Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blood Weapon Artifact

It all starts with a fun stroll through Dal, getting a ride to the Broken Shore and then getting punted into a Legion Portal...  Because who doesnt love being gnome punted into a Portal?  Besides Gerald... We all know he hates it.  But hes not already dead, so OFF WE GO!



Meet up with Sliver and start killing demons!

Your job is to protect him really... And he will run off like any escort.  Just follow and protect.

At stage 5 you'll meet up with a dwarf.  Free him you must by killing a named demon!

While getting there watch out for clouds... The wryms throw them down and boy do they hurt...

After you kill the guy you'll grab the keystone (not loot it off the body) and run back for your second helper!

And RP fight between those two... Yap yap..

Magic Shield over Fel ground... And oh another barrier..

You'll need the shield to get past the ground again but you can skip stuff if you like! Just kill orbs to prevent knocking.

Oh look another guy to free!  Wait... Oh.. Nope... Guess we avenge him?

For this fight he'll summon adds that drop green goo of joy... And he does a stun.  Run to his side when he does the slam and AoE oozes then kite away.  Easy Peasey..

And boom, Weapon achieved.

Dont forget to rune it!  (Like I did my frost one.. ><; )


Okay, enough I promise (I started Instagram for commissions... I had to start using hashtags... Im truely sorry.. If you interested in seeing my stuff then just go to the About Page and you'll see a link.  If you hate Instagram then you can see more art on my DA which is also in the abouts.)

I did this at 103 with Heirlooms and in blood...  The trash damage was pretty harsh but I had to get use to runic power instead of runes for my death strike so wasnt on CDs like I might of should of been...  I'd give it a 6/10, maybe a 7/10.  But the boss guy was pretty easy to heal through so its really do able.  I imagine it would be super easy with better gear then 680-718 but yah.  This was my experience.

Suffer Well,


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Demon Hunter DPS Hidden Weapon

This kind of sucked, really...

Go to Surmaur, at Felhold... Look up and see that big ol bat, Downfall?  Yah, fly to him, hit glide.

Now use all your abilities to kill him QUICKLY and to follow after him.

You'll want a little gear because chasing this arsehole is a pain so you want him down quick..  Must be done as a DPS.  You need Fel rush to follow him.

Just fight inside his swirling winds and try not to fall out.  Then go track down the corpse for your new model!



Friday, July 14, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Demon Hunter: Tank Hidden Weapon

You have to get the Hall Perk that allows you to kill the demon boss daily for this one.  It isn't 100% but the boss was pretty each to solo as a tank at all levels.  There are multiple bosses, me and Nav got it off different ones at different times both at 100. 

So just keep killing, it'll drop one day my friend... (I spent 4 months on this..)


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Robert Craig is a pain in the..

A Magic Mastery tick... I have others but this is the easiest so far.

You can use any magics but I suggest ones that can use storm and surge or bomb as above... The AoE damage. 

You play as expected, Storm on CD, bomb for when your about to die or can kill the other pet and be near death yourself.. Get the most use as you can before that ability for sure.  The Storm will also prevent lost one from stunning you, yay!

I choose a ooze for the last because they are super strong.  Poison, Expunge, and the absorb is the thing isn't dead yet!

Boom.  Yay!


Friday, July 7, 2017

Druid Mount/Form

Druid Mount/Form

It starts all by going home to talk to the Crow... And then back through your portal to the Dreamway and THROUGH THE HYJAL PORT.... I did this with Nav..  He forgots he did.

Talk to the guy, kill demons (like Shammy version) and then reveal a traitor!  Le Gasp...

Back home you go to turn in!  (Its up near the top edge of the map, follow the arrow).

Your next quest involves flying to Azsuna to where they tracked the demon..  Go ahead and fly up..

Its the tippy top of that mountian.  And beware, you'll lose flying abilities.

Meet Crow and prowl along with her (dont gotta be feral to do this).

You'll wait on a quick RP, kill harpies and demons (AoE fest!).

Now follow Crow up the Mt and hop on your future form.

Do what comes natural... Kill, maim... Everything.  Loot the boss and Port back home!

Go back to the same area before and...


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shammy Ench Hidden Weapon

Flotsam (the giant boss that spawns in Highmountain) drops this perty little appearance. 

With three shammies we got it when we killed him (most have L6+ Artifact knowledge I think..) so it seems to be 100%.

Happy Hunting

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

I know I have some viewers in other Countries, but to my American viewers happy Independence Day! 

We have some much freedom in this great land and all of it is thanks to those who served then and now to protect our rights!  Be thankful and happy for what you have!

And please... I know people love Fireworks but be aware of your surroundings...  Many people suffer from PTSD and it can be triggered by Fireworks because they sound like bombs and bullets...  Animals are often scared of the sounds so please make sure your pets are somewhere safe that they can feel comfortable even if you don't intend to fire any...  Local wildlife is also affected by the sounds, debry, and lights...

So try and keep it to a respectable amount of time... Some people like to sleep... Hearing a moron screaming their head off as they shoot off bottle rockets at 3am makes me want to shoot you.. -.-;

And for the love of god stop getting bottle rockets.  They make a boom, they are pointless...

Lastly.  Don't be a stupid moron or jackass.  Keep animals out of it, don't try and fire a rocket out of your ass, and don't hold it while it goes off...  Probably just avoid beer while your shooting them off so your not going to the Dr...

Pretty much just act like a decent, respectable person that I know you are..  And enjoy the holiday.


Monday, July 3, 2017

WTF 24

Oooh my... Are Healing Monks using Fel?!

No seriously, that's from my artifact.  Its the "Mist" as I use soothing mist it spawns...

The effects are pretty then it just looks like I'm setting the world of fucking fire!

WTF Blizz?! 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Varenne gets Served to the Dragons.

I cant completely remember my logic...  But it was meant to be for the Dragons achieve.

All three are perty easy to get.

I started with my Dragonhawk.  Burn, Conflag, Swipe as a filler.

My Chrom pretty much just did what you'd expect.  Ravaged when it was about to die, bite as a filler, roar when a heal was needed.

I didn't need the third but I have to keep the spot filled.  If I had needed it, I would of used moonlight, slicing wind, and life exchange if I was lower.


Friday, June 30, 2017

What Addons are a must? Rpers

1. I need a Friday Post...

2.  I was a RPer!  And yes some addons were helpful!

To start off, I have two ideas on this.  One is NEED and two is HELP.



Okay, this is a nifty addon!  It allows you to see OTHER RPers (because its hugely popular and indicates them as a fellow RPer), allows you to type in a new Name/Title/Race, ect.  Allows you to put in a description, links to photos, background, and other nifty info to help bring in other people.

It also has a wonderful feature that allows you to say if your OOC (Out of Character) or IN (In Character).  And what stage of RPer so you can let them know if your casual, hardcore, or just starting. 

