Monday, June 29, 2015

The heat kills...But im back.

I know I have a few very loyal-slightly pushy-followers!  And I am sorry for late the last few days.

As yall know I do a few post ahead of time but the last few weeks I've missed some due to the heat.  I don't have air in the house so between stress from colleges and the 100 degree weather in a house with one fan... I didn't really play WoW either.

Its no real excuse and I am VERY sorry!  So by the time yall read this I should of wrote and back dated all the missed blog post and a week or two ahead while I have a break in the heat.  Never thought I'd be happy to have Thunderstorms.

So thank you to those who have been messaging me and to all those still reading!  I appreciate it more then you can ever know!  <3  I'll try not to let anything lapse!


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Goren's Bite

First, you want your slider.  Any 25 rare slider. 

Next, a Snail/Whelk.

Last a 20+ Leveling pet (only gives 50ish exp)

The first one-Rockbiter-Pump him as much as possible.  Your 2nd pump attack probably wont kill him.  If it doesn't, apply pump, heal, and then use pump/water jet depending on his health needs.

Second Pet-Stonechewer-will kill your first pet, but that's expected.  Try to use pump on him as much as possible till your down.  This one uses a shield so expect water jet to be all but useless.

Once your Sliders down, bring out the snail.  You can use shell if you want but mainly just drain this one to death.

Third Pet-Acidtooth-you can use shield/poison if you like, but mainly you'll absorb till he uses his "one" round shield.  Once that shield is active, dive under to avoid the hit from it (especially since that hit will cancel your heal) and then go back to what you were doing.

If you choose to use a leveling pet, switch him in during one of the shield phases instead of diving.  If you aren't then make sure hes there anyway as your backup.  In most of my fights I always won without needing him but there were odd chances that I got crit a few times and needed him to finish it up.

Well, that's that!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Friday, June 26, 2015

SELFIE Achievement Friday

 Oh yes.  I can be serious!    These are strictly for the Achievement!
Vale of Eternal Blossoms 
Mt Hyjal (Zone, not raid mind you.) 
Thandol Span 
Uthers Tomb, Plaguelands 
Scarab Dais (Outside AQ) 
Naxxramas (Inside or outside will work)
Daggercap Bay
(This pic didn't count because I went in.  But its cute.)
Map to Where
As the face points out... you must be OUTSIDE to get credit.  May was not happy. 
Deathwing's Fall
 And there ya go.

I think that's enough for this Friday.  Look for a more silly update next week!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tanann Jungle: My Thoughts and Suggestions!

Call this a Survival Guide.


Im willing to bet those who have been there already:  You took your mains didn’t ya?  Those ilvl 650+ mains, right?  Well you might think:  Hey, this aint too bad.


Now.  Your alts are gonna feel it.


First off:  You can buy the 650+ gear here.  That alone should tell you it’ll be hard.

Well allow me to give a visual to anyone who hasn’t been yet or who is about to take that-there new 100 with a ilvl 600 (at best thanks to heirlooms). 

Think Timeless Isle.  But focus on the idea of the fiery cows-ya know the ones.. The chargers, the spinners, the Your-At-10%-Health-At-One-Hit guys?  Now imagine them before you had Siege LFR gear.  THAT is the normal mob. 


Some of you might of realized already though.  Pulling more than one or two without a half decent amount of dps is gonna hurt-maybe kill. 


But that aint the worse!  It’s the ‘elites.’


Me?  My first go in was a Disc priest running with Nav-a frost DK.  Were both 670ish in ilvl.  He pulls big, I heal.  So first few mobs, wasn’t so bad.  In fact, we were averaging about 5 non elites a pull.  Then a lowbie Hunter friend joins(ilvl 620-630).  She had been there earlier and had issues if she got more then 2.  So we added her and pulled about 7 average.  All fine and dandy.


