Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Garrison Building: Barracks

Its been awhile.. ;3

L1:  Not much use

L2:  Bodyguards!  (There is a achieve and certain ones are useful)

L3:  5 more follower slots!!

You know theres not much to this one...

If your getting rep with your bodyguards you'll want them to be out and with you.  Be aware that they do not share kills with others, but anything that cons to you will award some rep.  The flowers or podlings in shadowmoon valley are my perfered targets since they die quick but the grubs in Gongrod work as well.

Well.  Till next week!

btw, happy Early New Years!  :D


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Panda's Earth Spirit and a big adventure!

First Pet: Carry/Plushie

A Whelk (Or snail)
I use:
Absorb, Acidic Goo, Then Dive

With a Tiny Harvester
Metal Fist, Extra Plating, and Demo

Take the first two attacks with the Carry/ Plushie. I like the Plushie to Use In for a Hug on the 3rd round to avoid extra damage. Bring in Snail/Whelk.

Start with keeping Goo up and then Dive. Fill with Absorb. Rinse Repeat till dead.

He should of died a good ways into the Sludgey.

Next bring out your Harvester.

Keep Plating up and I personally like to just Metal Fist Sludgy down since its such a low hit chance.

For last pet, you can choose to Spam Demo (till fist can kill) or just spam fist till its dead (which is what I do to take out the luck factor). Try to reapply plating during his burrow phases.

This was the best 2 pet method i've found to work most of the time.

Happy Hunting.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! SELFIE Specials

Ahh a White Christmas...

Saving Metzen...
 Trimming the Trees... in Ironforge...

 Searching for Quest Turn ins among the Crowds...

 Enjoying the Mummy shaped ornaments and ropey lights....

And more importantly, awaiting gifts!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Achievement Help: School's out Forever!

Scholo Heroic.

Requires 5 Players (no way around it my friends!)

Step 1:  Get a group (may I suggest group finder?)

Step 2:  Arrive (and probably summon...)


Step 4:  Kill to boss.

Step 5:  Explain AGAIN!

Step 6:  Hope to get achievement.

The explaining part:

Don't touch boss.  Don't touch mobs.

Everyone gets sent into a room and then comes and meets on the boss.  No one auto attacks or anything because killing even one mob (thanks to multistrike) could kill one of the mobs you need to kill.  So on the side of caution, you kill nothing.

At 100 damage is light, so just pop a pot if ya gotta or have a healer.

Once everyone has been sent into a room just pile up (wait a moment to allow the last person sent in to get down AND for their slow fan club to arrive as well!).  Now, after waiting 10 secs as a dramatic pause!  One massive AoE fest.  Done. 

Assuming you didn't touch the boss, he has enough health the minions will surely die first.

If your paranoid then taunt boss away then AoE then kill him.

Good luck!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bleakclaw's Cagged!

One of the Tanaan terrors, its a over power fest!  (Please keep in mind back line changed daily, you may have more trouble due to them but the method should still work!)

First off, you need your trusty Whelping, a Emerald Proto, and another healing (I liked life exchange so I took the Faerie)

Nexus Whelp

Traditional Storm then Surge followed by another Storm.  You will probably die first but the point is to tear in really hard so the other two pets can work on backline more then boss.

Emerald Proto

This one is a major filler.  You'll use Blessing and once your at or below 50% you'll start dream. using your attack as a filler for these.  This pet is meant to play VERY heavy Defense and wittle down health.  It is most likely going to be this pet that kills off the boss and starts the backline.

Once the backline is out keep doing as above.  Again, heavy Defense because your waiting out the buff the boss applied.

Third Pet

This can honestly be any pet but I never use it.  I like to have something that can heal since your backline will take huge amounts of damage.  Life Exchange is really good to have with this pet for the chance your brought in to finish off a pet that hasn't even been hit.

Yall don't forget to farm these terrors and see me next week for more fights!


Friday, December 18, 2015


I've got SELFIEs and screenies from fans and I do appreciate them.  I keep saying im going to do a post for them and now I am!

In celebrate of the season, im showing that im thankful for all of yall!  I hope you'll continue to communicate with me, send me some-scary at times-emails, and that you'll be continually happy with my post!  :)

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A Thank you to Lulu, Max, and Page who sent me these.  :)

And Don't forget!  Im doing a Christmas Themed SELFIE post next Friday, i'd love to get some Winter Veil themed pics from yall to include!  :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kissing Frogs for a Blade?

If your doing or have done the Tourny you know what this quest is.  Its a daily to go to Grizzley Hills and kiss frogs till one turns into a maiden.  It can take a LONG time...  I have spent up to 20 minutes /kissing. 

