Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Pets are Napping, Battling!

Art by me.

Quick sketch to go with post.  I'll be skipping this update in favor of celebrating (sorry!)

This is actually my birthday and i'll be taking it off.  I drew this before I left state so the post would be on time without me having to upload.

So may the pets sleep well!

Featured pets:

Fel Pup

Cinder Pup

Nether Pup

Pepe (not a pet, but a fav)



Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Guide: Noble Garden

March 28th to April 4th (just a day late...!)

((Nothing new added for 2016))

Its Easter in WoW and oh isnt it fun!

Each town outside the starting area is full of eggs that you open and trade for pets, mounts, and even a poly book!  But rather then bore you with cords, i'll give you tips on getting those eggs.

Try during off times.  Right after work or school the zone is packed!  Its a battle of clicks.

Avoid the more "popular" areas.  This means Goldshire, Falcon Square, and Razor Hill.

Dont run, pick a empty spawn to camp.  In the old days it was a train of people running.  First to the egg got the egg and the others kept going.  Now everyone camps a spawn.  But if your doing this DONT try to "Share" the spawn or kick a person there before you out.  Its rude and going to hurt you both.

Know how many you need and plan accordingly.  If you only want the mount then dont camp after the 500, your wasting your time and taking from other players!

Rewards you'll want to buy:

**Mount (500)

Spring Rabbit pet (needed for achievement, can find in eggs you farm, 100)

**Tome of Poly: Rabbit (100, mages only)

**Mystical Spring Bouquet (100, new in 2015, cant get in the eggs)

Of course theres also the Tux, robes, and circlets.  But since there arent rare from the eggs and give achievements to find...

**Save and buy these items first, you can get more eggs to buy the other items if you dont already have them from the eggs you've picked up!

Speaking of...!


Blushing Bride-Wear the Tux shirt and pants and /kiss a person in the elegant dress.

If you wanna be nice run around in the dress when you get it and make that achievement easier for someone!  All three items can be bought or found in eggs.

Chocolate Lover-Eat 25 Eggs.   
Followed by:  Chocoholic-Eat 100 eggs!

Save this one for last if you want the items!

Desert Rose-Use Spring Robes to plant flowers in the listed zones.

Badlands-Eastern Kingdoms (Ironforge or Twilight Highlands are closes ports)

Desolace-Kalimdor (Fly from Darnassus, Moonglade, or Hyjal)



Thousand Needles

The last three are southern Kalmidor.  You can fly to them from Desolace or by taking the Caverns of Time or Uldum port there.

While there, hit up Un'Goro for this next achievement...!

Hard Boiled-Lay an egg in the Ungoro Hot Springs!

With a friend (or random from finder) go to Golakka Hot Springs and trade polymorph from Blossoming Branches and sit in the water till you lay an egg.  Done!

I Found One!

The first ones always free...!

Noble Garden-Hide a Noblegarden egg in SW or SMC (depends on fraction).

Cost 5 eggs to buy and you can pick it up right after laying it.

Shake your Bunny Maker!-Because Blizz is pervy.

Buy Spring Flowers or get them from a egg and go around looking for female 18+s to give them bunny ears.

God that sounds more like your looking for legal girls for the Bunny ranch... Blizz is fucking naughty!

You can do this one after the Event passes, do never fear!

Spring Fling-Help your pet find love.

Go to the listed towns and let your Spring Rabbit out till it gets marked off.  It'll find love and all that with another players rabbit...

Dirty, dirty Blizzard.

These arent needed for the Meta but hey!

Sunday Finest-Get the Tux shirt and pants from opening eggs! 

Dressed for the Occasion-Get a Elegant Dress from opening eggs!

Didnt I tell you it was worth not buying those?  Plus if your looking for 100-500 eggs, you should find it... They arent that rare.

If the fates deny your rolls, I am not responsible!

Happy Egg hunts!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Garrison Money Maker: Large Plots

See also:




Large Plots, the bigguns.  Well ya.  Just giant plots.  Like medium i'll share a few viable options but then only what I really suggest for Gold Farming.

