Friday, March 31, 2017

Need a Pepe? Come get a Ninja Pepe!

It's Friday, I need a filler, so here the location of the Ninja Pepe!  He is part of an achievement, gives you the ninja pepe costume, and it kills time!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rogue Artifact Assassination

So were siding with the Princess!

Off to find Garona in the wonderful place of... Blasted land...

So as the spec suggest you have to kill a few cultist...

Two cultist, some decrypting, some shocking lore...  *sniffles*  I wont spoil it, but not everyone died and not everyone is crazy...

On to SW to find that damn orc person!

And more have turned on us?!  CRAP!

Well its time to get sneaky in SW!

Tips:  Sap is your friend.... Sap Often.

Tip:  Crowds covered in a glowy arua will save you and conceal you if caught!

So you do some rogue stuff...  Now to kill the rats in Old Town of course!  Time for a bar fight, hehe...

Well damn, off again to kill the Herald~

The keep.. Is swarmed.. Patience, speed, and sapping...  Oh, and the wind is beaten with your shadow step.  ;3

Now lets fuck this guy up!

Keep that AoE handy and your golden...

And then... Daggers!  And A chilly goodbye by a guy you once swooned over... You heard nothing.

How hard was it?  Killing was a 5.  You will want some healing to sub in... It was slightly painful but not bad.

Stealth wise?  9.  It was abit stressful and easy to fuck up.  I cant imagine someone new to rogue on that one... I can only imagine Sub will be worse!  o.o  But if you take your time or get super lucky it might be 7.

And thats that!  Put on your Kingslayer title and fuck around Dal while heat dies down.. heh..


Saturday, March 25, 2017


He's water...  Three moths can smoke him.  Just use Moths...

*Lazy Shammy Out*

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Guide: Music Roll Faerie Dragon

Fly to this area in the Glades.  Below the lake, left of the Death Knell.

To THIS glowing mushroom circle.  (Real Lore is Fairy Circles are any circle of mushrooms, suppose to be where fairies come.  But if the grass is dead or if there is no life then it means the area is evil...  And there is a good chance there is a dead body there too..)

Wait till the Drunk dragons show up to sing.  They do this ever 15 mins or so since 6.1( I think...)  But you wont wait long.  10-15 minutes.. (I waited for a second go to see that time frame confirmed!)

Ah, here they come!

(Game Lore:  Shadow Priest and Arms Warrs.  You know whats under this?  That's where you go kill the forgotten for your weapon!  This ring would be right about where that boss is.  There is your RL to in game lore connection!  For some reason these Dragons like it... But looking at Brightwing?  They are evil fuckers.  Cute, innocent, killers.  And this is their nesting grounds...)

See the eggs?  There is the Music Roll!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Arms Warr Hidden Appearence

Start off, you need this guy here to say something when you run up.  You can click him daily to see if you'll get the hidden quest (Wont be on your mini map!)

Now that you have this hidden quest, come to Dal and talk to your chosen warrior to fight for honor!  And a cool axe.

You'll return back to your Order Hall.  You'll have to go to the Arena to fight.  But don't worry, its a personal fight, no one can see you and only you fight him, no drop ins or surprises!

He isn't too hard a fight ( I did it as Prot so damage was min.)  Just avoid his attacks like Whirlwind and your golden.  He only has to go till like 50%ish.

Congratz on a badass weapon model that will have you clamoring to play Arms and swing that bad boy around!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shammy Only Pet: Snowfang

Not just a plushy!

Snowfang is found in the Shammy Order Hall and is a petty straight forward fight.

Strong Mech, Elemental, Beast.

Like I said, very straight forward so i'll leave you with that!


Friday, March 17, 2017

Creepy Screenies...

Just sitting on a pike, or shot in a private area with a pike...  Was this poet trying to seduce a val'kyr?

Have you ever LISTENED to nursery rhymes?  They are CREEPY!  Ring a round the rosy?  Black Death...  But this one?  This is just... Creepy...

I love the Art you picked for a toy shop.  When I want to buy my child a toy, I love seeing a hairy giant eating a cow, throwing a guy, and just being fiery...  Good choice!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feral Druid Hidden Appearence!

Random Chance each day in the dreamway.  Spec no matter!  You'll just get a emote from a portal.  Head THROUGH that portal!

Now... This spawns in tons of locations so look for the itty bitty stone as shown.  (Night Elf for size reference!)

You'll do this like four times, so check daily!

Till FINALLY!  You've got the fourth, return home~

Go to your Feral Spec, go Kitty.  You'll need to /sit in front of the Owl Kitty.

And Congratz on your new skin!


Monday, March 13, 2017

WTF 19

This MANLY staff.  Is someone trying over compensate?  ;3

As you can tell, I was looking for a black weapon and found that.  I found it so funny I was laughing for a hour. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017


You'll need two strong Aqua attackers for this bad boy... 

Skitters and Sliders and Skimmers work!

Start with pump then jet till he goes under, then heal.  When your attack chance debuff falls off, pump again.  Then Pump to reapply your buff and jet more till he's under.  Rinse Repeat till he dies.

Kill the other two as needed.


My second Method is different...

Syd the Squid, Frog/Toad, Level Pet 20+

Syd starts with Whirlpool, Shields, jets as filler.

That's his whole thing there...

Frog Kisses, jets, heals, kisses, repeat with Kisses>Heal>Jet on CD.

Just kill like so.

Sadly this method depends on Syd so its not one I can enforce too strongly.  But it was worth mentioning.

Friday, March 10, 2017

*geeky squeal*

Fintlocke!  If you don't know who he is then DAMN YOU!

Nav can tell you from experience that I get excited when I see this dwarf or anything that's tied to him. 

This dwarf is a druids worse nightmare, he shoots animals, loves bombs, and is just bad for your health but I spent hours reading the comics and just fell in love!

So if you missed this awesome Webcomic I encourage you to take a look at Fintlocke's Guide to Azeroth!  There are sooo many Refs you've missed that were made based off his adventures!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Music Scroll: Highborne

Yah, in UC behind Sylvanas.  My alliance friends, you will die...  To the Banshee...  It hurt...


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Special Pet: Dream Whelping

This little pet can only be caught in the Emerald Dream Raid (But can be gotten in LFR!)  After killing the last boss.

Just hang around after and catch one! 

Just be warned there are only a few up so grab one and bag it, no screwing around for a rare or afking before snagging yours!

He's a 23+ Dragonkin have a team ready to go!  The Carrot or other pets unable to kill past 1 health are good choices.  Make sure your team can actually kill two and hold out up to 5 rounds to catch him.


Friday, March 3, 2017

BEHOLD! A mount a boom chicken comfortable fits!

And this is what I do when you leave me with too much time on my hands...  But this was a MAJOR issue!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Prot Warr Hidden Artifact

Go to the cavern and listen for a ROAR!  This is a emote and a noise.

Jump down and head towards this area (as you can see on mini map!)  The shield is just.. Sitting there..

BOOM!  Deathwing style shield!

Have fun bring the Cataclysm to your enemies!