Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Maw

Dragons.  You want Three Dragons... You want Tail Whip and heals!  And slow!

I don't know how else to put it.  Whip, Whip, Heal Repeat!


Friday, February 24, 2017

Shadowy Pets? Awesome!

Due to me running out of stuff to post, I give you a Post of a cool arse glyph!

Shadowy Friends makes your pets mini shadow priest like you!  And with some pets?  Its awesome looking.  With others... Its terrifying...

So get your Inscript friends a ring and see about sending us some cool pics of you and your shadowy minions to share with the world!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Restro Druid Hidden Appearence

This one doesn't have much to explain.  Keep planting in your plots (This is something you get for your class hall as a option.  You can also get mana/health/stat food and a 815 trinket.).

I got mine the same day Nav did so It could be a thing that happens on certain days or random.


Saturday, February 18, 2017


Lofty Libram, a Dragonkin with Heal/Tail whip, and a Strider/Skitter

Start off with Doom and attack with all the AoE/Undead Oompt you can!  Continue till dead.

Next you'll use Tail Whip atleast twice then Heal.  From this point keep Healing on CD while Tail Whipping as a filler.  Continue till down.

The strider starts with Pump and then Jet/Heal till the other pet is 800 or below.  Then Pump again to kill it off!



And there you go, enjoy whatever he gave.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Screenie Drop Box!

Abit lame, I know but I need some help!  I'm running out (EEP!)  Help a girl by sending me some fan stuff you must!


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Shammy Restro Artifact Sharas'Dal

Healer Shammy, its time to trade that staff for the old school Mace and Shield that Pallies and Shammies used to heal (Hey, some of the BEST healing weapons were maces).

I wont lie, this felt a lot like a fetch it questline at first. 

First part you can play as a dps or you can use some hexes and forgo mounting for part.

Second part, oh your healing because without some SERIOUS gear you'll get squished.

So you start with a nice ride to everyones favorite zone...  Then you better connect to your inner Sherlock Holmes because you gotta find clues while dodging naga.

You can do this by killing or hexing mobs near your clues.

Also, these clues are around/IN ruins but everything is pretty much ground level.  I say this because one clue appears in a tunnel that it is not and I spent a hour swimming around and up to other tunnels and around the front looking for doors...  THIS one is actually off to the left and around a corner... >>;

Now you got your clues, time for a breath holding swim to the Abysal!  Why? Because surprise Surprise you gotta go in the instance...

Heres where you need to heal.

I wont spoil the lore so here's the jist.  Save your tank and melee dps, you'll have a range dps with you.

Heal your rump off, dispel, and focus yourself then tank then the rest.  You will be spam healing too so don't worry, that's normal.. (I have three shammies, One was geared before this.  I promise, its pretty normal to need to spam heal!)

So in the end you gain your perty weapon!

Done, boom!

Honestly i'd rate this a 6/10 for someone who is pretty use to shammy healing.  It wouldn't be as high if it wasn't for the fact that I tanked a couple mobs (ouchies!) and the nerf on healing power they did to make it more "engaging." 

For someone NEW to shammy healing, 8/10.  This is hard, it hurts...  You will want to spam your surge but you need to try and take advantage of your riptides buff that will oompt the heals, avoid the AoE (It will drain you a LOT faster for fewer results), USE the totems (Your a shammy now!), and try to work in healing wave instead of surge if their over 70% and no one is getting hit like a truck.

But all in all, I got faith you'll crush it with the roaring tides of your healing!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Loves in the Air and were all riding the Big Pink Rocket in our dreams!  No dirty puns intended...

Monday, February 13, 2017

WTF 18

WTF!  The Water is BACK!  Finally...

Okay, I know that one sucked, but hey, its been gone since Legion hit!  Its a BIG deal!!

Oh fine!  Here's a Freebie.

They added a FREAKING PORTAL TO THE END OF ICC!!  No more dying to turn in marks! 

Side note, it often bugs and your stuck in combat, but still cool as fuck!


