Saturday, December 31, 2016

Grixis is a Tinypop.

You'll want a flyer, a beast, and a Strong Elemental.

I of course love my moth... Dust, Strike, repeat till done with a webbed wrap to protect from strong attacks... What could go wrong?  As you can tell, not much!

I use a spider for the next one but he faints so you'll need to switch.  But that fight is just keeping a web up while healing and striking as a filler.

Last is the Fel Flame!  Start with the DoT and Conflag on CD!  Burn as a filler.

Easy fight, no stress needed.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Fun with Illidin's Freeze!

He freezes in some cool ways sometimes.. And sometimes, its just too funny.. 

Hope you enjoyed the longer post!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beast Master Hidden Bow Gun!

Go to New Dal.  Find Engineer Trainer.

Find the Engineering Supplies Vendor!

And on Page One...

Congratz, you just got the HARDEST Hidden Appearance in WoW!

Heres to our last Post of the Year (outside of Screenies and Battle pets!)


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Crack that Egg! I want my EGG NOG!

After so many rounds he heals up like a ass and hits reset, so he has to go DOWN!  So you've got to BLAST him away!

I can solo pet it with Syd, but the three I show can each solo.

A powerful build up attack like Geyser or Whirlpool can really give some oompt!  Doom could work too in a pinch.  Pump is also super great (just Pump once and Water jet till hes only at like 800 then do the next pump for MAX damage.  Because pump ups damage by 10% while its buffing you!)

So.. Yah.  Take a Aqua and go nuts!

Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 23, 2016

A-Caroling We Will Go! Achievement Help

THIS is a pain.  Okay?  A PAIN!

Let me start off by saying I'm a Ally but I will show/say places for the Horde too.

Side Note:  You must be flagged by entering the city for these to count.  So just cuz your zoned doesn't mean your REALLY in the city unless your flag popped.

If theres raids...  Yah, those will help.

Try to kill and pelt the leaders while your there in fact!

First though, ALLY!


This toxic muck is easy... Go to the Sewers entrance like in the map and sing. 

FYI:  The building trick is not working in 2016, don't bother.

Silvermoon City

The Hole-In-The-Wall bull crap no longer fits ANYTHING!  So don't waste your time... I tried on a human, druid cat, and a gnome.  Its a no go.

So... Just RUN in!  Bite the bullet.  Walk in, hit the shirt then SPRINT all the way to the mid point of the Elder's walk.  By this point you can try to drop agro and hearth or just hearth with your quickest spell. 


EASY!  Fly in, sing.  Done.  I came from Hyjal and just flew in the rear gate and stood on the rock wall!

Last but not least:  Thunderbluff

Just park yourself below the city.

Annnd done!

Nooow.. Horde.

For SW, theres MANY places (Like Org) you can safely land.  Just watch flying patrols.

For Ironforge, just drop in the little tunnel.  Its hidden abit and no guard patrols here!

For Darnassus its abit more tricky since the portal will get you attacked, but you can just fly up the trunk and to here!

Exodor is a no fly zone so take the boat from Darn and run right here on the map.

This tunnel only has one LONG set out pat and its rarely used.

And that's done for horde!

Can I just say... Horde has it ALOT easier, I mean Ally has to run in to TWO of your cities, one of them being a no fly zone with guards everywhere.

So.. Boo you.  o.<


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter's Vale 2016

Read Post Here for info!

So this year I'm being lazy and sending you to the old post I did but I promise to do more in depth post next time! 

Whats new for 2016?  A New toy in the gifts!  Yay!

That's all for this post but see more soon!

Happy Winter Vale!


Posts that go with this

A-Caroling-We Will Go! Achievement

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chromadon feeling fiesty!

He ignores ALL ATTACKS OVER 500!  So, strong attacks like Thrash are a no go.. 

Pets that heal (like humanoids) with non humanoid attacks work great.

You see my three choices...

Multi attacks?  Great!  DoTs?  Great!  Shields?  Good choice! 

May the Force Be With You.


Friday, December 16, 2016