Saturday, October 31, 2015

Eric Davidson, Happy Halloween from the Creepie Crawls!

Fitting of Hallow's End with its Creepy Spidery feel...

These are 3 L7 spiders.  First two web you in place, last one makes you take damage on attacks.

I use 7, 7, 6 for this one.  More then not, my first tends to die due to the damned webs.  So if you wanna use a higher that be on you. 

Be warned, critters will get eaten by the beast while your robos will smash them.

Other then the fact that the 2nd spider heals, I think you get the jist of it.

Happy Halloween yall!


Friday, October 30, 2015

Undead take over SELFIE!

To celebrate the coming Halloween, we have a special subject!  UNDEAD!

(I wanted to add more, but because of the crash I didn't have time to get more good shots...  Maybe next year it'll be more of a take over!)

Demons Vs Undead!

Because its a glitch.

Because its not Hollywood!
((Hollywood Undead, for those that didn't catch the reference...))

Undead Spider (Costume..!)

Undead Pepe!  Well, Scarecrow... Makes me kind of think of children of the corn...
  Side Note, my priest went Warlock for Halloween, Trick or Treat?

The Undead Weapon of Choice! 
Ya, I dare you dks... Just try and say you don't have/want/trying to get Shadowmourne!

Its a rampage!

Happy Halloween yall!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pet Battle Tips 2

I got a pretty good response to my last post so im going ahead with a second one.

This one will focus on the better pets (or atleast what I consider better pets and what I've seen to be popular). 

Results based of 10 recent pet battles!

Blossoming Ancient

Yes, you got to buy this one but its attacks are insane if combined right.  I personally used this one to solo AND WIN 9 out of 10 matches in random PvP.  And I was faced with other pets i'll list below.  The one that beat me had the water striders blasting the crap out of me...

Point:  If you combine his shield, photosynthesis, and regrowth then you have a constant heal, a attack for single (that shields), and a AoE going on.  All you really have to watch for is others weather effects and the fact that your back line is dead in the water against heavy AoE groups.


You'll have to Hero of the Storms, but this is a strong PvP pet.  You cant make him a healing machine or a backline destroyer depending on your other pets.  The undead abilities just make him all the more painful to knock down (believe me).

By far this one seems to be one of the most popular.  Atleast 6 of the 10 battles I did had him in party.

Unborn Val'kyr

Super rare but very popular in PvP because of the set of spells it has together.  All of her abilities are pretty basic for undead pets EXCEPT for her 3rd slot ones.  Haunt is only in a few pets that I've seen, and Unholy Ascension is one I haven't spotted before. 

Due to rarity You'll see Graves ALOT more, but people who have it always make use of it.

Three seems like a good place to stop about now.  See me next time for my next tip filled post!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween yall! 

Ya its abit early but the 31st is a Battle Pet Posting Day sooo...Here it is on Update Day with a pic!  Enjoy!


I finished it on time, HONEST!  But theres something wrong with blogger.  None of my blogs with post any pictures or files.

This is affecting my post for Battle pets too sadly...

So, please be patient.  I've contacted blogger.

Updated (again):

Could finally get it up, they blame my internet but I was playing WoW with no issues.  Either way, its all done!

As always you can see this on my DA (as seen in Info page and over on every post with a pic!)  Enjoy!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stone Cold Adventures with Trixxy

This once painful trainer has been nerfed down, plus the multiple 25 pets you probably have will make it sadly easy.

Due to her pets having crits like mad, I highly suggest using 20+ pets, never lower then 15 when leveling.

With Plushie, I decided on a leveling 20+ that could handle the dragonkin atleast-Red Panda in this case, but its not set in stone.

When my leveling pet got low I brought a 20+ Moth in to level and finish off the last of the fight.

Replace the plushie with something that can take a hit and enjoy the exp.

Happy Hunting!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Garrison Decor Screenies

Because I live again, I got a few screenies in!  Thanks to my boyfriend who shared a few too!

Hallow's Glow

Creepy Crawlies (Which includes a Rare!)

Costumed Decree!

Seer's Invite

A Creepy Pepe (Just a addon for Halloween!)


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 Hallow's End

Three new pets, one new Achieve, Décor for Garrisons, and 2 new toys.


Ghastly Rat

Spectral Spinner

Ghost Maggot

All three will crawl your garrison with the thanks of the Décor Creepy Crawlers.

New Achievement:

A Frightening Friend
This meta awards the Scarecrow costume Pepe for finding him on a tombstone in your garrison.

Décor for Garrisons:

Buying one per day after doing dailies you can trick out in one or all of these themed choices.

Ghoulish Guises: "Dress your garrison's guards in festive costumes."
Hallow's Glow: "Pumpkins, candles and other decor for your garrison."

Seer's Invitation: "Invites an Arakkoa seer to your garrison."

Witch's Brew: "A Pandaren Brew Witch, who brings plenty of fresh brew for your garrison."

Creepy Crawlers: "A ghoulish box of spectral rats, maggots, and spiders."

Check then out this Friday for Screenies!

New Toys:

Coin of Many Faces:  Dropped by the Skeletons from dailies.  Average chance of 1% drop.  Luckily, you can buy off the AH if you get tired of the farm!

Sack of Spectral Spiders:  Creepy Crawlers Décor needed to summon the rare.  Be warned though "fixed" its still iffy on if you can loot more then one item off the spider.  Because of this turn off auto loot and ONLY LOOT THE TOY (or atleast loot it first).  You can kill it as much as you like but you can only pick up the items once a day.  Easily farmable if you just don't pick up the loot!


