Friday, July 28, 2017

Screenie or SELFIE... Who cares, its Friday!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blood Weapon Artifact

It all starts with a fun stroll through Dal, getting a ride to the Broken Shore and then getting punted into a Legion Portal...  Because who doesnt love being gnome punted into a Portal?  Besides Gerald... We all know he hates it.  But hes not already dead, so OFF WE GO!



Meet up with Sliver and start killing demons!

Your job is to protect him really... And he will run off like any escort.  Just follow and protect.

At stage 5 you'll meet up with a dwarf.  Free him you must by killing a named demon!

While getting there watch out for clouds... The wryms throw them down and boy do they hurt...

After you kill the guy you'll grab the keystone (not loot it off the body) and run back for your second helper!

And RP fight between those two... Yap yap..

Magic Shield over Fel ground... And oh another barrier..

You'll need the shield to get past the ground again but you can skip stuff if you like! Just kill orbs to prevent knocking.

Oh look another guy to free!  Wait... Oh.. Nope... Guess we avenge him?

For this fight he'll summon adds that drop green goo of joy... And he does a stun.  Run to his side when he does the slam and AoE oozes then kite away.  Easy Peasey..

And boom, Weapon achieved.

Dont forget to rune it!  (Like I did my frost one.. ><; )


Okay, enough I promise (I started Instagram for commissions... I had to start using hashtags... Im truely sorry.. If you interested in seeing my stuff then just go to the About Page and you'll see a link.  If you hate Instagram then you can see more art on my DA which is also in the abouts.)

I did this at 103 with Heirlooms and in blood...  The trash damage was pretty harsh but I had to get use to runic power instead of runes for my death strike so wasnt on CDs like I might of should of been...  I'd give it a 6/10, maybe a 7/10.  But the boss guy was pretty easy to heal through so its really do able.  I imagine it would be super easy with better gear then 680-718 but yah.  This was my experience.

Suffer Well,


Friday, July 21, 2017

Monk Mount

((Please excuse curtness... Its reaaalllyyy hot... I mean seriously were in a heat advisory and I have no AC atm.  Its bad hot..))

Go to Morning Breeze Village... Hear Story.

Return to temple... Take port as seen on screenie.

Turn in, follow tracks...There are 4 sets... Then dooooowwwn the Mt... Help get Lucky dos for Grumbles

Now you keep Lucky Do and go to Monstary!

Speak with commander, go kill sha... Oookay!

Run over small ones and kill the manifest.  Easy Peasey.

Now fly out!

Now... Binan Village... Long flight.. Thank goodness we fly..

Now collect 6 flowers... From the Temple of the White Tiger... Yay...

There are big fish.. I just CC'd them and grabbed the flower..  Now back you go.. Like ping pong..

Yay!  Time for mount... But a trial?

Ooh.  We have to fight him!

Silence when you can, let him stop jumping before chasing.  Thats it.

Happy Mounting!


(Screen shots detail the "Path of the masters" or whatever it was that the mount always walked with its new rider...)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Demon Hunter DPS Hidden Weapon

This kind of sucked, really...

Go to Surmaur, at Felhold... Look up and see that big ol bat, Downfall?  Yah, fly to him, hit glide.

Now use all your abilities to kill him QUICKLY and to follow after him.

You'll want a little gear because chasing this arsehole is a pain so you want him down quick..  Must be done as a DPS.  You need Fel rush to follow him.

Just fight inside his swirling winds and try not to fall out.  Then go track down the corpse for your new model!



Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pets on Hiatus

I usually do a Battle Pet post here but I think I've covered all the current ones...  Because of that i'll be putting it this post on hold for the time being while I get some new battles to post here.

Please accept my apologies!  :(  I'm currently between jobs as well so my time is actually tighter...  since I'm looking for jobs, stressing, and attempting to start my commission artist stick back up...

That being said, if you want to support me please feel free to commission me or donate to my patreon.  Both options can help support me and the blog since i'd rather be a full time artist and blogger..

All help is appreciated... :)  And believe me when I say I don't want to stop posting and I don't want to ask for help.. Its not in my nature.  So this is really tough for me...  But my patreon account will have tons of my art for patreon's only to see and I love doing Warcraft commissions so please feel free to contact me.

