orders is abit much. (if you consider 4 hours per makes for 6 completed a day over three days being 18..  )

Um..  Whats there to say really? 

If you don't have proffs, its a good choice.  If you make GOOD use of the Reg. bank tab or the guild vault on a daily-hourly basis, its a great choice.  If your a Altoholic who only checks ALL your alts once a week, you might enjoy it for storage and increased work orders!  And if your CRAZY about never looking unmatched, you might need this building for your sanity.

If your after Gold, its not a good choice...  If you have 2 crafting Proffs, and need the gold from a Salvage Yard/JC, its aint the best choice.  If your a full time raider, you might prefer the Alchemy building and Enchanting over this honestly for their perks.

So..  I cant say its bad, but I wouldn't say its best for everyone.  As a guild lead and main crafter, I use it a good bit.  Others, may not.  Personal Prefs.

Well now.. I call that done.

Thank you to the good soul who made this request, I hope I gave you all the info you wanted!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Elemental Duos, unleashed!

DING DING DING!  This is our LAST Garrison based Battle Pet!  Nice no?  Pretty soon we'll have COMPLETED Draenor!

First off:  Ya want a pet with Geyser or Whirlpool.  Faster is better.  But to go for more attack instead, I like to use one with Surge too.  Crabs became my favorite honestly.

This one should have no trouble finishing off the first pet.  If not, the second one will. 

Second.  Frog.  You should know by now, I adore frogs for elementals!  Its just so nice to kiss ya to death.

Third:  20+ Level pet.  Just make sure ya switch it in.  I'd say any BUT Mr Firey-arse is abit... unpredictable.  He has a major attack that can miss or nearly one shot you.  Because of that, a 20+ that can finish off that last few hits isn't a bad idea.

The exp is limited, barely 50s but as always, yall know im not too picky and I wont deny the rest of you that same joy either!


Friday, August 21, 2015

SELFIEs - Just Random

Randomness.  Just Random!


Just a few Randoms.  Hope ya enjoyed!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Let's Level! A How To on Pet Levels

Okay, so I post tips for exp every Saturday when I give the pet battles, but this is a strictly just a helpful guide for leveling your pets!

But, there are few ways to do this.


This is where you take a max level pet and two VERY low pets (like under 5) and slaughter higher pets for exp.

This can be a good method if used in the right way.  But theres also the chance your lowbie wont survive when its brought in, so its not really what I suggest.

Great ways to Power Level:

    The trainers like Ashlei are GREAT for this.  You get SEVERAL rounds of no damage to allow for switching level pets in, plus its VERY easy to solo pet it.  This is what I call the safest and most effective method!

~20+ Mobs.
    Take a 25 pet that's strong to the other pets and just try and work your others in.  Personally, I only ever use this method with pets around level 10, mechanicals, or magicals.  This means it'll take the hit without killing over.


We all know what these are.  They come from the bags, plus you can buy them.  Their just WONDERFUL.  They can get your pet from 1 to 25 in no time if ya get enough.

Downside:  Even if you get the random bag, your paying two charms per.  If you have all the pets, all the toys, and don't care to AH any.  Then I guess these and rare stones are the only thing you really have to buy (outside of Pug costumes).


Use them on 15+ pets to REALLY get something out of them.  If ya have 10 stones, better to use it for levels that require 1k exp a piece instead of levels that only take 2k to get through!  So unless its your VERY last pet, just save a day and get it up abit.

Level alts.  Every alt gets a free instant 25 stone at 100 with L3 garrison.  Not a bad incentive.

Erris.  She gives 3 a day for any, plus a bag.  Its just easy going my friend.

Bags over Any stones.  The any stones cost 3 a piece, bags cost 2 a piece and have a chance to include up to three stones.  Unless you have VERY limited pets to level, what do you thinks the better choice?  Especially with 3 anys from Erris a day!