Mage Tower-Farming to get portals and a random rune to stand on for damage boost (only in WoD).  Great for those who like farming mats or something along those lines.

  Dwarven Bunker-Seals, tokens (to use or sell), Ungrade chance increased on gear, scraps to turn in daily or use to by transmog gear (to sell or use).

Barracks-bodyguard and +5 more followers.

My suggestion is Barracks (ESPECIALLY if you got the inn) and a Bunker.  Why?  Once you've completely capped your followers you sell the tokens for about 100 gold a day, plus the daily is 15 gold with a token to sell for atleast 5 gold if you always pick weapon (it sells for more).  Plus Barracks allow more followers to help with those needed in buildings and increase missions you can do!

One down side is you DO need a lot of resources to keep the bunker running but they aren't hard to get.

So that's the end of this part of making gold in Garrisons, stay tuned for part 2:  Followers!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Blastfuse Adventure

Theres a pattern here as you can see, but i'll stick with Plushie/Lowbie.

First Pet:  Ooze, Oozling, slimes.

You want A poison and a Expunge. Keep a Poison and Expunge on CD.  Fill as needed till dead.

Second pet:  Bloodfeather  (Or a flyer in general)

Attack with your main attack till its over.

And there ya go!  Happy Hunting.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Fan Art Monthly

More Fan Art!
Molvayas:  BE Mage
Commissions:  ---
Mine:  Queen Azshara
Mine:  Tyrandane (Personal Character)

BratzKatz:  Sasha the Mage

If your smart you'll go check out these two artist and show them some love for their awesome art!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Making Gold with Garrisons: Medium Plots

See Small Plots here:

With this plot you get TWO choices.  So let me explain a few viable options and what you'd need to do to achieve the Gold Farming status.

Barn:  Trap Elites to get both feast, skins, fur, and bloods.  To GET the gold, you must AH these things.  If you don't enjoy AHing then this is impossible.  But as a whole know of these sell for a large amount thanks to the trading post.  The Bloods sell decently but they are much easier to get since the Fels were introduced so the use is limited.

Trading Post:  Little to no real gold.  You can change in extra mats for resources.  Buy mats to feed the money making professions, or you can trade for gold the bloods (about 50 gold average) and resources for gold (averaged 6 gold).  This is good if you have the large Plot of Dwarven Bunker.

Glad. Sanctum:  Requires PvP!  This gives PvP gear, gold, gear tokens for follows, and resources.  Its a great building but you have to do World or Ashran PvP to make this anything short of useless.

Inn:  Must do HEROICS TO GET TO L3.  This gives more gold missions and access to a weekly follower. 

So here i'll make suggestions for Plot combos:

The Ultimate Gold Farmer:  Inn and Glad Sanctum.

This guy is the one who has time to burn.  He watches his missions like a hawk and does about 12 hours plus of PvP each week to keep his Sanctum's bones flowing.  Between Ashran's hes hitting his table to keep his followers out on overtime.  He never misses a respawn in his herb garden or mine and isn't afraid to farm mats.  Its very possible he also visits the AH to sell pets and extra items!

Slave Driver:  Inn and Trading Post

This guy aim to use missions as his main gold farm.  His followers never enter the garrison and he buys from the trading post to prevent any actual work. 

Goblin Trader:  Trading Post and Barn

Cunning with resources they stockpile the cheap and keep the trading post full on orders.  When not playing the AH they like to relax by the mission table reminding the followers that time is money!

Cold Hearted Bastard:  Glad Sanctum and Barn

This Sonofa spends his time trapping animals to sell products and get feast for his many dead friends in Ashran.  Once his barn is full he hangs in Ashran preying on the Undead for easy bone collection.  His free time is spent crafting LWing level ups with the bloods or selling the bloods in trade.  He also most likely has tailoring and makes the bags to sell at gouged prices to the masses! 

This is most likely a rogue.  (Oh I wish I was kidding!)

Well all joking aside, I hope you'll enjoy my suggestions.  I personally suggest Slave Driver because it allows you to follow the Small plot guide easily without a need to farm ore when you run out of the one you need.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Okrut has a Adventure

I offer two options, one for killing while getting exp,  The other is a two pet which allows the plushie or a lowbie to be carried.

