Monday, February 29, 2016

Mini Posts Warnings

Enjoy my posts?  Well they'll all be coming but they may be off or in Mini Series.

I have some personal stuff I need to attend to so my WoW and blogging time is getting cut.

I know this warning is abit late, but from March 2nd till May my post will be... different.  So please bare with me.

During this time im freezing my account and going to be out of state and visiting my boyfriends family and sick mother (no really, only time I can meet her.. I may not get a chance to see her again sick..).  So its an emergency and I have to get Preped and packed.

But never fear, i'll upload as I can and I have so posts set to pop while im out!

Thank you all for being patient and great fans you are!

FYI, we hit 200 posts but i'll be setting the celebration for later on when I have time to make the post!

Happy Leap Day/Year!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ras'An has a Big Adventure!

This is another fighter I personally don't like to play with.  So when unable to use 3 20-24 pets I just bring out my Mana Bomb.

I switched a 20+ leveling pet in and then nuked the team with a Arcane storm+Mana surge combo.  'nough said.

An effective method either way, but it gets the job done.  So show your ever valuable Nexus Whelp the love.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Achievement Help: Here Kitty, Kitty...

A ZG Heroic Achieve to feed the Cat Ladys 4 panthers each a rat.

Requirement for this method:  2 people

This achieve usually requires 4 since you can only carry/pick up 1 rat at a time and they are all outside the boss room.

But a bug was exposed allowing one to tank the boss at the barrier while the other collects a rat to trade to them till 4 are fed.

Once 4 have been fed, kill Priestess and hope for your mount!

Happy hunting.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Garrison Buildings: Fish and Gladiator

Fishing Shack

L1-Small Fish in Garrison
L2-Medium Fish
L3-Enormous fish!

If only you didn't have to catch 100 Enormous of every kind to get the 3rd...

You'll have a daily to help you get your fishing up by 15 each day for 10 eggs.

Ah well, but there are perks to the 3rd level, including Nat Pagle can be recruited to offer you new rewards and act as a follower.  You also can fish up Cavedwellers that have a chance to give up a turtle mount.

Nat Pagle is also a vendor.  Turning in the big fish will offer you a coin.  100 getting you the trolled red skimmer, 50 a shark pet, and lots more!

Gladiators Sanctum

L1-Collect bones and faster health Regen out of combat in Warlords zones.
L2-Nemisis Quest obtainable and slow fall passive in Draenor.
L3-When below 35% damage is reduced by 50% in Draenor and access to highmaul arena.

Bones.  Great for gold, low PvP gear, and armor for followers.  Its not a bad set up.

But it is a PvP building and if you work on the quest, you can get a grand total of 8 titles!  But these quest are long and far from easy.  Ashran will become your new home.

But wait!  At L3 when you enter the Arena you'll also be able to get a toy and ANOTHER Title as Lady/Lord of War!  The toy is not shared across fractions.

All titles but Lord/Lady of War are suppose to be account wide as well.

Happy Hunting,


Monday, February 22, 2016

Techinical Difficulties?

Soo... Ever have a blond moment?  I sure have for the last two months.

I've been using blogger via the phone to upload to the site for my post (mainly because its been easier for me to do it that way due to long hours at work) and I decided to log on and check my hits, see if I had any emails....  No post to be found.

I had a short freak break.  Turns out, all my post that were suppose to be uploaded were failing after saying they went through.  Luckily, I have them all saved as documents on my phone still so i'll be reuploading them via the computer this time and assuring they all go live!

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for continuing to check out the site (seriously, I knew the hits went down but I didn't realize that was why!)

So i'll be seeing you again real soon with updates galore!


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kortas and his dragons!

These are 3 Level 15 Dragonkin. 

I suggest 13-18s for the fight.  Or you can just say screw it and bring a gun to a knife fight.

Dragonkin are notorious for being hard to kill.  These three are.  If you don't have a L14-18 humanoid to carry the others then I suggest bring some 10s or so that can take a hit and a 25 humanoid to just finish off the fight without the long grueling heal fest.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love is In the Air 2016

Feb 15th-29th (Wow, starting After V'day?  Isnt the love season over!)

Nothing new added from 2015 but hey I still need this guide to be posted!

Gather charms for bracelets which will turn into cards upon delivery!  How.. Fun?

Upside theres 2 possible mounts, 3 possible pets, a toy, and sexy attire.

There is of course dailies to go blow up the chemical camps, and a quest chain to learn about the Crown Chemical Co (I wont give any spoilers!). 

More importantly, theres a daily for 100 characters to go get a 670 neck and a daily chance at the ultra rare pink rocket mount and a lovely green slime pet...  Yap, we all know your really after the neck more then anything.  Side note:  The neck has a ability now that gives you the Achievement It Might Just Save Your Life!