Don't waste a stone of 500 exp.  If your pets 24 and is over 1/3 of the way into the level, then just level it the old fashion way.  The stones can get expensive, no need to waste.


Simply put:  Take pets that are between 3 levels below or above the pets in the area and fight. 

Its a grind, but it works!

Suggestions over all:

Use the Safari Hat.

Take Advantage of the Weekend Event!

Make sure you hit the easy trainers (Erris and Ashlei) daily!

Be smart with the stones.

Don't stress, have fun.

Well, that's all for this week!  Happy Hunting!


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Big Adventure! Vs Lydia Accoste!

I got to be honest.  This grand master is STUPIDLY easy.  Even with 19 pets.  Honestly, I usually do it with a team of 15-17s for extra exp!  They nerfed her bad.  Still, I share my method for success for those who maybe haven't beat her yet, or are just new to pet battles...!

First:  Aquatic Pet.  I like a Frog for frog kiss!  I find the attack well and truly OP.

Second:  Plushie (For Big adventure!) 

Third:  Critter.  I did use a stronger one because I expected it to be harder with the plushie instead...  But I didn't really need my third at all.

Easy trick.  Frog kiss, heal as needed.  If your after the exp, just switch before dying.  After you switch, use the critter to finish it up!  If your using 18+ rares, you should have NO issue and wont even consider needing the plushie to absorb.

In truth, you could just use a 25 critter and power level a lowbie with plushie in the party to get a nice exp chunk while ya do it. 

Her pets:

First:  Dots, Thorn Shield, Heal.  Elemental.

Second:  Debuff to increase your damage taken, Rot to make ya undead, filler attack.  Undead.

Third:  Debuff for it to heal, healing attack, Filler attack.  Undead.

Now:  If your Leveling (So easy, I don't even need a screeny!)

First:  ANY pet.  Just switch before ya die.

Second:  ANY pet that between 15-20.

Third:  Critter between 15-20.  Main damage source.  Pretty much finishes it up.

If you use a pet under 14, I suggest using a 20-22 critter to still get exp for all while power leveling.  If you'd rather just power level two lowbies, just use a 25 critter.  Best choice is to have them both switch in and out during first pet since it mainly just reapplies a thorn shield.

Again, simple and easy (Like Ashlei).  But this one rewards a bag daily that can include a pet or rare stones.

Well, that's all for this week!  Happy Hunting!


Friday, August 14, 2015

SELFIE Achievement Friday

Were winding down to the Nitty Gritty on the Achievement spots (atleast I am!) between now and before.  Only a few more locations remain!

Echo Isle
(for those that done know, its the troll starter zone!  Fastest way:  Make a L1 Troll)

Temple of Karabor (AKA Black Temple, Pre corrupt)

And that's a wrap for this week.  I'll get ya more soon enough!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Garrison Building: Salvage Yard

I honestly WASNT going to do this one, but it was requested.


There was a time when the Salvage Yard gave LOTS of greens, greys that sold well, and had a higher chance for decent gear (I don't mean the 610s).  Plus you got a box every mission... It was a big profit..  But now...  If I seem less then my usual fairness, its because I really do feel this one to be a chore now.

On to it then.

L1-Bags.  Pretty much always 1-2 gears which sell for less then a gold.  Rare to see a green/mats.

L2-Bags with some boxes.

L3-Mostly boxes, bags still from missions below 95.

Bags:  One or Two Gears.  Maybe a green or a few mats.

Boxes:  One or Two Gears.  One or two greens or mats.  Chance for World Drops from any expac.  Chance for 610 blues (class specific)-These include armor and weapons.  Some are pretty cool for transmog.  All just slightly motived sets from other expacs.

So...  This building looks the same at all levels.  The boxes and bags DO NOT come as often.  If I do 12 missions, I may get a total of 5.  It use to be ATLEAST 9. 

