Sunday, December 3, 2017

Update and Offers

Hello everyone, I said i'd try and check in so that's what I'm doing...  Still alive, barely...

To those that keep up with me outside of this blog you might be aware of a few things, to others:

**I'm a Full Time Artist for Hire

**I've got a massive vet bill I need to pay off...

**I'm getting married the 31st and wont be reachable from the 25th- till Jan 3rd or so while I enjoy the holidays and my honeymoon.  I'll still be working on stuff though because I cant afford to have a day off..

** I have some special commissions going on running till the 15th (all orders completed by 24th!)

You can email me at

**I have 30 slots open till the vet bill is paid...

**I live off support and commissions so if interested in helping me then please consider following, liking, and sharing my various links... Looking at my shops, and possibly commissioning me.  Once I'm stable i'll be returning to this content but till then, I just cant take the time to play.. :(

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My Art Shops:

Views, likes, and shares are all JUST as important as sales so please take a moment to check them out.  The exposure is important when your still starting out.

In other news, I'm hoping to start on a web comic next year.  Why is this more pausible then working on this blog?  Well I have to PAY to play WoW and I have little money and I cant dedicate the time to make gold...  But hey, i'll look at setting up a patreon just for this blog and if I get $20 a month i'll play enough to make atleast one to two post a week again.  But this comic will be free to start... And hopefully move into a possible income starter... Sadly, blogging isn't as profitable.. I did it because I enjoyed it and liked helping people.  I hope to do this again soon.  And with your help I will.  :)

Thank you for reading, see you soon and happy holidays!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Notice of Hiatus-Not dead

I'm sorry I went ninja afk...

Been so busy trying to build my business I barely have time to draw for myself even, let alone play WoW...

I honestly haven't got to enjoy the Argus content or anything I've been too busy to even game, which sucks, I miss playing WoW not just drawing...

I hope that by the end of the year if not before I can get back into the game so I can continue posting.

Till then I'm opening up the site to other blog writers or wanna be bloggers that wouldn't mind donating content in the form of screenshots, post, or even videos so I can post something during this time while I try and get my hectic life under control.

Naturally i'll give you 100% credit and my thanks for the help during this time.. If I could afford it i'd even offer a small tip or payment but I'm struggling as it is.

I'll try and post again next month with atleast a update.

Thank you to the loyal readers who've messaged me and are still here to read this, I'm so sorry I fell off the deep end.


Friday, September 29, 2017

In Honor of Shadows of Argus Contest...

... I'm paying homage to the Warcraft Art that's in game!

Well... To a few pieces...  Send me your own pieces that you've done or that you've found to be featured on the blog!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Gold Farming Helper Pt 1

So with tokens rising higher and higher... I figured i'd do a quick run down on how to make an average of 32k a month per alt.

And yes, I do this myself but i'd never actually taken the time to write down my totals...

So this time I took my hunter, mage, and death knight and in about two hours each I ran all the cata raids.  Each was done on 25H.

First I did Throne of the four winds which made about 400 gold average.  I got there by taking the SW port to Uldum

I then flew over to caverns of time and did DS.  This one averaged 2300 gold.

Next I hearthed back to SW and flew from there to Descent.  This one averaged 1400 gold with all trash killed.

Then I used my Dal hearth, went back to SW and took the hyjal port to go do FLs.  I didn't kill much of the trash... I found all of the trash gave me maybe a extra 200 gold if I got lucky with weapon BoE drops but it took more time then it was worth so I didn't on my third go.  This one with bare min of killing got me about 2000 gold average.

Lastly I did Bastion and by this time one of my hearths was reset each time so I went to SW again and took the port to Twilight highlands.  I killed ALL the trash in this one because its pretty clumped together and earned about 1400 gold after killing each boss including the extra on Heroic only.