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bredda Tenderhide

This one is pretty self explanatory but i'll go through it for my newer members!

A Hare/Rabbit:  You want a faster one *nods*  Multi Attacks, Dodge, and Stampede. 

Attack as you see fit, the order isn't too set in stone.

A Dragonkin with Heals and Tail Whip-Slow is better (You can get one like mine near Ony's lair)

Tail Whip like crazy and heal as needed! 

Lastly, I love my Nexus Whelp (easy to get near the Nexus!)  Tail whip as a plan B with the main focus on Storm and Surge (in this order, yes!)

I've had NO trouble with this group and I doubt you will either!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Love is in the Air 2017

New to 2017:  Two New Toys!  270 for the Love Boat and 100 for a Sturdy Love Fool.

Also, anyone 16+ can queue for the instance so rocket farming has never been so easy!  Enjoy.

Gather charms for bracelets which will turn into cards upon delivery!  How.. Fun?

Upside there's 2 possible mounts, 3 possible pets, a 3 toys, and sexy attire.

There is of course dailies to go blow up the chemical camps, and a quest chain to learn about the Crown Chemical Co (I wont give any spoilers!). 

More importantly, there's a daily for 16-110 characters to go get a 830 neck (Max level, scales down from there) and a daily chance at the ultra rare pink rocket mount and a lovely green slime pet...  Yap, we all know your really after the neck more then anything.  Side note:  The neck has a ability now that gives you the Achievement It Might Just Save Your Life!



Make 12 bracelets.

Looking to farm charms?  Look for quick easy kills that are green to you.  The plant creatures in Shadowmoon are great for 90+ since there's usually 5 or so and they die really quick.  Podlings are also good. 

For Decently geared 110s Normal Everbloom is a great spot as well.  TONS of mobs before the first/second boss.  Just pull and reset.  If your killing so fast that the 10 resets a hour limit will deter you then may I suggest a clear for possible transmog?  Sol drops a pretty awesome staff and you can work Heroic and Mythic in just to make it take alittle longer.

Be Mine!

Make all 8 candy hearts by buying the bags from vendor!

Dangerous Love!

Just do the daily.  Any level can do it.

Fist Full of Love

Not as fun.  You start by buying handfuls of rose petals from the vendor and then hitting every race/class on the list.  Upside?  You DONT have to finish this during the event.  So that elusive Troll Rogue can be found at a later date.  Just go ahead and stock up on the amount you need.

Flirt with Disaster

This one is pretty much a wink at the one night stands you never live down.  Get smashed off the heavy stuff and then go  romance with a shower of rose petals before /kissing your fractions bachelor...  Their both such great catches...  Um.  Moving on.

I Pitied the Fool

Ah, Mr T...  Buy your fool from the vendor and start your road trip!

Arathi Basin - Easy BG, I suggest being 80+ so you can do others too. Do it While theres no one defending it on the other team or while your team has it.

Culling of Stratholme - Easy way: Go to Dal and take port to left of Kiron Tor Quatermaster. Other way, if your doing the daily quest to kill the 4 members of the crown and blow up the machine in Uldum then i'd run over and do that or use the fool after finishing that!

Wintergrasp - You dont have to join the battle or be in any certain point. You now have to be 90 to get into this BG (atleast you cant que it as a 85) so if your too lazy to make he flight thats a way. Or you just zone it, drop it and done.

Gurubashi Arena - In Cape of Stranglethorn if you've explored the region then you can see it clearly its in the Northern portion. Bewarned, some #$%^s are camping the arena killing anyone and if marked then ANYONE Ally and Horde can kill you. And you HAVE to mark yourself by going in the ring to get credit. So i'd try to make sure no ones there before dropping in or you might waste a fool.

Naxxramas - You zone in and drop, done! Near the keep easy to get to, while your there you can try for the 3 pets that drop from there too.

Remember! You HAVE TO PITY THE FOOL! So after dropping it target and /pity


If you don't have the basket, that probably wont hurt, you mainly need the chocolate cuz lots of nice people have theirs out already in Dal and are waiting for you!  But it is a toy, so try to buy.  Just eat your Buttermilk candy with the buff and boom!