Like Progression Guilds, Hardcore RPers can be super bitchy and selective about who they let in.  Some have no patience for new people and should be avoided till you are to that level because they will ignore you, try to godmob kill you (And Godmobing is really a freaking sin among RPers!), or just OOC berate you till you scurry off!

Sometimes its guilds, other times its just certain people but even when I was hardcore, I avoided those groups... Mainly because I enjoy being social with the person too.  Like (( Hey, hows your day going IR?  ^.^ )) while in the middle of a serious RP...  Some people enjoy that kind of interaction, especially if their not in full swing of the current issue...  Seriously, some people do RP with issues like depression, anxiety, or just straight out loners.  So they main skulk around the group doing emotes or whispers... I imagine that gets a bit boring...  But having a social interaction can help you bond with the person leading to more RP, friendships, ect!

Moving on!



This is a cool addon, even if you don't RP.

What it does is sets up automated speech tied to certain actions or spells.  Then you can change how often it happens...  Like 1 in 100 for a spell you spam but maybe 50/50 with a CD you pop every couple minutes.

It works for mounts and pets too!

And you can customize it whats said.  Pick from the options or add your own to match your character or your own personality.

This stuff gets tons of comments on RP realms because it makes you look super hardcore while still focusing on your role.  It adds a extra layer of story so to speak..  Heh...  I learn to laugh at my jokes, yes.

It's also great for non RP with the tedious things like "Gratz!"  You can set up a BUNCH of responses so it randomly does a new one for every achievement/level earned by guildies and party members.  From /cheer to gratz to a long flowery Congratulation speech!  Your call.


This is a personal thing... I use it 99% for PvE but it has been helpful when RPing.  Mainly when I need to Ref another alt, when I need a CERTAIN item (Like the ONLY lovely black dress on my account), or if I have a RP event on any characters.

You get the idea.

Others to check out:

Blush Response


FairLanguage / LanguageCycle  (Different addons, similar use)

Mylune's Champions (Great for druids, hunters, or animal loving characters!)

Guild Bounty Hunter (Great for Guilds that like the Merc or Bounty Hunter theme!)

GryphonHeart Items  (This one allows you to create and trade conjoured items with certain names, icons, and descriptions.  Its cool, but I personally never got as much use out of it unless I did Guild Events I hosted)

Lore Library

Priestess of the Moon

There was a addon that also changed all your text to a dialect/language of your choice... But I couldn't find it again.  So it may of been removed sadly.

But till next we meet, whats your kind of addon?  Any favorites for RP?


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monk Artifact: Windwalker

This looks like it'll be one heck of an adventure!  It starts with us going to talk with Li-Li and agreeing to be her protector.  From there we take a nice kite ride to Uldum of all things!

Were sent to take out Nadar after a brief chat and look for some clues!  Im starting to feel like Scooby Doo, all these clues..

Dont forget to keep a eye open for the camel statue!  Its a free mount!  (I didnt find it, but YOU might!)

Your clue is looted so back we go.  Ah.. It teleports us to our scenerio portion, what fun.. I dislike the scenerio portions!  Mainly because if I lose power or need to step away I have to start over.

Stage 1:  Protect Li -Li! 

Escorting a kid, sounds like something i've heard before.. o.<

Stage 2:  Chase Li-Li

She breaks through the wind walk!  You can roll up after dodging the tornados. 

Stage 3:  Shocking?

Kill mobs and "Poke" the orbs..

Next, kill the mob! Watch your feet.

Finally ROLL down the steps!

Stage 4:  Storm

Hes going to summon 4 guys.  Silence and watch your feet.  This does hurt a bit more then anything else has so be ready to take more damage.

Three Elemental sets of mobs then a dragon, you wont kill the dragon, you need it for next round...

Stage 5:  A ride?

Time to fly his pet dragon straight to him!  Li-Li will Kite.

Stage 6:  BOSS!

Yap, time to kick some ass!  Watch your feet and silence him as much as you can.  The Damage was pretty Minimual by doing this.

So there they are... Perty as a picture...  Lets snag our loot!

Oh and look, Li-Li gets you back home.

All in all, this was easy enough...  I did it as a 108 Brewmaster 720 ilvl. No relics...  So my damage wasnt stellar.

But I give it a 4/10.  Stage 4 did give some pain but the rest were lack luster.  If I had quest gear it might of been 10 times easier.

Im not sure if being over 101 makes these easier or if the monk ones are just easier for some reason..

But even the healing one at 100 was super easy in comparison to other class/specs stuff.  All the same, I wish you luck in your own questline!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Trapper Jarrun... Check!

Critter Mastery?  Well this ones a check.  He has undead!  What else would you use?

Some Fast, Multi hitting, Dodgers make this easy as pie.

I started with one using Stampede for a quick finish and dodged on CD.  My second pet was the same except it was Burrow and Dodge on CD.  The third wasn't needed.

So show your Hare, rabbits, rat, and mouse some love for a easy win!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Shaman Class Mount

Whoo!  Time to get my elemental ride!

It all starts with going back to Class Hall and being told there is a issue in the Wind Relam...  Really?  I half expected it to be Firelands..

Blah, RP walk.. er, float...  Kill the other Windlords from Thrones!  And chop chop because thats how these lords work..

I started with West Winds-Anshai.  As Elemental I could stay max range and easily hit without pulling adds... Keep in mind, this is a dps check.  If your less then 175k you'll get instant killed.  He throws a debuff that will kill at 5 stacks so silence as many Healing Swells as you can!  You wont be able to every other but if you miss one it'll make it much harder...

If you did Broken Shore can probably pull closer to 200k atleast but if your not i'd suggest popping CDs to get you there (even if its a Hero!)

Next was Nezir, the North Wind..  Oyie!

Pretty easy, little damage.  Just watch your feet for frost patches and get out and run around him during Gale because it knocks back and does decent damage. 

Also dont bother silencing, the damage is so minimual you can deal.

Last the East wind Rohash.

He does two nasty abilities...  1 is a vortex he sets on your area its a wide range, pulls you to center and though its light damage it adds up QUICK.  The second is Sandstorm which blows away everything including you!  So you have to run against the current.

The vortex can be hard to see with lower settings but try to place them close to each other because they can easily take up all your space to fight.  So you can heal through or watch your feet..  Ele I suggest they move but Ench with good malstorm generation can easily heal through.

Again, Silencing is pointless, dont bother.

Now once your done you can step in the new swirly air for a safe float to RP talk!  Then you'll get ported home.

Then turn to enjoy your new mount!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Midsummer 2017

((Edited for 2017!!))

Lets start off!


First off is Ahune!  A instance finder boss (any level can queue as of 2017!) that drops some 850 cloaks, Formula for Deathfrost, and the illusion for Deathfrost.

The bag you get daily has a chance to include a pet Frigid Frostling, Staff of Ahune (Useless with Artifacts, but 850 + its cool!), and some holiday currency.


King of the Fire Festival is a quest from Org or SW that will send you to steal the fires of the other 4 capitals.  Best done in a group/raid!