Next, we did what I LITTERLY call Hell!  We went to do quest in Throne.  The quest suggest THREE!  Ya got a healer, and two decent dps.  Now in singles:  Mobs are annoying but sok.  Issue:  They are RARELY in singles.  Between the chargers pulling extra, the random pats, and the scattered named mobs, it’s a wonder we didn’t die.  It was manageable but the effort I put into keeping us up was like Gold on Endless. 




To the point (Now that you’ve heard me whine abit):


When it says GROUP, consider taking one extra then suggested.  Especially if one or more of you are lacking in the gear department.


Consider Upgrades before starting.  No, really.  Try and get your ilvl to atleast 630 so you can hold your own in the worse of it.  That wont take long:  Between Garrisons, Heirlooms, and a Heroic or two you should get there no issue.  If you are decent with damage and survivability then try 610ish instead if you like.  But on that account most classes wont find viable-Theres just so many mobs clustered together that kiting will make it worse. 


Don’t be afraid to Group.  Seriously.  Go with guildies, friends, Custom groups.  You’ll find PLENTY willing to.  Especially clothies and healers.  Its not a noob thing and you are not fail to do it with others.  By grouping you actually:  Complete faster, increase survivability, reduce the quest and mob traffic (aka respawns and waiting), and probably will make a new friend.  As someone who runs more then a few NON-DPS alts, I enjoy the grouping.  I actually tend to befriend a lot of people that way.  And lets face it:  Its more fun with friends.


Have fun.  We all do it.  You keep dying, the quest will bug, the assholes will roam..  But deep breathes.  No rush.  Just have fun!






Glitchy is GLITCHY!


Not just Tanann either.  WERE ALL Glitched abit now.


So be aware of that.  And.. Try and get a few laughs instead of being like me.. Cursing like a old Seadog..  >>;


I’ve said it before:  I’ll say it again.  Take the time to fix bugs and push back release.  You spend 90% MORE time fixing the bugs after release and we all suffer.  I’d rather wait a extra month then spend a year unable to see my characters head.  And yes.  That happened..




Next up:  Kazzan!


705 Gear, World Boss, Respawns fast like Sha.


Need I say more?  You don’t need to be in group for him-a tap will do but may as well join what ya can.


He requires the new seals and the run-ugh the run-to him is paved with a few elites.  So if there are summons:  ask VERY nicely.  Infact, make a note of ALWAYS asking for summons nicely and THANKING the warlock for them.  Don’t demand and don’t assume you’ll get them.  As seen on Ordos:  If you demand the warlocks tend to make a point of NOT summoning anyone.  Best to make a kind request as you run there anyway. 


Mechanic wise:  You can check the journal but make a point of not standing infront.  Tanks:  Make a point of turning AWAY!  It’s a long ass run from the Graveyard.


Also:  If the boss is over 30% run your ass back.  Don’t expect a rez.  That should give you just enough time to get there.  But dying in first 5 seconds then staying there saying over and over “Rez me.” Pisses people off and makes you look worse then most trolls.  If the group needs you or not, you should still try to help.  That means running back instead of wasting a battle rez and adding your 3k dps to the boss rather then making it take a extra 30 seconds because you didn’t.  All it takes is that extra 5 seconds to be the difference between a enrage timer and a boss down.






Think Assault dailies, but in Tanann.  Same concept, same objectives.  Just keep a eye out for rares and purples!





Battle Pets


Yes, new to catch new to fight!

You have Elites to fight which are a Elite and 2 randoms (that are catchable).  The elites aren’t too bad (I tried a few) with a achieve to beat them all.  I’ll start posting Battle Pet post for those soon I hope!


As for catching:  Theres old and new, as always happy hunting!  May your needed pet always be rare!



Last:  Gear


650 Tokens (Timeless but not BoAs) with a chance at 675 epic drop on random mobs.


OR you can buy tokens for Apexis crystals.  For 20k more, make it 695!  I cant say yay or nay to that..  But melee and hunters-I suggest considering the 695 upgrade for a weapon now, for you that’s the biggest boost in dps.  But that’s all yall.


