Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June Check In!

Wheee!  This month started GREAT!

My May Class went wonderfully.  $30 profit on my first class and it was only a hour!  Im scheduled for two today as well, fingers crossed!!

I also filled my Commission queue TWICE this month (5 slots open at a time) and it was wonderful!

My craft fair wasnt overly impressive but I was one of the vendors that did better that day.  I hope to go to the next one on the 7th of July.

Im hosting a giveaway on Twitter!  Go to give me a follow and retweet that pinned tweet to enter for a custom Badge or your choice of a print!

Ah but then the bad settles in..

We started fostering a puppy that showed up.. He has hookworm, whip worm, and a infection...

THEN the Catalic Converter in the car started dying...  We cant drive longer then 10 minutes before the car starts randomly cutting off.

These two things are running us a extra $2000 this month.. *cries*  I thought I was getting AHEAD!!!

So for this reason im doubling my commission slots to help bring in more money because this pup will die without treatment and we cant not have a car and its cheaper to pay for the fix AGAIN then buy another sadly.. Ugh.. x.x

So Seriously, I dont want Donations, I want to work.  Hire me for some Art!!  Even small ones help.  Or join my Patreon and you'll support me monthly for bonus rewards!


Ko-Fi (Small Options for $3)

My Info, Locations, and Commission Info 

My New Art Shop

Redbubble (My Art on their Merch!)

Current Made Banners (Everything is open but these I have banner Prices for, just email to ask about Marker, ink, digital painting, acrylic, color pencil, sketches, or chibi work!)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May Check In

Uggh, so sorry to run late this month..

Our Car broke down.. two weeks waiting on a part...

I couldnt even go get my PC which was done.. x.x 

We JUST got both back!  But now no money...

My Commissions are reopening soon as well!

Traditional are already open but Digital will reopen in June!!

My Patreon Rewards were adjusted too.  So go check that out if you want exclusive art to look at and monthly art rewards!

Im also teaching a class this month in Watercolors (FUN!) So yay for that income!  And i'll be attending a craft fair.

Its also Hubbys Birth month... So yay.. Gifts... x.x

And dont forget, Badge Orders are open for Blizzcon 2018!

I'll talk to everyone next month.. Heres hoping June will be more enjoyable.. x.x  I Miss WoW..


Saturday, April 21, 2018

April Check In

Im still hear!

My PC will be finished soon..!  Maybe I can play again soon...

I dont have any updates really.. :/

My birthday is this month.. So heres hoping I can make some extra cash for some fun!

How are all of you?  Your year going well?


Thursday, March 22, 2018

March Check In

I hope all my lovelies are doing great!

I cant remember if I mentioned this last time but my PC finally gave out.  The poor thing was fried by a power outage.  So im scrambling to get the cash together to get it fixed!

Nav's isnt doing much better.  Oyie..

Were almost done packing so hopefully our house will sell quick and we'll have a cheaper place to stay so I can once again play WoW!

Sal Got a beta key to BFA so i'll be testing it out once we get a PC that works and i'll do a couple post on what I find, Whee!

My goal is to start back strong on posting during BFA because by August we should be stable especially if the house sells.

Till then, if you want to help support me and help me work towards my goal of playing WoW again and providing the content you clearly enjoyed then consider looking me up for art or Merchandise!  I do Blizzcon badges, character art, pet portraits, art classes, events.. Everything!!

You can find info, current specials, and all that over on

Just want to support me? and all work great and have special rewards to them!  I appreciate every penny and the support behind it!!

Cant give?  Then share my links to your socials! Sharing, liking, commenting that is JUST as helpful to me!

Once the blog starts back i'll possibly do a Ko-Fi for it and offer access to donators to a discorb where we can chat, group up and easily share content.  Fun stuff like that!

Till next we meet!


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lunar festival 2018 and update


Time for another update but first details on the Festival.

This year its the same deal, get your coins, same quest.  See old guides, ect.

Whats new?  Transmog!  Suits and crowns are transmogable.

Suits and dresses are 5 coins.

New Item:  Flower Crowns 25 coins each.  4 colors.

Doing the vanilla and cata alone should allow you to get one crown and two suits/dresses if needed!

Fun Fact:  You can save them for next year too so dont delete!  I just throw my extras in the bank usually.  

Quest give EXP only if your not capped.  If you are its like 10 gold.

Enjoy the theme'd Art since i couldnt do it for screenies!

As for Life update...

My PC crashed *cries!*

So No more WoW for me ;_;  I needed a new rig anyway but I wasnt prepared at all and now I cant do much digital work.

That being said im doing some PWYW traditional pieces at $5 min for my PC fund.  If you want to help out order a postcard sized piece of art or a mini print for $5 and maybe leave me a nice tip of a few bucks!  It means a lot and it'll help me get back to creating content that so many of you were clearly enjoying since I still get quite a few hits with monthly post.  Im touched!  <3

Feel free to drop me a line on or see my art site for commission details and queues

Thank you for your continued support, yall are the real MVPs in my heart.  <3