Saturday, April 29, 2017

Nameless Mystic isnt so Mystical.

Tail Whip is your friend.

I was able to do two of the three with my Ony Whelp.  Tail Whip, TW, Heal, ect. 

I pulled my third next because I had gotten to the Elemental.  Frog Kiss, Water Jet, FK, Heal, repeat til dead.

My second was mostly a back up I did need but he finished it off and that was that!


Friday, April 28, 2017

Curious Wardrobe...

Ah, Legion belt... (Plate to be exact.)  Is it a weggie or a loincloth?

Either way, it doesn't match my neon yellow pants...

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Restro Druid Artifact

So this one is fun, your getting the nightmare tainted tree...

Start by getting your blessing and moonwell water then venture to your "bed."

From here you'll wanna keep Rejuv up to keep your bar down.

Avoid:  Water (The red cloud mainly) and the Red blobs and their trail...

First thing you do is dispel the taurens vines (shes near the tentacles, and mine loaded in slow so it took me a few minutes to find...)

Your "Suppose" to sneak out with her, but mine bugged... So I just ran out, kept bar down, and grabbed the staff from outside.

From here you run back out (now in normal world) and your off down the yellow grass road to cleanse the corrupt tree in Mt Hyjal! 

Now... SAVE YOUR PARTY!  Aka, your tank and dps... Dispel, Heal, ect.

Now, kill DESTROMATH!  (giggle at the name, it DESTROyed everyones life...)

Avoid green blobs, Rejuv on EVERYONE (even self), AoE as needed, and toss a swiftmend or regrowth as needed.  (I found this part stupidly easy though it was pointed out to me by a non-healer that it was VERY hard..)

Before he dies a certain Ancient shows up and you get to get your staff!  Yaay!

Now, this is where it gets... Buggy...  Since 7.1 its a popular bug: Cant get the action bar after staff.
To fix this I personally found that opening addons button (from the game menu-Esc) and disable/reload worked best.  It gave me the icon via the side bar with the quest that wasnt there.
So once you have that, hit it, kill him, go on back home!

Now... Soak in the glory of having a special druid only title... Bask in it!

Hard wise?  I give this a 2/10... But being REALLY comfortable with my restro spec and healing... I'd understand why other would think its hard.  Just remember that druids are about HoTs!  So Rejuv like crazy and dont try to spam Regrowth or god forbid, healing touch... (I personally wont use healing touch outside of raids and out of combat)

For those not as use to Restro healing, I imagine its more like a 8/10.  But dont try to pally heal with a druid.  Take a moment to get use to the spells and you'll find it ALOT easier.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Madam Viciosa's Should of Stayed at her Last Job

First Pet:  A Bust...  It will get switched right away.  Great place for a higher level pet (Seriously, 20+ because there will be some AoE damage)

Two strong Undead with heavy hitting attacks will work, my choices aren't a requirement.  Having a third with consume is a great back up plan though.

So pick two undead from your 25s that have attacks doing 300+ while hitting atleast 90% of the time and your golden.


Friday, April 21, 2017

A Treasure You MAY WANT TO SKIP!

Highmountain....  Have you read "Got Milk?"  Yah, here you see it wasn't just a story... And you get to take some cheap loot...  And be creeped out...

Does this mean were going to hell?  Is it screwing two cows or two humanoids?  Are humanoids more like humans or animals?

Oh its so disturbing to think of! 

Made worse by the fact that the book drops off every 10 mobs or so...

Thank god it finally stacks..


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Noblegarden 2017

New to 2017:  A pink Sp;arkly Bunny for 200 eggs!

Its Easter in WoW and oh isnt it fun!

Each town outside the starting area is full of eggs that you open and trade for pets, mounts, and even a poly book!  But rather then bore you with cords, i'll give you tips on getting those eggs.

Try during off times.  Right after work or school the zone is packed!  Its a battle of clicks.

Avoid the more "popular" areas.  This means Goldshire, Falcon Square, and Razor Hill.

