Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to Tick off a Raid Leader!

Say their way is wrong and act like your right. Because they didnt look up the fight and have never done it before, but your /pay to level ass knows how mythic works, right? Because the fire is your friend and you should hug it!


Ignore their call outs. Seriously, they call out so you dont have to watch and your not going to move? Gratz, you wiped the raid!


Demand food and pots. Because the raid lead is surely the only one who actually plays 24/7 so you can get free stuff! (Actually, if the Leads offer that its a kindness made possible by the guild/group working together. Most raids dont offer these things. Bring your own and be prepared!)


Pull the boss/groups during a "break."


Argue that the tank doesnt need that trinket with stam, avoidance, and leech because its only 5 points higher but YOU DO because its 12 points higher and you'll ALWAYS use it in PvP...


Call them "Bad" because their not topping the meters. GREAT way to get kicked. :D


Completely throw out their rules and do as you please! After all, its not a mythic raid, its just lowbie deadmines!


Finger point after wipes. 99% of the time the leader already knows it was your fault and is preparing to kick you.


Talk over the vent about random shit during a fight or when the lead has called for silence. Because that goes over Gggrrrreeeat!


Log on 5 minutes late and then throw a fit because you were replaced! Le gasp!


Be that one dude that is crucial for the raid night (like say, the only one with Heroism or a battle rez) and then dont show up. Because the Raid HAS to understand that chip eating contest was total worth wasting their raid night for!


Well, thats another edition of "Pissing off the Player Base!" I hope you enjoyed, i'll see you again Friday!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Narrok couldnt handle the Adventure!

Without Plushie!

His pets are L22s.

Hes using a Aqua, Critter, and Beast.  So the basic strengths tore him to pieces.  I used 24s cause its all I really had.  o.<  But you got the idea!

With Plushie!  (Just cheat, get it done!  ><  I just don't have anything between 18-24...  Its a problem!)

A flyer with Beast attacks or a Beast with Mech attacks is best to go with your plushie.  It follows like without one but my lack of levels I just used 25s and downed it.  You'll find wasp and jungle beaks from Warlords are great for this or you can try the Mech Boar or Robo cub. 

Happy Hunting!


My Wasp actually solo'd this.  HIGHLY recommend that one.  Quite a killer.  No crits, but no misses either.  Sooo... Ya.  Pretty easily done with a 25 wasp!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Nostaglia: Hillsbard

Remember the old Hillsbard?  Ya know the one where you had Southshore and Tarren Mill?  Now its horde only and Southshore is torn up...

Still worth going to farm the black tabby, explorer, crying over the best PvP zone now gone (well there was a lot of PvP these...), and over course during Christmas for grinchy.  Then the AV vendors...

And Old Hillsbard (the instance in BC in CoT) is a great way to see the Ally view since it was pre-undead/Lich King... But still not the same.

Oh, how we miss you old world.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

MidSummer 2016

Lets start off!


First off is Ahune!  A instance finder boss (98-100) that drops some 670 cloaks and a Enchant.

The bag you get daily has a chance to include a pet Frigid Frostling, Staff of Ahune (Int free, but 670 + its cool!), and some holiday currency.


King of the Fire Festival is a quest from Org or SW that will send you to steal the fires of the other 4 capitals.  Best done in a group/raid!

Awards the Achieve:  Stealing _____ Flames!

You'll go through out the zones putting out the other fractions fires as well as honoring your fractions.  (Be warned, there are horrible assholes who will camp the harder to reach fires such as Crossroads, Exodor, and Eversongs.  I notice the Alliance suffer more since its usually Horde rogues in my experience.  -.-  Report the trolls and don't be afraid to ask for help or start a counter raid attack.  Trust me, NO ONE likes these guys and you'll get TONS of help to make them run and suffer.)

You'll do this on Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, Northrends, Vashjr, Deepholm, Pandaria, and the 4 capitals of the opposite Fraction (as mentioned above).

Awards Achieve:   Flame Warden of _________ and Extinguishing ___________ (respectively).

HandyNotes has a curse addon that puts them on your map.

If your looking to level, the Ribbon Poles give hour long buffs to increase your exp gain!  If done in the Midsummer clothes you'll get the Achievement "Burning Hot Pole Dance" after one minute.  It'll cost 400 currency to buy the three pieces (CROWN IS NOT THE ONE YOU NEED FOR THIS!!)

Torch Juggler Achievement

Go to Dal with about 10 torches.  Start throwing and catching them as you learned during the Daily.  Do 40 times in 15 secs.  Ya, no, that's what your SUPPOSE to do but the smart kids will put the torch on their bar and then spam click that number with the keyboard while clicking under their character with the mouse.  This will award it with less heartache!

