Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Warr Artifact Arms

This one requires... Travel...

FYI, the Dal Crater Port wont kill you anymore (proven atleast 12 times over a month) so no fear about catching yourself.

Go to Tyr's tome, kill some cultist... 

I cant lie, I enjoyed the mechanics and the chosen mobs for this.  We havent seen much of them.  I also enjoy the ghostly commentary but I was blasting through so fast that I saw the text and missed the voice...

They say Arms was nerfed, but damn I was doing better with that 2her then I was with a pair of them...  The Damage was legit as long as you follow the rotation right with Smash and then attacks.  I also enjoyed matching it with Overpower... But Im old school... If you play it Old School way (Bleeds, Overpower, Smash...) then you'll find it pretty damn badass like the old days, reminded me of soo many AB matches and slaughter, Ahh....

Moving on...

So you'll kill your way through (if you get stuck just look at what ghosty said).  Finally you'll find the big "Baddie"... A Mutated Teddy Bear really...

Try to take your weapon... Kill him... Wait, not dead.  Take the weapon and FINALLY kill him! 

Now leave with the loot!

On a scale of 1 to 10... Its a 2.  This was SUPER easy...  I mean really the damage was unreal and the mobs were slaughtered...  I was very pleased. 

Not taking damage into play?  Well if your DPS sucks it'll atleast be a 5.  The Mechanics are simple if you pay attention but I can see the adds causing some pain.  But again, I wasnt using anything special...  So I doubt you'll have issue.

Enjoy the ride and the new experience!


Saturday, November 26, 2016


Talk about Must Love Dogs, shes got a love of Corgis!

Three Strong Mech attackers are a lovely thing.  But the last is the Molten and it does some painful damage to your  Mechs, but a Mech Axebeak will fix that!

Happy Hunting, I'm sure you got the idea.  ;3


Friday, November 25, 2016

Highmountain with a View

A cool zone, but it took time to get this screenies without flying!  Enjoy!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pilgrim's Bounty 2016

(Nothing new since 2015)

Achievements  (Not Required for Long Strange Trip Meta)


Rewards the Pilgrim!

"Food Fight!"

Sitting at the Bounty Tables outside the cities, just sit with a friend next to you and keep passing till it pops (they have to get the max first).

Now We're Cooking!

Must be atleast 280 cooking to finish but you can get there while cooking.  Just cook the five recipes!  You can get them from the vendors along with the needed mats.  You will have to farm the turkeys though.  (Save 5 of each for later)

Pilgrim's Paunch

While at the Bounty Tables, sample 5 of each of the helpings by switching seats.  You'll gain the Sharing buff and thus, BOOM!

Pilgrim's Peril

Wearing the full Attire (Dress/Robe/or Attire) take a seat at the Enemy Faction's Table.  Be careful of heavy pop times if you don't want to die too much.  But flying has made for a easier attempt.

Pilgrim's Progress

Complete the five dailies from each major city.  You just turn in the food you'd of made for Now We're Cooking!  So hope you held it.

Sharing is Caring

Pass each of the dishes at the Bounty Table.  Easily done by bouncing seats while doing Pilgrim's Paunch and Food Fight.

Terokarr Turkey Time

While wearing the Hat and the Dress/Robe/Attire you got for Pilgrim's Peril, kill the King of Turkeys, Talon King Ikiss.  If you lack the mount, do it on heroic and kill two birds with one stone!  Hey, that was punny..

The Turkinator

Kill 40 Turkeys with each kill within 30 seconds.  Sounds easy?  Well you have to be in the areas outside UC or SW and the turkey's are well spread... So Peak hours your sharing with other achievement hunters, and daily seekers... and those cookers looking for skill. 

So a Low pop realm during off hours is great.  You can track them with Turkey Snacks or Track Beast.

Don't stress, and good luck!

Turkey Lurkey

First get atleast 10 Turkey Shooters from dailies.  Then find a rogue of each race and feather them up!  This must be done during the holiday but wont reset if you miss one.  You cannot hit rogues already turkied or while their in vehicles.


Silver-Plated Turkey Shooters-found in daily bags.

Plump Turkey-Awarded with the Title for Pilgrim.  This one likes to run in fires and become dinner...

Frightened Bush Turkey-Also from the Daily Bags.

Fine Pilgrim's Hat-A Cosmetic hat with a chance from Daily Bags.

And good luck!


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bodin Sunwayver

Above are two sets I've found to work (Outside the needed All Type Achieves) That work well.

A Moth, Magic Attacker, and then strong third undead or a slow dragonkin works great.

Myself, I lean more towards the second.  The Nexus whelp tore through so fast and Dragonkins are just so freaking strong!

Pro Tip:  Need him for Dragons! ?  Replace the moth with a Flying ability Dragon..  Boom, done.