Dont run, pick a empty spawn to camp.  In the old days it was a train of people running.  First to the egg got the egg and the others kept going.  Now everyone camps a spawn.  But if your doing this DONT try to "Share" the spawn or kick a person there before you out.  Its rude and going to hurt you both.

Know how many you need and plan accordingly.  If you only want the mount then dont camp after the 500, your wasting your time and taking from other players!

Rewards you'll want to buy:

**Mount (500)

Spring Rabbit pet (needed for achievement, can find in eggs you farm, 100)

**Tome of Poly: Rabbit (100, mages only)

**Mystical Spring Bouquet (100, new in 2015, cant get in the eggs)

**Noblegarden Bunny (200 eggs, new to 2017)

Of course theres also the Tux, robes, and circlets.  But since there arent rare from the eggs and give achievements to find...

**Save and buy these items first, you can get more eggs to buy the other items if you dont already have them from the eggs you've picked up!

Speaking of...!


Blushing Bride-Wear the Tux shirt and pants and /kiss a person in the elegant dress.

If you wanna be nice run around in the dress when you get it and make that achievement easier for someone!  All three items can be bought or found in eggs.

Chocolate Lover-Eat 25 Eggs.   
Followed by:  Chocoholic-Eat 100 eggs!

Save this one for last if you want the items!

Desert Rose-Use Spring Robes to plant flowers in the listed zones.

Badlands-Eastern Kingdoms (Ironforge or Twilight Highlands are closes ports)

Desolace-Kalimdor (Fly from Darnassus, Moonglade, or Hyjal)



Thousand Needles

The last three are southern Kalmidor.  You can fly to them from Desolace or by taking the Caverns of Time or Uldum port there.

While there, hit up Un'Goro for this next achievement...!

Hard Boiled-Lay an egg in the Ungoro Hot Springs!

With a friend (or random from finder) go to Golakka Hot Springs and trade polymorph from Blossoming Branches and sit in the water till you lay an egg.  Done!

I Found One!

The first ones always free...!

Noble Garden-Hide a Noblegarden egg in SW or SMC (depends on fraction).

Cost 5 eggs to buy and you can pick it up right after laying it.

Shake your Bunny Maker!-Because Blizz is pervy.

Buy Spring Flowers or get them from a egg and go around looking for female 18+s to give them bunny ears.

God that sounds more like your looking for legal girls for the Bunny ranch... Blizz is fucking naughty!

You can do this one after the Event passes, do never fear!

Spring Fling-Help your pet find love.

Go to the listed towns and let your Spring Rabbit out till it gets marked off.  It'll find love and all that with another players rabbit...

Dirty, dirty Blizzard.

These arent needed for the Meta but hey!

Sunday Finest-Get the Tux shirt and pants from opening eggs! 

Dressed for the Occasion-Get a Elegant Dress from opening eggs!

Didnt I tell you it was worth not buying those?  Plus if your looking for 100-500 eggs, you should find it... They arent that rare.

If the fates deny your rolls, I am not responsible!

Have some Screenies from this Years haul!

My farming spot!  No one comes back that far and there is two spawns!

I got the bunny!  Took me a couple hours, not bad.

Happy Egg hunts!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sissix's is out of her League!

Frog Kiss, Water, Frog Kiss, Heal.  Repeat till dead (its a frog thing!)

Next pet, is your moth.  Go with the flow, Moth Dust on CD and Alpha strike your rump off!  Wrap up to avoid The next pets first attack and the whirl pool.

Last is your Bunny.  Try to avoid that massive attack (used in first round and then in round 4/5 of him out)  He shields so hard hitting over multi attacks.

I found Option Two works MUCH better though.

Start with the 2, 3, 1, 1, 1  You get the Idea.  Shield stays up to cut that poison damage and the nice AoE of fish stays on CD.  Continue till you die.

Same as before, Moths are just OP!  Dust him, Strike, wrap er up as needed.

Once your moths down bring out the rabid squirrel here and let it loose...  Use Cower to avoid the Crapnado and scratch like crazy (Stampede is kind of useless with shield).

