Saturday, March 28, 2015

Christoph VonFeasel - Dark Moon Fair Adventure

First off... Ya gotta fight a Magic, and two beast.

Magic uses bubble which blocks 2 attacks and uses Whirlpool (takes 2 turns to pop, hurts a nice bit.).

Beast 1 hits like a truck.  Hitting for about a third of your health at times!

Beast 2 alternates between Ow, Healing, and more Ow.

My Method:

Start with a Dragonkin (The one im using was a limited time thing from years back, but the one from outside Onyxian's Lair looks the same and has same attacks).  Tail swipe till Whirlpool is about to pop then hit lift off to avoid.  Back to Swiping and aim to use your heal.  After this point just swipe till your pets dead, you probably wont get but one or two more hits in anyway.

Next bring in your First Mechanical.  I used a Robo cub from Winterspring.  Use Maul on Cooldown and Demolish as a filler.  You can heal if ya like, i'd save it till you know your about to die for the first time, Machines jump back up anyway!

Due to Demolish hit or miss (aka 50% chance to hit) you may get to start pounding on the cow or you might even die with the three hour still up.  Either way, just keep pushing.  I've found you usually com out okay anyway!

Last pet a second Mechanical.  I perfer one with Batter like the Cogblade Raptor from Blade's Edge.  Batter hits 2-3 times when your faster and ya should be.  You pretty much just Batter it to death (please never do that in real life...Thats just wrong.)  If your lucky you wont take but 3 hits, plenty of health, unlucky your on your last leg and already rezzed up but you get first hit!

Big Adventure and Leveling

This isn't perfect but I've found its decently accurate.  But it does work better when your not leveling a pet and start with the fox, but trying to switch a pet in for the exp is deadly so its start with the leveling pet or don't get it.  If you picked maybe a 20+ Mechanical or dragon type to also do damage it might work better though.  I personally only have leveling pets at 8 or below atm sooo... Ya.

Start with your leveling pet if your using one or Start with a fox and use Dazzling Dance with the plushie.

From this point on your going to bust bubble and Howl once its off so you can get the squid down before your fox dies. 

Once the fox is down bring out your WarBot.

Start with mine field.  Then kill as you please.  It doesn't matter if you go for the extra plating or rocket.  I personally like the rocket to quickly kill the dino since it shields.  I tend to use batter over rocket on the cow if im faster (AKA Dazzling dance is still in effect).

And thats Done!

Good luck on the Squid pet!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Selfie Friday, Lets go Old Timey!

Seriously, remember the Old Time "Selfies"?  Those were straight out ScreenShots!  

So im doing this updates with some old screenies I had saved up that I thought were semi cool.

You've seen it a hundred times but this is a stone carving of one of my favorite Villains in WoW!  Lets see who knows who she is...!  ;3
(btw, it was taken in UP!)

Gilneas and their FAMOUS manor for royalty... Ah... Soo pretty.  I love the lighting!  Im so happy you can still visit it.

Outside Throne of Thunder.  I just felt pretty.  I had JUST got my full transmog set (including my swords!) and I had this cool little mount that a friend of mine didnt... I had to show off alittle before we started raiding!

And Lastly... Lets go singing, dancing rooster, chicken, thing!  Who remembers this from before the Vale was destroyed?

Well, that was fun.  Its nice to touch on old screenies.  Maybe i'll do it again another week!  But I think the up coming week i'll get back to real selfies again.. :P   

If anyone is interested in sharing their own then feel free to share in comments or send me a email and I might post some fan selfies/screenies one week!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How To Farm

(Mats and Proffs for PRE Warlords.)

How To Farm, and no not the Pandaria farming for food but the old fashion kill/grind! 

Farm/Farming=Killing a certain creature, zone, or gathering a certain item over and over for any given reason.

Farming:  Proffessions

This is a broad meaning mostly refering to the gathering of leathers, herbs, or ore.  It can also refer to the need for cloth or certain crafting items like gems, Large Tooth, or Elementals.