My real suggestion:  If your ilvls below 630 (you probably still have greens on.. And maybe that one or two crafted, am I wrong?) consider hanging at the Iron Front.  Farm the mobs there.  I personally noticed a higher drop rate of tokens from them then anywhere else.  For me it was a token for every 5 kills.  It’s a GREAT way to boost your ilvl at the least on the easier mobs!



That’s all for now!  Again, so sorry on the wait..


Happy Hunting and Good Luck!



Editted:  July 26

Okay..  I'll admit, Tanaan isn't as bad as my post says but I made this while it was new!

I STILL hate it.  But it is EASIER now.  They nerfed some of the mobs and with the added flying coming soon it'll be less a pain as long as your not after rares.  Prepare to camp those cuz they aren't up long and they aren't announced.

Still cluster F*ck.  Still no like.  Still suggest getting alittle gear before too unless ya wanna group.

Happy?  ><;

Monday, June 22, 2015

60 post!

And we've now passed 60!

So sorry for the slow post lately.  The heat has turned me off WoW and being awake.  But i'll fix that as best I can!

As always see this and more on my DA page!

Thank you for your loyal views!  <3


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Merlin Sends His Regards, Archimedes

Its a Disney Movie if you don't get it... I feel old...

Again..  No healing after I finished...  Its just that damn easy!  ><  Im noticing a pattern with my whelpling.

Take your Nexus Whelpling (Coldarra, in the Tundra) Cast Arcane Storm followed by a Mana Surge to death.  If it still lives then just swipe.  Done.  Boom.

As always I suggest atleast ONE 20+ pet to protect your ass.  Its just smart.  You honestly never know when its all going to be a crit-tastic barrage at you.  But again.. Never really needed it, the exp is SO minimal I don't even suggest popping them out at this time.  In the future, maybe it'll be better.

As always, i'll suggest ones that give decent exp.

And that's it.  Done. 

Happy Hunting!


Friday, June 19, 2015

SELFIE Friday: Dalaran and Stormwind

And they say Wolves cant fly... But that's making me abit... Sick.. Long fall...

Huh... Someones trying to jump in the well.. I've heard of photobombs, buts thats deadly!

And...  I've SELFIE'd too much.  God has struck me with pretty lightning..


To Stormwind!
Pretty basic.  Local land marks and all that.  The tower, the Fountain...


Forced Smile...  Dont ya see that?  Its Forced.  Maybe its because shes in a place that stinks of the undead.  Oops, that's Old Strat!  Atleast the floating moonkin seems.. Happy?


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Garrison Building: Mine

Er, more like a cave really...

L1-Some Ore

L2-Unlock Mine carts, allows Followers to work, Unlocks a second cavern

L3-Fully unlocks Mine-Plus MANY more carts!

Okay, I know this is probably a big pain to anyone not needing ore... But I want to change your mind!

First off:  Mine carts.  These give you Greys to sell, Ore, Coffee/Picks (for faster mining), and Arch. fragments.  So even if you don't want the ore, its worth hitting these.

Two:  Theres a Goren pet!  You can ONLY get it via mining so the mine is the perfect farming area.  And if you dropped mining for a second proffessions or just never liked mining so avoid it like the plague..  Its not bad to try for.  It is ALOT rarer then the Herb garden pet.  With 12 alts mining daily I've never seen it.  Its called Ore Eater if your curious!

Three:  EXP.  Great for your alts but also for your follower you put in!  By doing Work Orders THEY get exp in the nice range.  With the inn a L90 green follower can be a 100 epic in half the time it take in missions.  Plus you can drop mining on the follower and do it again with a different follower after.  I highly suggest for anyone not able to log on daily for mission checking.  This goes for all buildings too!

Lastly:  Ore.  You can trade it with the Outpost for resources, trade with friends, guildies, or random people for other needed items, or attempt to sell on AH.  So even if YOU don't need it, theres always a use.  Plus, a full mine clear takes maybe 3 minutes?  Worse case vendor it.

Soo.. That's my spill for the day!  Enjoy and Happy hunting!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Tribute to a Wonderful Actor

I always loved Robin Williams.  He was a HUGE part of my childhood.  I still have a TON of his movies including Flubber, Miss Doubtfire, Aladin, and newer ones like Night at the Museum and SO much more...