Awards the Achieve:  Stealing _____ Flames!

You'll go through out the zones putting out the other fractions fires as well as honoring your fractions.  (Be warned, there are horrible assholes who will camp the harder to reach fires such as Crossroads, Exodor, and Eversongs.  I notice the Alliance suffer more since its usually Horde rogues in my experience.  -.-  Report the trolls and don't be afraid to ask for help or start a counter raid attack.  Trust me, NO ONE likes these guys and you'll get TONS of help to make them run and suffer.)

You'll do this on Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, Northrends, Vashjr, Deepholm, Pandaria, and the 4 capitals of the opposite Fraction (as mentioned above).

Awards Achieve:   Flame Warden of _________ and Extinguishing ___________ (respectively).

HandyNotes has a curse addon that puts them on your map.

EDIT:  As of 2017 there is also the Broken Shore and Draenor Achievements as well!

If your looking to level, the Ribbon Poles give hour long buffs to increase your exp gain!  If done in the Midsummer clothes you'll get the Achievement "Burning Hot Pole Dance" after one minute.  It'll cost 400 currency to buy the three pieces (CROWN IS NOT THE ONE YOU NEED FOR THIS!!)

Torch Juggler Achievement

Go to Dal with about 10 torches.  Start throwing and catching them as you learned during the Daily.  Do 40 times in 15 secs.  Ya, no, that's what your SUPPOSE to do but the smart kids will put the torch on their bar and then spam click that number with the keyboard while clicking under their character with the mouse.  This will award it with less heartache!

Other interesting stuff?

A Transmogable Helm-The Crown


Braizer of Dancing Flame-350

Burning Defender's Medallion-500

Cozy Bonfire-350

Set of Matches-500


One from Ahune-Frigid Frostling

Captured Flame- 350

Blazing Cinderwalker- 350

Igneous Flamling-350


Buff Food


Firey Brew

Heirloom Upgrades (to 110 as of 2017!)  (The 100 and110 ones are 600 while the 90 is 350)

Happy Hunting!  Elve

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

To all you dads!

You come up with some creative ways to baby sit and game.. Truly...

But a special shout out to my own father.  Its because of him that yall are reading this!  I started gaming to play with him, and from that I became a raider, a RPer, a artist, and a blogger.  Most of my art is based off WoW, playing it gave me direction for wanting to design a game too.  And most importantly, it helped lead me to the man i'll be marrying (See the Creepy Annoucement from Friday!).

So show the father's some love!  :)


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Durian StrongFruit... What kind of fruit is he growing...?

 Oh look another Pet Battle Mastery tick!  ;3

You'll fight two Eles so you want some aquas for your beast.  And these Calf can do it.

Water Jet is your main ability use the other two as you see fit.  I pretty much solo'd the first two with Flat Tooth.

I brought out the Feline for the last because I love blasting them with Darkness, Prowling for increased damage, and using magic.  Or I could like the hat and broom.  I'm weird like that.

But you get the idea I hope.  Easy fight, easy knock out.  I have faith you'll have no issues at all even if you get critted like crazy!


Friday, June 16, 2017

A Creepy Annoucement of a Personal Nature!

Yall know I'm struggling for Friday post at this time, but I found this awhile ago and it seemed like a good way to share some of my news. 

If you've been reading awhile then you know who Nav/Sal is.  My epic DK boyfriend he was!

Well, he isn't my boyfriend anymore, in fact he hasn't been for a couple months now.

I took this while running around and looking for treasures.  Pretty much, your crashing a wedding and stealing the ring... A Ghost wedding...  This is kind of wrong on many levels.

But Nav and I are actually engaged.  We'll be getting married in December.  <3

Nav and I met in WoW over ten years ago!  We've been together about 5 years this June.

I don't suggest internet dating for everyone, but it worked for us.  We bonded over boss kills, me yapping his ear off, and a mutual interest in gaming.  It was just friends for years before it ever became more... And now he leeches off my internet in exchange for fixing my plumbing (That actually isn't sexual, my father taught him plumbing and tree chopping so he could come cut fire wood for him and fix my 50 year old plumbing issues.) 

And somehow were engaged.  I'm fuzzy on those details honestly.. 

Well, that's all for this post.  But I would love some art, Screenie/SELFIEs, or even post from all of you to go into December and January since i'll be busy with holidays and the honeymoon so any help would be appreciated to no end!

Thank you for all your years of reading!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Monk Artifact Brewmaster

We start by going to see Tak-Tak and get a freebie kite ride to the Monastary.

Why?  Because were taking the Monkey King's Staff!  And he wants you to solve riddles... Fun..

Starting with Purity:

Head over to the Valley (as the map shows) to get your core.  Pools of Purity seems logical anyway.

  Ah... What a peaceful easy.. Or not!  We have demon issues!

Stay out of bad and kill them both off so you can move off!  And remember the roll to get out of WW!

Onto Land and Barrel!  (They are together...)

You can pick up your sacks as you go in the Granery but those pesky imps must go!

Your brew is inside up top (you will have to run up though).  Kill your hording demon and off we go!

When you have the last item you can turn in!

Now we head to the Jade Temple (oooh it is so pretty too!)  But you'll be doing your name sakes...

BREWING!  Ready to get hammered?  Well first we must brew it!

This is a simple add what I say quest (which was all four items, Water, grain, brew, bananna for me).

Now we know Yu'lon holds the staff and must go ask her to be blessed with it!  Dont forget to talk to the King to begin this part.

Aww... Scenerio time... Talk to the master to start.  First the Scroll keepers (The right).

No skipping to boss, save the pandas!  (I pulled everything.. I felt brave!) Now with the boss watch your feet cuz he starts hurting bad.

Run through the barrage, heal up and save the dragon! (Oh look, we just got a healer!)

Keep demons off her while she heals (you fill a bar!) Its not too straining just do what you do.

She's saved!  Now kill the last boss (I kited him around the circle to avoid the raining fire and his AoE bad.)

Boom.  Done!  Yay!

I was a 108 using mostly 700 stuff (I was leveling off invasions) and the 740 staff you can buy.  This was pretty easy.

I'd get it a 2/10 with 1 being easy and 10 hard.  Maybe a 4 if you've NEVER played a tank..  It was a lot of running and easy fights with a good healing NPC.  Just watch your feet and your golden!

Till next time!


Monday, June 12, 2017

WTF 23: Cant they fix this shit? -.-;

Several of these quest have had their requirements reduced but the quest log and text aren't always reflecting this change leaving you half way done and attempting to get the next part that just wont drop.

They did fix this issue with SOME quest in 7.2 but not all.

So please report them if you see them so they'll get their act together!  Maybe they don't know... Maybe they don't care... Who can say?


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nightwatchmen love Pets too!

This one can be use for Pet Battle Master Beast As well.

There are many ways to do this one but I'm showing this one today.