This averaged about or close to 8k on one alt for just a weeks worth of raids...  And I did that in about two hours on each alt.  That means 28-35k a month is easily in range if done weekly.  And that's PER alt.  That would be tripled for me since I was running it on three alts.  And it didn't take too much time and given more practice I could probably cut my time down to an hour and a half, maybe even just a hour with a port master like a mage.

This doesn't take into account any of the mats I gathered for AHing, or the pets I could of got to sell, or special BoEs that I might want to put up for AHing.  With pets selling for more then 500 a piece I could rack maybe 3 pets per week to make a extra two grand...

Mats and gear will vary on drop rate and appearance as well as demand...  But you get the idea.

With AHing I tend to bring in about 5k a week for myself selling BoEs, old mats, pets, and mounts...

But I also AH for others.  I got 30% as well as AH fees from the profit for a few people.  This naturally requires a bit of trust on their part but you could do similar if your good at the AH or have friends who are.  I make a extra 500 gold a person average each week wit there being times I make up to 20 grand depending on what I'm given (argus mats, Shadowmourne items such as the mount and toys, pets and BoE toys, ect.  They go well.)

I'll be doing another part to this as I have time...  But I hope you did enjoy and hope to see you again next time. 

If you enjoy the blog and want to help support me then go over to my Patreon and drop me a tip or be a patreon for me.  Every little bit helps and it helps me continue to do all the content I currently produce from blogs to art for free and at no charge.  Money doesn't equal happiness but it does pay the bills that allow me to continue to do what I do, especially when I'm between jobs.


Friday, September 15, 2017

#Fierce SELFIEs

"Yah, Just killed a few hundred Demons."  

"Ice Queen"

"Werk it."

"Ninja L00ter"

I've spent too much time on Instagram...I really have.

Follow me @kiritawindwalker

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New things everyday...

I don't usually sit around in tank spec so i'd never noticed this thing Truthguard did around certain NPCs...

To those who didn't get it, it glows around hidden demons such as the dread lords in Dal...

It was a baad day, so accept this humble post and any knowledge it gave...  My head really hurts..


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hidden Appearence Brewmaster Monk

This one took some time to get...

First you get the Brew House (second option on the left) and then check daily.  Its a lot of chance but at least its 2-6 gold a day.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Touching Base

Heyo!  I know Argus is out and its TONS of new content but I am sadly still jobless.. :(

My gaming time is limited since I'm working at getting a new job or doing commission work as a artist to make ends meet.  I hope to do some of the new content though so look for some of that, even if its just screenies like last Friday.

I plan to enter the Shadow of Argus Art Contest as well.. I could use the exposure as an artist.

Pet Battle Saturday is still currently down for the count.  I'm working at getting the new pets and doing the Master of the Types Achievements so I can do 1-2 posts per type as I finish them... It just takes time since they spawn randomly!

I'll be attempting the Argus pet battles this week or next week as well... So, yay?

I still have slots for commissions if your interested you can contact me on my shop  as Elve  for 5% discount.

Or you can donate to my tip jar over at which will grant you access to more of my art, some cool perks, and help me make my bills for the month... Which naturally would rock.

Soo... Yah.. That's the base, I poked it... Um... Next time I hope to have better news!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Toy you might of missed in Suramar...

Yaah...  Just follow the map, its down in to zoo..   It will require mana.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Holy Pally Artifact

To Dal we go, joy!

Now.. Wyrm Temple to speak to a blue who sends us on a scavenger hunt where a ghost gives lore....

Three items and three voids slain and to the giant crack.

Here we find Galford and avenge him with a fight against Jotun.  He gives us the Spark of Tyr and were sent back to Dal.

Now were sent to Tirisfal Glade... You can go to the Dal crater via the port if your Ally.

Oh hey... The camp from so many other questlines... Yay.  Atleast they already cleared it.

Now follow the NPC into the tomb as you would for the priest and many other lines...

Heal your group as they kill.

There is a boss and he will make some big attacks...

Ritual, blah blah... Not done, keep going.