It is worth it for maybe one or two characters.  The transmog, extra bit of gold, and chance for rare World drops and gear aren't exactly a bad thing.  But it really is best for a alt.  I personally still recommend the JC building for gold.  But if you have little need for a bank/transmog/void storage or have gathering proffs...  Well, it feels a slot?  I suppose selling the greens CAN be profitable.  Or DEing then to AH (as I do).  But its all up to you.  My feelings are just mixed!


Monday, August 10, 2015

90 Post!

Is it really so far?  Oh me, oh my!  So close to 100! 

And since that will be my last "Mile Stone" for awhile, i'll be trying to make it abit better then my usual pics are... Ya know.. The rushed ones? 

Well, either way!  To celebrate yall get another one!  They add color, and this one I think ended up fitting more in firelands...  I think im 5 levels too high for that though, hm..  My brain does weird things, I started on this one day, and it ended up in a whole different direction.  But hey, is that so bad? 

Thanks again for all your views!  As always, you can see this on my DA and the FB site!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Big Adventure with Gargra!

First, With Plushie!

First, Raptor:  Expose Wounds and Batter.  Keep up Wounds and Batter, that's all. 

On the second wolf he'll do a dodge.  During Dodge, switch to your elekk.  Once that is done use Itchin' to switch to your raptor again and keep up the pattern till your raptor dies.  When hes down, bring out your 2nd pet.

2nd Pet:  Any of the XTs, Stone Grinders, Personal world destroyers, ect.  You just want the AoE and a single!

Till done, start with your AoE attack and then just single down the 3rd till done!

And boom!  A very easy one!


To do it for EXP: 

Do same as with plushie, BUT you just pass during the dodges and use a 20+ leveling pet to finish it off!  If you just want the charms, a 3rd random mechanical will do!

Good Luck and happy hunting!


Friday, August 7, 2015

SELFIE Tour Vashj'ir

Just a few SELFIEs my mage did in Vashj'ir.  One of my FAVORITE zones!  I love it!
You DONT have to be in the water to get the achieve, just in the zone.  Easy as pie.  This IS needed for the Field photographer Achievement.  Which I am NEARLY done with...  Try to do it as I pass by rather then running to everything in one day.  Especially since I save the screenies for yall!
(This is actually next to a Flight Path in the cave near the giant snail.  Just prove it can be taken in ANY location!)


I love the water SELFIEs.  The movement and bubbles and even puffy cheeks make it all look so cool!  I actually want to take a panda just for a chipmuck pic!  LOVE it!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Garrison Buildings: Stables!

Oooh.. What a big building it becomes too!

Well now, this is a effective and useless building all at once!

Put simply: It gives you dailies, then mounts, then achieves, then its pretty much just sitting looking pretty. Well I suppose being able to loot and gather while mounted is nice, like having a sky golem 24/7. And the 20% to mount speed (only in Draenor on that character) is nice too.


Okay, so I digress.


Pretty much, you start it and do 6 dailies to "Catch" and "Tame" 6 animals from the area. Basically one per zone. After that, you get dailies that can be pretty lucrative for gold and resources! But, within around the bouts of two weeks, you've got ALL the mounts and the dailies end and your left with the perks I listed above.

L1-Start taming and training mounts! (Talbulk, Riverbeast, Boar, Clefthoof, Elekk, Wolf-this is about the order I got to get them in too.) These are fun little follow the leader where you have to keep up with a lasso'd beast. This is harder then you think... Make sure your mounted. Also: Favorited mounts roam the stables! Mine is full of wolf mounts to match my hunter!

L2-Same thing, but you get a extra quickly for the "Sethe Claw" and learning about it! Side note: Achievement ALERT! Advanced Husbandry: Use the claw and kill the 6 main badies in Nagrand (take note, there's a few minis too) with EVERY mount. I'll explain better below..!

L3- Garn Tooth Necklace (and the 20% speed increase). Pointing out: You must get ALL 6 mounts fully trained before you can get this, atleast on your first character. But there's a upside: You can get "Whistles" with 3 charges each to get this Achievement done.