My first one is a bought pet but one with a group heal can fill that place.  You mainly just wanna limit the pain of the AoEs. 

The second one has to go against a undead so critter attacks were a must.  I love applying the damage increase debuff and then knocking huge chunks out.  It makes me very happy.. Since it is a undead, I try to time a Stampede during the immortal phase so that atleast one will hit the last pet and apply that awesome debuff.

For the last I wanted a Strong attacker.  I love using Prowl and blasting them for a huge chunk.  Just remember not to waste a round of the debuff if you got stampede off before dying on the second pet. 

Either way, kitty will make short work on them.

So Happy hunting and grats on a tick off your Pet Battle Masters Achieves.


Friday, June 9, 2017

Class Mount: Mage

As promised!

There are three quest (aka the three specs!)  i'll go through each line separately because you have to do all three anyway.

Arcane Line

This one is the easiest.  The quest will send you to Dalaran to speak to our favorite portal guard.  She will provide you with this disc and your off.

Fire Line

While in Dal go talk to Khadgar.  He'll send you to the center of Dal and through a port to Kara.  His friend Alturus has the piece in his study in the cellars below but you must "Fight" to the portal.  No...  You just run through and Invis if needed when you hit the portal... 

Frost Line

This one took my effort..

If you have the Ancient Dal port then you can use this to get to the Dal Crater.  If not, theres a port in the center of new Dal (Horde can port to UC too).

Speak to the Archmage near the lake.  Really?  Orges too it?  Well then...

Even though the quest and map make it look that way you do not have to kill random lowbies or search buildings.  A Blue Orge mage will spawn, he is 110.  He has what you need.  He pats abit but stands out like a sore thumb.

Now back to the class hall to turn in and be sent to EoE!

Your going to have to fight each disc.. I did it as fire.  Being able to cast scorch while moving and having tons of instant spells made this a super easy thing since I could blink to heal and just pat around.  But I have decent gear so these things were going down pretty quick.  Assuming you used shards to get 850+ stuff I doubt you'll have a issue.  But if you do, there are vendors who repair, sell healing items, and shields to block damage.

Once your done you'll have a little RP in your class hall and BOOM!


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Class Mounts: Requirement for the Quest

Class Mounts just came out so I'm doing a couple things.  First I'm doing this post.  And then I'm going to do some Friday post on the classes quest (kind of like I do for Artifacts-short and sweet!).

As yall know my Friday post are usually SELFIE and Screenies but my stock pile has dwindled so I've had to limit those.  I've got mixed reactions to it.  But Doing this on every alt is going to take time and i'd like to keep my Weds post more diverse since its the main post...  Heck, I'm still trying to do post on all the artifacts so i'll probably be throwing some of those on Friday too. 

But if you like the Screenies, have no fear they will be thrown in too! 

I'll link each class back here as well and then probably link the entire thing to the Artifact page once its done.

Onto the post!

Now this is NOT shared!  You have to do this on EVERY class/alt that is going to get the mount...  But the mount CAN be used on all levels of that class once you have it.  (Even my 20 mage could use it!  So never fear... Unlike the hidden appearance this is shared.

Now your main probably has done all these but your alts might feel the pain.

Your going to have to do the achievement Breaching the Tomb.

This means you'll need to have Defending Quest and do a Assault, you'll have to kill 100 demons in certain areas many times, you'll need to farm Sentinax, do the starter stuff, that scenario that sucks balls when your a fresh 110 with no bloody gear...  Go ahead and save up 2.5k of shards so he can take ONLY 1!  (WHY?!)  Prepare to scour the shore for boxes and hope the tower is up so you can see them on the map...  Oyie...  Just saying it makes me wanna cry...  Oh, and Champion the cause by doing a mission connected to the shore.  Its no longer the Elite Strike only but no one is sure what all will and wont count towards it.  So save that armor tokens and spend like crazy for them!

Ugh, I wish you all luck during that hell but the reward is worth it.  The first one will naturally be on the mage (since she is my 'main' for the expac, sorta.)

Happy Hunting.




Death Knight




Demon Hunter


Monday, June 5, 2017

Updates on 500 Prep... Anyone good at coding?


I hate coding, its so finicky! Especially app style...

I can build a site from the ground up but getting one embedded feature to work is like pulling teeth...

<X id="forum_embed"

<script type="text/javascript">
  document.getElementById('forum_embed').src =
     + '&showsearch=true&showpopout=true&showtabs=false'
     + '&parenturl=' + encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);

Replace the two X with iframe and you have the current code I'm fighting with to create and more secure mail list that has less painful steps!

But it just continues to make a blank box.  Its embedding with a empty frame of the size but the script that would allow you subscribe is refusing to budge for me...

So if your wondering about that lovely box to the right... Yah, that's my progress.

Oh well, i'll keep at it.  If any of you have some experience with in coding and maybe see my issue I am all ears. 

Coding is like a puzzle that breaks everytime you fix a issue... At first it wasn't sizing right, then it wasn't appearing at all, then it was just showing code script... On and on...  I've spent a couple hours on it... Break time.  May you have better luck!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Demon Hunter... Murloc... I think were F*'d


Like last week you need three undead.  Its a easy fight and any undead will work.

The team from last week would work.  The bone serpent nearly solo'd it, Graves finished it.

So if you are new and don't have a huge variety three undead pets with undead abilities...  That's what yah need.


Friday, June 2, 2017

Beach Bodies Part 3 Moderation and Motivation

Look, gaming is great...  But Life is great too, even if it feels like it sucks right now.

You need motivation and confidence to get or keep a nice body... And neither will come in your constantly looking at a perfect avatar with no one to see your work.

So keep in touch to Real Life.  Show off your hard earned smaller waist and more toned looks.

You cant do that while playing 12 hours of WoW sadly...  Ever played for what feels like 3 minutes, done nothing, find out its been 6 hours?  That might be a issue...

If your playing for hours on end the game gets tedious, dull, frustrating... 

So try limiting your time or having days you don't get on.  And then during the off time call friends, go out. do some chores, or keep up the work out. 

Why?  Because the game is great but it cant motivate you!  If I told my guildies I dropped 30 pds, how would they know I'm lying?!  My coworkers would NOTICE but my in game friends will just see my avatar.  Thin as ever.

Also.. Never compare yourself to your avatar, not even the pandas.

These are pixels... Their perfect and meant to appeal.  Even the "Chubby panda" is designed to have most of the weight as curves you'd want (big booty and boobs) atleast for females...  Males... Hope to never be your male panda.

But don't think you need to have a waist so tiny like blood elves, don't think your boobs are too small while looking at the human or pandas.  Guys don't think you need those 6 or 8 packs... Most girls aren't counting and are happy if we can see ribs or beer guts... 

Be the best you, you can be!  Love who you are and strive to be healthy, not perfect like models.  Because that's what will really make you beautiful. 

