Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WoW Tokens

I know you've seen and heard hundreds of things about these little things, and ya it MIGHT seem like a stupid choice for a regular update, but I really want you to see that its not a bad system.

First off, for 20 bucks you can make 20-40k gold in WoW.  Pretty much, a legit Gold Seller.

And those-Like me-who struggle to maintain their WoW time are given a way to play for free.

You might be thinking the price is too high but it does go up and down:  Its High today but tomorrow its lower.

"Gold Sellers are RUINING the market!"  Bull shit.  They haven't hurt anything, in fact this would HURT them!  Its a legit way to get gold at their usual rate EVEN when its at a low!  When I get that spam shit its for 1 dollar per 1k gold.  Well if this tokens at a low of 20k (I've never seen it below 21k either!) then THAT is their rate.

In fact, the normal community is now the Gold Sellers.

Nother Word to the Wise:  The price change wont effect the person selling it.  You put it up while it was 50k?  Well once its your turn to sell you get 50k.

The logic is:  More tokens, cheaper cost.  But the profit is already set for the seller.

This means that people wanting Gold should jump on it while theres only a few up to maximize their profit and then in turn DRIVE the price down for people who find 25-30k more reasonable for WoW.

Now are you thinking "OMG ELVE!  That's a LOT of gold!"  I call bull.

I personally can average 700 gold a day PER 95+ alt.  My 100s are pushing 1k a day atleast.  Why?  I focus the gold!

So if that means I have 30 days to get my needed gold then between two 90+ I should never be hurting for time.

As a altoholic I hurt less then some though.  I had 30+ 90s before the expac even hit.  Now im up to 3 100s (Been too busy for more) and several alts are 95+.  SINCE this expac hit I've bought 2 months of WoW, the 100k Bike and am a few short thousand from the big Yak.

Garrisons are your DAILIES!  But MUCH faster.  If used right then you can easily rack in the cash.

In fact, I think later on i'll make a few post on how to maximize your Garrison Missions.

So, my rant is done and I hope you leave with a better understanding of the token. 

That way you can maximize your GOLD income or FREELY feed your addiction!

Oh:  And if anyone cared.  Blizz comes out a winner too:  Their getting a extra 5 bucks a month per token for someone else to buy your time.  Your not cheating them.  In fact this isn't really a kindness!  Its them adding a 5 buck surcharge to a sub so someone else gets gold from it!  So please, don't feel guilty when ya take advantage.. :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, im going to go enjoy the pampering I only get once a year.. When Nav tries to figure out what he should do before tomorrow morning. Happy Bargining!  ;3


Monday, April 27, 2015

30 Post reached!

And now were Level 30 /flex!

Im feelin stronger already!  How about yall?

Given abit of time, i'll be raid geared!  HAH!

Shit... What will I do after I pass 100 post...?  I'll be out of levels till the next expac! 


Editted in 5/10:

I'll try not to miss the 40th one...!  ><; 

As always, see this and more at:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ashlie! My FAV Exp booster! + Plushie Achieve added!

Lets Switch it up again!

This is my FAVORITE fight for EXP because I can pretty much solo fight it!  So here we go.

Onyxian Whelping (this is actually a Achieve pet but you can get the look alike from outside Ony's Lair!  They have same attacks and model!).  This solos.  All you really need is the Heal and Tail Sweep but I do include Fly Off.

So, to win:

Kill first pet with about 3 Tail Sweeps.

Elekk comes out, Heal then Fly Off.  This pet 'sleeps' and switches out.

You come down and charge the Talbulk with BOOM!  Just Tail Sweep him down and once the Plushie is out again you pull out the leveling pets to each get off a attack (Plushie does NOT attack you so bring two L1s if ya want!) then just finish it off with your Whelp and your done!

As always I highly suggest using a 20+ pet as a incase (Never know when your going to get hit by 5 crits in a row.  I can not help that mind you!) and then I prefer a pet under 10 for the current Achieve im working towards for 75 pets raised to 10.

Now:  When using hat im getting about 1.7k for my 20+ and 3.5k on my 9ish pets.

When using 20+ pets I do seem to get 2k on each.  Not sure if its a glitch or what.  Just reporting that!