Theres a few ways to go about this.

Leatherworker is the main proffession needing a skinning proffession, outside of a few vanilla and Outlands patterns no other proffession needs leathers.  This means that most skinners are farming the amount of leathers they need which is usually a insane amount if you count up the needed stacks.

In Warlords you do need LEATHERS for some patterns.  You Also can skin for Cloth!  If you don't have Skinning the Barn does same thing!


Used by many people for numerous proffessions this can be pretty time consuming as certain herbs only spawn in certain places.  That means flying, running, and fighting all over Azeroth to cap the more detailed proffession such as Alchemy.  Others like Inscription arent as picky but require a larger amount of herbs meaning alot more flower picking.

In Warlords all characters get a Herb Garden. 


Mining, if kept up, can be done while leveling since most ore spawns in level appropriate zones so its a simple matter to collect as you go and only have to go really farming when your nearing the skill caps for Blacksmith and Jewelcrafting.  But like Herbing it can be time consuming to run around looking for a special vien such as silver, gold, or trillium.

In Warlords all characters get a Mine.


Used mainly in higher end patterns these can be collected in multiple ways.  Herbing and Mining can gather certain elements and now skinning can chance on them in bloated organs.  But the main way to fetch these is to kill the perticular elemental mob with the elements you need.  Out of all the proffessional needs these can be some of the worst is sharing mobs or if the mobs have a low rate as some do. 


I cant skip the wonderful farming of Tailors and First Aid!  This one is not a gathering so much as looting.  If you loot every mob you kill you are more likely to get all the cloth you need without having to farm the Scarlet Instances for silk and mageweave but this usually does require a trip of farming that can vary in time due to drop rates or the amount of cloth you need!  BIG pain!

In Warlords you can get the Furs (the new cloth) from the barn or most mobs.  Its also mostly not needed for First Aid.

Farming:  Quest

Unlike the original Warcraft there arent many quest that require days of farming.  But those that do have serious rewards!  Mounts, Legendaries, pets, and most recently the epic loots of the Black prince.  But Farming these things more then likely will take you months, not hours.


Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Post hit!

Yay.  So the sites now over 10 post!  That might not seem like much to you but im pretty excited over it. 

Its not much but hey, I aint knocking it.  I get to share this moment with yall atleast...

Look, its Monday.  Its my cheat day, I can post any random thing I want..!




Don't Judge Me...

Enjoy the celebration pic!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Quintessence the Light"-Updated with Second Method

As ya can tell from the Screen Shot, this is for "Quintessence the Light".

Above you see my pets and spells used so allow me to explain the method that i've found works.

First, ya need a pet with Call Lightning or a similar spell (mainly, you need that storm weather!)  After that you need stampede type spells.  Since the weather only last 5 turns you have to switch out that first pet after you apply it.

Personally I liked to use Lift off before I used Call lightning since it gave me a avoided heavy attack.  But for the most part your killing with stampede.  Its 3 attacks a turn (6 thanks to the weather) so you just switch out ever few rounds to keep that up and Boom.  You won

Keep in mind critters take reduced damage and rats or rabbits often have the stampede you need!

To prove that it CAN be done without 2 rabbits my boyfriend also did the fight about 5 times with his own team.

As you can see his team included a 21 Hatchling (for storm), a rat (stampede), and a Wrymling for a hard hitting attack to end the fight.  His was abit closer but he sadly didnt have a second stampede.  So he switched it abit.

He got the pet down to about 400 hp so it only took about 2 attacks to finish it off by the time this rat was down.  He also used the Lift off often.

Suggested pets:

Wild Hatchlings.  You can get these in Pandaria and after taming they'll be 20+!  Doesnt need to be rare, green would be best though... Greys have soo little health...

Rats and Rabbits.  You REALLY dont need me to tell you these, i'd try for atleast 23+ if you have to go tame them.  Again, green plus quality.