My chibi's are $5-15 and my cartoons are the same!

Till next we meet, i'll post updates as I can!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Demon Hunter: Tank Hidden Weapon

You have to get the Hall Perk that allows you to kill the demon boss daily for this one.  It isn't 100% but the boss was pretty each to solo as a tank at all levels.  There are multiple bosses, me and Nav got it off different ones at different times both at 100. 

So just keep killing, it'll drop one day my friend... (I spent 4 months on this..)


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Robert Craig is a pain in the..

A Magic Mastery tick... I have others but this is the easiest so far.

You can use any magics but I suggest ones that can use storm and surge or bomb as above... The AoE damage. 

You play as expected, Storm on CD, bomb for when your about to die or can kill the other pet and be near death yourself.. Get the most use as you can before that ability for sure.  The Storm will also prevent lost one from stunning you, yay!

I choose a ooze for the last because they are super strong.  Poison, Expunge, and the absorb is the thing isn't dead yet!

Boom.  Yay!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Druid Mount/Form

Druid Mount/Form

It starts all by going home to talk to the Crow... And then back through your portal to the Dreamway and THROUGH THE HYJAL PORT.... I did this with Nav..  He forgots he did.

Talk to the guy, kill demons (like Shammy version) and then reveal a traitor!  Le Gasp...

Back home you go to turn in!  (Its up near the top edge of the map, follow the arrow).

Your next quest involves flying to Azsuna to where they tracked the demon..  Go ahead and fly up..

Its the tippy top of that mountian.  And beware, you'll lose flying abilities.

Meet Crow and prowl along with her (dont gotta be feral to do this).

You'll wait on a quick RP, kill harpies and demons (AoE fest!).

Now follow Crow up the Mt and hop on your future form.

Do what comes natural... Kill, maim... Everything.  Loot the boss and Port back home!

Go back to the same area before and...


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shammy Ench Hidden Weapon

Flotsam (the giant boss that spawns in Highmountain) drops this perty little appearance. 

With three shammies we got it when we killed him (most have L6+ Artifact knowledge I think..) so it seems to be 100%.

Happy Hunting

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

I know I have some viewers in other Countries, but to my American viewers happy Independence Day! 

We have some much freedom in this great land and all of it is thanks to those who served then and now to protect our rights!  Be thankful and happy for what you have!

And please... I know people love Fireworks but be aware of your surroundings...  Many people suffer from PTSD and it can be triggered by Fireworks because they sound like bombs and bullets...  Animals are often scared of the sounds so please make sure your pets are somewhere safe that they can feel comfortable even if you don't intend to fire any...  Local wildlife is also affected by the sounds, debry, and lights...

So try and keep it to a respectable amount of time... Some people like to sleep... Hearing a moron screaming their head off as they shoot off bottle rockets at 3am makes me want to shoot you.. -.-;

And for the love of god stop getting bottle rockets.  They make a boom, they are pointless...

Lastly.  Don't be a stupid moron or jackass.  Keep animals out of it, don't try and fire a rocket out of your ass, and don't hold it while it goes off...  Probably just avoid beer while your shooting them off so your not going to the Dr...

Pretty much just act like a decent, respectable person that I know you are..  And enjoy the holiday.


Monday, July 3, 2017

WTF 24

Oooh my... Are Healing Monks using Fel?!

No seriously, that's from my artifact.  Its the "Mist" as I use soothing mist it spawns...

The effects are pretty then it just looks like I'm setting the world of fucking fire!

WTF Blizz?! 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Varenne gets Served to the Dragons.

I cant completely remember my logic...  But it was meant to be for the Dragons achieve.

All three are perty easy to get.

I started with my Dragonhawk.  Burn, Conflag, Swipe as a filler.

My Chrom pretty much just did what you'd expect.  Ravaged when it was about to die, bite as a filler, roar when a heal was needed.

I didn't need the third but I have to keep the spot filled.  If I had needed it, I would of used moonlight, slicing wind, and life exchange if I was lower.