I wish you all the BEST of luck!  Enjoy this wonderful EXP fight (since they screwed us out of Erris!) while ya can!  I still stand by that this is a WONDERFUL fight for those grind pets.


Updated for Plushie:

Same Idea as above, treat the plushie as a leveling pet!

Friday, April 24, 2015

SELFIE Achieve Pics!

More SELFIE Achievement Pics from me and Nav!

This Week, lets visit Kara!

Wolf is abit shy...  We are on Stage...

Well, hard not to smile when ya got a worgen clapping his heels behind ya...

Hey, it glitched!  Didnt hold my hand up for it.  Still looks cool though.  Im fun and blooming.

Next how about we hit Darkshire, Duskwood.

This was as bad as Shatt.  No good places.  I stood on the fountain and someone mounted to be in the pic...

Oh hey just HAD to be the flaming vampire...!

And till next week.  


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Garrisons: Trading Post

Good Points of Trading Post:

Auction House at your Garrison.

Way to get Resources.

Increase to your Warlords Reps.

Access to Special Warlords reps.

Access to a vendor to trade resources to mats (As you saw last week).

Bad points:

Spot is taken.

Annoying Quest to unlock AH guy.

Another Resource dump/Bad to have with the Bunker.

Can eat up needed mats to gain resources.

Another Rep to farm for.

Now what of all that effects you a personal thing.

But I do suggest getting this building on your favorite AHing alt or a alt that you'd use to farm reps for the Beloved Title and the like.  Needing 60 reps, you might REALLY enjoy that 20% increase to rep gain, plus the extra rep. 

If your not after the 60 rep achieve but just want to get the special mounts, pets, followers, and the like then you might want to get this as well.

I would personally call this a "Temp" building.  Unless you really just want that AH and don't want to leave then yes, keep it.  But once you got all those reps up, your good on the mats, your fine on resources, and ya don't need the resource dump (or want to start working on getting the Bunker instead and thus need a DIFFERENT resource dump) then drop it.

As far as pairing with other buildings, I suggest looking at both the BARN and the BUNKER.

The Barn can be used for:  Savage Bloods, Leathers, and Furs.  By collecting these things you can turn in for more resources daily and turn in resources and Savage bloods for gold.  Between the Barn and the given Mine/Garden you'll be set for the Work orders.

Bunker is a burden OR a blessing depending on needs.  If you WANT to buy mats then don't get this!  It'll eat up your resources.  If you don't need those mats then you can use it strictly for resources and overload yourself with scraps from the bunker in turn.

The Reps this one gives you depends on your given fraction.  For those interested in getting the rep it does award the title "Peace Keeper" and gives access to a special transmog, Mount, pet, follower, and a tabard.

This is a strict kill to grind rep.  Mobs will depend on your fraction.   But ya get the idea, right?  I might post more of the grinds later on when I personally do them but for now... Meh.

Till next time!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Update for the 20 Post!

I didn't have the little post pic ready Monday due to RL (I've spent the last few weeks running like a headless chicken at work going 7 am till 9 pm.. My game time has suffered!).

So heres a update saying its been edited to include the pic along with the pic itself for those who missed!

See this pic at

Anyone who enjoys the art (even this crappier one!) can see more from me at !

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blingtron 4999b and Friends!

Alright, first off allow me to explain how these buggers go.

Though they are robots they are "camouflaged" to take damage as critters.  So for best choice Beast kill faster. 

As you can see above I perfered Non-Beast with Beast attacks though.

First was a Core Hound (Not tame able, must be bought with the authenticators.  As someone whos been hacked, I HIGHLY recommend these!) But you could use thing with similar attacks Honestly.  (There are a few on Thunder Isle such as the Razortooth or the Lava Crab in Eastern Kingdom.)

A Elemental is what I suggest for Blingy since he ends it all with a big boom.  Elementals will also take reduced damage in most cases.

My second choice was a Robo Cub.  The second/third pet used by opposing team will put up a shield to turn 50% of damage back at you for 2 turns so what using larger attacks.  I personally perfered a mechanical pet for this one since it could revive incase I screwed up and killed myself.