You can buy the heirloom upgrades for a butt load of candies as well as a Deathwing costume for 200 candies if you like! 
Side note:  Arthas costume is now 200 with 50 charges, unlike last year when he was 500 candies with one charge.  Still people bought it!

That's the new stuff of the year.  Enjoy!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Update on Computer

Soo my power supply was screwed as were 2 fans.  As soon as those get in i'll be back and running! 

I've got a few ideas in the wings for as soon as I get my screenshots back, so heres hoping!

Hope to see yall soon!  :D

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stevens Lisbane and the Jungle

If you avoid Stranglethorn like me, you miss this guy a lot.

Three L9 pets including 2 beasts (pain in arse Monkey and a sneaky tiger) and a magical gemmed cat. 

Aaannnnnyyyway.  I usually use 3 L8 pets or two 8s and a 9.  But I had no 9s but I did have a mechanical and a humanoid.  So I did a 8, 8, 7.

Naturally, you'll want to watch your critters.  You should have 3 attacks.  Just try not to feed your pets to the rabid beast and you'll win!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Screenie Friday


Fire Kitty is da King!
Shout out to the tank who was willing to say "Hail Flame Kitty!" when I did this!  ;P

(Boyfriend wasn't fast enough to photobomb, so hah!)
Weapon Glitches.  Niicce.

Back to perty...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Old MacDonald

Had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!  Deeply imprinted.  Very Deeply.  But this NPC lost his farm to a bank apparently and now all he has is a crop picker (Mechanical Reaper), a Chicken (Flyer), and a rat (Critter, why is he keeping a pest again?).

His pets are levels 3.  I use a 3, 2, 1 still.  But I will also use 4,3,2 or 3, 2, 2s for this fight just because of that damn reaper. 

His first pet is weak to elemental attacks but can 1-2 shot your beast (keep in mind!).  He often misses but he uses Demolish, which can take a nice junk of health.

Next is his flyer.  Beast wont hurt for much, aquatic will get pecked to pieces.

Last, the rat.  Undead beware.  Beast eat up.

Like Julia, watch your attacks.  Make sure they can really attack and not just dodge.

Happy Hunting


Friday, October 9, 2015

SELFIE Achieve

Still going strong!

Sunsong Ranch (MoP Farm)

Aurchidon (Instance, Draenor)

Arena (Stranglethorn Vale)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pet Battle Tips 1

I keep getting request on things like:  Best Pets to use in Battles, good attack combos, PvP tips, ect. 

Soo imma start alittle post like for these types of request.  They wont be monthly or anything.  They'll just pop up when I see fit!  So don't go getting too excited.  :P

For this one, I think i'll just throw out a few tricks I've found that can help speed up your battles.

Sear Magic (Spell) is pretty common and goes under several names.  Main thing is that it'll remove effects.  But did you know you can use it to remove the undead revival effect?  That means if your the faster pet just go ahead and knock that newly revived ghoul off his rocker before he can kill you or take off with a chunk of health!

Heal on Kill Abilities are great.  But you have to remember a few things.  One: Two round abilities (atleast most of them are) will still go for two rounds even if you don't want it to.  Two:  You wont get that heal if the pet isn't staying dead, that means Survival (spell), Undeads Revival, and Mechanicals 20% reboot will prevent you from getting that heal.  Best to keep those in mind while trying to lengthen your pets attacking life!

Increase Damage abilities can make a HUGE dent but its best to watch how you pair them.  If you have enough health for two more attacks, a spell like stampeade (3 round spell) is a stupid choice unless your plan is to bring heavy attacks with your next pet.  The 1-2 round debuff of Howl and the like is great, but make sure you don't waste a single round with charging attacks or switching/dying early.  Dragonkin passive is probably the best well known, get the target down low enough and get a power boost-just make sure you don't over do it if you can cause more damage over all.  Longer lasting but weaker ones like Roar will give you usually two-three rounds of 25% increased damage (via a buff on you or debuff to them), these have shorter cooldowns and often do abit of damage while applying-these are good for normal rotations and more easily sacrificed.

On the note of increasing damage:  Be aware of attacks that will either shield and prevent damage on you or reduce the damage the other pet can do.  If your dealing with a pet that will be hitting hard all the time, you want to reduce it where you can with shields and dodges.  If you know they have a very hard hitting attack then you want to try and prevent that damage whenever possible-very easy to predict in NPC battles, not so much in PvP!

Well, that's my suggestions for the day!  Happy Hunting!


Monday, October 5, 2015

WTF Challenge 2

This was... Okay it was a random though that made me tilt my head.

We all know blizz scrambles for names after soo many expacs.  But at some point in the making of BC (before it was cool to use team members as rares that spawn every minute) they drew a blank.

Now rather then faceroll a name like us, they gave this fellow a name so unique you only see it on signs.

Bishop Street. 

Ironic, theres a Bishop Street not far from where I live.  HA.

I hope yall got a chuckle out of this!


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Julia Stevens

I know, old school.  Really Old School.  But we all started here.  A great daily if you spend a lot of time in Goldshire too.

She has two pet snakes each at Level 2.  The only bad thing is one had a poison which can screw up your leveling pets.

So I use a 3 to take out the first and start second one (switch at 50 health), use the L2 to take as much health as needed.  Switch to the L1 to end the fight.

Things to watch:  Critters will take INCREASED DAMAGE.  Mechanicals will DESTROY THESE SNAKES.  Another thing is, you have limited attacks.  So when deciding, make sure it has a attack and plan around.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Screenie Friday-Weapon Glitches

Funny little weapon glitches that I've found.  Its actually pretty cool when ya think on it...  To me.

Honestly, I've never seen staves transmogable into axes.  I don't recall seeing notes on it either.  So.. Yay!