And boom, boom done!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Riddler's Mind Worm Guide (With Screenies and Cords!)

This is a pretty new mount only recently discovered by a community of puzzle crackers (not by myself alone, though I am making this guide!)

Please be aware that this must be done in the exact order by the same character.  I suggest a mage with their porting awesomeness or a shammy with their MULTI HEARTHS!

This can be done in groups, with friends.  But leave le Douche and his big arse mounts off the invite because these are TINY and very hard to see...

((I use Titan Panel for Cords as seen in my screenies at the top left corner))

There are 8 clues and then the Box.  So I hope your saddled in for a ride!

The first Page you need is Page 9 which can be found in New Dal's Legerdemain Lounge (AKA Dal's CafĂ©).  Its on the lowest floor on a book shelf as seen below!

Its on the second shelf and as you can BARELY see its a tiny glow...

"Of the sea, Spirit and Self" is your clue.

Page 78-How that translated to this next part I will never know because your going to Duskwood, Twilight Grove, Moonwell.... 

Duskwood is pretty land locked, Maybe Spirit has to do with the port or well I don't know...

The moonwell is at 49, 35 its just sitting on the bench, MUCH easier to see this time!

"first lords to fall" is the next clue...  And honestly, anyone from Vanilla will remember the very firsr Elemental Lord we killed was the big bad of MC.  Sadly, MC is not the place you go but Rag is your clue!

Page 161-So off to Firelands!  Be warned you will have to kill EVERYONE.  But its a good attempt for the mounts and gear depending on what difficulty you do it on (Its great gold too, 3-6k a run easily).  We've been two manning this one since MoP so soloing with anything but a healer should be no issue for you!  But if you worry, grab a friend who might need the rep, transmog, or mounts!

((FYI to my Druid friends, There is a special druid only toy that can drop off a certain boss *wink wink*))

As you can tell, its on the Left Side of the boss room.  Near a blazer and close to the lava pool.

"The wind, the eye" is next...  Hm... Sounds like something to do with a wind lord, right?  Well whats the area with all of the Wind Lords?  (No, not the Thunderfury guy either!) 

Page 655-Uldum's Lost City of the Tol'vir (well, the outskirts atleast).  This is not in the instance, but the area.  Head to 70, 78.  Yes along the coast, its under a tree!

"The plumb, a tomb, a scarab moon."  If anyone knows how that one links to our next location, I'm all ears cuz I thought it was AQ...

Page 845-Back to Pandaland, your going into Siege to kill the Sha of Pride!  This was easy to 2 man with a 110 mage and DK (yes first boss no healer) but a group wouldn't be too hard to get.

Its waaayyy in the back and I couldn't see it till the boss was downed but the adds corpses could of just been covering it.

"In snow, sand, stone."  I don't know how snow fit into it, but sand and stone say deserts to me.  But perhaps by snow they mean winter or time.

Page 1127-Caverns of Time's Well of Eternity.   For this one you will have to kill past Azshara (Be ready to Silence her because you kill her minions which spawn slowly and if she uses her MC on you its a wipe.)

This one is by THE Well of Eternity among the ruble.

You can see about where with my map.  It is on the bottom step and about between the two pillars on the map.

"behold the battle, unblinking."  This one would of made me think more Caverns of Time then the last but, I can atleast see where it might be leading you.

Page 2351-Kun-Lai Summit to a statue of the White Tiger (The Panda lands fighter god thing...Yah, the MoP lore was a bit skittish for me..)

Head to Cords 34.50 or the spot on my map.  Just outside the instance.  Its a big statue along the road!

"Bejeweled watcher" is the next clue.  And the idea of Watcher should lead you back to the right area since we killed SO many Watchers...

Page 5555-Uldum, outside Halls of Origination.  Its at a base of a ever watching statue near where you get to roll as a fire ball of doom over gnomes or pygmys...  That was a fun quest!

