Saturday, July 30, 2016

Traitor Gluk

Horde Only, No Plushie

L13 pets Dragon, Beast, Critter.

Take a range of 10-14s pets.  You'll need A Humanoid, Mech, and Beast are needed for the ideal group.

Use what you have really.  These lowbies are easy enough so don't stress it!


Friday, July 29, 2016

Guest Writter: MoP Scenerios Nostalgia

For those of you that missed pandaria scenario achievements or didn't play during

Mists of Pandaria you may or may not know about several npcs in the Seat of

Knowledge. Talking to Lorewalker Fu will let you queue for the normal pandaria

scenarios. Lorewalker Shin will queue you for the heroic versions and last but not

least...Lorewalker Han will let you queue for LFR versions of the pandaria raids if you're wanting to

farm them for transmog. And that's all I got say for now, have a good day!


Big Thanks to Sal for sending in a quick Post while I was sick so I could try and post on time.  Appreciated!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Garrisons... Are they useless?

Lets be honest.  If you watch the news for WoW you've heard Garrison will be useless..  But if you've kept playing with it-you'll see its not so bad!

In fact, you can make some gold off it still!

JC building-Uuuuussseeeelllesss!  It gives Resources now-no gold!

Salvage Yard-Mostly mats and possible class specific gear (which sells for copper...) 

Gold missions-They be gone!  The gold that is.  I've seen one or two gold missions and they are not that good.  Throw that out the window.

Bunkers-Those armor tokens be shhiiiitttt!  a few copper.

Inscription building-Your lucky.  Its 7 gold for each pair.  Craptastic but it pays for its materials!!

Trading Post-The gold bags were removed that cost Resources... Sadness...  Much Sadness.


Well you can still!

Bunkers-The tokens are crap but the iron scraps can be used to buy the gear still and sell it.  Which is great. 

Missions-Gear Tokens and the raid boxes aren't bad.  The gear still sells for the same and it can help you get some transmog too!

So I wish you luck with saving!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Grazzle the Great

Horde Only, No Plushie

He has Three Dragons at L14.  To be fair no one will blame you for nuking its a strong team.

Dragons are weak to humanoids (which are harder to find under 20 unless your getting L1 Hogger teams)

So i'd stick with ranges of L13-15s and avoid using magical creatures.  Elementals will handle the attacks pretty well or another dragonkin to settle it out.

But ya... I nuked that one myself... Its just a annoying fight..!


Friday, July 22, 2016

It All Makes Sense! An Achievement how to in 16 steps!

Doomsayers have invaded Org and SW!  Old Gods help you...

So this achievement is a Feat of Strength only running till Legion hits.  But its not listed so who all really remembers it?

The idea is to collect all 12 of their literature.  The catch?  You can only get it every 15 minutes.

Theses a invisible debuff that will not reset when logged out so you have to sit and wait:  WRONG!

It resets in death.

So find the closes Spirit Healer in the city and then a nearby Doomsayer and get suicidal. 

But what about the 2 min CD?!  Hah, fixable.  Just take rez sickness. 

If you wanna save yourself gold drop EVERYTHING in your now empty bank first.

So lets go over it:

1.  Strip and dump everything in the bank.

2.  Find the city Spirit Healer (Like the one in the Cathedral in SW).

3.  Find the closes Doomsayer.

4.  Grab the first pamphlet. 

5.  Fly High.

6. Dismount in air.

7.  Fall to Death, release.

8.  Take Rez sickness at the Spirit Healer.

9.  Run back to Doomsayer.

10.  Grab next Pamphlet.

11.  Repeat Steps 5-10 over and over till you have all 12 different pamphlets.

12.  Stop process at step 10 once you finally get the achievement!

13.  GRATZ!

14.  Read and/or sell/keep the items.

15.  Go get dressed and be ashamed.

16.  Sit on a log and wait for rez sickness to fade because your useless till its gone.

Well ya.  Gratz!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fashion Achievements: Shirts!

Not many of us collected shirts so I got some ways for you to fix that!

In Caverns of Time Hillsbard you can buy shirts from Thomas Yance.  Just buy what you lack and put it on to add it!