This takes forever to do... If your unlucky you'll be here a hour kissing frogs! So to save myself time I made a cheat marco!

/use warts-b-gone lip balm
/target lake frog

Now just run towards another and hit it again!


Do not have a Creepy Crate out, it eats critters.

Don't stand in place and spam this. Its going to hit the NEAREST frog, and hitting same frog wont help ya!

Lastly, maiden is up for a certain amount of time not just for one use... So don't waste time with marco if your lucky enough to see her up!

Happy Hunting! :D


Monday, December 14, 2015

Update on Posting Ideas

I asked, and I received abit of feedback!

As yall know, I need something to replace my Friday post in 2016 and i've been getting a few interesting request.

1.  Combine my Monday Post to Fridays.

My WTF challenge, my little glitchy fun, and those post were mentioned.  I can see me doing this because these do involve screenshots or SELFIEs and it would leave Mondays open to me for updates, News, and mile stone art.

2.  Videos

This is something i've been getting request for actually..  From pet battles to raids and instances.  I've been considering this but my current software is Bandicam and it opens my computer to ALOT of viruses in the process..  So i'd need a new software first!

3.  More SELFIEs...

Okay, I really cant people.. ><;  I just cant do that... I want them to be more then random clicks and that's what they'd be if I kept on.  I will still be doing them every now and then though, very happy to know yall like them that much though!

4.  Class and Spec Explanations

I would consider doing this, I really would but I dont think I could stretch it for more then 4 months.. Not a whole year though unless I just included random changes..  But I may do a week long post with this sort of thing, or maybe even use it with the first option if I need a extra day.

Thank you for the request all the same though!

5.  Zones and Quest

Okay, i've got request for explaining zones, and for doing Questing guides...  I feel as if the questing one was a troll because yall know I dislike questing.. ><  But I will highly consider both because I feel I could stretch the zones over SEVERAL months, maybe a whole year and the same for questing guides.  But don't expect to see a questing guide anytime soon my friends... If I can get a co-writer, then I might do one, but meh..  I just get so bored with questing and im just too busy to do a whole zone a week.

6.  Leveling Guides

Yes, I can stretch this, but to make it more then 2 months wouldn't be worth my time, or yours to read.  Even the stretch of 99-100 isn't worth a whole days post.  Especially since the exp needs will be nerfed VERY soon.  I will consider maybe a week long post of this sort though.

Again, thanks for the request, but it wont fit well enough for this particular need.  I will try and work it in at a later date though!  :)

7.  Gold Farming

Again, not a year long posting!  I do plan to do a Gold farming guide for garrisons, I can do one for every expac in fact.  But its more of a once a month post that still wont reach 12 post totaled till there's ALOT more expacs.

Well, that's about the line my Friday make up post are going.  I do appreciate all the ideas, I wish more of them could be stretched longer.

Yall made it clear you want to see more post, you like my Friday post (which im happy with the response im getting!) but I need to decide what i'll do soon!  So please, share your ideas if you have more and tell me what ideas above your interested in seeing as possible week long post or our new Friday post!

Thank you again!  :)


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Elder of Shatt's Big Adventure

He tries and if you lacked flyers then he probably did suck to fight.  Not so much now.

Take a Moth and any 20+ leveling pet and your plushie.

Your moth using Dust wisely but off CD with Strikes like crazy.  Try to use Cocoon during dives or Blood in the water.  That easy.  You'll slaughter the first two and the leveling pet MIGHT be needed on the third.  If it wasn't for the bleed you'd have no issue going through these.

Once your done with plush you can use a lower level for extra exp.

Happy hunting!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Selfie Palooza

Another Batch of Selfies to make your day.  Maybe?


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Higher Learning Achievement

With all the talk about Dal and the new expac, I figured lets hit a old achievement focused IN Dal.

Rewards?  A pet and a port to a off limits area.

Time?  Expect awhile unless your REALLY lucky.

What do ya do?   Long story short:  You check spawn locations for books and then "read" them.

I borrowed below image from WoWHead (submitted by mesukyi 2008).  Why?  Because it shows you exactly what you need plus screenshots.

 PRO TIP!!!!

There are "Fake" books.  Im not joking, this 4 hour spawn time is shared with fake books that have nothing to do with achieve and WILL NOT DISAPPEAR TILL READ! (Or so im told)  So don't get too excited at a spawn before you scroll over it.

