Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How To Get Invited Back

Ever been in a PuG or random group with some players that were nice and/or didn't suck?  Well doesn't it suck when it disbands?

So lets talk about how to get invited back!

1.  Don't be carried.

Ya, some classes are under/over powered or just get shafted at certain levels or areas.  But theres trying and then theres /follow and afk. 

Needless to say.  We hate you.  Go die in a Fire.  I personally enjoy kicking or killing players who do that (because when dead you'll not get the exp).  Know why I do this?  Because no one wants to carry a jackass who cant even be bothered to PLAY THE GAME!

If you have to AFK for a moment, people can deal.  If its a emergency that will take longer then the instance then be nice and just drop so next time you see those people they wont say "Kick the Ahole, they'll just afk and ninja exp from us."

This being the case.  Help in the fights, don't let your mana, rage, or energy bar be unmoving (seriously, if its not moving the healer will notice and if its me, i'll link the dps and say you auto attacked time to go!). 

If I sound like a broken record on this its because this happens too much and so many groups break because no one wants to requeue and keep carrying the lazy ahole.  But if your really trying and just cant get a hit in because the hunter kills it before the tank reaches it or something like that, people can deal and see that.

2.  Manners go a long way.

Calling people noobs, needing everything, pulling for tank, and other dickery will land you on ignore not a friends list.  No one wants that around when their having fun.

3.  Remember its just a game, but that's not a crutch.

Ever had a player purposely cause wipes then say "its just a game"?  Yah.  That's no excuse to be a prick.

4.  Feedback goes a LONG way.

Say gratz, hi, how are you, just random conversation and small talk.  90% of groups don't say a word.  So when one person does it gets the entire group going.  Why?  Because humans are social creatures to a extent. 

Don't get me wrong, humans suck a lot of times but I do crave abit of interaction with something besides a AI.  Because of this, i'll top the charts and chat your ear off.

5.  There is a time and place to talk.

On that subject, there is a time that quiet should be enforced.  Make it a rule to go silent during boss fights even if its not a raid.  These are times to focus and call outs can be missed if someone is constantly spamming the chat.  It also annoys leaders who are trying to give warnings.

Because of this as a raid lead I called for Silence in both voice and text chats before pulls.  Only fight related info could be mentioned.  That meant no calling people out for mistakes, only saying that they had the debuff, they were down, or their add was dead.  Tanks and Healers could offer more info then this but again, all fight related. 

Why was I like this?  Because look at LFR.  Can you keep your raid or /say chat open?  Probably not because 20 people are calling shit out and distracting you or confusing you.  Imagine what any new player feels about that.  Its chaos.

Its even worse when its not fight related chatter.  Humans are curious and nosey too.  If we can read about someone's private life, then we probably are honed in on that and not green fire.

6.  Make the offer.

Don't expect someone to ask to requeue. Ask yourself before last boss or offer your battle tag for new friends and group later!

7.  (Because its lucky!)

Hah, half a joke really... But ya.  That's my tips to getting yourself invited back to PuGs!  Enjoy and have fun!


Saturday, March 26, 2016


Level 16s  Flyer, Aqua, and Beast

So you want a team of 14-17s to get decent exp (That's not what I have due to the fact that I have a huge gap of 8s jumping to 24s...  Not much between!)

Flyer---Get a magic attacker.  Such as the ooze.

Aqua---You'd like a flyer.  Say the trusty moth!

Beast--- Got your Machine?  Yap that's the key. 

So there's the break down.  Sorry I have a not so perfect line up above but I just didn't have it.  ><;


Friday, March 25, 2016

Fan Art Monthly

I posted a blog post stating I wanted to do a fan art blog every month and I got a nice response.  Sadly im still lacking some info from a lot of submissions so this month i'll just be posting a few of mine. 

If interested then please send me a message!