I know I started this about having that "Beach Body" but honestly, if I said "Lets live healthier!" most of you would of ignored it...  And these steps I've given are a great starting stone towards the true beach body but I really don't think you need.  A little fat can be healthy (key word is little mind you, we all have problem areas that wont give!).

Live long and prosper.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Some Awesome Addons for Enjoying WoW

I mentioned the Raid and I'm working on RP addons list.  But I've been asked about my addons before.  So I made a quick list of what I enjoy using and why.

Its fun to read what people come up with!

I have..TONS of alts... TONS...  It helps me keep up with EVERYTHING!

Who drops what?  Now I know!  Its older then the journal but it includes list for PvP, Factions, Tier, ect for all classes/armors so when you have alts its a bit more info.

Gotta keep up with my damage!

Its a fun addon..  Lets me make random jokes, gratz, and be strange without putting forth any effort...

Titan Panel
Its a bar at the top of the screen.  Has cords, gold and how much I'm making/spending, and other nifty stuff in a neat package.

Deadly Boss Mods
The timers on major attacks are great when tanking or healing a fight you've never done or when your too focused to pay attention!

Handy Notes
Yall see this in my screenies, it shows Rares, treasures, ect.  Its Handy!

Its a loot all mail in one go.  Helpful for my AH alt!

Okay, that was SUPER quick I know, but I mention some of these in other post so I didn't wanna go too hardcore with it.  You can check out the Raid Option or the RP (coming soon!) for more details but till then you now know...

What I actually use!  It really aint much... Im a simple girl...


Monday, May 29, 2017

Something New? Preping to hit 500!

As yall may of noticed, I changed the look of the blog abit.  That's because I'm redoing the design.

I'm quickly closing in on 500 (were already over 400!) and to celebrate I want to do a couple things.

1.  Offer a second Mascot.  We currently have Elve the Draenei Shammy.  But we could use a Horde one too. 

So I'm letting yall pick the race.  If you look to the left up top I have a poll.  Cast your vote!

The poll goes till we get to 475 (which I think will be July maybe August!).

2.  Make a custom background.  Oh yes, we all love the splattered background I've used for years but i'd love to do one including the two (or one) mascots.

3.  Offer a free background to followers!  Heh, yes I'm being serious.  I have this lovely follow by email option and i'd like to set it up to send anyone who subs to the site a free wallpaper.  I hope i'll be able to figure out how to do that and have one ready before then but this one really isn't my biggest issue.

4.  Offer the blog in different languages!  There is a nifty translator I can use and i'll be adding it in at some point.

5.  Over hauling the clutter!  The sides feel cluttered...  And while it includes needed info, it'll block the new background so its gotta be cleaned.

6.  Add a SEARCH BAR!  I'm not kidding.  I've added pages to make it easier to find the pet battles and Artifact articles but what about Gara?  Green Fire?  Achievements?  When you post 3+ times a week there is a lot to shift through and I try to use puns and jokes for titles.

So in the spirit of ease, I want to add tags to post and add a search bar. 

You may be asking why I didn't already... But give me a break!  When I first started it was once a month, then weekly..  Post were slower and so sparse that it wasn't a big deal to look through.

But since then I've done a shit ton more and I've offered more specific info.  Its not just a fun little blog of jokes and SELFIE's anymore.

I hope to have this done by 500, but I may be working on this for the next couple months...  Its over 400 post as it is and each one will need atleast 3 tags and i'll have to adapt code most likely.  Takes time!

7.  Do another Art segment!  Know what my popular post are?  The ones with REAL ART!  Well when I feature other peoples art I have to find it, get permission, write a post, let them know what I'm saying, what I'm posting, when, ect ect.  Its a good bit of back and forth making it more time consuming then a 10 page article on the reason starting at L1 is so important...  So I haven't been doing them as much.

But if your a artist and you wanna share your art then please feel free to comment, email, ect ect.  Tell me what you want to share and links to you and i'll post it with full credit!  I want to help you get exposure and if you save me some leg work i'll get to do it!  I'll feature you in a couple post if you have enough to share. 

8.  Did you know the first blog was started July, 28, 2012?  That means I've been posting for 5 years this July!  I moved to blogger in Feb 2015.  Think we should do something for the 5 years of this?  Or should we celebrate it in Feb... Hmm...

All that being said, yall have rocked.  The continued support, watching my numbers grow with each post has been amazing.  And all of it is thanks to you the reader!  You listen to my rambles and keep coming back and you mean the world to me!  I hope to keep interacting with you for years to come as we grow more!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Breaking the Allure

Little murlocs are humanoid...  Know what all humanoids fear?  The walking dead. (see what I did there?)

So three undead.  Go nuts!  I love the AoE Undead like Graves, boneshard, creepy crate, ect.

So really its a easy take down with few requirements besides being undead with undead attacks.  I didn't even need my third pet because its that easy... You are seriously taking candy from babies..

Happy Hunting yall.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Gamers want a Beach Body Too Part 2: Work It

You heard me... Workout.

Now this is still home... No gym

1.  Where's free time?

Waiting on a raid/queue, flying, loading screen, waiting on a raid to wipe...  You got the idea?  If there is a moment where you are going 30 seconds or more without doing something besides social then use that for a quick workout!

I take 5 minutes twice a day to feed my dogs... During this time I do squats, arm curls, and lunges. 

When flying on a path or just aimlessly across the world I stand and march in place and touch my toes.

When I need to pay attention but not really do the keys i'll just get up and then sit.  Over and over...  (I do that a lot with lowbie healing or questing with Nav...)

You got the picture?  Find stuff you can do in reps of 5-10 for shorter waits.  And do what you can when you can.

2.  Fidget!

Yes, shake your legs, bounce in your chair, get up and down... That movement being kept constant is burning calories and building muscle.  Just don't forget to change sides.

3.  Dude where's my mount?

In real life we get to ride at 16 and usually have our own mount by mid 20s...  But maybe walking would work better.

Take a walk around your area or a track and enjoy your area or just to the mail box and back.  Have a dog?  Go walk Fido! 

I know this requires leaving the house but fresh air and sun light are good for you.  I hated Pok√©mon Go but there was many a pale face wondering the streets...  It's time to do that again...

Walks are great times to be social, listen to music/audio books, or just get your head straight and blow off steam.  And because your not jogging/running you don't have to worry about flapping about or building up too much sweat...  The cardio alone is great for your heart and body and you can work up to power walking, jogging, and then running as you go.

4.  Invest in equipment you'll USE!  Then Use it while being entertained!

Treadmills/bikes, great to do while binge watching TV/YouTube. 

I got a cheap peddle machine that fits under my desk.  I sit and peddle while I play WoW and it works.  Sadly, I have well muscled legs already so its not as effective to me as it was Nav.

But having equipment that can be used while your being entertained is a great investment for your health.

I know heart rate and blah blah...  But trust me, better to work a muscle then sit and stare at the screen! 

