Monday, January 2, 2017

Whats this, whats this...

Hey guys!

Yah know, I hate to do this but I gotta take a couple weeks off!  (I sowwy!)

Why you ask?  Well, everything is going offline for a couple weeks.

My WoW will be inactive (In fact, it is atm!) and i'll be letting the internet lapse (Ick!)

Why you ask?  Well...  I is broke.

Yap, blogging doesn't earn me crap...  I do this just for yall and fun.  (Appreciate it, you must!)

Now.. Letting my account time run out isn't a new thing.  This time, its because I have things to do and wont be able to play  in fact, my internet wont really get used at all...

You see I'm attempting to sell my home...  (That's right, Elve's on the move!  No really, I'm going mobile)  But before I can list it I need to clean and pack up a lot of stuff.

So, I've got till the 30th.  So I'm taking two WHOLE weeks off of EVERYTHING!  No facebook, no twitter, no blogs, no WoW, no Netflix.  And imma pack, donate, blah, blah.

So I'm cutting my internet off too so I cant get distracted. 

Heres the kicker, I will be gone abit longer then that though.  They cant come reconnect me till maybe the 18th.  So, i'll start posting again the 18th, 20th, or maybe even the 23rd.

So, ugh.

But, I've had to do this before and you guys were soo supportive.  So I'm putting this out there before I go off (Which will happen the 3rd).


Because I'm selling I'll at some point in the next few months be taking another 2 weeks to move and maybe longer to get internet installed.

That said, Sal isn't the only one that can do guest post!

Seriously, i'd love to get some guest post.  Just do as below:

Name:  (That you'll want posted)

Title:  (Optional, but i'll be adding that its a Guest post to the title)

Article:  (This can be pics, videos, or a article)

Any of the given post types are welcomed just make sure its on target and about WoW themed stuff.  Blizzcon and books welcomed.  Please keep it PG-13 tops. 


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years!

Ect ect!