Fully train all 6 mounts. Awards the L3 stables pattern.

Advanced Husbandry: Use the claw and kill the 6 baddies with all 6 mounts. Awards a Armored Boar (not mentioned on Achievement!!) Claw increases damage taken and reduces speed by 25%.

Tips: Do this while you do the dailies! If you have to kill one, then just do it on all 6 that day so you can make sure you got it done. But you do have to kill each and everyone with every mount if you dont miss days.

Stables Master: Awards a Title, a Armor Wolf Mount (Mount not mentioned on the Achievement!) You just do same as above but with the garn tooth necklace. Increases damage taken by 50% and speed reduced by 50%. This will require L3 and that you either get 2 sets of each whistle (go kill, fly back, kill again style sadly..) or that you do it on ANOTHER alt and do while questing.


Suggestions: If you want to get do BOTH at once, its do able, I promise. Just do it in a group or have abit decent gear.. Like say Tanaan gear.

If you do with others, be aware that if one mount dies/runs, they all run.

When doing Maimclaw, kite around the island. I find it easier. It helps avoid the stun and the bleed (which hurts). But this isn't as effective if your not a range.

Mounts can be healed. That means your passive heal is pushing you up. Yay?

Pets be damned: You can have a pet out while training.. BM hunters and unholy DKs, cry now.

If doing both at once: Try and get a bored friend to help if you cant pull 30k. The 75% increase to pain and slowing just knock you down so much that your mounts health may diminish to nothing. If your using the charges, that may hurt.

Consider doing it again for L3 stables. Its a pretty building, perks aren't too bad, and again: Its pretty lucrative, 6 dailies with about 200 gold totaling and about 400 resources daily. Not bad, huh?



SO! Its a total of 8 mounts, 3 achievements, cool building, a title, faster mounts, and a nice chunk of gold. Cool no?

Till next time!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Not Update: Just pain...

YA YA YA!  Before ya start the "It's DO-able rant"  Hear me out!

One:  Its 675 ilvl (The CAP at the moment!)

Two:  Its 5 Abilities (As you can see, I couldn't even phase that one)

Three:  The reward kind of SUCKS!  (But you do it for the blue...  Because Rare missions are Rare...)


Im done now..

I feel slightly better.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Taralune and Big Adventure!

First:  To Level Pet!

First:  Whelp.  Storm and Surge to death!

Second Pet:  A Arcane Eye (easy to get at Kara!), just use your stacking focus beam.  Just make sure you switch your leveling pet in before ya finish it off!

Third pet:  Whatever you wanna level.  Its a nice chunk in the 4ks!

For the Plushie!

First pet:  Plushie.  Hey, your after the achieve aren't ya?  A shame to lose the exp but its gotta happen!  Just make sure it's switched in before its over!  I HIGHLY suggest passing first round and then using Hug to switch to your whelp.  It makes a HUGE difference!

second:  Whelp.  Storm and Surge till death!  If you make a lucky crit, then reapply Storm if ya can.

third Pet:  A Ooze (any can work.  Just want Absorb, poison, Expunge!).  Start With Expunge to and then Absorbing till the second moth is down.  After that poison the third to start and then absorb till you can Expunge again.

This ISNT a 100% win everytime but I found out that this was the best out of what I tried.  It does feel like a 'must be done perfectly team' but it worked.  I'll keep looking to see if theres a better method.  In fact, having a Whelp with more attack power then might make the difference!  But this is the whos and hows.  As always, i'll share better or alternative methods as I find them.

I did try with a Arcane Eye, Wisp, and even a faster moth.  But I found the Whelp is always the best to use against flyers and the moths have hard hitting abilities matched with high speeds.  Between added crit and stuns/slows they can be very painful to beat.  So I highly suggest not stressing much! 

If you find a method that works too, please comment!



Good Hunting to ya!