Being as I already have the achieve, I want to share a few tips to share:

I saw hundreds of add ons. Most of the addons did not work. They would reset when I logged off and don't catch a spawn unless another person with that addon clicked it WHILE your on to let you know, you missed it... I really wouldn't waste your time with a addon... If there is a decent one, I never saw it to try. The best I found was the ones that would mark the location on your map similar to NPC scan.

My suggestion, sit in Dal. Leave a alt there (more if ya can at each location to try) and just check between queues or at least twice a day. If you use a alt for this and want the BOOK on your main then make sure you got a quick port to Dal of your own! They only spawn for a few minutes!

If you don't give a damn about anything but the achieve or the pet then just put a alt in Dal and leave them to look out.

Really, its against your instinct but DONT SIT AND FARM! These timers are suppose to be like 4 hours or so. Just poke in and out when ya got time or just sit there when ya feel like reading or watching TV. (check between chapters or during commercials!)

I personally got this by leaving a alt and checking once before work and then again when I was able to play again. Because I didn't care for the book, I just used my mage so if I felt like using her, it was a quick trip back.

You can also ask friends who go to Dal daily to do a quick check.

In the end I didn't sit for hours, I popped in every now and then in free time and checked the spawns I needed, got them all within about a week and a half.

Side Note: Be kind! /Yell and offer the news in general or trade! If your on a mage you might get a nice amount of tips for helping that lazy or hearthstone blocked person who also needs the tome! The tome can be clicked and used multiple times, so spread the love!  You might make someones day!

Happy Hunting, Lore Nuts!


Monday, December 7, 2015

WTF Challenge 4

This is a REAL wtf...  I mean we all know the lore here is the Blood God Sethe and all.  But you got insane birds running about and RAINING BLOOD!

What I don't show here is that this rain also turns into the blood globs... And the river of bloods...  Its gross.  Disturbing.

Its like they took the biblical plague and threw it in Spires with the Crazies.

I hope yall enjoy this.  Im going to go be deeply disturbed now.


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Aki's Big Adventure

Remember when she was soo hard?  Well ya, no.
You'll need a rare Moth and Crab at 25.
You'll want a crab using the whimpy--I mean Defense heavy idea of Shell and Renewing Mist keeping both up at all times match with Pinch.  This will get you through the first a second and possibly into the third.
For last you'll want to take a Moth and Strike and Dust on cooldown with your trusty cocoon during dive. 
For this fight the best offense is a good defense.
This works for Plushies and Leveling pets.  So good luck!
PS, if you haven't beat her yet, she awards 1k for the achieve now. 
Happy Hunting!

Friday, December 4, 2015

SELFIE's Randomness

Glitchiness... You ruined a BADASS screenie!

I think this was for that contest... Maybe?  Idk...

Why?  Because were bored.  Damn Glitches.

Respect the shiney.  Cuz mines bigger.  By murloc law, I win!  Trolls too if ya wanna go voodoo!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pet Battle Tips 3

Been about a month and i'll still reeling from my holiday sickness...

(No seriously, Im ALWAYS sick every holiday.  Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, even my birthday...  Never sick any other time.  Its stress or the sudden closeness of 'family')

So this week im doing a quick post with some more PvP tips.  This week, its the best types.

Now, I wont lie, every type has its ups and downs but during PvP battles your more likely to see these three contenders.

1.  Humanoids

Strong, have a WIDE range of abilities that allow them to have strong effects on multiple other types, and a nice heal each round.

A small renew style heal may seem small but its what oftens makes them win.  Just like the effectiveness of a DoT, this heal allows them a constant stream of health.  It all adds up.

Ways to counter?  Stun, dodge, or simply overpower.

2.  Undead

Popular for Graves and the Val'kyr, this type has another hidden talent:  Invincibility.

Once dead they gain a round of Invincibility where they can use any attack without fear.  Bad for the "No Time To Heal"  Achieve, but good for winning.

Ways to counter?  It can be dispelled.  Sadly, I dont highly suggest having a pet just for this.  By the time you get it in, the rounds over.

3.  Dragonkin

Without a doubt one of the strongest types.  Even if the abilities arent strong against your pet, the 25% increase to damage once your below 50% or the use of Tail Whip will have you in tears.  Not to mention, most have heals.

Why is Tail Whip so great?  Its increased damage of slower then your pet, can be used EVERY round, and no charging.

Counters?  Be slower.  One of their strongest abilities is Tail Whip so dont go upping your speed against it.

If your wanting to use one:  Go for slower stats.  You want this pet to be slow as Christmas, thats where the Power is!

Hope yall enjoyed this post, im going to go buy a red wood sized box of Tissues now...  I really wish that was a joke too.