On and on to another boss...He has a AoE and he will instant kill your dps in the fight...

Now you have to escape but first heal and clense the troops!

Then defend him as he does a ritual... This part was reaalllyyy painful...  Mainly because the "tank" was not holding threat so I was getting eaten by adds.

Now you go back to Dal via a waiting birdy.

Before I rate please know I am not new to pally heals... In fact I was healing Wrath as a Holy Pally... ICC, Trials, and a bit of Uld.  I mostly used a Disc priest in Naxx...  But the changes left me feeling that the pally got some massive nerfs... Our AoE was always subpar but we were super powerful tank heals... Now I feel like our heals in general got slice and diced. 

I will admit pally healers i've seen in Hs and LFR havent been great...  But N and up raiding they seemed to do great so maybe the gear has a HUGE impact on Pally healing at the time... If that is the case it could explain for my crappy experience...  I did the tomb as holy and the first part as ret. 
I am 109, mostly 700-750 gear and heirlooms so... Yah... Not the best gear.  This could also be a factor, especially if the gear has a huge impact on the healing.  Ret and Holy both need a good bit of crit and haste so I feel I wasnt getting the bird because of stats.

I give this a 8/10 on difficulty... Again, it could of been my gear/level that made it so painful but for me personally it huuurrrtt.  This was the first time i'd healed as a Pally in Legion but as a very experienced healer that shouldnt of been so painful... The NPCs were losing 50% or more of their health with every hit and I was having to deal with add swarms on me in every fight.  Blizz usually makes tanks with more sense for these things... So this was not fun to me.

If I had better gear or maybe had waited till 110 with that 12 point jump on most of my items then it might of gone down to a 6 or 7... But a healer tanking adds will always make something crappy Blizzard.  There was AoE to contend with, I didnt need constant attacks on myself to give me a challenge...  The damage wasnt bad enough to make Beacon on myself worth it but it was annoying enough to make my spells take longer, pull my attention from the party to myself, and the fact that i was tanking adds... That will never make me happy, I hate to rant on it but a healer should never TANK ADDS!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Affliction Warlock Artifact

Ahh... Afflic... Lets start shall we?

The fastest way to Duskwood is via that kara port in Dal.  So, Tally Ho!

Yah.. This is like Unholy and Balance...

This time, I went the villian route... Time to escort!

So were at the camp, searching... Its the book but you can look at it all.  When you tap the journal you'll be attack, easy kills though.

Now, grab the compass... (Hey thats different!)  We must attune it with the dead... Spooky.

First, Deadman's Pass and a bit of RP...

Next, the Bridge.

Last the Church.

Hmm... B*tch...  Guess thats who we kill!  Let's turn in and continue the cycle...

Down we go, into Kara... I actually killed as I went.

At the grasping hands I used Demonic gate to get across, but the fel pup works too.

Oooh.. staff.. Of course not.. *seen this too much, thanks Blizz..*

Kill your way up the stairs, through the gates... RP... Watch for spinning staff of doom... RP... Claim weapon.  Turn in.  Hearth away..

Sorry the ends kind of anti-climatic...  But this is the Balance and Unholy Line almost to a T...

Damage was abit harsh, I did it at 110 as Destro so I didnt have a tank out but I had little issue healing through myself. 

I'd give it a 4/10 average for difficulty.

Happy Hunting


Monday, August 14, 2017

WTF 25

The Sandstone Drake glitch... Its a WTF and LAWL all in one... Still gets me!  HAH!


Friday, August 11, 2017

Boulderfist, the toy you may of missed!

Just got to be Friendly and you can snag this toy.  Its 400 at exalted.  If your a collector you'll like this for a count.

It's hidden on the marked location on the map above.  As you see below he also sells those totems everyone seems to be wearing!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Unholy DK Artifact

Lets jump right into this story, Dark Riders have our magical blade (If you didnt read the comic they are Merchents that attempted to Cheat Medivh.  Didnt end well, they were cursed to serve him by finding him real artifacts of power.  You'll learn about this soon in RP)  But to take the blade we must first track the SoBs down.