For the third I used a 20+ Leveling Beast or pet with Beast attacks.  Atleast I use to.  The exp is barely 50 with hat now so it wont matter much.  I don't always need a 3rd pet and when I do its only to deal about 200 damage and finish off the revive phase. 

You see my suggested above, so now I wish you luck in your own hunt!


Friday, April 17, 2015

SELFIE Friday, Revisit the Screenies!

And lets revisit those screenies!  Some Hallows Eve pics...  Ever noticed that you cant mount yourself with costumes?  Well ya can mount others...  Oh that sounds so wrong... Lets move on shall we?



Kitty Kat


Abominal Abomination!

Okay then... So maybe I need a new hobby, but I find the idea of looking like Patches and standing on my boyfriend as a dragon with my guts dripping into the saddle that I was JUST sitting on as a ghost in entertaining!

Though ya got to admit... I looked badass sitting there as a Giest with my bow out... Looked like im ready to start sniping..!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garrisons Building: Trading Post Who for What

Okay, so ya got the trading post, right?  Lets say ya know all the other good stuff with it.  And ya love that vendor who sells you mats... But have you noticed the Price changing?  Each day ya get a new vendor.  This vendor offers certain mats for better prices.  Well below im sharing with you the screenies of each vendors wares and going to list below who offers the BEST price for the goods ya want!



Now that you've seen it, i'll give you a List:

Portanuus:  As the trader hes got the average price of EVERYTHING.  So if you cant get the best price then settle with him. 

Krixel:  Offers the BEST price in the Meats.  But avoid buying FURS or HERBS from him.

Yula:   Best choice for ORE &FURAvoid her leather though...

Talgaiir:  (My personal favorite!) Offers the best price in LEATHERS and FISHAvoid his ORE and DUST. 

Pyxni Pennypocket:  Offers best DUST AND HERBS.  Avoid her meats and fish! 

So theres your list!

Enjoy!  Next week i'll offer other fun tricks for this building!


Monday, April 13, 2015

20 Post Passed!

Don't Judge Me!  Im easily excitable!

I still get excited about Fish Fin Shoulders from BT!



You didn't hear that...

Oh god I hope my old guildies don't read this...  They wouldn't let me live that down...

Im going to go hide now...


Editted in.. A few days late!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


For those who know this one from Pre Nerf... Well.. Still about the same.

One round no attack followed by a one shot. 

My personal strategy hasn't changed either.  I just can use lower level leveling pets as a 3rd instead of 20+!

First off:  You want Geyser.  Any pet with Geyser.  If your pet is faster then you can get off 2 attacks.  If its not then a crab with whirlpool would work fine.

I suggest a Water Waveling, but the Pandarean Water Spirit will probably be BEST!

If you use a pet with Geyser then start with that and then any attack.  If you have to use a Whirlpool then (unless slower then the goat) start with any attack followed by whirlpool.

If you have the Water Spirit (and its faster!) then start with Geyser followed by Whirlpool.

At this point, first pets down.

For the second pet, I suggest a Fox.  But you mainly need:  Howl and a critter multi hit attack (Flurry, as shown above!).

Once your 2nd pet is in (I highly suggest the Fox still.  Any fox will work!) you should start out with HOWL.  Howl will trigger a 100% increase to that Geyser/Whirlpool you put out.  Nice chunk of health went bye bye.

From this point till dead you'll just flurry and try to keep howl up.

IF your 2nd pet dies, any 20+ can finish this (unless your SUPER unlucky and get instant killed... )  Honestly you should NOT need a 3rd pet except to hold the Undeads Immune phase if you did get unlucky crits. 

Either way, I suggest a 15+ leveling pet or a mechanical pet simply for the Immune phase.  This pet is just there for the exp. 

Don't expect a lot of exp though.  As I threw in my screenie its just about 200ish exp with cap.  But better then nothing?

I hope this helps anyone looking for a each method.  Take care!


Friday, April 10, 2015


Lets hit on that Achievement, shall we?  How about we start with Shatt City!

You'd be annoyed too if THAT was your back seat driver...

Well thats a smile only a Nom Nom could love!

Next, lets hit Stormspire!  (In Netherstorm)

Nasty, Nasty Panda...

Because Boobz.

Well..  I feel like a censor bar about now...

