Friday, July 7, 2017

Druid Mount/Form

Druid Mount/Form

It starts all by going home to talk to the Crow... And then back through your portal to the Dreamway and THROUGH THE HYJAL PORT.... I did this with Nav..  He forgots he did.

Talk to the guy, kill demons (like Shammy version) and then reveal a traitor!  Le Gasp...

Back home you go to turn in!  (Its up near the top edge of the map, follow the arrow).

Your next quest involves flying to Azsuna to where they tracked the demon..  Go ahead and fly up..

Its the tippy top of that mountian.  And beware, you'll lose flying abilities.

Meet Crow and prowl along with her (dont gotta be feral to do this).

You'll wait on a quick RP, kill harpies and demons (AoE fest!).

Now follow Crow up the Mt and hop on your future form.

Do what comes natural... Kill, maim... Everything.  Loot the boss and Port back home!

Go back to the same area before and...


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