Cords 76, 53

Your final clue is:  "Ray of Sunshine"

At this point you "Solved" the riddle and are lead to WESTFALL of all places...

Cords 30, 27 in some boat wreckage and off Molsen Farm sits a strange box with runes and glowing outline...


Gratz on your hard earned mount!  Offer a thanks to those brave knowledge seekers who worked those clues and enjoy the benefits!


Monday, April 10, 2017

WTF 20

New Pet Battle Boss??  Could Alexi be our next challenge?  Or Will Mousey Go Darkmoon Bunny on us!

You know... Were freaking strong.  I can see a gnome...  A 1/5th this guys size dragging him through the floor with one arm.  "I'm a mage and this aint nothing!"  Its insane!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Pet Instance? Why Yes! On to Wailing Caverns!!

So this is a very cool concept, but not as new since we had similar on Timeless Isle (But a VERY unfair and painful challenge if you lacked rare or maxed pets... In Multiples.)

Needless to say, this has TONS of features that are awesome. 

First, we can heal.  So you don't have to have copies to have a chance or restart EVERYTHING because of one crit.

Second, these are mostly whites with a couple better.  Naturally the Big Bad is Legendary but since you can heal you can fail and experiment!

So let the show begin!

Naturally it starts in the Eye Socket of the Wailing Caverns!  Grab quest and get your scenario started.

It starts simple, three pets on three (all 25 whites)-great time for EXP gaining! 

My experience was these were all Beast, flyers, and Aquas.  So A good Mech and Moth with a 20+ carry works great for all of these, but if you wanted lower, you'd probably have to watch the pets more closely (And who wants to do that when you can bump 2 1s every day at Ashlei? )

So clear through to your first boss!

(Forgive the crappy Screenies, they disappear after defeating and I wanted to show that it was possible to beat them with the group I used)

Then Son of Skom (Skom was a boss).  Epic quality with two followers.

I chose two heavy hitting Mechs and a 20+ mech level.

The Defenders are great hard hitters, as you can tell, my second one survived enough to pretty much down the Raptor follower but the AoE attack hurt a good bit to my backline!

He hits Mechs harder but Mech attacks kill him faster (avoid multi attacks, he shields!).

There are TONS on none Mech pets with Mech attacks (Such as the Anubisath idol, Crusher, and Mech Axebeak (No really, its a flyer!) )  The list goes on a bit but you get the point?


Now you've beat up the Son, time to move on!

Next were killing the druid companions!  Snakes of course..  You've got three till next boss!

One Green and Two whites, each 25.  Still easy exp.

I'd like to point out, im getting 1500 EXP on 24s each fight here, so a carry pet will level nicely!

These snakes are of course beast and have beast, flyer, or aquas following.  The flyers seem to be a popular choice so I used a Mech and my Nexus Whelp with a 20+ carry as back up damage (wasn't really needed but better safe).

Whats next?  Why a Snakey boss!!  Serpentis's pet Hiss!  A 25 Epic.

Again, I used two Strong Mechs and a 20+ leveling pet like so.

This one doesn't have a shield or a AoE but he hits pretty hard so i'd use the Mechs for that fail safe.  Hard hitting rocks but as you can tell, I wanted to enjoy my turrent since I was pushing off healing my pets with the last boss coming up!

Overall, it was a super easy boss so just try not to stress the crits.


Now its Stage 5 of the "instances," yaay!

Kill two Ectoplasms, ew...  So oozes gotta go.

These are 25 Magic blues, so a bit harder but still a carry group when the followers are whites.  Time for the OP dragons!  Side note, these are marked as "Elite" so its a 50% damage loss.  My Ony had no issue tearing through though, so my second didnt see much.  Tail Sweep, ftw!


Stage 6, confront a shadowy figure?  Hmm...

I wont spoil it, but its a bit of RP.  Silly RP.



Time to kill the "Boss"

Its a growing spore of fun!  No really, its a Legendary 25!  This might hurt.

Third didnt matter, but A strider can handle first two if you heal like crazy and my frog was BARELY making it. 

