Monday, October 31, 2016

A Halloween Post

Shhhaaaddooow wing kitty!

The Ultimate WTF Demon Weapon!

Even PePe wants to Trick-or-Treat

Ectoplasm?  Really?

WTF?  My Order Hall is decorated too with the traditional paintings with eyes that follow!  Creepy.

Ah, but don't forget those Tricks... Some lead to some WTF moments for us!

This poor guys sleeping with the fishes and offers treasure in WoD...  Reminds me a lot of the Upside Down Sinner room...  Still, whos candy did this guy piss in?!

Gah, and Medivh with his twisted Ladies of the Night...  WTF is with the Dead Lovers and flowers mixed in with a group of whores?!  I know their really demons and the like but geeze...  Its so bad a titan came to purify the place!

Ah, but its all fun and games...

So Apply-Directly-To-The-Forehead those Bloody Fel Crystals...

And Mount your Monsters!

And have a Happy and Safe Halloween Kiddies!


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Pet Battle

For this Halloween special were going after the Undead! 

For this fun gambit you'll want some strong critters.

I chose:  A Squirrel, Rabbit, and Rat

I started with Nuts and used his barrage, then Cower.  I kept both up as much as possible and used scratch as a filler till dead.

Next was my Rabbit.  I paired my faster rabbit with dodge then stampede but watch the first pets health.  Use it only when you'll be able to kill her off with the first or second round or atleast get in two hits after it finishes.  Why?  Because any less will just waste it!  If you can land it in a way that you'll get to hit the second pet with it too then your golden!

Lastly is the Rat.  By this point your on the second round.  You should be faster but if your not don't touch your multi attack.  If you are faster then use flurry over scratch.  I'd start with stampede and finish it off as quickly as possible!  But if its nearly dead anyway then don't bother and just kill her off.

As you can tell its a quick easy fight but its perfect for a ghoulish holiday!

Happy Halloween kiddies!


Friday, October 28, 2016

WoWs Pretty...

Structures of Dal

The invisible pillars...

Some wonderful repairs...

Some very tasteful Décor!

And the Story of Uld!

Told with Stained Glass...

But so pretty...

Very Historical!

Hints at the Forgotten and their war with Mermaids? 

Ahh... Heaven too!

That's all for this week, join me next week for more!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Warlock Artifact for Demonology

Hey, its Halloween Themed after all  ;3

First off, the start before even picking your weapon is AWESOME!  (Love that Lord of the Rings Ref!)

So I started as Demo.  Your new friends sending you on errand runs (Fear not, you can gently take the blood and not kill the stag!  Animal lovers rejoice!  :)  )

Now the Ritual... (Very cool set up btw, it really sets the vibe!)... Its time to commune with the... Head... Thing...  Weapon?

Well all the same convince them!  Naturally, you do.

When you go through the portal... Take the path dont try and skip like me.. Invisible walls caused me to get stuck on a platform... Had to abandon and restart... Dont do it.

Well, the skulls in your reach but that damn Dreadlord takes it and runs as is their nature...

Go through killing gauntlets, do some more killing... Finally reach the demon you need... Rain death on him... He abandons the treasure for his life, running off with the usual smugness... As he flees...

Only a Dreadlord.

Annnd back into the Rift for VENGENCE!  (Not Part of the Artifact Quest... But fun!!)

Man... Thats a fucked up looking heart... Oh, where was I?

Revenge, Check, now friends!

Well, you've taken over this area of the Rift... But what of the others?

Well we get to Rez the Orc... But the others?  This remains unseen...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sir Galveston!

This knight needs a night out, hes abit out dated.

For this you'll want:

A Ooze or Slime

Lofty Libram (Though a magic that can attack backlines isn't a bad thing!)

And a Strong Humaniod

With your Ooze start off with your poison and then Expunge.  Absorb as a feeler till dead.

Unless the first ones not down (or is below 50%) your book should start with doom and just fill as you see fit.  (If I CAN kill with the Explosion, I like to! )  Keep Doom up unless the other ones under 50%.  Rinse repeat till dead.

Your last pet (who may or may not be needed..!) attack as you see fit.  I didn't have many humanoids with strong abilities to choose from that are easily picked up... Forgive the laziness!  ^.^

But its a straight forward fight.

Happy Hunting!


(Keep Eyes out for additional line ups for Achieves!)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Random SELFIE and Screenies!

Not the Most Hallow's End Feel, but I needs to clean out some!

Good Bye Garrison... And that beautiful set...

Illidan broke up a fight?  We were drunk for that one...

Oooh... Ahh....

You have Noooo idea how much I always wanted this model for a mount!  Dream come true... But it ended too soon... Twas a... NIGHTMARE!

Hah, a sweet Fan sent SELFIE.  Just been holding it till I had more Horde ones but oh well!

I thought it looked cool...

I've lost creditability, I know... But this is free!  So enjoy my half assed post!  ;3


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hallow's End 2016!

Edited:  No new Achieve or Pets but there is a cosmetic addition (see bottom!).   Horsemen's loot is now 835.  And... That's the biggest thing really.  :/

Things to do for Hallow's End...

Do the Achievements to get almost ALL the candy buckets!  (Free gold, exp, and guild rep!!)

Kill Horseman!  Theres Rings, a Agi Sword, Plate Helm, MOUNT, Temp Broom Mount, Squashling Pet, and a Hallowed Helm to be had!

Do Garrison Dailies!  (See Details under Achievements.)

