Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oh shit, BOARS!

Now enter thing the Challenge Post... Brutus and Rukus!  The Boars that eat everything! 

My poor Herb Garden...

The Strat for this one though is actually going to seem insane.  But Fire with Fire!

First, a Hatchling (any color) from Panda Lands.  Main thing you need:  Call Lightning (so in truth, anything with this spell works!)

So, start off with your Call Lightning.  The slow pain begins!  Switch him out now.

Next, pull out your pretty little Wasp-like pet.. I hate bees.  Any flyer with a multi hitting attack (such as Slicing Wind, and TWO poisons that can be used at once will work.  I honestly just suggest a Glow Wing.  You can get a Shrine Fly from the same area as the Hatchling though if your lacking!) 

Now your going to apply your longest poison first (In my case, the middle) and then the shorter.  Keep these applied and Slice him down to size.  If your Call Lightning is going to fall away too soon (in other words it will take MORE then 1 more round to kill the first boar without it) then switch your Hatchling back in to reapply.

Now, if you haven't noticed your main thing is to make EVERY attack a double.  So even if slicing wind jips you and only hits once, your still hitting 6 times thanks to your poisons and the storm.  So keep it up!

Once first boars down start reapplying your poisons (If Lightning is down at this point but your fly is at low health... Im going to say trust your judgement on this for whats better to get up first.  Either way you want to have Lightning up before your 3rd pet comes into play.)

NOW!  The Fun part.  Your Cog Raptor (can be found in Blades Edge) or any pet with mechanical a 2-3 hit spell (like batter) to clobber down the last Boar.

Needless to say Just Batter it to death. 

On the odd chance your Raptor dies, your hatchling should still live and be able to beat him down the last bit.  More then likely, your Raptor barely touches him and hes dead!

And that my bit.  Time to go repair the Herb garden those Bastards destroyed..


Friday, May 29, 2015

Screeny Friday..! Call it what it is!

Bah, humbug.

Now.. Looks normal, right..? Just a Ret. Pally and a Blood DK 2 manning a pain in the ass in MoP.  Look to the right of that blinding Dino... Notice anything?

And its a Draenei riding a Stone Cat riding a dragon who is eating a bubble which holds the magical sea horse of mystery.

And Along those lines...

A Human riding a Cat, riding a dragon.

And Upside down...How...

One for the road.  A Lightning charged Ghost wolf riding a cat.  I blame that magical seahorse in the bubble.

Defile.  By DK, for DK... Anyone else seeing a Ghostly Face making the O.o face mixed with a O: face?

Ya know... Getting frozen can leave you in interesting poses....

With a Ghost Face (From Scream) look alike face going on.  Oh, and look i've got the big knife to cut ya with!  So..I guess thats all thats left to say is... "WHATZ UPPPP!"

Well.  Im done for today.  


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Better Garrison and Herbs Magazine Presents...

Herb Garden.  We all got one.  A fun little 'perk' to prevent the need of farming herbs and dealing with the other farmers. 

The whole thing is REAL simple.

L1 unlocks at 94, you enjoy a few plots of free herbs.

L2 you can place Fiona there for extra herbs.  You also gain MORE plots!  Oh, and you can choose between a single herb or random!

L3 You get a tree that gives free stat food, MORE herbs, and...  Well ya

More facts: 

Those who did the quest in MoP to unlock Dog, well you get a furry friend again!  As on the farm, he does nothing but look adorable!

Incentive:  Free herbs daily.

Incentive:  Free Podling pet!  When the podlings spawn they give a chance at a sproutling.

Incentive:  Save 1000 Seeds and you can buy a pet!

MORE incentives:  Co-...Um..Inte--..Uh..  FARMER STYLE TRANSMOG WEAPONS!  Be the Draenei Akama with SICKLES! 

Possible incentive:  If you have the profession to herb you might enjoy this for your leveling.  No fight, no fuss.

A side note:  If not saving those seeds then you can turn them in as Work orders for MORE herbs plus crystals.

So... Not.. Much.. To tell...

Um..  Enjoy your garden!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Lets talk Flying

Okay... Im sure EVERYONE has seen the recent announcements?  ya know... The ones where we NEVER get flying?

Oh ya do?  Well whats your stance?