My Love is like a Red, Red Rose

Get a Bouquet from a Cata Boss and done.  I highly suggest just getting it with a 100 though since you'll have to roll in a PuG.

Nation of Adoration

Give a charm bracelet to every fraction leader via the daily quest.  You can do this while doing Charmed!

Sweet Tooth

Get all four candies from the box at vendors and eat them.  Same a butter milk for Lonely?


Share the winged goblin cupid with every random person at the bank/mailbox by buying silver shafted arrows at the vendor.  Cant you feel the love?

The Rocket's Pink Glare

Just like the fire cracklers achieve you get 10 rocks, put it on a action bar and then span click under you while spam tapping.  Done!

So wanna be the Love Fool (the actual title, btw)?  Then good news!  Not all of the holiday achieves are required.  Perma-Peddle, Tough Love, It Might Just Save Your Life, They Really Love Me! and Lovely Luck Is On Your Side are all excluded.  Soo, yay?

I already mentioned one, but the newer Achieve They Really Love Me! can be harder to get then the rest.  My suggestion is buy the prism from vendor then join a group doing it via group finder.  The idea is to forum a huge circle and send one at a time through with each person they past hitting them with the prism till 50 stacks are reached.  Long but easy!

Best way to get those new toys since one is SO expensive? 

I found that doing the 4 tokens, the instance, and the city daily makes it much easier.

That's 20 from the City Leaders, 5 from the City Daily Samplings, and 4-10 from the Love Box (I average 7 a day)  That's 30+ a day.

Theres the other daily that sends you to stop the crown but I find it too annoying because its not always in a close area depending on the level range.  So I skip it.

So doing just the ones I suggested, its like 300 easy per alt during the event.  Doable.  Especially if you farm all the bracelets on one character and use a middle man to pass it.  Or only do the bracelets on someone that's buying the 200+ token ones.

Naturally, I say the best and ONLY way to do this is with a couple alts all working towards a different goal.  Thanks to the instance drop its now easier then ever to farm tokens as a lowbie.

Now assuming your not a mage, heres the portal path I use on Ally for quick bracelet turn ins.

First/Second:  Darn/Exodor

Both are out of the way for most of us and they have ports to each other...  Seriously, you can take a quick port if you use the OTHER portal next to the Hellfire one.

Third:  SW

This is a given, theres a hellfire port next to the Darn/Exodor port you just used.  Port through to to Hellfire and turn around.  Theres a new portal that takes you to SW.  Easy as can be.

Forth:  IF

Take the tram, fly, or port via a mage or hearth as you please.  And your done.

Wasn't that easy?

The same idea can be applied to Horde.

First Silvermoon

The port to Undercity

Next head to Org

End in Thunderbluff

I'm sure theres a port in UC that takes you to hellfire (which will then take you to Org) but I don't know where because I haven't been in UC much since BC.  ^^;  I spend most of my time in SMC or Org personally.

But that's that.  Have a happy Event and don't forget about the critter bonus currently going on!

And Darkmoon, what a busy week!!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Finally Back in the Saddle!

Finally have internet back, uggh!

I wont name names but I think tech/repair guys not showing up when their suppose to isn't a ground breaking discovery... But as you can tell, it was a couple weeks late.

Wont bore you with the details but i'll be starting post soon as I can.  As I said in the last post, it was no WoW, no Internet so I'm only just now able to really start back on anything. 

That said, my first goal is to get the event post up and then I'll back date a couple post if needed to get everything caught up.

So please continue to be patient with me, everything should be back to normal by March! 

This may happen again when I finally get to move (because i'll need to get a new service) but I hope to have a bunch of post wrote up before that so it'll just keep rolling while I'm gone.

Atleast this is my hope.

As I said before if you want to contribute a post or two then please just message me, let me know.  Screenies, post, videos, ect.  I really want to avoid another time block so the help is appreciated!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!