I was starting with pump and then using the boost it gave by spamming one and keeping my heal on CD.  When it got to about 400 I finally used pump. 

When my strider went down I used my froggie and started with a Heal, Frog Kiss, and so on.  My heal and Frog kiss stayed on CD with the heal taking preference due to the super low health that's to that AoE! 

Legendary's take 50% less damage, have hard attacks and high health.  Giving them a AoE they can use EVERY round is almost criminal!

But I got it down on the second try (As you can tell, I said screw leveling on this one, my third pet was dying in the backline).  A AoE heal could remedy this, but the AoE hits so hard, I don't know if it would be high enough to offset that pain.  But if you try, i'd love to hear about it.

Now Assuming you beat that pain in the Rump, you just leave group and turn in!

Gratz on your 25 pet stone if its your first time.

But wait!  There's replay value here.  This is now a daily that offers a bag containing items like bandages, charms, and a possible pet!  So far there are four choices (you can see them by typing in Damp Pet Supplies).

Good luck and happy Hunting!


These do AoE like crazy so watch your health.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Filler: Need to Level the Raptors?

You get four hatchlings and they have to get to 25...  Here are some fast ways!

Way one:  Ashlei

It'll take a few days, but 1-9 to start with, and then like 9-12, and then a level or two per fight when using two pets.  If you only use one it'll be 9-12, 12-14 most likely.  All you need is a dragonkin with a heal.  You can see this for the low down!  Don't forget the hat though!

Needless to say, a couple of days could do the trick.

Two:  Grind

This will take time, but it works.  If done in Draenor there is a second Achieve to reach too.

Just take two 25 pets and one hatchling.  And kill 23+ pets over and over...

Three:  Cheat

There is a 45 charm instant 25 stone (You can also get one from any new 100s garrison via a quest!)

Or just 2-3 charm level stones (can get from bags) but if going 1-25 the instant stone will be cheaper.

No matter what you do, get some pet treats, your safari hat, and any other bonus to make this stuff go A LOT faster!  Even 5% adds up fast!

Also, that Pet weekly?  You know a week of 200% increased leveling?!  GREAT time to do this!

But yah, this is 4 free mounts for upping these to 25 and doing a few dailies.  Don't miss out!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Darkmoon Treasure Hunt!

So this time I felt like covering the Treasure Hunt, so sit back and enjoy the spoilers for 100 easy tickets!

You buy it from Galissa for 100 fishies.  And get your first clue.

As you can see, no quest markers, so you actually need those clues!

I found the first abit hard since at first I thought it was a caravan (The worgen one actually since they are moving homes) but this plat form is actually a barge, which can float away and to hobos that live out of a sac... You really do carry home with you.  So not sure which is the real answer.  But here on this barge is a tent with a bag.

The next one was so easy it hurt...  Who doesn't know about these cute toys?  And its the only place that has four ride able cats on Darkmoon.

For the younger ones, negligent means careless...  And who was Careless with the stoney eyed beastie?  Why this poor guy.

This one was abit of a pain, but penitent can refer to sorrow or guilt.  So I figured I needed to be somewhere along those lines... I started where the carnies were all passed out drunk.. That was a no go, then I remember that they have some pretty disturbing stuff when you run in!  So I found this guy being burned alive.. I wont bore you with History but the idea is that during Witch Hunts, burning the witch was a way to save the Witch and the village.  You BURNED the sin away.  Thus, burning the guilty to purge the sin. 

And of look, I was right!  It right in front behind behind the bushes.

This last one was a no brainer.  It had to be a wrecked ship.  This one is on the upper NE side near the islands.  And it has neither White nor Black sails.  But Purple!  To match his hat.

A quick swim down in front reveals the price, a chest of loot!

And there you go!  Enjoy the freebies!


Saturday, April 1, 2017


Nah I'm kidding, this will continue next Saturday, but it's April's Fool day so I wanted a excuse to take a break.  ;3  And look out, cause next week I'm covering the Wailing Caverns Instance!