Head to the Guild Vendors!  Buy some shirts to rep the guild!  If their not unlocked then talk to the officers about unlocking the achievement.

Been to the Argent Tourny?  Well go rep the fractions by buying their shirts from the vendor near the stables and flight path! 

All else fails?  Hit up the AH or your local tailors!

Too cheap for that?  Consider hitting Icecrown for Princess's Prize ribbon! 

Still lacking?  Dalaran has tons of shirts!  Threads of Fate shop and the First Aid trainer (The Bandage shirts are REALLY popular!) sell plenty.

If your STILL lacking then I've no clue what you missed!  O:    So gratz on the Achievement and onto the the FABULOUS!

By Elve the Fabulous! 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Kela Grimetotem

Horde Only-No Plushie.

She has L15s.  Critter, Critter, Beast.

So if your doing it right you'd want a range of 13-16s that are Beast, Beast, Mech.

As you can tell, I didn't.  I used what I had...  It worked out..!

So if ya gotta nuke it, nuke it!  But it is possible to kill these lowbies with imperfect teams so never fear!


Friday, July 15, 2016


Drunk on my part... Kids, don't drink or smoke weed.  It makes the strangest shit funny..  Like these SELFIES I took after Rag...

This was my exact thought process...


"Wait for it..."

*whistles as he turns head*

*The IDK what that sound was face*

For some reason I found this so funny I sat for 2 hours to get it timed right....  I think someone at the factory spiked my bottle of vodka... Or the redbull made me high....
Ya, lets blame the Redbull!
It gave my brain wings!  And I did some crazy crap!
I hope someone else out there has a brain just fried enough to explain why the hell I found this so amusing!  If nothing else, I hope the rambling made you laugh.
*Will not understand why this will probably end up is most viewed post.  But the strangest ones always seem to be!*

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Music Roll: Ghost

This confusing little piece is found in Duskwood's Raven Hill but you'll look forever unless you catch the hint:  You must be a ghost!

Above:  This what the ghost looks like.  He is the Forlorn Composer.

 I suggest dropping from very high...  Strip first and save your armor.

Above:  He pats around abit but im showing the map so you can see where I found him.

Glitch Tip:  Its a known issue that the ghost glitches.  When you talk to him stand on him or you wont get the music roll.

Now rez and hearth for a new haunting melody in your Halloween d├ęcor Garrison!


Monday, July 11, 2016

WTF 11


Oh yes, mounts can now stealth allowing you to be Wonderwoman and her jet but a worgen in a escorted bike...

Taken in Worgen starting zone, pretty sure its a glitch but it was faster and it was... Different.

Still... WTF, how do stealth in a noisy bike?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cassandra Kaboom

Horde Only, no plushie!

She uses three L11 Mechs so naturally avoid using beast and embrace your Elementals to win this fight.

I suggest ranges of 9-12 to win the fight and get the EXP but Mech pets have a fail safe to revive them after death so play that as best you can with what you have. 

If your just working for YOUR exp or a achievement then feel free to use those OP pets to nuke with a higher level and move on.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Darkmoon Faire Game: It's Hammer Time! With a guest writer!

Big Thanks to Sal for writing up this post for me, its great to have another writer!

If you haven't seen him before then check him out here:

Another of the darkmoon dailies is It's Hammer Time.

The achievement tied to this daily is called That's Whack in which you must score 45 points in a single session of the daily. It's pretty simple...just start the daily and whack the gnolls that pop-up. Avoid hitting the baby doll things with a spring under them...and definitely hit hogger when he
appears. He is the bigger and darker gnoll and awards more points than the normal gnolls.
Getting the achievement may take you a couple tries because time is a little tight but it
rewards you with Hogs' Studded Collar which is a battle pet.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Not so Stronghoof...

Not my best, but better then the one about a bone...

Horde Only, no Plushie!

L9s, Aqua, Elemental, Critter.

I personally just threw together a rag tag team of 8s!  But anything 7-10 will work and get exp.  If your brave try a 6!

Best team will be a flyer, Aqua, and Beast.

Happy Hunting!