Friday, November 18, 2016

WoW, the only place you can find Freeze Frame War!

You thought I joked?

Oh you wish...

I NEVER joke about war...

And this is Storm Peaks... Pretty Graphic too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Warr Artifact: Protection

First off, I find these ugly, but I HIGHLY recommend trying that artifact effect.  Its kind of bad ass (but if only it was bigger...)

Alright, you'll REALLY REALLY wanna be Prot for this...  Im sorry but the damage is there, I cant see squishy fury making it and though Arms is pretty durable, I doubt it could take what will get dished out.  So buy the shield and sword and suck it up.

It starts real easy and sweet... Its like a quick tutorial on how to control your damage intake with this dps that runs head first but never pulls threat..

At some point you'll hit imps, run about, keep them on you.

Then similar to the BM hunter you'll fight through some wind guys...  Intercept (AKA Charge) and jump to them and kill.

Then theres a door..  This NPC sucks at explaining so i'll break it to you... Your using throw.

Now it gets abit painful.

The boss is a huge damage up due to his abilities being like Rampage or Barrage.  Hard, fast, and follows.  Let me say this, DONT WORRY ABOUT NPC!  He died many times with me but he healed back up...  Just worry about yourself.  Hes slow enough you can avoid the heavy damage by keeping up the movement and just catching adds.

When in doubt take some pots.  But Ignore Pain and Rush should be enough to keep you standing (I have Rush talented for anytime use but theres enough adds to reset the former).

In truth its a quick run through where you stand between a father and sons misunderstanding as the meat shield.  The damage is always controlable but it does take a huge jump at the end.

Overall i'd give it a 6...  2 at the start and 7 at the end... All workable but you might sweat abit.  But if your not looking at the NPC (As I was..) that 7 drops to a 5 honestly...

Just keep your cool and tank like you do!


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Aww, hes just Hungry...

No achieve to this one (other then kill the different ones and world quest)

Beware!  He does some MAJOR elemental damage in the form of stackable DoTs...  He will hurt.

So you need some power:

Cogblade Raptor

Clockwork Robot

Mech Frostboar

(Only one Strat I've used but these are pretty common!)

Follow your gut, batter it, strike, heal and kill.  Try to do as MUCH damage before dying!

Your first two pets wont get far but they should handle the wolfie fine...  Just don't give him any tasty critters..

Honestly any hard hitting Mechs can do this but the pain if bad, if he starts critting your health will vanish...

Good luck and God's Speed!


Friday, November 11, 2016

Random SELFIEs and Screenies!

Tis the season of Food, imma be lazy!  :D

Its a Image dump!

No, I'm only half kidding...


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hidden Artifact Found! Frost Mage

This is a easy and random chance Appearance...

You'll walk in to your hall, get a emote from your portals... Take ANY port.  You'll get sent here in Frostfire Ridge.

A little text...  Run up to the pretty crystal!

Pick it up, use it and enjoy the light show!

Chances are random (trust me) and its a quick easy grab for your first hidden look!


Monday, November 7, 2016

WTF 16

  For this one, lets look at a couple of staffs...

Blizz and... Um..  Suggestive plants aren't so new, but this one looks like a cross between the Joker and a Venus Fly Trap!  (Had no idea Poison Ivy swung that way..)   

This thing opens, closes, and it'll eat your pets and gnomes... Use with caution!

A guy like Swarmleaf is going to have some different wood, but this guy shoved a bee hive on a stick...  Its a gaping hole that drips honey/sap and swarms with bugs... 

And imma stop here because soo many bad jokes and mentally scarring images are popping in my head...

WTF is wrong with yall Blizz!  Stop with the creepy staffs!  We liked the BLOOMING VINES!


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Barrel Ride Screenies!

Is it a Hobbits Reference?

Is it a fun ride?

 IDK!  But I know this...

It takes me straight to HEL-Ya! 

I know my puns are bad when I laugh at them...


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pally Artifact Protection

This one starts with such a nice visit to a Undead Graveyard.. Hm.. Clense we must...

But after that I become disappointed...  BM hunters and Prot Warrs will know this one far too well im afraid...

So kill the resistance, hold that threat...  Its not a DPS check so watch your health... NPC healers arent too good.. >>  Cato, you sucked.

Charge through the wind barrier!  (Been there, done that..)

Now, Prep those Heals/Def CDs because this door like the Disc Staff can bring the pain.  Dont Faulter!

Tip:  Guardian alone will hold it off (HAH!)

Next a 2 boss tank fight... Abit different.  Hold the caster and Tank Boss.  AoE any things popping on the ground, silence her barrage... The basics.  Its pretty easy so no pressure!

And thats that!

Elve's off to kill more mobs!