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Weekly Updates!

~Mondays:  Currently random, mostly Updates and Milestone pics.  Has included a few Tributes!

~Weds:  Main Post.  Usually current content or requested guides/info.

~Friday:  (One of these every Friday!)
*Silly Selfies!  Just a way to cool off and have a laugh after a hard week.  (Fan selfies welcomed!)  Often includes the actual Achievement locations/SELFIEs, as well as old and new screenies/glitches for laughs.
*Achievement Helpers!  This one is a How To for a certain Achievement.  Similar to a Weds post but on Friday!
*Nostalgia!  Screen Shots, Memories, Just Old things you cant see anymore!
*Fan Art Monthly!  Artists can send in their Warcraft art of all kinds to show off and just give us another fun outlet.
*Comic Strips!  I draw comics sometimes and i'll share them at times as a mix up.
*Cooking!  Real life recipes based on WoW recipes!
*Who knows...!  (If I find more ideas, i'll share them here!)

~Saturday:  Battle Pet Galore.  Currently centered around Draenor trainers and An Awful Big Adventure! Achievement.

Writer:  Elve

~Playing since the start of Vanilla.

~Raid and Guild Lead.

~Plays every class, spec, and talent.

~Enjoys Bear Tanking, Priest Healing, and Caster dps! 

~Loves PvP, PvE, and even RP.

~Hardcore Raider and PvPer turned Casual Player.

---Also artist, editor, and researcher for site..!---

Well...  That's abit of info?  I think.  I been getting request like crazy via emails.  So this is just another place to request stuff and comment!

Guest Writer:  Sal

~YouTube Gamer

~Was Top 5 Players for his realm during Wrath and Cata

~Started during late BC

~Favorite Class:  DK

~Enjoys DPS, PvE, and soloing Old Content!

~Was Hardcore Raider, Now a Casual Player

Check out his Youtube Channel:

---Co Writes articles from time to time.---

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