Make 12 bracelets.
Looking to farm charms?  Look for quick easy kills that are green to you.  The plant creatures in Shadowmoon are great for 90+ since theres usually 5 or so and they die really quick.  Podlings are also good. 

Be Mine!

Make all 8 candy hearts by buying the bags from vendor!

Dangerous Love!

Just do the daily.  Any level can do it.

Fist Full of Love

Not as fun.  You start by buying handfuls of rose petals from the vendor and then hitting every race/class on the list.  Upside?  You DONT have to finish this during the event.  So that elusive Troll Rogue can be found at a later date.  Just go ahead and stock up on the amount you need.

Flirt with Disaster

This one is pretty much a wink at the one night stands you never live down.  Get smashed off the heavy stuff and then go  romance with a shower of rose petals before /kissing your fractions bachelor...  Their both such great catches...  Um.  Moving on.

I Pitied the Fool

Ah, Mr T...  Buy your fool from the vendor and start your road trip!

Arathi Basin - Easy BG, I suggest being 80+ so you can do others too. Do it While theres no one defending it on the other team or while your team has it.

Culling of Stratholme - Easy way: Go to Dal and take port to left of Kiron Tor Quatermaster. Other way, if your doing the daily quest to kill the 4 members of the crown and blow up the machine in Uldum then i'd run over and do that or use the fool after finishing that!

Wintergrasp - You dont have to join the battle or be in any certain point. You now have to be 90 to get into this BG (atleast you cant que it as a 85) so if your too lazy to make he flight thats a way. Or you just zone it, drop it and done.

Gurubashi Arena - In Cape of Stranglethorn if you've explored the region then you can see it clearly its in the Northern portion. Bewarned, some #$%^s are camping the arena killing anyone and if marked then ANYONE Ally and Horde can kill you. And you HAVE to mark yourself by going in the ring to get credit. So i'd try to make sure no ones there before dropping in or you might waste a fool.

Naxxramas - You zone in and drop, done! Near the keep easy to get to, while your there you can try for the 3 pets that drop from there too.

Remember! You HAVE TO PITY THE FOOL! So after dropping it target and /pity


If you don't have the basket, that probably wont hurt, you mainly need the chocolate cuz lots of nice people have theirs out already in Dal and are waiting for you!  But it is a toy, so try to buy.  Just eat your Buttermilk candy with the buff and boom!

My Love is like a Red, Red Rose

Get a Bouquet from a Cata Boss and done.  I highly suggest just getting it with a 100 though since you'll have to roll in a PuG.

Nation of Adoration

Give a charm bracelet to every fraction leader via the daily quest.  You can do this while doing Charmed!

Sweet Tooth

Get all four candies from the box at vendors and eat them.  Same a butter milk for Lonely?


Share the winged goblin cupid with every random person at the bank/mailbox by buying silver shafted arrows at the vendor.  Cant you feel the love?

The Rocket's Pink Glare

Just like the fire cracklers achieve you get 10 rocks, put it on a action bar and then span click under you while spam tapping.  Done!

So wanna be the Love Fool (the actual title, btw)?  Then good news!  Not all of the holiday achieves are required.  Perma-Peddle, Tough Love, It Might Just Save Your Life, They Really Love Me! and Lovely Luck Is On Your Side are all excluded.  Soo, yay?

I already mentioned one, but the newer Achieve They Really Love Me! can be harder to get then the rest.  My suggestion is buy the prism from vendor then join a group doing it via group finder.  The idea is to forum a huge circle and send one at a time through with each person they past hitting them with the prism till 50 stacks are reached.  Long but easy!

That's all for today, Happy hunting!


Saturday, February 13, 2016

No-No the Legend

NOT part of Plushie's adventure but it is a Legendary pet you fight for a daily.

No-No is a watery fighter, so flyers are highly suggested.  Moths are the best.

In this one I decided to throw in a leveling pet but I don't suggest it, the exp for these is horrible.  Not worth the trouble with easier options out there. 

Three Moths with Alpha Strike, Cocoon, and Moth Dust with destroy this fight like a nuke!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Nostalgia: Mage portals Pt 2

Ya, yall loved that so much I got another gut twister.  How many of you know about the Secret Portal?  The one trainers don't teach.

You heard right, there is a Trolling portal!

This is the Ancient Dalaran Portal!  Looks and feels like a Dal port till you step through and cartoonishly fall to your death!

Its a fun little port to fuck with dickheads and can be useful for Alliance if your looking for a quicker trip to plaguelands or Scarlet instances.  Or if you plan to raid Undercity.

Side note if your only trying to troll a person or two... You can use your feather to survive but it wont stay on anyone but you after going through... Me and my boyfriend tried. Stayed on me and his got dispelled right away.

