Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Darkmoon Faire: Rabbit

Monty Python Reference, this one is well known but often missed.

SLOW and LONG respawns with a limited window.

Needless to say, if your not there you'll miss out because groups for this fill quick and its not a shared drop.  Its a raid wide Needfest.

So heres my hints!

Join the raid or get nothing!!

Love those heals (because bunny will eat your face)

Pray.  That you don't die, and that you win!

Don't assume the "greed" rule will be in affect.  The raid lead will have Masterloot for rolling or it'll be a Needfest.  So make sure if its master loot that your not in a group with a well known ninja. 

Just hit need.  If your the lead, tell them to hit need.  Save the trouble.

If you see it, don't try to solo...  It will eat your face.

Check the group finder but jump quick and be on your highest, best geared person to increase your chances of getting in!

If your a healer-Spam heal on ANYONE taking damage.  More then not their getting face mauled and it'll be there for abit doing MAJOR damage.  Realistically you wont be the ONLY healer but some groups will assume 2-3 is enough till half the group dies.  If you've never seen the damage this thing brings then don't be afraid to ask that they get that extra healer over a tank/dps.  I personally enjoy 4-5, maybe even 6 if no one has seen this before.

Tanks-This thing hurts and it will leap for a different throat.  Don't stress if agro suddenly drops.  Its either left for a new throat or some other moron has decided to take agro.  Either way, not your problem.  Continue as normal by trying to dps your threat back to top and don't bother spamming taunt till the rabbit lets go.

And there you go.  Good luck getting your bloody Alice in Wonderland reject!


Saturday, August 27, 2016

How To Power Level Battle Pets: Warlords

Naturally you can get the level stones... Go nuts... But no!  I'm better then that...

So for this one.  Were talking 1-2 pets to 25 as quickly as possible!  Warlords Style!

Things to make it faster?

Safari hat (Toy)

Pet Treats (25-50% increase for hour.  From Garrison)

Level Stones

Carry  Remember this requires the pet to actually fight.

For this were going to use the Hat for everything...  So the exp is based off that 10% boost.

First:  Go to Warlords (Get that Pet weekly quest because why not!)

Now first fights Ashlie

Pro Tip:  Always use something lower then 5 with this.  And then anything under 23.  Shes the easiest and that boost is INSANE!

Bring that dragonkin to the front!  Attack Plushie only with carries.

2393 Exp per pet.  4786 Single Pet.

1 to 9 in one fight when using a pair of pets!  Your on fiiirrreee.

Next:  Tarr the Terrible in Nag.

With this one Reviving pets and 15+ have a easier time but because of how he starts a lower level pet cant take the first round.  You can try switching them in for the Second round.  And then back out.  But I prefer to do it after the second pet uses Clobber because next he'll start Breath which needs a charge.

I suggest the Second Method:  More chances to switch in.

Limit:  One Leveling Pet.

Switch in Battle Pet
Switch Back out

Is about what I had.  Your might vary slightly based on luck of if you get to hit first on Round 1.

Exp: 5198

L9 up to 14.

Next:  Garga of FrostFire

Lil XT can be traded in with World Destroyer or Pocket Reaver!

I changed the Strat abit.

Lil XT then Reaver.

AoE'd and then filled with the mech attacks.

On the last pet he does a Howl.  When he does, switch in that 14ish pet were at and let it take the attack and then hit.  (If its a critter don't let it get hit again, risk that reaver.)

Boom, 4 more levels!  Your now over half through 18.


-----------------From this point on, its hit or miss.  You can do it for the Stones or just redo above the next day.  Or even look for the next Power Leveling Guide I do!---------------------------

Next is Spires and Vesharr

This one is a pain on a good day so take it slow...

Nexus Whelp

Battle Pet


Start as normal  Nexus whelp Storm and Surge like crazy.  Keep them both on CD.  You should be into the second pet before dying.

Assuming your still on that 18 pet (And hes not a beast or Aqua) Use him to finish the Mech.  If he is one of those, just bring him in at end.  If you can kill him before the second vines though, its pretty smooth sailing.

Use some logic with this one because hes not an easy fight for leveling pets unless their 20+ magics or mechs you can pull out after the first death.

Theres also the danger of Crits so no stressing.

Exp:  4455 

L18-21 (Woot!)