This stuff works well for me and even 5 more minutes of activity a day is better then you think and none of this really takes you away from gaming for long if at all!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Frost DK Artifact

Finally got my DK up to snuff for Legion!  She'll be the first one I try that isnt 100 too.  So lets see how much L99 hurts.  o.<

Start off by death gating "Home"!

Ooo... Surprise thing vid... I wont spoil.  ;3 

Follow the Highlord, get to the port... Abit of funny side RP/Convos to walk by...  Leave me alone, im easily amused..

Ooh, its not a port, just a opener... Oookay then.  o.O

Ah first mobs... First off:  Ow...  We now lack all the usual healing we had so...  Ow...  (I also have a 685 and 605 weapon so my damage is lower then it should/could be) 

Fun Fact:  That mechanic your suppose to dodge in ICC?  It doesnt HURT but it does STUN now...  So yah..

So pick a side, kill, get shards..  (Fun fact!  If you control one of the mobs with control dead you can get them to kill each other and make your life abit easier!)

Along the way theres a cool puzzle with our favorite stone bats...  You kill them and then DG them back onto the platform.  (Just stand on the opposite side against the rim)  Sadly, mine bugged.  So when the second wouldnt move I stood on the thing myself and it worked.

For the first guy you'll fight... Get out of the WW...  He wont follow shockingly.

Next guy just needs a silence during heal... Irony:  Curses the light but uses HOLY LIGHT?!

Third:  Just dodge the shield or use your shield to eat it...

Last Shard:  You can silence hammer and absorb the AoE with shield if you want but hes not too special.

NOW!  To the Throne to kill the Lich Kin-- oh wait...

Well, up all the same... Time to magic up two swords from the badass sword every DK wanted in Wrath... That Blizz teased us with as a weapon...

Ah fuck... Back into the blades... Always hated that... For those who dont know the lore, what you'll see is the true face of the lich king.  The Orc... Ner'zhul.  He corrupted the blade and and Arthas and made them puppets. 

Soo.. The fight...  If your not moving you did something wrong.  From spikes in the floor to Ner'zhuls magic balls of ow and Arthas slamming infront of him...  Move Thy Ass.

Upside, you can single target the ice to proc free death strikes...  And if you push to stay a few yards to the left or right of the moving orc you'll be able to dodge the orbs easily...

I found the easiest thing to do was to move around enough to not get hit by the orbs by treating Ner as a moving clock piece.  If hes at 12 im at 3 or 9.  If hes at 9 im at 12 or 6.  You get the idea..  I also just took the slams and used my sycthe to blast through a couple of the ice and proc death strike enough to get back to 100% before going back to full on Arthas.

About 25% theres a "add" phase.. He summons undead and you have to kill them before they reach him or he heals.  And its big chunks so kill as best you can as quickly as possible..  Theres packs of giest, ghoul and zombie.

Then kill him again as above.  Once hes down you'll get sent out.

Boom.  Blades... Now that "Blessing"

And back home! 


I give this a fricking 8/10...  True im a 99 but even Nav said it was pretty hard (and he had raid gear from Warlords on..)  So even with my lack of gear the mechanics were abit tricky and took alittle time and the damage was pretty massive for a spec that had all its healing ripped away...  Cool factor though?  20/10!  This is one of the coolest lines i've done and very DK authentic.  It touched on the Lore and had some fun quirks.  Plus the mechanics made it more interactive then most of raid fights.
So a cool but Ouchy artifact... Excuse me while I warm up now!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers in WoW, from the Stone Mother to Panda Mama (she's actually a friend.  Love you hun!)

Love from me to all you Gaming momma's that can juggle work, life, kids, and still game!  Yall are the real super heroes!  :D


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rocking Rocko

Skunk.  You need a Skunk.  You need the Healing of bleat and a strong direct heal to deal with the AoE.  A deer of the sort could work too.

Bring out your 20+ healers to start.  Then your Healer.  Start with the AoE Heal and then direct heal as the need arises.  But your bleat will stay on CD.

Just continue down that road as long as possible and you'll be set!


PS, this guys a SOB to get to if you cant stealth because hes deep in the cave... Needless to say, I tend to skip this one but others may feel differently.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Gamer's want Beach Bodies too Part 1: Eating Habits

This is a given....  Not all of us are married, cooks, have time, appliances, budget, ect ect...

Just stop there and hear me out.

If you can afford to eat out or get a drink more then once a month then you can afford to eat stuff other then ramen and snack cakes or hot pockets...

If you can read this blog, facebook, read, do ANYTHING outside of work and sleep... Then you can make time to cook!

That all being said here is my thoughts for these issues so even if your stubborn you'll get it.

1.  Make Ahead Meals

There are HUNDREDS of blogs about people who only cook once a month all the way to once a YEAR but eat home cooked every night!  They do this by taking 2-6 hours to prep a bunch of meals using similar ingredients so that all they have to do is thaw and heat the meal.

You can do the same!  If you don't wanna COOK IT right then, then just make bags of stuff to freeze and crockpot it!

I do not suggest freezing:  Uncooked potatoes (They will turn black if they were fresh ones) or pasta (if your need to this, pasta is a bad choice because it'll absorb moisture while thawing and heating leading to mushy pasta even if its uncooked.  Save that for when your cooking is over 600)

But outside of that, this works great. 

I personally freeze up to 70 meals plus smoothie packs once a month.  I cook maybe once or twice for a few hours for a ready made meal every meal but breakfast when I blend a smoothie and have a bagel or omlet.

2.  Crockpot

As mentioned above this is a great invention...  Just make a large crockpot full and have 3+ meals out of it.  Just turn it to warm once its cooked.  Naturally it shouldn't sit out for days...  But I've found that under 40 hours is fine myself...  Especially with stews, soups, and chili.  Just keep it warm enough to stave off bacteria and add a bit of liquid every plate full to keep it steaming.

Naturally, do that at your own risk (Its what WE do, but I am like a panda...  Iron stomach.  I also have enough experience to know when something has gone bad...).  I don't suggest leaving things like meat or dairy type items going long after finishing.. 

Some of my favorites are:  Baked potatoes, Chicken dishes (Tacos, BBQ, Faijtas, ect ect-Crockpots do GREAT chicken), Chili/soup/stew, and Lasanga!  But check out other sites, plenty of choices.

3.  Treat it like a game.

Your a gamer... Make it a game.  Your leveling a skill when cooking, gaining exp, and maybe working on rep (if you feed others).  Needless to say, its a lot more interesting.  Have a special "Reward" like a cookie or a portion of cash towards a game/item (If you spend 7 on average in fast food per meal but what your cooking is only 5 dollar average (My meals tend to be 1-3 dollars but I'm talking more high end here) that's saving 2 bucks a meal.  That means by the end of the month you've saved $180 average per person.  Even with only half of that you can preorder new games, pay for time, get tokens...  You get my point?

4.  Go for the cold.

That longest part of cooking IS COOKING!  Subs and salads are cold and very quick and can be made ahead if you know you wont have time to prep before the meal.  And they are SO easy to customize to your liking.  Easy!