Buy Costumes!  (50 charge Only)  Lich King, Deathwing, or Grommash

Get you some pets! 

Squashling- 150 Treats or Horseman

Feline Familiar - 150

Cursed Birman - 150

Widget - 150

Ghastly Rat, Ghost Maggot, Spectral Spinner- Pet Battle with Creepy Décor (Lower for some details!  Under 2015)

Dress the pets as the Mad Alchemist, Lil Starlet, Yipp- Saron, or Void them with a Ominous Pet treat!  All 5 or 150 treats.

Toys?!  YES! 

The Little Wickerman is only 150 and acts as a fire!

Coin of Many Faces has a chance to drop (see 2015 Section!)

Sack of Spectral Spiders drops off a boss from Garrison Creepy Décor.

Dailies maybe?

TRICK OR TREAT!  :D  (Hey its how you buy the stuff!)

Oh idk...  Throw a party?


Me the Head of.. Oh wait

Kill Horsemen!  Must be near cap to do this.

Check your head!

Throw the Jack-O-Lanterns at each race listed!  Can be gotten from Horsemen, dailies, and gifts.


Earn 10 Honorable Kills with the GNERDS buff.  Get the candy from treat bags or vendors.

Out With it

Eat your Tricky Treats till you toss it up.. Eww...  5+ Candies to get to that point.

Rotten Hallow

Ruin the others fractions fun by doing the 4 Dailies/Quest, including dousing their Wickerman and lighting yours!

Sinister Calling

Get that Squashling pet and the Hallowed Helm!  Use to you had to kill Horsemen but now its just 300 candy for them!


Use a tooth pick...


Join groups in LFG to trade costumes or just ask in General chat.  Do the ones on the list, Done!

Savior of Hallow's End

Save the Village from the Horsemen!  Just do, Let the Fires Come daily.  Don't forget to loot the head!

Trick or Treat!

Get Candy from a bucket, any bucket...

Trick Or Treats of Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor, and Northends (These are needed for title!).  Then Northrrrend, Cata, and MoP.

A Frightening Friend (Not part of Title)

Get Scarecrow Pepe!

A Mask for All Occasions

Collect every mask!  Can be gotten with treats or from Treat bags!  Not part of Main Achieve.

The Hallow Title is rewarded for getting all of these! (That aren't marked otherwise!)

2015:  Three new pets, one new Achieve, Décor for Garrisons, and 2 new toys.


Ghastly Rat

Spectral Spinner

Ghost Maggot

All three will crawl your garrison with the thanks of the Décor Creepy Crawlers.

New Achievement:

A Frightening Friend
This meta awards the Scarecrow costume Pepe for finding him on a tombstone in your garrison.

Décor for Garrisons:

Buying one per day after doing dailies you can trick out in one or all of these themed choices.

Ghoulish Guises: "Dress your garrison's guards in festive costumes."
Hallow's Glow: "Pumpkins, candles and other decor for your garrison."

Seer's Invitation: "Invites an Arakkoa seer to your garrison."

Witch's Brew: "A Pandaren Brew Witch, who brings plenty of fresh brew for your garrison."

Creepy Crawlers: "A ghoulish box of spectral rats, maggots, and spiders."

Check then out this Friday for Screenies!

New Toys:

Coin of Many Faces:  Dropped by the Skeletons from dailies.  Average chance of 1% drop.  Luckily, you can buy off the AH if you get tired of the farm!

Sack of Spectral Spiders:  Creepy Crawlers Décor needed to summon the rare.  Be warned though "fixed" its still iffy on if you can loot more then one item off the spider.  Because of this turn off auto loot and ONLY LOOT THE TOY (or atleast loot it first).  You can kill it as much as you like but you can only pick up the items once a day.  Easily farmable if you just don't pick up the loot!


You can buy the heirloom upgrades for a butt load of candies as well as a Deathwing costume for 200 candies if you like! 
Side note:  Arthas costume is now 200 with 50 charges, unlike last year when he was 500 candies with one charge.  Still people bought it!

2016 Edit:

For the hats, you'll need to kind of... Well, Follow the Screenies!

Get Quest In NEW Dal...

Fly to Bradensbrook...

Go to Turn in...

Accept Daily...


Turn in...

Rinse, repeat!

And that's all for now Ghouls!


Edit With some hats?

Theres 4 but I only got 2.  :/

Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Page Added!

'ello, 'ello!

As you can tell I'm trying to do some Holiday themed posts, including Warlock, dead-looking pet battles, and special post!

But this point is a NEW PAGE!  Yap, look at the top.  Legion Artifacts.  Want to see the Artifacts and get a run down without too many spoilers? 

See my tale/explanation, Pics of the Artifacts and updates of hidden or cool features!

Keep up the Grind!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Flavor: The Eyes!

These Demonic Eyeballs are Magics so fear not...

Any three dragonkin with tail whip will work!  To prove this point I didn't use my usual Ony Whelp but instead the three Hatchlings from Jade Forest.  Took 2...  Only Tail Whip.

These Hatchlings, Nexus Whelp, Spawn of Ony, Ony Whelp, ect ect...  Just need to be slow with that tail whip! 

Done and done!


Friday, October 14, 2016


Why?  Because I'm working..!  ^.^  No really, these post take time to make and I have TONS of old ones to get rid of.  I keep getting fan ones too so I gotta do a fans post soon too!

Why is there SOOOO many?  Because I really have waaay too many and I need to clean out my folders for more Legion stuff.  Not to mention, some of these are badass!