Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

I know I have some viewers in other Countries, but to my American viewers happy Independence Day! 

We have some much freedom in this great land and all of it is thanks to those who served then and now to protect our rights!  Be thankful and happy for what you have!

And please... I know people love Fireworks but be aware of your surroundings...  Many people suffer from PTSD and it can be triggered by Fireworks because they sound like bombs and bullets...  Animals are often scared of the sounds so please make sure your pets are somewhere safe that they can feel comfortable even if you don't intend to fire any...  Local wildlife is also affected by the sounds, debry, and lights...

So try and keep it to a respectable amount of time... Some people like to sleep... Hearing a moron screaming their head off as they shoot off bottle rockets at 3am makes me want to shoot you.. -.-;

And for the love of god stop getting bottle rockets.  They make a boom, they are pointless...

Lastly.  Don't be a stupid moron or jackass.  Keep animals out of it, don't try and fire a rocket out of your ass, and don't hold it while it goes off...  Probably just avoid beer while your shooting them off so your not going to the Dr...

Pretty much just act like a decent, respectable person that I know you are..  And enjoy the holiday.


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