There ya go, quick easy method to kill Quintessence the Light.  All the pets easy to get if ya dont have them yet!

An alternative Method: 

This ones abit quicker and less switching.  I've noticed its also pretty effective.

Nexus Whelpling and any two other 20+ Magic attack pets.  With the Whelp just use Arcane Storm and Mana Surge.

This is a method I got from a few friends.  Since the nerf its so much easier to kill so over powering IS possible.  So unlike my first approach this one is strictly a blast through.

Happy Hunting!


Friday, March 20, 2015


Serpent Shrine Caverns!

I decided to Slow Fall down the Elevator Shaft!  You can apparently Selfie while falling to your death!
"Well imma die, lets get one last tweet of me before I go...!"

Alas, it wasnt meant to be!  Just 2 feet from the ground, the elevator picked me up and shot me back up top!
The mage...Was. Not. Happy...!

Hey..I finally made it down!  Lets Chill!

What..?  I thought it was funny...

 And one for the road..!  What else can you do when your waiting on those damn cores to drop...!

And thats another set of silly Selfies.  Enjoy!


(ironicly, this is also my mage Elve! )

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To DPS LFR (When ya dont know fights)

DPS can be as easy as face roll with some classes but Hs and Raids are very different. So lets say you entered a new raid, never dps'd or even done it before! You might think "Im a dps, atleast if I suck, we dont die." Not true! One false move by one person can wipe whole raids! If you dont switch to the right targets or AoE when you should be Single Target then its very easy to kill part or most of raid.

So heres a tip for you!

1. If unsure, try asking if they'll explain the fight! Worse they can do is not explain or call you a "Noob" and if its too much then just drop and try again. Gear isnt worth emotional pain if its bothering you.

2. Go with a geared or raiding friend. More likely they'll know the fight and be willing to explain to you and not give grief!

3. If 1 and 2 fail then try a simple method: Follow the Leader. By leader I dont mean raid leader. But the rest of the raid. If most of the raid moves out of certain things then do it too!

4. Watch your chat. Most of the time theres people who call stuff. If only 1 person does then just continue to follow masses, if several are, then its a big hint to do it!

5. Never encourage Trolls. It'll get you kicked and you'll just shame yourself.

6. Pay attention. If its your first raid, try to dps but try to watch the fight closely too. It'll help you live and survive the fight! Better then dying!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Warlords And Battle Pets

In 6.1 they nerfed it down abit for those that weren't hardcore battlers but I'll post some ways to some trainers anyway throughout the weeks as I see them for anyone who might need the help! 

I'll Post be posting atleast 1 Battle Pet/Pet Post, or even a feature on some pet that i've found to be EXTREMELY good!

For the time being (and with the HUGE amount of bases to cover under pet battles) i'll mainly be posting... Hm, lets say...Saturday?  Right after our silly post Friday, Ha!

Also expect to see some more random tidbits till I get some more questions or request!


Friday, March 13, 2015

S.E.L.F.I.E. Friday!

First Friday post for this one.  So lets start off with just a few Random Selfies.

First got the Camera (without the lens)

 As ya can see, without that lens (which ya get later in ANOTHER garrison Mission) actually takes the action bar and everything else away.

I swear, I go INSIDE a Raid and I still get photo bombed!

(btw, this is the upgraded camera.  It makes it a toy too so everyone can use it!)

Oh look, just me!

Really man...?  I think I got photo bombed by the raid too! 

(Are those hanging oozy things suppose to be eggs, goo, or what... I've always been scared to ask...)

A selfie within a selfie...  Is that a type of Selfie art form?!
(Hey, atleast she thinks its funny!)