So a quick port back to Dal and a free Port to Kara to get us to Duskwood (or go to SW and fly depending on your interest in ports and all).

Well..  Dead Riders.. Oh wait, we gots a live one!  Question/Convince him to give us the secrets to our Preeeccciioousss!

Option 1:  Logic

Option 2:  Angry Reason and insults... 

Option 3:  Just attack and get it over with.

I went the less murderous route... So escort and kill... Be warned he wont wait on you, if you fall behind you'll start over... (Yah, i was typing this at the time... My second go he whined when I pasted him...)

So far this feel a lot like BoomChicken Questline...

So were at the camp, searching... Its the book but you can look at it all.  When you tap the journal you'll be attack, easy kills though.

Now to Kara!  We must do what we do best... Raise the Dead.  Like 7 graves but one on the far left did it for me.  I got the location~

Turn in and get ready to get dirty... In the Catacombs and sewer... Ew.

Now running running... Killing... Grasping Hands?  Coooolll.  I ran in, Anti Magic shield and Wraith Walk. 

And more fighting.. OH the blade!  *loud swearing*  Oh nevermind... More chasing... Im starting to feel like the Death Rider here.

On and on... Oh boss!  Kill the adds for Quick healing because you gotta chomp them anyway...  RP, RP... Father and dead son?  Well we havent heard that before... *cough cough Light's Hope Chapel Cough*

Yah this was just like Boom Chicky and apparently one of the Warlock chains since I saw a few of them...

So as a 105 in heirlooms as Frost... Super easy...  I was doing pulls of 3-6 mobs...  2/10 rating for difficulty.

So go forth and fetch your artifacts!

Riders Ho!


Friday, August 4, 2017

Demon Hunter Mount

Okay your set to get that bat... So phone home to talk to Mother Matron who will send you to the "FP" person who sends you to the ledge...

FYI, its a scenerio type so be ready to drop queues.

Stage 1:  Speak to the Matron

Stage 2:  Fight the bat

Watch your feet and dont stand in breath.
Stage 3:  Track it

Use your sight to follow the blood trail... Ew..
I glided down and voided the groups of bats.

Stage 4:  Fight again!
Same idea, some adds to kill.

Stage 5:  Track.. Again..

Stage 6:  Glide to the bat!

I hate heights...
Stage 7: Fight.. Again!

Stage 8:  Ride back

Now we ride back home while they armor our new mount...  Whoo hoo?

Well I bugged on the return... Tried reloading and that was a no, so I left and came back and that fixed it.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Destro Artifact Warlock

Ahh.. Plaguelands... We knew you well... In the DK spree.  Thank goodness we dont need a death trap from a mage (or to be horde) to get there quickly after a quick trip from Crater thanks to Dal's port.  A soulstone is no longer needed, this port wont kill... Just hurt.  A lot.  If your a PvPer you might wanna stone and cookie up as a incase.

Oh Scholo... The place of carnage and pain... Much like High School.

Oh look, cultist... And items to gather up, lovely!

A notice, Logbook, and letter... Hmmm, I smell lore... Eh... Not so much unless your into logs...

Demo note... Infernal is a clumsy oaf... Regret use...

Oooh, a little RP... Nice... Now to steal from the stealers!  What?  Were not paladins.

After their dead our little wrym arrives and you'll get a scroll kind of saying why your there... If you care.

Now our little "Friend" has an idea for us not to get killed by a certain orc.. We act as a double agent in hopes that we can steal our new weapon... Wonder if that glowing spot light and animation will tip him off to us stealing it?

Well... Off we go into the way-cooler-then-ours portal!

Tol... What fond memories of slaughter... Im seeing a pattern here...

This part acts as a scenerio, so no fear for non PvPers.

Make your way through the demons and into the crappy little building in the hill straight ahead. 