If you enjoy my art then please send me a message or check out my DA.  I do commissions, trades, ect as requested!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

*See Note!*

*on the blog is pinned a note stating that the author has gone on a short break due to writers block!  Post will continue Friday.*

*There is also a PS stating that the Battle Pets will be abit late due to Author being unable to remember what shes covered so far...!*

Saturday, March 19, 2016


3 level 5 rabbits...

L4-6 work great for getting exp without using a higher level.

They are all critters so beast can solo, undead are going to get 2-3 shot'd. 

Personally, I like to use as above. 

A 3-4.

A Undead of 4-6.

A pet with Beast attacks of 4-5.

If your not trying to level then attack how you please with a 25 and just tear it apart...  And you know, be a dick to a little kid with pet rabbits but hey, Blizzard started it!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Become the Explorer!

Im suffering from writers block so imam take a stab at the explorer achievement and share some awesome ways to get this achievement faster.

Tip 1

Don't assume your main has to get it all.

Seriously, use the alts that are in the area or that have quested there.  Its a huge meta with metas.

Tip 2

Two birds with one stone.

Work on Loremaster as you explore.  Again, metas with metas so use those alts!

Tip 3

Don't rush.

Do this during off times or while you queue.  No reason to get it don't in one day.  You probably got 90% marked off already anyway!

Tip 4

Why go alone?

If you do this with friends and guildies you can cut your flying time in half by following or being carried through the zones.  The companionship also gives you a person to chat with.

Tip 5

Use Ports!

Got a mage friend or mage alt?  Enjoy it!

Tip 6


I know that exp is sweet but its 5 times faster if you use 280+ flying.  Or atleast 150!  Running mounts cant go over the Mts and unless your exploring the WHOLE zone its a waste of time.  Some zones also have hidden, hard to reach areas that are a pain to reach without flying.  Don't kill yourself.

Tip 7

Enjoy the ride.

This game has issues but its really cool and beautiful.  So enjoy the scene below as you go and do just auto fly.

Monday, March 14, 2016


Its 2016 and that item is still not fixed.  Why Blizz?  Why?
You pull in millions and if im noticing this then surely someone else has too...  Surely you could of let a intern fix this little issue already?  I know code can be a pain in the arse but this has been a VERY buggy expac and compared to a fall through the world, this seems like a easy fix.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Major Payne of an Adventure!

Ah dont lie, you love my witty jokes!


Flyer with Mechanical attacks (better option!!) (I like one with heavy hitter and Decoy like this Axebeak.  But there are flyers with these abilities)  OR a Mech pet (atleast have a heavy hitter and decoy! because last pet will suck)

Fel Flame  (Another Elemental CAN work but the heavy attacks is a must)

Plushie or Leveling pet

So you'll start this with the flyer.  It'll take reduces damage so attack with extreme hatred till the bear is down.  Now if you have decoy pop it and switch to take two attacks free for your Fel Flame.

Flamey is a go.  Dot stays up and Burn on CD.  Fill as needed.  Keep doing this till down.

By this time the last pet is out.  Using your first pet, finish off the Elemental.

And Done!

bring that level pet in as you can for exp!


Friday, March 11, 2016

Nostalgia: Dalaran!

Its not new news but in the next expac their changing the Dal as me know it!  So lets go ahead and submit our Dal pics and never forget the beauty in the sky of Northrend.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Darkmoon Mini Post! Getting Tickets

For this week lets talk tickets!

Heres how:  Dailies, Profs monthly, dungeon/pvp/raid turn ins, fishing, and battle pets.

Dailies:  All the games give a ticket or two via the gift.  I'll explain those in another post though.

Profession Quest are any quest that has to do with your Secondary or main professions.
These give +5 skill as well as a nice bunch of tickets.
You MUST be 75+ in the profession to do these.
Most of these require no regs but cooking, tailoring, leatherworking to name a few will require a few mats.  But have no fear, SW and TB are soo close you can easily snag them and turn in after grabbing them!

As a monthly, i'll include the ear quest.  250 ears for ten tickets.  Can only be turned in during the fair.