------------Notice at this point, I always say stones are GREAT for uping 21-25 Levels.  But watch the 24.  If its more then 25% full don't waste the stone.  I wont use the stones on anything lower then 18 or higher then 24 and 30%.  So theres that route and if your stuck at 24, a few random battles will fix that!-------

-------------Notice:  ERRIS is GREAT for carrying.  Use a 25, 20, and then 10+ and it tends to work well.  Or just 2 25s and a 10+ for about 2-3k.  But she'll be hard to find in Legion since custom groups wont carry it as much.--------------

Made it this far?  Oh you glutton!

Next (Also interchangeable with Veshie--^  )  Talador's Taralune

Moth's are bitches so if you've got 2 good magic damagers or your trying to do something 20+ its not so bad... Unless its Aqua... Then F you.

But if your willing the same team as before can apply.

Carry First (They do a messed up stun/interrupt...)  Switch. (Shes going to Cocoon don't try to break it... Resist.)

Act as normal with Storm and Surge then your ooze's Poison and Explunge Combo. 

Bring in that 18-21 pet as a last resort only! 


Exp 3713

If you are at this point you've done atleast 5!  Go turn in!  Yay!  You now have 10 free levels.  Use as you please or as I suggested!

I personally threw one on my now 23 and made it 24 with 47% full.  Pet battled with a 25, that 24, and the L9 from before.  Booom. 

Single Exp needing pet was getting atleast 545 exp off 25 pets.  So it only took 2 fights.  I did a third and split the exp with the 9.  The 24 got 272 and the 9 was about 500.

So it was a new L25 and a new L10

Naturally, if you only used a single on Ashlie then you didn't need a stone or extra fights.  But yaaa.  Who wants easy like THAT?

Are you a TRUE Glutton?  Try Brightblade !

Replace Plushie with something that's either Magic or 20+ and give it a shot by following the given guide.

The tree can be replaced with Sunflower.

Rinse and repeat as needed for your chosen pets and don't be afraid to do alittle pet battling between for pets your missing or just to finish off a level.

Hope this helps some of you and that others just enjoy the Post!


Notice:  I used a pair of flyers for this so experiences could vary after a certain point but I've used this as a very reliable way to get quick levels so it shouldn't be too hard to follow and get similar results!

Friday, August 26, 2016

SELFIE Explosion!

RIP cool Druid form... You sucked at pictures but you were cool as could be.  If only they gave a female version too...  Why Blizz, WHY?!

Expect old SELFIEs till I get Legion, but please send me in some current ones!  :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Has Ony been moved?!

So I'm running AQ and it appears they've added a new boss to AQ40!!


That's right, Ony has been moved to AQ40 as a boss.  We can only guess she'll have the same attacks.

When attempting to find and attack it seems she is hidden away in a secret room!

Think I'm kidding?  Well heres the proof!  (And I swear this was not altered in anyway)

All joking aside, is Blizz late to April fools or are we really going to be killing Ony for... *counts in head* Sw, L60 raid, L80 raid, rebirth in BWD...  A fifth time?!

Let the poor thing DIE already and let us put her to fucking rest!!  I know shes evil but this is beyond cruel!  JUST MAKE A NEW BOSS BLIZZ!  D:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mo'ruk's Adventure

Lil XT or Personal World destroyer

Nexus Whelp (A favorite!)

Plushie/Leveling Pet

Start off with your AoE.  Once its done attempt to heal and then filler.  Rinse repeat till your Mech is dead!

Once your whelps out, Arcane storm and then Surge!  Rinse repeat filling as needed till done!

And there ya go!


Friday, August 19, 2016

Fan Art Monthly

I know its ben awhile since i've posted this one but it seems like a good time to include one!  I hope to include a Legion one coming in Sept!

This ones main for the Art of Mahkara of DA

If you like the art then drop her a line for Commissions at:

Thanks Again Mahkara for the awesome art.  :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pre Patch Quest!

Soooo!  New Dal, new quest chain.  This one being a Scenerio solo for 700 gloves with a fun Arcane effect!

First a visit from Khadgar's servant followed by a bit of RP (I wont spoil it all!!).  Next you make a port to Uld, do some killing and learning then a drop by Kara for good measure!

While in Kara you'll be part of defending, killing, and abit of magic!  (Because some how you know arcane magic too...!)

Over all its very quick and easy but lazy... Sooo little voice acting sadly.  :(

Enjoy the Slide Show of Screenies!  (Some Spoilers in them...!  I'll keep them in order!)


Some Screenies of New Dal.

(Random Isle now floating nearby!)

Its clearly under Fel Attack as you can see...