Well, thats a few pics... More Next week!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What do I do? I've never healed here! (Healer How To to new places)

Never been in a certain instance, Heroic, or Raid? And worse yet, your a healer? Well theres ways to not fail!

First Tip: Ask for someone to explain the fights! Naturally, this wont always happen.

Second Tip: Read up on the fight or watch a YouTube video of it. Heck, you can come here for that! But this still isnt going to make you a master of the instance, Experience is better!

Well Neither tip is working? Dont fear! As a healer, those can only help so much!

Rule One: Be comfortable healing with that class. If you dont know how healing works then its a bad idea to que it! Practice healing yourself or level a alt to like 30 as a healer of this class. It'll teach you more then a blog can!

Rule Two: Rotations are best for dps, a healer must be flexiable! Some tanks need huge heals so you cant afford to start HoTing THEN heal!

Now that thats out of the way! What you been waiting for, how not to fail in the raid!

First thing to do is remember, Majority is most likely to be standing in the right spot! Dont listen to the asshole screaming orders, alot of times they dont know whats going on! So always stay with the range. When they move, move with!

Next, be a healer! You heal damage so you have plenty of chances to look around and get a look at where the boss is, whats popping up, and how its being handled.

If you see heavy AoE damage then use your AoE heals. Best thing to do is to switch between the 2 groups that are most likely set up. In most cases, the range are together somewhat and the melee are together. So, dont cut hairs! Target a tank, AoE heal then target yourself and AoE heal. Do this for whatever groups needs the most healing at the time or switch between the two if its about the same. Worry about the stray dps after you've got the bulk up to or around 75% health.

-If the fight requires everyone ranged abit then your best place is about the center area of the range or between range and melee! As a healer you have to hit everyone so being in corners with half the group out of your range wont do! During the fight your best bet is to heal as needed enless its AoE damage in which case you AoE as you can or toss quick heals or HoTs on each person depending which will be more effective due to spacing. If a AoE cant hit atleast 3 people then its useless no matter if your dps or heals!

Pop CDs! All except Hs can be useful to you! Your mana below 50%? why not hit a pot or a mana returning spell! Better to do when ya have the chance and need then when ya need the major healing! If ya got a huge AoE heal that has a few min CDs then use it when ya got a number of people dying or during heavy AoE. As far as hero goes, never pop it enless asked! This has a debuff of 10 mins and it shouldnt be wasted! Trinket CDs and the like work best when you'll be doing constant healing like during heavy damage. Waste not, want not!

Next, Common Sense. Stay out of AoEs. Again by watching your betters or majority you'll see how to avoid them and what you should and shouldnt take. If ya see people running behind a boss or pillar for an attack, follow! If ya see ooze at your feet, get out of it! And of course if you have aggro run TO a tank, not away. Some aggro will happen and sometimes its not something you can help but if you run like a idiot and make them chase you then your death is your fault.

Lastly is wiping. Never let a wipe be for nothing. One fight per boss is fine, it just means newer people got to see the fight! Dont get mad, just accept and do better!

I hope these tips help! I'll add more if I find more tricks! For now, I hope these will improve your experience in the game!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Erris The Collector

Okay... So Erris has SEVERAL pet possibilities.  Flyers, Waters, Beast, and on and on...  I believe there's about 5 different sets.

I've fought about 4 different so far.

In each fight I've found that its VERY easy to solo or two pet these.  Especially since their not all rares, not always 25s, and follow a set pattern. 

So instead of taking 20 posts to explain each and every fight (which is just use this type and leveling pets) im going to explain the quick and simple and offer explanations for each individual fight if requested.

First off:  Have a 25 blue quality pet that is STRONG against most of her pets.  Its usually atleast 2 of the same type.

Second, have a second 20+ (leveling pet) that is atleast NOT WEAK against the pets shes using.  This will be your "alternate" pet for incase you really cant solo pet it or for that last bit of health.

Lastly, EXP!  You can only fight her ONCE so there's no way to farm her like ya would the challenge post.  But the exp is in the 3000s split between your pets.  So for your last pet I HIGHLY suggest a leveling pet of any level.  Just switch it in before finishing.