Quest Turn Ins are another option.  Some come from random instances, others from random PvP, and one from raid bosses.  These can be sold or traded if your are looking for a small profit.  Theres 9 total and only the raid one requires 60+.

Fishing on the isle rewards special fish.  And when turned in toys, pets, and a quest item can be bought.  This quest item rewards tickets my friends!

Battle Pets.  The bags award pets and accessories as well as tickets!  See my post below!

And thats that!  Enjoy the fair!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Blogger Seeking Artist!

That's right, I wanna see some other artist in here!  I'll still do my own milestones I suppose but I would like to include a "Fan Art" post on the Friday line up if I get enough interest. 

If any of you are interested, any Warcraft fan art (NPCs, your characters, zones, ect) are what i'd like to post.

Must be YOUR ART or you must include expressed permission from the artist and link to their site.

If you do offer some of your art you can submit a unlimited amount that falls into category (but not all may be featured at once) and please include a site or email to link with it, and a name/username I can associate it with. 

If you offer commissions your welcomed to comment the info for that on any post your work is included but I personally wont include that in the post, only that you DO offer them.

If interested please contact me via contact form!  (Links to pics please, not files)

Thanks!  :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Panda Water Spirits have a Big Adventure!

These pets are HORRORS to fight with three but even more so with 2.

I used a Idol and the Snail/Whelk on this one it was still a close shave.

First is your idol.  You'll wanna use your Sandstorm and crush fill using Deflection after the first pet dives to block it.  Continue till first pet has died.

Second pet enters, Sandstorm and then fill with crush till its dead too or you are.

If your still up on the idol, switch in your plushie/leveling pet to take the first hit from the Spirit.

Then switch back to idol if it still lives and use sandstorm on CD and crush till dead.

Once your idols dead pull in the snail/whelk and do what it does best.  Poison applied, drive on CD and absorb till the spirits down.

This fight has a good bit of luck to it since theres a good bit of AoE and sandstorm offers a saving grace or curse to it.  So don't be discouraged if you lose once.

Happy Hunting


Friday, March 4, 2016

Achievement Help: Hopocalypse Now!

Another Old Meta to treat yall with.  Personally, we did it back in the day as a two man but you can do it solo now if ya have some self heals.

The basics is to kill 100 rabbits with a single hammer.  Its a drag then sit achievement at its finest!

Hammers come from the ones with hammers.

Split the damage if you can, have a friend or two and take turns getting an amount to point you feel you can survive.

Don't try to survive ALL the rabbits. Kill the big ones, just leave the little ones. If your a druid or dk this will help you survive, just no AoE!

Tank spec it if ya can!

Kite! it'll help reduce damage.

Remove anything that can proc extra damage or AoE, multistrike, cleave trinkets, ect.

Do the clinger achievement (knock monkey hanging from the ceiling down by blowing up a vermin mid air via a hammer strike and a exploder) while your at it if you have friends! Just have the area marked and stand to the side so the exploder (has a barrel on his back) is directly under it when you BOP! Just wait to do this till you get all you need!

Tight group! It'll hurt but ya don't wanna hit 99 instead of 100!

I wish you luck! :D


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Using the Garrison to Make Gold pt 1

Professions have never been less relevant!  So to start with were going to cover the the three best small buildings for making gold!


100-300 gold a day for 10 ore and 2 herbs up to 120 ore!  How great is that?

All it takes is L2 building with a follower and your set.

Inscribe Building

Oh yes, THIS MAKES GOLD!  But the amount can vary.

Long of the short, there is 8 different orders and you need two of each to combine.  When combined they turn into a 75 or 225 vendor item.

All it takes is a daily visit to a follower set in a L2 scribe building.  DONE!

Salvage Building

While the gold varies and it does come.  But this requires missions.

No follower needed but for best results you need to be L3.

If your AH savvy then watch for rare items for gear and transmog, these catch great value from players then NPC vendors!

AH sells for toys, pets, and mounts and even gear are slashed due to anyone being able to craft it so I dont suggest using these for the gold.