He was also a WoW player and honored with SEVERAL easter eggs in game after his death.

This one is a Reference to when he was the Genie in Aladin.  Though you cant see it in this pic you click a small lamp and out he comes.  Then followed by  him slowly shrinking as he shouts out a memorable line from the movie, disappearing back into the lamp.

RIP, may you find more joy in heaven then you did on Earth..  You are missed.  :(

A thank you to Nav for taking the pick for me so I would be able to share it with the rest of you.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Giant Beak Meets Big Boom!

Okay my puns suck, but I don't think you come for that, now do ya?  If ya did you'd only look at Friday Post...  Wait, IS that why you come?!

As you can see, I didn't even bother to HEAL after this fight!  Its a solo fight.

Take your Nexus Whelpling (Coldarra, in the Tundra) Cast Arcane Storm followed by a Mana Surge to death.  If it still lives then just swipe.  Done.  Boom.

As always I suggest atleast ONE 20+ pet to protect your ass.  Its just smart.  You honestly never know when its all going to be a crit-tastic barrage at you.  But again.. Never really needed it.

And that's it.  Done. 

Happy Hunting!


Friday, June 12, 2015


Hes the Snitch from Harry Potter...  But very glowy...

 WTF!  Since when does my reflection dance?!

And in a very dark and creepy place ya find a heart... Romantic and creepy... Really...

This does NOT count for the Light house pic.  But still...  Everything goes in one ear and out the other type thing...  So I found it funny...

Also does not count for the Deadmines pic... But come on!  Its just a cool area!  we ALL know it!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Flying in Warlords! Tips to getting it.

I had other plans for today but then I saw the news! 

We can FLY!  All it takes is getting some work.

You may recall in one of my Monday post a rant with pros and cons to flying in Warlords.  While I attempted to show both sides, the main argument for not flying was:  Experience the content.  While the main FOR flying was:  Alts.

Well, now they have a nice balance! 

You can read the article here:   Or just keeping on my blog!  Or both!

Short story:  You get the full experience, THEN you fly.  My idea was at the end of the expac so atleast your alts could blow through but I actually like this better.

Pretty much your going to do a meta achievement released in 6.2. 

You can still be a loremaster on your druid.  Be the rep farmer on your hunter.  Treasure hunt and explore with your rogue, and farm the gold with your warrior!  That's the joy of Metas.  Most of you probably have one or maybe ALL of these achieves already.

Now if you don't have them all:

First, Loremaster.  That means doing the MAIN storyline of the zone.  You most likely finished or nearly finished most of those, right?  So just mop that up with someone.

Second, Treasures.  If your working your garrison you probably have a few maps.  I hope you were learning them cause these treasures give great rewards in selling for gold, exp, and garrison resources.  If you haven't got the maps via garrison then you can buy them at Ashran from the Archology guy, or you can find a guide on WoW Head or your own person poison.  I personally may make a map myself to put here in the next week or two. 

Just remember:  This has to be 100 on ONE character!  Getting the awesome fish on 100 characters wont work.

Third:  Explore.  Yes, its part of it.  Naturally, just running you've probably picked up all but one or two locations on every map.  If you don't have a grey area to run to then check comments on your choice sites.  (Again, I should do a map..)  I honestly suggest doing this one on the character you do Loremaster or treasures with.  Two bird one stone.

Four:  Securing Draenor.  This is the "Assault" dailies.  You can spend 200 resources to get certain ones a day but it'll take time.  I'd pick the one with most done and start that now.

Last:  New Reps.  This is one you CANT start.  You have to get 3 to revered.  And there is only 3 of them.  so.. ALL the new reps in 6.2.  Cant start yet but you CAN make it easier.  First, if you hate rep, do it on a human.  The racial ups your Rep gain.  Two, get the trading post.  Its a 20% increase for all those reps in Warlords.  Last, get any and all rep boosters you can.  Be they standards, buffs, or what nots.  Save a few tickets and buy the Darkmoon Hat!  It gives a small rep buff after all.  It'll help!  But you cant hold outside of Darkmoon week.  But it'll help when time comes!  And the WHEE! buff from there too.  Go ahead and grab it and sit till the patch hits if you REALLY want a jump!

