Friday, August 18, 2017

Pretty Areas...

Monday, August 14, 2017

WTF 25

The Sandstone Drake glitch... Its a WTF and LAWL all in one... Still gets me!  HAH!


Friday, August 11, 2017

Boulderfist, the toy you may of missed!

Just got to be Friendly and you can snag this toy.  Its 400 at exalted.  If your a collector you'll like this for a count.

It's hidden on the marked location on the map above.  As you see below he also sells those totems everyone seems to be wearing!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Affliction Warlock Artifact

Ahh... Afflic... Lets start shall we?

The fastest way to Duskwood is via that kara port in Dal.  So, Tally Ho!

Yah.. This is like Unholy and Balance...

This time, I went the villian route... Time to escort!

So were at the camp, searching... Its the book but you can look at it all.  When you tap the journal you'll be attack, easy kills though.

Now, grab the compass... (Hey thats different!)  We must attune it with the dead... Spooky.

First, Deadman's Pass and a bit of RP...

Next, the Bridge.

Last the Church.

Hmm... B*tch...  Guess thats who we kill!  Let's turn in and continue the cycle...

Down we go, into Kara... I actually killed as I went.

At the grasping hands I used Demonic gate to get across, but the fel pup works too.

Oooh.. staff.. Of course not.. *seen this too much, thanks Blizz..*

Kill your way up the stairs, through the gates... RP... Watch for spinning staff of doom... RP... Claim weapon.  Turn in.  Hearth away..

Sorry the ends kind of anti-climatic...  But this is the Balance and Unholy Line almost to a T...

Damage was abit harsh, I did it at 110 as Destro so I didnt have a tank out but I had little issue healing through myself. 

I'd give it a 4/10 average for difficulty.

Happy Hunting


Unholy DK Artifact

Lets jump right into this story, Dark Riders have our magical blade (If you didnt read the comic they are Merchents that attempted to Cheat Medivh.  Didnt end well, they were cursed to serve him by finding him real artifacts of power.  You'll learn about this soon in RP)  But to take the blade we must first track the SoBs down.

So a quick port back to Dal and a free Port to Kara to get us to Duskwood (or go to SW and fly depending on your interest in ports and all).

Well..  Dead Riders.. Oh wait, we gots a live one!  Question/Convince him to give us the secrets to our Preeeccciioousss!

Option 1:  Logic

Option 2:  Angry Reason and insults... 

Option 3:  Just attack and get it over with.

I went the less murderous route... So escort and kill... Be warned he wont wait on you, if you fall behind you'll start over... (Yah, i was typing this at the time... My second go he whined when I pasted him...)

So far this feel a lot like BoomChicken Questline...

So were at the camp, searching... Its the book but you can look at it all.  When you tap the journal you'll be attack, easy kills though.

Now to Kara!  We must do what we do best... Raise the Dead.  Like 7 graves but one on the far left did it for me.  I got the location~

Turn in and get ready to get dirty... In the Catacombs and sewer... Ew.

Now running running... Killing... Grasping Hands?  Coooolll.  I ran in, Anti Magic shield and Wraith Walk. 

And more fighting.. OH the blade!  *loud swearing*  Oh nevermind... More chasing... Im starting to feel like the Death Rider here.

On and on... Oh boss!  Kill the adds for Quick healing because you gotta chomp them anyway...  RP, RP... Father and dead son?  Well we havent heard that before... *cough cough Light's Hope Chapel Cough*

Yah this was just like Boom Chicky and apparently one of the Warlock chains since I saw a few of them...

So as a 105 in heirlooms as Frost... Super easy...  I was doing pulls of 3-6 mobs...  2/10 rating for difficulty.

So go forth and fetch your artifacts!

Riders Ho!