So the first is simple, attack with a humanoid and then two critters.

The second i'll explain since its more likely to be used.

Start with a Humaniod (I highly suggest Peddlefoot)

I start with the rocket and fill with bolt, hitting love potion when I cant hit or am too low and the proto is still up.

Once proto is down continue to kill as normal till dead.

Switch in the plushie/lowbie to take the immune Undead phase and frost bombs.

Once the roach is out scratch and use Survival as needed.  I didn't even use the third option but its viable to start with this at the start and then pull in the roach or plushie to take the final blast (This attack does miss if roach dies!)

Good luck!


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

To Cookie Cutter or not to?

First off:  Cookie Cutter is coping and following a preset method without adaption. 

Next:  Blizz claims they want to stop this...  AKA this is why our talent trees were turned into a more cookie cutting friendly format? 

Look, im not usually one to complain but Blizz is streamlining and making WoW cookie cutter friendly.

Your "Talents" are completely unbalanced.  You have three per tier and atleast 1 is shit and the other 1 or two are heavily PvP based.  This leaves PvE players with ONE option or the lesser evil of a PvP option.  No Icy-Veins needed to tell me the better talent... 

Luckily at the higher levels your given a real choice you think (Hah, you wish) 

Wanna know why all hunters but BM want Lone Wolf?  Because the other two options are so under powered in comparison or require more focus then most people can spare during a actual raid.  The ammo one looks really cool and like it should be great, damage wise its not.  Its like adding an extra .7% crit chance.  You might deal abit more but your more likely to do the same.

So ya... Were FORCED to cookie cutter 99% of the time or have our dps/healing/survivability suffer!

In the old days with the old tree you had hundreds of builds to pick from and yes some might be better for this or that but they were so easy to personalize towards your style.  Plus we had spells we DIDNT need so our bars were packed full and we had the option to use frost spells as fire spec and fury could throw on a shield and tank!  Ret was even viable at healing!!

Now not all of these changes are bad.  Capping the mana, this was a good thing.  It helped new level capped healers have a chance to perform against the raid decked healers who use to have triple the mana plus stronger spells.  The sad part is the lack of spirit to be had as killed certain classes due to the lack of Mana regene when placed against other classes with more ways to get mana faster. 

But a lack of balance in classes is nothing new, and something that is tweaked (too much tweaking usually) each patch/expac.

But the reason my fur is really ruffled now is the Legion Weaponry. 

At first it was so cool, we'd get legendary style weapons which meant melee heavy dps wouldn't be handicapped right off the bat by a shitty weapon, but casters in turn would also get a awesome stat boost.

Downside?  Each weapon is SPEC ONLY!  This means fire mages cant get the staffs, guardian druids are using a 1her, Fury warriors and Frost DKs NO LONGER GET TO CHOOSE TO BE 1HER or 2HER!!!

Now you see... That's what really ticks my house hold off.  Me?  I hate Titan Grip.  I love the fast blades and multiple hits of Single Minded Fury!  My boyfriend?  He loves his big hits, he loves his Obliterate critting like a mother when he swing a axe bigger then a dwarf.  WHY THE FRICK AM I NOT GETTING A OPTION HERE?!

And since when do druid tanks not get a staff?  I ALWAYS get a 2her on my monk and druid tanks.  The stam/agility boost is just higher then with 2hers and its just how you do it!  But I don't even get a damn choice?!

Hunters...  What is a hunter without a damn pet?!  "Everyone kept taking Lone Wolf so-" blah blah, you know why?  You made it unbalanced to take the other options, especially as survival!  Marks, I can see them without a pet.  Their snipers.  Survival is a grey that can go either way but the option should be there!  Also, the FUCK with the weapons?!  I only use guns IRL!  In a game I wanna use my damn bow!  How DARE YOU force a BM hunter to use a gun!  If anything Survival should get the gun!  Its in their damn name!!  SURVIVE!  ><;  But noooo they get... Polearms...  The polearm idea, its "cool" but so is glaives.  Why aren't we getting those?! 

