Friday, September 29, 2017

In Honor of Shadows of Argus Contest...

... I'm paying homage to the Warcraft Art that's in game!

Well... To a few pieces...  Send me your own pieces that you've done or that you've found to be featured on the blog!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Gold Farming Helper Pt 1

So with tokens rising higher and higher... I figured i'd do a quick run down on how to make an average of 32k a month per alt.

And yes, I do this myself but i'd never actually taken the time to write down my totals...

So this time I took my hunter, mage, and death knight and in about two hours each I ran all the cata raids.  Each was done on 25H.

First I did Throne of the four winds which made about 400 gold average.  I got there by taking the SW port to Uldum

I then flew over to caverns of time and did DS.  This one averaged 2300 gold.

Next I hearthed back to SW and flew from there to Descent.  This one averaged 1400 gold with all trash killed.

Then I used my Dal hearth, went back to SW and took the hyjal port to go do FLs.  I didn't kill much of the trash... I found all of the trash gave me maybe a extra 200 gold if I got lucky with weapon BoE drops but it took more time then it was worth so I didn't on my third go.  This one with bare min of killing got me about 2000 gold average.

Lastly I did Bastion and by this time one of my hearths was reset each time so I went to SW again and took the port to Twilight highlands.  I killed ALL the trash in this one because its pretty clumped together and earned about 1400 gold after killing each boss including the extra on Heroic only.

This averaged about or close to 8k on one alt for just a weeks worth of raids...  And I did that in about two hours on each alt.  That means 28-35k a month is easily in range if done weekly.  And that's PER alt.  That would be tripled for me since I was running it on three alts.  And it didn't take too much time and given more practice I could probably cut my time down to an hour and a half, maybe even just a hour with a port master like a mage.

This doesn't take into account any of the mats I gathered for AHing, or the pets I could of got to sell, or special BoEs that I might want to put up for AHing.  With pets selling for more then 500 a piece I could rack maybe 3 pets per week to make a extra two grand...

Mats and gear will vary on drop rate and appearance as well as demand...  But you get the idea.

With AHing I tend to bring in about 5k a week for myself selling BoEs, old mats, pets, and mounts...

But I also AH for others.  I got 30% as well as AH fees from the profit for a few people.  This naturally requires a bit of trust on their part but you could do similar if your good at the AH or have friends who are.  I make a extra 500 gold a person average each week wit there being times I make up to 20 grand depending on what I'm given (argus mats, Shadowmourne items such as the mount and toys, pets and BoE toys, ect.  They go well.)

I'll be doing another part to this as I have time...  But I hope you did enjoy and hope to see you again next time. 

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Friday, September 15, 2017

#Fierce SELFIEs

"Yah, Just killed a few hundred Demons."  

"Ice Queen"

"Werk it."

"Ninja L00ter"

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New things everyday...

I don't usually sit around in tank spec so i'd never noticed this thing Truthguard did around certain NPCs...

To those who didn't get it, it glows around hidden demons such as the dread lords in Dal...

It was a baad day, so accept this humble post and any knowledge it gave...  My head really hurts..