On to the good stuff!


Onto Uld!

On to Kara!

Magically finding a book...

And that's all!


Monday, August 15, 2016

WTF 12

I wanna throw this one in before Legion hits...

But lets take a minute to think about how Dark WoW is...  This was part of the Legendary Ring quest!

This is when we find our favorite Warden is corrupted and must pretty much kill her while Khadgar traps her in a Pentagram...

WoW went dark.  Truly... Dark...!


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Banefury's Last Adventure

The plushie is quickly rounding the bin.  Only a few more till we finish this Loooong Adventure!

What I used: 

Lil XT (Can be replaced with World Destroyer)

World Destroyer (Can be replaced with Anything else with a Mech Group AoE or a slow pet with tail whip... Scourge Whelp, Ony Whelp, ect all work)


AoE, Repair, random attack/pass.  Rinse Repeat.  Try not to kill during Rebirth but if you do, just let the plushie take the hits till the thing dies then bring it in for a hug.

Once your first pet is dead you'll either AoE till only one pet remains alive (And/or if you have a different pet) tail whip till everything is dead.

And that's all she wrote!


Friday, August 12, 2016

Nostaglia: SW Park!

They finally fixed the park!  So lets see the changes.  :)



Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Demon Hunters Released, Invasion has started!

The Demon Hunter Spree has begun!

We are being overrun with tattoo'd Night elves wielding glaives, The SW King is dead, and we've got to repel demons twice every 4 hours per character?! 

Well this will not do!

Since I don't have a way to play Demon Hunter (sorry yall, I just cant afford the Expac at this time!!) so i'll be covering Invasions instead!

First off, there IS a achievement for this.  Two in fact.

One for Fighting off the invasion and another for throwing them out of every area (a secret Achievement, trust me, I cant find it!).

For this second one you'll need to go to:  Hillsbrad, Northern Barren, Tanaris, Azshara, Dun Morogh, Westfall.  All must be done on the same character to count.

These have 4 stages:

1.  Defend the Town. 

2. Kill the 2 Lts and Commander.

3.  Seek Out and Destroy Legions buildings and Army through the zone.

4.  Return to the town and kill the Boss.

After Stages 2 and 4 you'll receive Boxes of loot!

The loot will be Currency, Gear, Fel Upgrades for weapons, ect.

Through the whole think you'll get Nethershards as currency.

150 will get you a bat pet.

200 will get you a transmog set in Cloth, Leather, Mail, or Plate.  (You can get this gear from the boxes but this one is the entire set.)

100 for War Glaives.  These are BoA and upgradable to 725.

50 each for trinkets, rings, neck, and a cloak.

150 for a Fel Upgrader for weapons.

You can easily get 30-50 Shards per Invasion and do it on multiple alts, so enjoy that free 700 gear and gear those alts!

Good luck!


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Grand Master Obalis has a GRAND Adventure!

Cata's Grand Master failed against a plushie (but he aint a pushover!)

My choice:

Lil Xt (Personal World Destroyer does work, you mainly want Repair and a AoE attack!  But my XT is higher so I used him)

Nexus Whelp (This is a all star of the blog!!)

First off, AoE Then use Repair.  Fill with bolt till you can AoE again.  Rinse repeat till dead.  Ideally this wont kill anyone but it'll have them all at half health or less.

Once hes dead bring in your Whelp.  You can AoE and then use Barrage and finish off with Tail Whip.  If incoming damage is a concern then avoid Barrage with the snake and switch to the Plushie to take Burrow and use the Hug ability to switch without causing extra damage to your whelp.

And that's how its done.  I didn't use my Plushie at all but it was worth having the option.

Happy Hunting!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Achievement Help: Going Down!

One of the oldest Achievements, this one is best done by Getting a Priest or Mage to give you a slow fall and flying up high. 

But heres some more ways to get it!

Walk off the Edge of Dal.  Aim for Water.  Or just get alittle help...

Go to Azure Watch, do the Furbolg quest (as in Screenies!)  The second or third quest gives you wings.  Jump from cliff and fall safely!

Go to the sea.  Fly as high as you can.  Fall.  Land in water, you live!

The way most of you will get it:

Accidently get dismounted.  Luckily survive.

Afk in air and be PvP flagged.  You got knocked off and fall.

Lag off a Elevator.

Fail the Elevator boss.

Lagged off a cliff.

Attempting to kill self for unknown reason.  Boredom maybe.

And there we go!