Fun Note: If bored, its great for Russian Rolluete, Portal style!

Now instead of doing another post on portals, heres how ya get it!

Scarlet Halls normal, just kill last boss and grab the out of place BLUE book on the shelf! Theres your teleport!

Wasn't that so hard?  ;3

Troll at your own risk!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Garrison Buildings: Engineer and Mage Tower

Were almost done with all of them!

Engineering Works

L1:  Use of so inventions each day
L2:  More inventions plus a follower to help non engs make a Jeeves knock off
L3:  MORE Inventions!

This one allows 1 or two inventions to be used daily and has an achievement to use each one so many times (which will require several days to allow them to cycle in).  Plus the Walter may be lazy but hes a vendor and bank for the creator!

Mage Tower/Spirit Lodge

L1:  Chance to get a Rune of power in combat, 1 Waystone portal open
L2:  2 portals open
L3:  3 portals open

So port around, get extra damage buff, and a chance to instantly finish mission orders (Chance to receive from work orders) this sounds like one of the better buildings to put down. 

It also provides a pair of fun mana guys that allow quick porting between the two in garrison.  I like to set one near my garrison door and down by Erris for quick dailies!

Monday, February 8, 2016


(Oh shits, my character Elve is actually in a Screenie!  Fun Fact, the Orginial Elve was a human mage made in vanilla.  In late BC she was reborn as a draenei shaman that is usually used as the site mascot!)


Now Corehounds fly.

Isnt that alittle TOO OP Blizz?  The flying corehounds or hunter pets?  Really?  Makes you wonder... How the frek are they controlling the pets now?  o.O


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Durin Duskhammer

Level 17 pets, and a good bit of elemental damage will be handed out.

14-18 pets are best with a critter or two suggested to help keep the AoE damage low.

Best of Luck!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Achievement Help: What Does This Button Do?

Ahhh the traps... ALWAYS fun!  Oh, if only I was joking.

H Mogu Palace. 

Requires Atleast 2 people or that you be able to self heal without killing the boss.

Basic idea is to hit the gems that only unlock at certain health points for the boss.  This means you must dps SLOWLY and CAREFULLY or you'll kill him.  But it also causes the traps to hurt a lot more so it wont just tickle.

Tip to those attempting this. He MUST be in the room! He cant be at the throne OR the Doorway. I just attempted this with him being tanked at the throne... Its a no go.

Tank him near one of the gems if your doing this with a second person.  They can run for the other gem while you hit that one on opening (if your 100+ you don't really need the help killing...  And if your both able to heal then being together is pointless).  Though honestly, if your doing this with two people just play it safe and one tank while the other grabs both buttons.  Pulling him to the room edges could cause a bug to prevent the achievement pop since the throne and doorway wont work.

If doing alone you'll want to tank in the center and run to the wall with a gem sparkling then go ahead and run to the next wall before knocking him down more.

These appear at 33% and 66% health.  He doesn't have to die for the achievement to pop, so if it doesn't pop within 5 seconds try to reset or wipe to retry (these things can bug).

Be warned:  I've heard that having hunter pets tank him can cause the achievement to bug.  I've also heard mixed reviews for the beam hitting him.  Personally, I didn't see him get hit and got the achievement. 

Happy Huntin'!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lunar Festival 2016

No real changes from 15, but ah, what the heck!

Feb 1st-15th

Title to Earn:  Elder

The main point to this holiday is to hit most elders for anything you need/want off the vendors (In Moonglade) or hit them all for the Achievement.

The Elders are also great for exp and gold though some are a pain to reach due to poor placement locations such as inside cities where the the pricks of the opposite fraction and guards wait to flag and ambush you.

There are two pets to buy Lunar Lantern (Ally) and Festival Lantern (Horde) for 50 coins each, some attire, Eng plans to make a toy (the toy made once will count as the Ally and Horde version), and thankfully the Heirloom upgraders to reach L90 if your cheap and still need to upgrade your rings or new holy pally heirlooms.

Most of the achievements for this meta involve finding the elders, I suggest using the maps found here 

For the Achievements not involving Elders:

The Rocket's Red Glare
Shoot off 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 seconds or less.

You'll simply buy 10 and spam click the red cluster rockets till all 10 go off.

Frenzied Firecracker
Shoot off 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less.

Grab the Firecrackers, set to a action bar and spam click under yourself while spam tapping the action bar key with your finger.   This should give you the achievement with little to no headache, similar to the Fire Festival juggling torch achievement!

Elune's Blessing

This one just requires you to do the quest to kill Omen, at the end you'll get the toy lantern if you still need it as well.

The Attire ones should be pretty obvious so I wont bother explaining it...

And boom, done!  A really easy holiday if you can stand the Elders.

Good luck and Happy Drinking!