There a orc and nightborne await you...  They want you to scout ahead and find a survior to get info...


Oh fuck, he knows were a hero...  Better pull him anyway, owes us and all... *would rather break chain*  Im going to break the chain!  *laughs evilly*  Bye bye little elf!  Ohh... This chains getting more enjoyable... If only that part had audio.

Oh well, back to the others!  I wonder who I will pick off next.  Hmm... Or did the orc already kill the elf?

Maybe... The orc tried to kill me.  Stupid Green Skin... Very stupid..

Oh, elf lives!  Lets follow him then... He found our next item.

Fight to it, kill the dead and demons.. Ladi-lala..  Now The Hold... Through a Portal... Okidokie..

Around the prison, straight to our target... Infernal now useful.

For this boss, watch your feet and watch for special attacks... My demon kept threat so I just had to keep out of fire.  Easy-peasey.

Now take that closet to Dal!  Ah... The lock closet... 

Now lets take pretty... Bat... To Tomb and stop the world ending ritual.

Oh... Shit.. This is where the King died...  Well, thats kind of tragic.

Well, Gul'dan hasnt forgot us and pits us against elfy to prove our loyality... Good thing were not attached or anything.  Off with his head! 

Now.. Our prize... With tons of demons on looking... This is looking sucidal.  Oh well.. Good day to die.

Yay Weapon... Now lets fudge up the portal so we can escape.  Thank you Friend, that closet looks like a great place to hide!

F* You Friend, you dropped me in a PvP zone sewer!  (And the assholes on Uldum have no issue trying to kill a lowbie that just ported in... You heard me you assholes... -.-  You can kiss my ass because if I see you on my main I will kill you with a rabbit.  My gnomes Mecho Rabbit.)

But seriously Blizz, why arent we sent to the rift or outside our portal there?  Really.

Well we pissed off Gul'dan, made a bunch of demons and cultist catch fire, and got a weapon.  Yay.

All in all, as a 109 Demo in heirlooms it was pretty easy (slow with my low dps, but easy).  3/10.

Happy hunting!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blood Weapon Artifact

It all starts with a fun stroll through Dal, getting a ride to the Broken Shore and then getting punted into a Legion Portal...  Because who doesnt love being gnome punted into a Portal?  Besides Gerald... We all know he hates it.  But hes not already dead, so OFF WE GO!



Meet up with Sliver and start killing demons!

Your job is to protect him really... And he will run off like any escort.  Just follow and protect.

At stage 5 you'll meet up with a dwarf.  Free him you must by killing a named demon!

While getting there watch out for clouds... The wryms throw them down and boy do they hurt...

After you kill the guy you'll grab the keystone (not loot it off the body) and run back for your second helper!

And RP fight between those two... Yap yap..

Magic Shield over Fel ground... And oh another barrier..

You'll need the shield to get past the ground again but you can skip stuff if you like! Just kill orbs to prevent knocking.

Oh look another guy to free!  Wait... Oh.. Nope... Guess we avenge him?

For this fight he'll summon adds that drop green goo of joy... And he does a stun.  Run to his side when he does the slam and AoE oozes then kite away.  Easy Peasey..

And boom, Weapon achieved.

Dont forget to rune it!  (Like I did my frost one.. ><; )


Okay, enough I promise (I started Instagram for commissions... I had to start using hashtags... Im truely sorry.. If you interested in seeing my stuff then just go to the About Page and you'll see a link.  If you hate Instagram then you can see more art on my DA which is also in the abouts.)

I did this at 103 with Heirlooms and in blood...  The trash damage was pretty harsh but I had to get use to runic power instead of runes for my death strike so wasnt on CDs like I might of should of been...  I'd give it a 6/10, maybe a 7/10.  But the boss guy was pretty easy to heal through so its really do able.  I imagine it would be super easy with better gear then 680-718 but yah.  This was my experience.

Suffer Well,