Why are you FORCING us towards the weapon and play styles?  Why are spells being dumbed down and removed and our choices limited so?  You promise to end cookie cutting but your leaving people no choice.  You killed Fire Specs AoE when you took away blizzard (Don't try me, you know you used it as a fire spec, it was the BEST AoE for a mage!), you are taking the pets out of hunters (seriously, its a ranger now...) and your attaching us to a central hub instead of sending us out (I enjoyed the garrisons myself but I cant blame others for being upset they cant have the option to quest).

At this point WoW has never been more cookie cutter.  Its not even WoW anymore-Its the name name and look but the play styles, options... Those are gone.

In Vanilla, I played ret pally with a shield and 1her.  I was tanking lowbie stuff that way because people went tank/heals at 50-60.

My rogue was needed to disarm traps and open areas in instances.

My mage was no a portal vending machine, it was a CC machine!

You played the role you agreed to play:  because the raid lead wouldn't deal with that shit.

There was no vote, you were nice to lead or you were booted.

You ran to your corpse, you did not expect a rez.

You THANKED healers and tanks because you knew they were hard to come by and wanted them to stay that spec!

You could be the BEST Balance speced healer in the world!

A Fury Warrior/Ench Shammy with a Shield was a off tank for adds.

Warlocks did not waste shards summoning your lazy butt because they had to waste them making cookies and hard to farm those frickers before raids.

It was considered rude to ask for a summon unless you were in a city recruiting for the raid team.

Warriors could use ALL WEAPONS (except wands) and be awesome!

DKs could tank in ANY spec.

A Restro Druid was a better tank then you because Thorns+heals=WIN.

Looking at WoW now you'd think these things I listed were a joke.

Don't get me wrong, change is good.  I can understand why they'd change some things, why they want to dumb down and remove spells to make room for more awesome spells, and even why they don't want a fire spec mage spamming frost bolt...  But the spirit of WoW, the personality a player could put in it is gone.  There was a time that deleteing my level capped character would bring tears to my eyes.  Now its more like "meh..  I'll have a new one in less then 24 hours." 

I hope others are happier about the changes then I am, and I welcome more welcoming news.  But as it is, I just fill a sick feeling.

To all my loyal readers, theres no fear of the blog ending.  Even though I rant and complain and even if Legion goes in my "worse Expac Ever" slot, i'll probably still be going till the bitter end.  Why?  Because I've been playing since they first started and I no longer pay to play (I do love Token) so i'll probably keep going till your sick of me.  ;3


Monday, April 11, 2016


Is that a Caffinated bird?!  Wth Blizz!  Its no wonder its so jittery and never sleeps!  But who fills the cup?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

An Adventure with Shu

I didn't use the Plushie but it was there.

Pet One:  Moth

Play as normal, Use cocoon to block the big attacks, keep moth dust on CD, and strike as a filler.

Continue till dead.

Pet two:  Menagerie Custodian (Or similar attacks)

Save the Ion cannon, Stun on CD/before big attacks/channels, and blast on filler.

And there you go.

If you choose to use a leveling pet then just try to take one of the heavy hitter attacks and there you go!

Happy hunting!


Friday, April 8, 2016

Nostalgia: Legendary Cloaks

If these screenies mean something to you, then you got that cloak or played Mist.

These floating holograms were you and other players who got the cloak.

This cloak took a long grind of LFRs, some out of raid work, and plenty of RP.

This final step was making a epic legendary with a Timeless Essence.

And all that to go to Siege... Where he wasnt killed... And the Prince then threw a temper tantrum...  And the funny waiter called him a child.  Funny stuff.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Darkmoon Guide to Proffessions

Darkmoon is great for a 101 reasons and profession level ups is one of them!

Main Proffessions:  4 tickets   Secondary:  3 tickets

So here i'll explain each quest and what you should grab pre portal.

Alchemy:  Fizzy Fusion

You'll wanna grab your Moonberry juice pre portal (just need 5) and 5 of the fizzy faire drinks sold by the quest giver.  Combine via the quest shaker and done!