Other interesting stuff?

A Transmogable Helm-The Crown


Braizer of Dancing Flame-350

Burning Defender's Medallion-500

Cozy Confire-350


One from Ahune-Frigid Frostling

Captured Flame- 350

Blazing Cinderwalker- 350


Buff Food


Firey Brew

Heirloom Upgrades (to 90)

Happy Hunting!  Elve

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Elena Flutterfly

No Plushie, No problem.  Horde Only.

Anyone else think this was a Pokémon Ref, like to Butterfree or something?

Oh well.  L17s, Dragon, Magic, Flyer.

Take it on with some 16s, Moth and Dragonkin make killer combos.

If you wanna do it right, you'll need a Humaniod, Dragonkin, and a Magic.  Or go, Boom with the 25s.  But hey, that's all you.  ;3  Personally, I threw in what I had at the levels.  It "worked" sorta...!

Ya, I spent awhile fighting this one trying to get some exp.  17s are just such a bloody odd target range!!

There is shame...  >>;


Friday, June 17, 2016

Achievement Help: The 'Unbearable?' Pteroda--Aw screw it. Cata Jousting Achievement!

This is reaaalllyyyy easy.  Just do the quest 10 times.  On the Same alt.

Mount up and aim yourself and stay up/move forward by hitting one.  Aim towards a vulture and watch them fall.

Oh, and don't fall, you'll kill yourself in molten lava.  Does this look like Minecraft to anyone else?

Oh well,  Location is Mt Hyjal in the Firelands Hatchery.

Best way to do this:  Leave a alt and do it daily.  You should have it in under three weeks!  (Lets face it, you'll miss a day... or 7)

Happy jousting!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Tick off the Tank!

Call them squishy (If its going for 5 seconds plus without dying then the healer has never seen a really squishy tank...)


Pull for them... See if they don't run off and watch you die.


Taunting off of them. This includes pets.


Telling them to "Go." If they are stopped there is a reason. Demand faster and they will go slllooooowwwweeeeerrrrrr!


Saying they suck. Wow, their bottom dps?! They should reroll as a dps then and then everyone can get one shot! If the tank is OVER you on the meter then your doing dps wrong.


Needing gear with tank stats or stealing their shield.... Main Spec before off spec ya asshat!


Comparing their gear in a LFR. Yes, there is always that overly geared mythic farming prick who pulls 2k because he's too busy saying hes got "More health then the tank" who just level capped and is beating their dps.... You know who you are. Same goes for comparing the two tanks. Your there for the gear, we dont know why that mythic geared person is here!


Telling them how to do their job: Seriously, they know how to get aggro, stop telling them their doing it wrong because they do it differently then your "Leet raid tank" does it...



As you can tell, tanks get a good bit of grief, so next time thank your tank rather then upsetting them! Because your not doing shit without them!



Monday, June 13, 2016

Im Selling Real Life Items!

You know its all fun and games till your game subs about to run up.  So to help me bring in a small income I started a shop on cafepress under the blog name with some game themed stuff!

So if you love me and the blog drop by and take a look, you might find a few items you like!

Give it a share too, even if you cant buy.  Ever view gives me a chance to avoid turning into the affiliate monster blogger!  (No seriously, there are blogs that only post to sell affiliate link stuff... I don't wanna go there!)

Thanks in advance!  :)


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Brok needs a Big Adventure!

Without Plushie:

Dragonkin with Tail Whip and heal, Mech (speed 312+) with batter, Beast.

You can guess how this goes.

Tail whip as filler and use heal whenever your 50% or lower.  Aim to land those heals while blinded.

Once Mech is in Batter away.

Then clean up with your beast.  Done!

Plushie Style!

Don't toss that Dragonkin.  But aim for a Mech with beast and mech attacks as well as a heal  They aren't as rare as you think!  The Robo Cub and this Mech Boar both fill that bill.

Start with the plushie.  Let it take the blinds.  Use The hug attack to get round free switches.

Play the Dragon as without a plushie but switch in for blinds as best ya can. 

Realistically you'll only need Plushie at round 1.

Attack as normal till down.

Once your to the roach, switch in the plushie after at the 3rd round of stampede and keep it in for another round.  (letting it fall off your other pet, pretty much.)

Kill as normal.  Done!

As you can see with proper timing, it wasn't too hard at all. 

Gratz and good luck!  :D


Friday, June 10, 2016

Warcraft in the US!

Heh, yap Warcraft Movie just hit the US and your favorite blogger actually ran out to see it!

So I decided i'd take my Friday Post and talk about the movie because its a big deal... we've waited so many years...