5.  Don't starve

Snacking is good because when your hungry for long periods your body starts trying to STORE fat for later thinking it wont eat again... 

So have healthy, portioned out snacks on hand.  A baggy of veggies, nuts, fruit, ect.  Every once in awhile toss chips or cookies into the mix as a indulgent.

Now you might be asking what this shit has to do with a better body, let me tell you.  Empty calories sound made up but that's mainly what fast food and snack foods are..  So by cooking your own food, knowing its made the way you like it and waiting can help fight off those tempting pit stops.

Same with those snacks...  Grab pre cut veggies and a dip or dressing, or fruits... It all is a lot healthier.  But if you must have a sweet, make it yourself and sneak in health things like grated carrots, banana instead of oil/eggs, pieces of dried fruit, or try a vegan option (I'm not vegan myself but they have some super creative ways to make your favorite things in a MUCH healthier way.)

Lastly, lets try and simmer away from those fizzy drinks...  I know Mt Dew and Red Bull is a staple to you, but lets try Lemonade and green tea...

Keep in mind I'm not saying you can NEVER indulge... But just attempting to switch even half the time will give a Huge difference in your health.  I fully believe that simply cutting fast food and soda can help most people drop 20% of their weight at the very least... Mainly because its greased up sugar and chemicals!  But by making your own food your more involved in the process and more likely to add items that are healthy like veggies and fruit.  And how much your eating at a time.

This also is NO diet plan...  Just suggestions that I know can improve your lifestyle and the amount in your wallet... The store might be 200 up front but if your averaging 10 bucks a meal, and 20-25 a day per person to eat out then I think your wallet will look fuller too (for games!)

That's all for this installment.  I know there will be atleast two more so see you next week and i'd love some feedback.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Feral Druid Artifact

Lets go rogue!  Ya...  Because druids are now toting TWO daggers?!  We wear leather... Yah thats a rogue!!

All the same, take a quick trip and start your chain... Yes-QUEST CHAIN!  You actually turn in get more! Multiples!  Thats a first for Artifacts...  Feel like im just doing  Val'Sharah..

Rifle corpses, free people, sounds like bloody damn Dragonblight atm!!

Watch a guy steal stuff, piss of big guy, kill big guy.. More quest...

Now take a guys mount... Find NPC...  This Artifact feels lack luster so far.. Its like regular questing!
Damn he got far...

Oh well, here it gets abit interesting.  Similar to making your class hall, kitty form is used to sniff him out.  But its only alittle at a time making it feel more real.

Open the door by hitting the keys (it took a minute for it to pop).  Back on the trail!  Well, hes crazy...  Fun taking shit from crazies...

Onward.. I guess...  OOoh!  Cool jump... Sorry, got distracted!  (Cant you tell I write these as I do them?  HAH!)

And no surprise, we have to kill him!  Slash, slash... Get stunned?  Damn coward...  And off we go again on the trail... (Side note, worgens should be able to follow without kitty form!  Were WOLVES damnit!  Why can druids go WOLF yet?! )

Spiders... Why spiders...

Welp, Kill, maim... Finally get daggers!  Yay!

Longass ride back... Show off that sexy kitty armor.


How hard was this?  Stupidly easy if you use stealth... My gear was ick and my weapon ick.. Still easy.  I'd give it a 3.

Till next time!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Only you can Prevent Forest from being taken over by a mini Rag!

Three strong waters!  These Elementals suck..

The first one hurts like a truck.  Second one hurts a little less but can block damage.  The last hurts a bit but heals like bloody crazy!

I find Skitters, sliders, and the like are great for this.  And I love Frog Kiss so when I ran out of the others I grabbed a froggie.

Pump, Jet, Jet, Heal.  You pretty much just heal and use jet as a filler till either YOU are about to die or that the other pet will be killed by pump.  I cant stress that enough, pump is a 10% increase to your damage if you keep it up but if you only use pump then its of limited use because two jets can equal about the same damage as 2 rounds wasted on trying to get one pump off.

When your frogs finally out you'll start with Kiss, jet, heal.  From that point on you just keep kiss on CD and heal after that when able with Jet as the filler.

Doing this I don't always need the froggie but its a great, solid back up and if the crits as too painful I know the frog can take on two of the pets and still come out on top.

Happy Hunting!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Balance Druid Artifact

If your into the Warcraft comics, you've heard about this artifact already!  Basically this is the weapon that brought on the Worgen curse to begin with and was used to control a druid WOLF form (one with series rage issues that lead to the followers being banished due to the lack of control...)  Worgens have seen a inkling of this lore and long time druids would of seen tid bits before this as well (Though SFK, even the old one never covered this since those worgen werent actually druids-more like lycanthrophy.)

Okay, nerdy moment done...

So get some use out of the portals and get to finally use that port in Duskwood! (Havent been their since Vanilla..)

Off the bat, its THERE?  That seems tooo easy... Well, Assassination by a dark rider!  Sounds like Gilneas all over again, but now were off to Kara!  Hah, im kidding, were playing errand boys in Duskwood first..

So to the Manor to find clues!  New friend?  Yay... Escort...

I'll save you those details, but you'll learn about the Dark Riders during the ride there, do alittle killing, and get a few threats.

Time to search the camp!  Hope its not booby trapped...

Well, I guess now the chicken chases the wolf... There are some weird people at Blizz... If your like me, yah went birdy and flew along just above the ground..

Oooh... Under Kara... Is it wrong to think there would be upside down sinners room here?  I know it was abit twisted but it was a cool feature back when... I know, geeking out again.

FYI-OW!  As someone who usually plays bear... This kind of hurt.  o.<  These mobs hit in numbers and hit like trucks...

With the grabbing arms your SUPPOSE to Solar beam... But you can Rejuv and walk right through... It only took 50% of my health.

So, get trolled, follow the guy, fight the guy... (Root when hes worgen to keep from getting stunned, dont stand in stuff, ect)

And boom!  You have the staff all worgens want!

Now for the score card...

I did this as Balance, used the 740 staff, and was 102...

How hard was it?  I'd give it a freaking 5/10 over all.  The first part was easy as could be but the catacombs, they had some pain.. easily a 8...Though I didnt go root crazy to slow the damage income because I knew I could handle the damage enough to kill them first.

It was pretty quick and was very fun and different.



While In Val you can randomly find feral worgens to free while using this staff.  Its a cool lore piece but has no real reward as far as I can see.

Monday, May 8, 2017

WTF 21: With the FEELS!

Those Twin poppies... From Elysa the Flower (Jarl's Feast World Quest) came from her twins...

We killed some kids mom..  This is WoW... Senseless violence and death...

But that's fucking harsh blizz!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Surging Mana Crystal? Only in WoW can you fight that!

Three lovely little mana lings...  So a strong dragonkin and pretty much solo it.