Playin with those layers... (Oh, the toy has Three different filters!  This one below is Dead Filter.. Or Spirit Filter... Makes you look like your dead.)  Oh... A title photo bombed.. >>;

This is the Old Timey Filter...  Again man, really?!  
The filter itself looks cool.  Kind of hints back at that old Linkin pic from Ungoro Crater, dont it?
(Oh... Were my eyes closed?  I guess my mage was getting tired after a long AQ run...)

My Turn to photo bomb Nav... Choo Choo!

Well, I hope yall got a few laughs out of this post.  For anyone wondering the first two were in a L1 Garrison and the last few were taken inside AQ 40 (The beginning, First boss area, and then the last few in the Oozes room... We might of been celebrating the drop of that pet... That i've been after for months...!).


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Player Guide: Picking a Character

New to the WoW world!  Well ya gotta start with a character!  So first to learn the classes and Races. 

Start by picking a race you'd find interesting.  Maybe a grizzled orc or a graceful blood elf.  Maybe you want a simple Human to start with or the unique draenei!  No matter the choice, make sure its one you can:  A.  Stand to look at, B.  has lore you'd like to learn about, and C. Has classes that will suit your play style.  A. is a given!  B.  Keeps you interested.  The Lore is the races history, reading quest as you do them is a great way to learn it.  C. will come later as you learn about the game and your perfered role.

Next, look at the classes of chosen race!  Take the easy route and sit back while your pet takes the pain as a hunter.  Or Become a priest who can heal allies or blow the minds of your enemy.  Maybe you like the brute like a warrior, staying close to the action as a tank or a bloody dps.  Maybe the arcanic mage caught your eye with the ability to throw first icy bolts, later firey balls, or a barrage of arcane missles!  Then theres the paladin, a hybrid class that can use holy power to heal, a devisating hammer and shield to taunt enemies, or the massive weapon that smashes skulls with a judgement for death.  Warlocks, a hunter in cloth, a mage with a pet, fling fire and shadow as a array of demons serve you!  Druids, another hybrd class are painful, be a kitty rogue, A boomkin mage, a tree healer, or a bear tank.  Rogues, shadowy assassians that rock the single target.  Lastly is the Shaman, a dps who can melee with spirit wolves or cast lightning from a far, but when needed can become powerful healers who shield allies with healing earth and make happy beams of healing!

For a new player, I suggest the hunter.  The pet does most of the work while you learn the concept and ways of the game.  Later on you might decide dps'ing is dull.  Try a druid, the most changable class!  You can try bear to tank or tree to heal.  And if it doesnt work, boomkin and kitty are just a respec away!

Armor and specing will come later but till level 15 focus on what has the most armor and has its the word "Leather, Cloth, or Mail" in white.  Till 15 stats have little to do for you so dont stress it much.  See my other guides for info on this or just ask me!

Thats all for this guide, I hoped I helped you figure out where to start your journey in World of Warcraft.  See ya next time!


Monday, March 9, 2015

S.E.L.F.I.E. Friday! Plus Updates

Calling this a Update... Ya.. Update..!

Well, I guess i'll just post a few updates....!

First off, imma start posting sometimes on Mondays and Always on Fridays!

Heard that new toy?  The S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera?  Well im not only messing with it but im doing the achievement for it.  So every Friday i'll be posting a few pics of either the places for the achievement OR some random silly screenies from me or my boyfriend!

On Mondays you'll see things like this.  Update Post.  For either the site or interesting things that are changing in WoW.

This will leave our normal post day, Wednesday, for just real updates with all that fun stuff ya want to see!

Im debating on setting other dates for special things like Battle Pets and the like.  Oh well, only time will tell!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

How To: Tanking in Hs and Raids

Tanking, this LITERLY means you take damage!  If seeing your health bar move scares you then you do NOT want to do this role, period!  Now if you can see past this then continue reading.

Tanking Easy Mode:  There is no easy mode to tanking.  Because tanks are needed so badly, half decent skill will keep you in groups.  At lower levels you fight the "im so OP" dps to pull, keep threat, and stay in control.  At higher levels you fight for threat while trying to not be one shotted.