Seriously, they were talking movie back in WRATH!  *sheds a tear*  Soo long...

Welp, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is pretty damn true to the lore (SHOCKING!).

To those that played the Battle Chest and/or read the books and comics...  You know whats going on better then most.

But ah, the none gamers...  So lost.  Seriously, lets talk fan base alone:  I go to the restroom after the film and theres 10 other women in there discussing the movie "Cool!" I think...  Then they say "So did you get dragged here too?"  Turns out 90% of the women watching the film were "Dragged" in...  It was so shocking to them that I not only wanted to see the movie but that I also played the game and had been for over 10 years...  Let alone that I ran a blog on it (I actually left that part out).

I ended up spending a hour explaining what the hell was happening to Mediev.... 

I felt soo alone...  Where are you my fellow girl gamers?!

Ah, but the film.

Without giving spoilers, this follows the orcs invading Azeroth mainly with little to do with Outlands.  Most of the film is War between orcs and humans and a lot of Stormwind.

As you probably got in the trailer:  Lothar and Gonara are a "thing"  (NOT TRUE TO LORE!  In lore it was Mediev she was shaking up with).  We get to see abit of Varian, his father, and mother-plus his sister (hah, ever hear about that?).  You get the briefest view of draenei (weren't impressive...), dwarves, high elves, and pretty much everything from Eastern Kingdoms.

Fun Fact:  Kamilidor and all its races aren't included because at this point its unknown! 

The movie really did movie at a decent pace.  Lots of lore we know jammed in with a fake dramatic love story (don't worry it was like a foot note.  pointed out but not really expanded!).  There was abit of comedy and humor a Warcraft player will get, and tons of easter eggs including Bounty Posters, Potions in the Bazzar, and a quick Murloc ( YES THEY INCLUDED YOUR FAVORITE MONSTER!).

Overall (as a gamer): 10/10   

I do highly suggest it, and if you haven't read the books/comics they are a great read.

Im sorry I couldn't give more of a review but I don't want to spoil any of it for all of you so I hope you enjoy it and drop a comment when you do giving your own thoughts! 

((Commenters PLEASE NO SPOILERS!  :D  ))


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Darkmoon Faire Game: Firebird Challenge-With a guest writer!

Big Thanks to Sal for writing up this post for me, its great to have another writer!

If you haven't seen him before then check him out here:

Hi I am here today to talk about darkmoon faire s***!

Particularly the Firebird's Challenge daily. It has several achievements tied to it but the one called Brood of Alysrazor is the one you want. It has you collect 50 blazing rings in one flight session of
the daily quest. Back when I did it, it was very annoying because when people were
doing the daily at the same time as you they would fly through a ring in front of you and
it would disappear causing you to fail. But anyway I think it is patched now and it
shouldn't be too hard to do. When you fly through a ring you have about 10 seconds to
find another and fly through it. Some of the rings are spread out over the faire grounds
and there are also some paths of rings over the woods. It might take a few attempts but
eventually you'll learn the layout of where most of the rings are and nab the achievement
and the toy that comes along with it called Blazing Wings which puts a pair
guessed it...blazing wings on you for 15 minutes.


Monday, June 6, 2016

WTF 10

Yap, boat in the middle of no where.  No sea, just floating.
Oh wait, its wrecked in space!

Almost like it fused with the rock...

Interesting?  There's even a SINGLE cannon!

Wanna see for yourself?  Theres the location!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Preaching Zolton

No, really.  Hes in the middle of "preaching" to some cult members.

So with him its L16s.  Mech, Magic, Magic. 

Grab a Dragonkin in the 14-17 range and he'll be toast (because those buggers are simply OP!).

Suggested levels?  Well, I took him on with 15 frog and two 17s (It was all I had!)  But my Frog doing Kiss got him down so much I could of done 15, 15, 15.  Maybe lower with a frog and dragonkin (let me know if you try!)

I'd go with the typical 14, 15, 16 or 15, 16, 17 if your worried.  Or Howl Bomb.  But hey, that's all you.

Elve, out!  ;3

FYI:  Hatewalker is a Reaver rip off.  He DOES make the screen/ground shake when he comes into combat.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Best way to PO the Warlock

Demanding summons.


Expecting them to run over three zones to summon you from inside the zone.


Demanding Buffs.


Demanding lock rocks (WE NO GIVE YOU COOKIE!)


Demanding a Soulstone be used on a the top dps... Who cannot rez... Rather then the healer who can rez. Like that restro druid. But no, that rogue doesnt want his deeps to fail!


Expecting a warlock to not use the felguard with taunt on! (I mean really, who turns off taunt?!)


That last one was sarcasim, I cannot be blamed if you took it seriously!