I love the Ony Whelp but a tail whip and heal will do it.  Just Tail whip twice and then heal.  From there on keep your heal on CD and there yah go.

I used two leveling pets.  A 20+ and a level 1.  I like having a 20+ so if I screw up I have that back up... Or if I get screwed over and receive a hundred and one crits...

Easy, peases.  Its not a huge amount of EXP but getting 1-5 is a decent amount.  Just don't forget to put on your hat!


Friday, May 5, 2017

Gamer's want Beach Bodies too!

We all know what the term "beach body" means...  But assuming you've heard different terms, its loosely meaning looking like a model while wearing a swim suit... Thin, pretty, toned. 

Now not all gamers are chubby but I think most of us have a couple pounds we can stand to shed.  It could be the junk we snack on, the soda, beer, energy drinks... Lack of movement...

You get the idea.

But not having that stubborn fat roll can increase your life span which means more gaming and despite what some think, working out 24/7 will kill you just as fast as doing nothing.  So we need a happy medium.

So I wanted to come up with some ideas to help my readers trim up a bit without leaving home.

Some of it is common sense...  But common sense aint worth shit if you aren't actually doing it...

So my need for more post will be filled... With some of THESE ideas!

It'll be starting the 19th and I hope yall don't mind the interlude (Trust me, I love WoW but I need a filler till I restock screenies/SELFIEs so please send some in, request guides, ect... I need stuff for Fridays!)

So thanks for staying with me this long and I hope you enjoy this little series while I work up my stocks again!


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Children's Week 2017

((Nothing new 2017))

Lets start with the toys.

A green and Yellow balloon sold by the toy venders in SW or Org.  10 silver each!


Mr Wiggles-Piglet

Outlands (Shatt):
Egbert-Bird in a egg!
Willy-Baby Beholder
Legs-Mini Strider

Northrend (Dal)
Oracle Hatchling
Wolvar Pup

All of these pets can be gotten by doing a laundry list of quest. 

Ally/Horde Set:

First Set:

Take them on a special ride (Horde goes to Azshara for a rocket, Ally goes to Westfall for a motorcycle ride).

Visit a Cool Leader (Horde sees Sylvanas in UC while Ally is hitting Darn. to visit Malfurion)

See a Fallen Leader.  This one gives abit of recent lore too.  (Horde goes to Mulgore to see Cairne Bloodhoof while Ally goes to IF to see Bronzebeard.)

Second set:

ICECREAM! Yap, your getting them sugary sweets.  (Horde goes to Goblin slums of Org while Ally hits the Mage Quarters in SW)

Fly a Kite! (The same toy vendor in SW or Org that sold your balloon sells Dragon Kite 2 packs.  Buy and fly a kite with your orphan out!)

Last Set:

Turn your orphan back in (after buying a sword rack from that same vendor!) and receive your pet, a pay off (5 gold..), or (new 2015) a pet care package that has battle stones, pet items, and pug costumes!

Shatt Orphans:

First Set:

Both sides will want to see the Dark Portal.

Visit a land mark-Ally goes to Auchindoun in the Ring by Summon Stone, Horde goes to Nagrand to see the Throne of Elements.

See/Make a friend!  Horde you'll be going to Zang. to meet the Muchroom people and Hch'uu while Ally goes to Nagrand to meet Jheel the girls brother.

Second Set: 

Both will want to visit Caverns of Time where you'll get them a Toy Dragon from the Quarter Master Alurmi.

Seeing their peoples home is next.  In this case Horde goes to see the Tauren Chieftians in SMC.  Ally heads to Exodor to make two stops:  First to see O'ros the Naaru and then the Farseer in Crystal Hall.

Last Set:

Now you turn in and receive the same rewards (but different pets) as you did with the first set!

Dal Orphans

They will want go to Grizzly Hills and Grizzlemaw. 

Next the Bronze Dragonshrine in Dragonblight.

Playmats! must be made in Borean Tundra with the murlocs of Winterfin retreat.

Next is Un'goro crater's Shapers Terrace to meet Etymidian.  But never fear, you take a waygate in Sholazar Basin if you don't want fly from Uldum or Caverns of Time.

Back to Dragonblight and to the Wyrmrest Temple!  The little orphans want to meet the Great Dragon Queen, Alexstrasza.

Now its getting late.  Back to Dal with you, ah but don't forget their toy!  Over to Wonderworks you'll buy them a Small paper Zeppelin (not the kit) and throw it to them.

Now the fun ends.  Back to the Matron to turn in.  Same rewards but you can get your orphan as a pet via mail!

Is that last part creepy..?

Well now that you got a run down lets talk Achievements!

Aw isn't it Cute?
The first ones free, just do the quest to earn a pet.

Bad Example
Each sweets in front of children!  (They must be out to get credit)

Craft or buy from the AH a Delicious Chocolate Cake and Tasty Cupcake.
Grab a Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream from Alowicious in Org or Emmithue in SW.
Red Velvet Cupcake, Dalaran Doughnut, Dalaran Brownie, and Lovely Cake (to get a slice) from Aimee in Dal.

Daily Chores
Because adults have Dailies.  Turn in 5 quests with your orphan watching.

Hail to the King, Baby!  (Orphan MUST be out for kill!)
Go to UP and kill King Ymiron (Last boss).  If level capped do it on Heroic for a chance and the mount off another boss.  If your in the higher 70s, grab exp by que.

Home Alone
Hearth via the stone while the Orphan watches!

School of Hard Knocks  (Orphans MUST BE OUT FOR EACH EVENT!!)
This one will actually take time and patience.  Also Luck.  Don't wait around to start this one.

Capture a Flag in Eye of Storm.  (Sit in the middle and snag the flag then run it to any of the four bases your fraction owns.  You cannot mount so invest in daze free speed increases like speed pots!  You also cannot stealth)

Assault a tower in Alterac Valley.  To Assault means to claim.  That means they must OWN for it to count.  You don't have to keep it, just click it. 

Assault a flag in Arathi Basin.  Same idea as the one above but you have 5 areas.  The one always owned by the opposing fraction will be Stables and Farm (so if you see a opening, assault) but the other three tend to go back and forth leaving you lots of chances as long as your moving.

Return a Flag in Warsong Gulch.  This one... It can be a *itch.  This requires two things.  One: For them to STEAL the flag.  and TWO: for you to Kill them AND be the first in the click fest to hit the flag.  You've got to fight the PvPers for this because that flag can be picked up again plus theres a Achieve to return 5 flags in a game.

Again, don't forget this don't count without the orphan watching so macro it if you have to, to resummons after each death.

Veteran Nanny (Not part of Meta)

This WILL take three years.

On the SAME CHARACTER collect Peanut, Egbert, and Willy (from the Shatt orphans) by doing Childrens Week.  You cannot just buy them.  You cant use multiple characters.  It'll just take time.  But its not part of the Meta anymore so its cool!

That's all for this guide, catch me again for the next holiday!