Finally.  You got the achieves!  Whats your reward?  A new flying mount!  A Rylak to be exact.  BUT!  No flying till a sub patch in 6.2.  Probably 2 weeks to 6 weeks after (is my guess), THEN all your 90+ can fly in Warlords.  Till then, still grounded.

That being said, theres no need to rush or feel pressured.    So don't go bouncing off.  Do it at your own steady pace! 

Good luck!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Screeny Fri---Wait..Its Monday...

Ya, I want to clean out this folder!  So heres a fun game made from glitches!  Look at the screenies below and tell me whats wrong!

Cookies to the ones that catch the glitches!  No cheating by looking at the comments!  But do please post your finds...!  :P


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Creepy Crawly Attackers

Get it?  A maggot, a wasp, and a ant?  No one?

First off:  Lil XT.  Heart Broken ( to increase your damage) followed by Tantrum and then zap it all till your dead.  Period.

-To point out.  Personal Word Destroyer is a WONDERFUL sub for a XT.  Same as above but Super Charge followed by Quake.  Then just attack till dead.  Same concept.

Next Pet:  Cogblade Raptor (easily found in Blade's Edge Mountians, 17ish, quick to level.  But any pet with Batter will work!  There are HUNDREDS with Batter!)  All you do is batter to win.  Boom Boom Boom.

WORSE Case:  your 3rd pet.  Anything 20+ will work but I never need it and I rarely bring it out since the exp is barely 50.

And boom, done.

Happy Hunting


Friday, June 5, 2015

Silly SELFIE Friday- Horde Style.. Mostly!

Okay, so this time I hit Horde side!  Ya happy?  Just a few of my hordies.  Havent really had a chance to level them but I needed a few horde side anyway, so I grabbed some extras!
Pretty view, aint it?  I know their prissy as hell but I love their buildings!

Mages have fun tooo.  They make their own backgrounds AND halos!   If ya don't mind abit of Fel infused Arcane...

The skull looks kind of tiny...  And ya, its a selfie.  But I aint got a clue whos next to me...

Anyone else noticing a pattern?  SELFIEs = Death...  Always a weapon right above your head.

 Now its a Screeny ya but really...  Why the anger when we channel now?  In the old models they closed their eyes and chant.  Now every model freaking growls!

And a quick Ally to keep everyone happy...!  
And another Screeny to finish it...  Im riding with a gnome...  The ogre no like!
Wait.. Are Orge really any fraction?  Wait... They side with horde this expac!  Still partly horde themed!  Woot :P

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How To: Mount Farm

Its been awhile since I've done a how to blog post, in fact not since my old one... The new expac has just kind of thrown a wrench into a lot of the norms I followed when writing these.

But this week, were coving:  Mount Farming

Now, even those who aren't die hard collectors admit:  That green dragonhawk is mighty pretty...  So ya, its worth trying for.  But who wants to spend MOUNTAINS of gold buying mounts when you can farm a few free ones.

Your Options:

Buy (Wont cover in this post..!  I think you can figure out how to 'buy' it.  I'll have to do a making gold post at some point..!) --Includes real money and gold--

First:  Instances

Now grinds are a PAIN, yes.  But know what makes them worse?  Going over and over with no results!  Now, with instances you have the regs:  Rivendales mount from Strat, and you got the Heroic drops:  Seth Halls and the raven mount.

If your doing Heroics for the mount then your only able to hit it ONCE per day PER character.  That helps pace you but it also makes a lot of people antsy.

If its from a non heroic then ya you can farm till your blue in the face, but is that good for sanity?

Second:  Raids

Like Heroics, theres a set time period on these.  But in this case its a week and the drop chances tend to be below 3%.   Firelands, Onyixa's Lair, Dragon Soul, and MANY more have highly coveted mounts!

