Friday, September 15, 2017

#Fierce SELFIEs

"Yah, Just killed a few hundred Demons."  

"Ice Queen"

"Werk it."

"Ninja L00ter"

I've spent too much time on Instagram...I really have.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New things everyday...

I don't usually sit around in tank spec so i'd never noticed this thing Truthguard did around certain NPCs...

To those who didn't get it, it glows around hidden demons such as the dread lords in Dal...

It was a baad day, so accept this humble post and any knowledge it gave...  My head really hurts..


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hidden Appearence Brewmaster Monk

This one took some time to get...

First you get the Brew House (second option on the left) and then check daily.  Its a lot of chance but at least its 2-6 gold a day.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Touching Base

Heyo!  I know Argus is out and its TONS of new content but I am sadly still jobless.. :(

My gaming time is limited since I'm working at getting a new job or doing commission work as a artist to make ends meet.  I hope to do some of the new content though so look for some of that, even if its just screenies like last Friday.

I plan to enter the Shadow of Argus Art Contest as well.. I could use the exposure as an artist.

Pet Battle Saturday is still currently down for the count.  I'm working at getting the new pets and doing the Master of the Types Achievements so I can do 1-2 posts per type as I finish them... It just takes time since they spawn randomly!

I'll be attempting the Argus pet battles this week or next week as well... So, yay?

I still have slots for commissions if your interested you can contact me on my shop  as Elve  for 5% discount.

Or you can donate to my tip jar over at which will grant you access to more of my art, some cool perks, and help me make my bills for the month... Which naturally would rock.

Soo... Yah.. That's the base, I poked it... Um... Next time I hope to have better news!