Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lunar festival 2018 and update


Time for another update but first details on the Festival.

This year its the same deal, get your coins, same quest.  See old guides, ect.

Whats new?  Transmog!  Suits and crowns are transmogable.

Suits and dresses are 5 coins.

New Item:  Flower Crowns 25 coins each.  4 colors.

Doing the vanilla and cata alone should allow you to get one crown and two suits/dresses if needed!

Fun Fact:  You can save them for next year too so dont delete!  I just throw my extras in the bank usually.  

Quest give EXP only if your not capped.  If you are its like 10 gold.

Enjoy the theme'd Art since i couldnt do it for screenies!

As for Life update...

My PC crashed *cries!*

So No more WoW for me ;_;  I needed a new rig anyway but I wasnt prepared at all and now I cant do much digital work.

That being said im doing some PWYW traditional pieces at $5 min for my PC fund.  If you want to help out order a postcard sized piece of art or a mini print for $5 and maybe leave me a nice tip of a few bucks!  It means a lot and it'll help me get back to creating content that so many of you were clearly enjoying since I still get quite a few hits with monthly post.  Im touched!  <3

Feel free to drop me a line on or see my art site for commission details and queues

Thank you for your continued support, yall are the real MVPs in my heart.  <3


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Update from Elve

Hey guys, Elve here!

So, I'm married (Yay!) and I'm moving-finally- with Sal to our cozy, 200 sq ft camper to live in chaos.

Money is still tight, unemployment dried up, and commissions are slow but building.  So WoW is a luxury I just cant afford at this time...  But once I can i'll be showing yall more love then a monthly update.

Till then you can help me out by sticking with me because the blog will revive soon!

You can also consider helping support me personally as a artist.  Buy me a Ko-Fi (Monthly art specials!), support my Patreon for tons of art rewards, consider commissioning me (I make badges and character art!), buy from my shops, or just go check out my socials and give me some shares and likes on the stuff you like so I get more exposure to possibly clients!

Once I'm stable i'll be back at it!

You might also wanna consider checking out my other free content

Daily Art: Instagram and Twitter

Comics:  Life of a Gaming Artist and WoW Raiders (Coming soon)

Thanks so much for reading, the fact that yall have stuck with me this long makes YOU the MVP!  I love yah so much for it!


Badge art Example:  (Commissioned by friend)

Digital badges start at $10

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Love is in the Air 2018


--No new items--

Good luck getting your Big Love Rockets this year!

You've got till the 16th and it wont drop from the green quality boxes (just a heads up I heard via twitter).

This picture is the closes i'll ever get to getting that damned monstrosity of Goblin loving!

(And a happy Valentine's Day too!  Make sure you get your loved one their gift now to keep out of the dog house!!)

Get this design on   Elve's Cupid arrow is sure to strike you a winner!


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Update and Offers

Hello everyone, I said i'd try and check in so that's what I'm doing...  Still alive, barely...

To those that keep up with me outside of this blog you might be aware of a few things, to others:

**I'm a Full Time Artist for Hire

**I've got a massive vet bill I need to pay off...

**I'm getting married the 31st and wont be reachable from the 25th- till Jan 3rd or so while I enjoy the holidays and my honeymoon.  I'll still be working on stuff though because I cant afford to have a day off..

** I have some special commissions going on running till the 15th (all orders completed by 24th!)

You can email me at

**I have 30 slots open till the vet bill is paid...

**I live off support and commissions so if interested in helping me then please consider following, liking, and sharing my various links... Looking at my shops, and possibly commissioning me.  Once I'm stable i'll be returning to this content but till then, I just cant take the time to play.. :(

Art Post:

Speed Paints weekly:

Support with Donations:

Commission info in Notes:

My Art Shops:

Views, likes, and shares are all JUST as important as sales so please take a moment to check them out.  The exposure is important when your still starting out.

In other news, I'm hoping to start on a web comic next year.  Why is this more pausible then working on this blog?  Well I have to PAY to play WoW and I have little money and I cant dedicate the time to make gold...  But hey, i'll look at setting up a patreon just for this blog and if I get $20 a month i'll play enough to make atleast one to two post a week again.  But this comic will be free to start... And hopefully move into a possible income starter... Sadly, blogging isn't as profitable.. I did it because I enjoyed it and liked helping people.  I hope to do this again soon.  And with your help I will.  :)

Thank you for reading, see you soon and happy holidays!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Notice of Hiatus-Not dead

I'm sorry I went ninja afk...

Been so busy trying to build my business I barely have time to draw for myself even, let alone play WoW...

I honestly haven't got to enjoy the Argus content or anything I've been too busy to even game, which sucks, I miss playing WoW not just drawing...

I hope that by the end of the year if not before I can get back into the game so I can continue posting.

Till then I'm opening up the site to other blog writers or wanna be bloggers that wouldn't mind donating content in the form of screenshots, post, or even videos so I can post something during this time while I try and get my hectic life under control.

Naturally i'll give you 100% credit and my thanks for the help during this time.. If I could afford it i'd even offer a small tip or payment but I'm struggling as it is.

I'll try and post again next month with atleast a update.

Thank you to the loyal readers who've messaged me and are still here to read this, I'm so sorry I fell off the deep end.