Third: World

Ya.. This means Rares mainly, and some world bosses.  Usually these are rares that only spawn once ever few days and aren't fun to catch. 

Due to the pain in the ass waiting on rare spawns is, im covering that one right now:

Park a alt that can easily solo in one of the spawn points and check it:  When you get on, before you log, and as much as you care to during.  This goes for Void Portals too.  Don't spend HOURS watching for something that spawns once or twice a week!  You'll go insane!

Another method:  Realm Hop.  Thanks to Custom Pre Groups you can easily join and leave groups to get tugged to other servers.  Infact, theres always a tone in the list saying their JUST for realm hoppers and give details on the realms Pop.  You can check a few of these when you pop in on the location to give you more ground.

Forth:  Craftable

In most cases, this IS the easiest solution for a few quickies.  But if your not a hoarder of mats then you might find it painful, especially when it comes to engineering mounts!

Now, How To Get Mounts and KEEP your SANITY!

First step:  Decide which you want to try for first.  Needless to say, don't overwhelm yourself.  I say try for atleast two mounts during a week but NO MORE then 7. 

Next:  Split up the days you'll work at them.  If your after two raid mounts a week then you have less clears then if you tried for two heroic mounts a week.  I suggest doing only ONE run a day, two if their very short (Like say Kara, the mount drops RIGHT at the beginning where as something Dragon Soul requires about a hour to account for all the RP for a chance at the end ones).  

Your the best judge for time you have or want to put towards these mounts, but I personally like to do one raid and 6 Heroic/Reg runs a week.  For me, that was less of a hassle and headache then doing every possible run each day.

Third step:  Pick a alt.  Seriously, a ALT.  Their not useless, they are PERFECT for parking outside of the Heroics, raids, regs, or areas you need to farm for mats.  Personally, I mainly do this with any 90 or below with no garrisons, or just ones I don't care to keep up at the time.

Its a easy method though.  Why fly there daily/weekly when you can park a alt who can easily solo the area?  So my level 78 DK who I haven't touch since Wrath has a purpose:  Farming Rivendale.  And my 5th 90 pally sits at DS, killing deathwing weekly.  I save myself ALOT of time flying there and I feel less overwhelmed because I know im barely giving my mount farming 3 hours of my week.

Side Note:  Don't try to make those daily/weekly runs on MULTIPLE characters.  You'll get confused and drain yourself.  If you DO try parking multiple alts for the same mount, I suggest doing it for a raid that's pretty quick (under 30 minutes to solo) and stick to the one thing a week.  Good ones for this include Kara, Onyixa's Lair, and Ashes.

Forth:  Keep to your schedule.  Don't skip a day thinking you'll double up tomorrow.  You'll make a habit and then realize a month later:  I haven't done that raid in WEEKS!

Lastly:  Be patient.  Seriously, patience.  Sometimes that 90% drop rate acts like a .002% for that ONE person.  And some of those .1% act as 100%s for others.  Just because it doesn't drop your first or third time doesn't mean it wont.  Try not to get discouraged by low drop rates or bad luck.  You'll find it at some point.  Probably when you least expect it.

Closing Advice:  Switch it up.  After a month, im sick of doing Strat daily.  So what do I do?  I switch over and start farming mats for my black panther or I switch to a different heroic/instance for a week or two.  Maybe you should consider switching it up every few weeks just to break the cycle.  If you run yourself into the ground then you'll never reach it.

I hope yall enjoyed this quick guide.  Im sorry its not too long, I usually write these over the weekend and ended up suffering from food poisoning.  It was sort of a wing it from my idea board.  As always, I take request and love comments!


Monday, June 1, 2015

50 Post!

And we've hit 50!  And im on time too!  Yay!

I debated on keeping this one a Traditional style but I decided to go ahead and do it digital.

As always you can see this and MORE of my art on DA at .  You can also see a traditional copy.  Both the Ink copy and later on probably a Traditional finished version!  Enjoy!