Tanking requires threat and survivablity.  So before you ever que, learn your CDs and put them on your bars!

Learning Fights:  Unlike dps and healers, you need a warm fuzzy about the fights.  So to start look up the fights for tanks and look for the 4 basics:
1.  Adds--When, where, how many.

2.  Taunting--Can you taunt, when do you need to.

3.  Survivablity--Whens he going to have a massive attack, when do I need to pop a major CD.

4.  Positioning--Where do I need to be, wheres the boss need to be, when does he need moving.

Reading and watching is NOTHING to actually experiencing the fights though.  So this wont make you a expert but it will help prevent you from killing the raid!

If still alittle unclear on the fights, ask the group or the other tank!  More then likely, they'll help for fear or getting killed! 

LFR and raid Tanking Rules:

1.  Make sure ya got a warm and fuzzy on the fights.

2.  Communicate.  Talk to the other tank before the fight, learn whos on what and when your trading off if needed!  If your in vent talk to them through out the fight as well.  Dont be scared to do things right!

3.  Remember, LFR and Normals ARE DIFFERENT.  The mechanics are similar but the damage is MAJORLY nerfed in LFR.  Be aware of this and talk to your raid about the times to pop CDs. 

4.  Trust healers to help you.  Dont blow all your CDs in the first 2 seconds because you took damage.  Boss fights take time and your going to make it worse later on by doing this!

Basic Advice--Dont hit max level and then decide you want to start tanking with a class you've never tanked with.  If you have a warm and fuzzy on how to tank, you still shouldnt do it with a class you've never tanked as!  Try it as a lower level then practice on your max level by soloing.  Pull a range of mobs starting with 1 to learn rotation and then move up to 5 to practice AoE rotation and then 8-15 to test your CDs and survivablity.  Hint:  Dont do this with elites if your alone, tanks usually take damage better then they deal it.

More advice:  Dont cookie cutter and follow other peoples rotations.  Tanks have to be flexiable just like healers.  You have to learn how to increase and decrease your threat when needed and you have to use CDs when needed.  Gem, chant, and play to YOUR style.  Be willing to take advice and experiment but dont follow them to the letter.  You'll end up hating the character because you dislike how its played.  This is your character, its YOUR role, and its YOUR choice how to play it.  So play it in a way thats fun and effective!


This was posted in Cata time so now you have the Proving Grounds to help teach you the role of protecting but its the most basic form, a great starting block!


Post Update!

Oookay... So, I just noticed, my scheduled post arent coming in at the right time.  So Im fixing that to come in BEFORE 8 AM from now on!  Sorry about that!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Words of Gaming and Texting!

Ever seen words and never known WHAT the hell they mean?  Maybe you were born before texting and dont know what your kids are saying in text.  Maybe you never texted before and cant read your text savy friends message.  Maybe your just seeing words that you didnt think existed!  Allow me to help you.  This blog includes Emotes, Abrevations, And words with multiple meanings.

A Happy face!  Big smile!


"Lawl" Look.  Joking, or laughing.

Sticking tounge out at you.


Wearing Shades.

It refers to not only a race but a race of assholes!  Troll is a insult meaning you spam or act like a dick for laughs.

Repeating to a point of annoyance.

Laughing Out Loud

Lawl, Hehe, Heh, Ha, Haha
A laugh.


Damage Per Second


Be Right Back

Away From Keyboard

Noob, Newb, N00b
Many ways to say it, but all mean your a "New Player" and can be used as a insult to a play who doesnt know their class.

World Of Warcraft

Diablo: 3

Ninja Looter
Someone who needs gear or things to sell, or just cuz they can.


Welcome Back


A pre set of keys, sometimes make images, other times used for a series of attacks.

Gamer Chick
A girl who plays games.

And thats all for now!  Have other words ya wanna know?  Just ask and maybe they'll make next List!