Make sure you use that safari cap!  If your queuing its all good, its a buff now.  No worry about switching out!

Some of my favorite pets for these fights are:

25 Moths (They all have the same attacks...) With Alpha Strike, Cocoon, and Moth Dust.

25 Nexus Whelping (Or other strong magical, I suggest with these attacks) Arcane storm (weather) and the magic Style rampage (Mana Surge for this pet, Major Boom Boom!)

25 Clefthoof (Basic beast will do honestly.  Cant go wrong with ANY beast or pets with STRONG beast attacks!  I suggest hard hitting over multiple strikes)

From my experience you cant do this on multiple characters (atleast not same server, same fraction.  I haven't had time to level any horde up yet!)


So she comes at random.

Her bag gives pets, leveling stones, and other junk!

It requires the Pet Building ( don't know if it HAS to be Level 2-3 but I HIGHLY suggest getting L3 anyway!  More tokens usually and chances at MORE pets!).

Well, that's all for now.  Happy Hunting!


Friday, April 3, 2015

Selfie Friday

More Selfies!

Random Black Temples!

Oh look... I interupted his lecture to my Elemental with a selfie... Its just like a modern school!  But less boring and not quite as torturous.

A few from my Boyfriends stash..!

Another about to die.  Looks like a certain DK is about to get his head chopped off for a Selfie...

And the Peeps on your head breathing frost, your wings explode with a glowing light... Oh what a bad case of Embarrassment..!

Okay, okay, my jokes suck.  But hey I try to make it abit.. more?

Atleast I give 3-4 post a week and abit of color!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Happy Happy Winter's Veil! 2014

(Simply Posted over from other Blog, was my VERY last post!  I'll be doing a new one for 2015 when the time comes.  New post start Next Weds.!)

Happy Winter's Veil, Yall!  (2014)

As you know its the time of year to get free loots.

So, without further staling, heres my update:

Im not making you a guide (We all know theres one hundred and one on WoW Head you can grab, why be redundent?) so instead of giving you some tricks and hints to exceling this year!

Alright, if you missed a year, your in luck!  By doing the Daily "Your a Mean One..." you can get all those presents you missed in the stolen present!  So as well as the pretty dagger (raised to Level 100!), pets (Rotten Helper and Lumpy), Misc (Fruit Cake, snowballs... Patterns...), you also get the Feat of Strength items from years before (The robot, footballs, BB gun, ect)!  You get achievements as well!  Be warned, nothing is promised so it'll take a number of tries!

My Hints:

Any alt 80+ go do it!  EVERYONE is killing this thing so it'll be hard not find it dead or dying when you arrive.  You dont have to tag, be in group or anything!  Just grab a bag that appears and talk to the reindeer then head back. 
~Can be done once per day per alt.  If you have 10 alts, and 3 days to do it, thats 30 tries!

Be patient!  Your getting free stuff everytime, dont be upset it you already had the gift or didnt get what you needed.  Just sell and AH what you didnt need!  Theres always someone else needing that item!

PRESENTS!  As well as wrapping paper and special patterns and recipes, theres free LOOTS!  On Christmas day you'll get a number of gifts from under the tree.  You can get them on each alt.  So 20 alts at 6 presents apiece, you can do the math!  Some stuff is BoP, some BoE, some are unique toys and pets and all of its free.  Cant complain about free!

My Hint:

Get all your alts there ahead of time.  If you have lag issues try to do it at a low pop time or wait a few hours after they pop.  Trust me.  The tree will be swarmed at High Pop hours AS WELL AS WHEN THEY ARE OPENABLE!  If you lag you will die to this!  If you dont lag then you'll be watching a bad slide show.  100 people on each present will make it impossible to see the gifts too.  So why waste your energy struggling at the peaks when you can snag them in the Off season?  :D

My last hint?  ENJOY!  Its a time of free loot, fun, and enjoyment!  Its CHRISTMAS TIME!  So dont forget to enjoy your blessings outside the game and take a break.  Be with your real family and friends within a hours drive.  Then after Santa and the elves pass out from the eggnog you can game the night away with a pleasent buzz of holiday cheer!


To my loyal readers, new and old!  Be safe and happy as your characters never grow old!  :)

Love always!