Enchanting:  Putting Trash to good use.

Nothing to grab/buy just run around picking up maces with piles of paper then "DE" 6 of them... By clicking them in your bag.  Done!

Blacksmithing:  Baby Needs Two Pairs of Shoes

You DO NOT have to leave the faire nor do you have to bring a anvil.  Just head to where they sell heirlooms and done!  He gives you a quest item so nothing to grab.

Engineering:  Talkin' Tonks

Just run around looking for tonks to repair with the given wrench.  Easy Peasy.

Herbing:  Herbs for Healing

Run around picking up herbs, they grow all around the tent areas and can be tracked!

Inscrib:  Writing the Future

Requires 5 parchment (buy before!) and then the use of given herbs to write the stupid fortunes!

JC:  Keeping the Faire Sparkling

Run about the fair, pick up broken bottles, right click and get diamonds!

LW:  Eyes on the Prizes

For this one you must bring 10 shiny baubles, 5 coarse thread, and 5 blue dye.  From this point you use the quest item to make 5 prizes for the shooting gallery.

Mining:  Rearm, Reuse, Recycle

Cant say their not green, go around picking up scrap metal of tonk parts and return it to be recycled.

Tailoring:  Banners, Banners Everywhere!

Quick one but you'll need 1 coarse thread, 1 red dye, and 1 blue dye.  Then after you make the banner just place it next to the vendor for a quick DONE quest!

Skinning:  Tan My Hide

Just run around the area you got your quest scraping hides that are set out.  I suggest doing it while you do the first aid cause they respawn fast with 2 spawning right there!

Arch:  Fun for the Little Ones

Requires 15 Fossil fragments.

Cooking:  Putting the Crunch in the Frog

Requires 5 mild spices.  Coat the frog then toss the frog 5 times.  Done!

First Aid:  Putting the Carnies Back Together Again

Use the bandages to get 4 carnies up and running again. 

Fishing:  Spoilin' for Salty Sea Dogs

Fish anywhere on the island 5 times!  Awards crates and the new fish currency as well.

And that's that, happy hunting!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gorespines been De-Spined

Your favorite Legendary battles are getting knocked out of the park.

This is a 25 Beat so you wanna have a solid team of mechs and don't bother with leveling the exp is so crappy its not worth it.

My line up is as above.

Pet one:  Iron Star

Start with the wind up for a damage boost and then apply the DoT.  Now use wind up over and over till you are about to die or have died the first time.  At this point, Explode.  Take a huge amount down with you!

Pet two:  Menagerie Custodian

Use the Stun on CD and the blast over and over.  Again, as soon as you have died once or are about to then use the Ion blast to take a huge chunk.  You DONT use this before because you'll be stuck for 2 rounds unable to switch or anything.

Pet Three:  Clockwork Rocket Bot

If you even get to this one.  I don't always need it. 

Start with the DoT and toss out a rocket.  You can choose to use the Rocket or Missles to kill him off.  Naturally watch that last inch  of health determine if you should bother using a Rocket for 5 health or the quick missle shot.

And that's my line up but three mechs with plenty of strong attacks can handle this.

Good luck, happy hunting!


Friday, April 1, 2016

Achievement: To All The Critters!

If looking to kill time the General Achievements are great time wasters.  In this case im referring to the multiple achievements to /love critters!

In this case im just sharing a few tips since its a VERY long list. 

1.  Most of these critters are in multiple zones!

2.  /love EVERYTHING and you cant fail!

3.  If you don't have battle pets yet, then get those as ya go!

4.  The tamable pets now count towards the achievement to /love!  Talk about easy tracking.

5.  If you already tamed the battle pet then your in luck!!  Why?  Because you can summon and /love your pets or other peoples pets and it counts!!  Talk about a shocker.  Over half these pets are tamable so you may have them!

6.  Do it with leveling or loremaster alts and save some running. 

7.  Its for killing time!  So no need to rush.

And that's our monthly Achievement Helper!  Keep it up!