Well, I personally HATE it.  Its not lazy, its a love of exploring things.  You really CANT find somethings from above. 

But, I know theres two sides to the story.  So how about we try and see pros and cons.

Pros to NO FLYING:

Forced 'exploring'.  (Atleast that's what Blizz calls it.)

A fair playing field to reaching things.  Think MoP.  Your in Jade Forest and cant fly and a 90 is flappin around gathering mats and rares your after too.  Litterly EVERY time you see it, you also see the same proto-drake dropping down to snag it. 

More time spent playing.  (That goes both ways).  Zones aren't a speed race when your taking the roads!

You'll notice more (supposably) that you cant see above.

If your into dungeon crawls, you can save TONS of gold on flying.  Just level via queues.  After all, if your NEVER going to get to fly why get it on alts?

Archology.  'nough said.  Zone to zone.  And idk about you but my spots are NEVER near a FP and they are OFTEN along mountain ranges, lots of hills, and PLENTY of mobs.  Its a pain to work on honestly.  I mainly get my fragments from the Mine now.


More time for Point A to B.  Seriously, 5 minute flight is a hour run if theres a mountain in the way!

Less chances to explore.  Im sorry Blizz, but dodging mobs makes exploring, Arch, mat gathering, and just moving a pain.

Slower movements.  That 150% alone is still faster then 100% blizz... UP THE GROUND SPEED ATLEAST!

Boring to alts.  If you have a main, then you probably got every rare, every achieve, and all the stuff there was.  Now, its alt time.  Its just as slow.  And less exciting.

This stuff ISNT exciting the 5th time around!  I played Beta, I play now.  But Shadowmoon gets dullier EVERY time around!  Hah, hows that for WoW poetry?  Okay, seriously though...  Its SO cool the first time.  But when its slow and dull after a few alts.  The news gone.

WoW player base has made a nice drop over this...  Pretty big drop of you believe comments on the "I will leaves" and assume about 10% of them WILL do it.

Okay..  So that's a FEW of my complains and what I saw as a possible plus.  Do you see anything else wrong?

My Solution:

Allow flying in OLD content.  And by old content I don't mean 6.1 stuff can have flying as soon as 6.2 hits.  I mean were DONE with ALL MoP content.  Let us fly there.  In Timeless, on Giants, in Exodor and silvermoon! 

This gives a middle ground.  Your not COMPLETELY denied flying (as Blizzards employees have stated quite plainly...) but you do have to explore the current stuff at a slower rate rather then rushing.

In fact, that's what people are doing anyway.  We cant fly in Warlords so we go get our old content achieves, toys, pets, ect.

Well that's my piece!  I wonder if Blizz will retort before this actually posts!  They still have Sunday to edit their feelings.  Anyone curious to MORE of the story, I highly suggest checking out WoWHead.  Its where im getting the blue post info and where I checked out the comments for ideas on how no flying was a plus...  That took ALOT of pages.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Squirt and Diablo

Hello again and welcome to yet ANOTHER Battle Pet Saturday!

Now for this one I actually use a 2 pet method with a higher Leveling pet (mind you this STILL gives exp in the thousands!)

First off Scourged Whelp (From Icecrown.  They are usually up now, not very rare anymore).  The first one takes increased damage from Dragonkin but you want a few undead attack for the second guy.  Start off by throwing up Plagued Blood and then Tail sweep to death.

Second pet comes out.  Your going to die now, so your main objective is to get your Death and Decay down.  If you survive long enough try and tail sweep but more then likely he has just called Darkness (reduces all healing) and followed that with a stun.  If you weren't immortal before then stun then you are now.  Just go ahead and switch out.

Your second pet is a Snail/Whelk.  A 20+ will do (as you see above), but a higher one is always better!  Now, this is a SIMPLE rotation.  The second attack is your choice (I really suggest not bothering with the Shield unless your below 25) because your rotation is mainly Absorb and Dive.

Pretty much your going to Absorb till Darkness has ONE round left and on that Round you dive.  He'll refresh, it'll miss you, you'll hit-Rinse Repeat.

At this point the 3rd pets out.  He usually starts with a dodge ability so you can use 2 or 3 or switch in your leveling pet to take the needed hit for exp.

For this one just aim to Absorb and dive while hes dodging.  Boom, done.

Notes for Leveling pet: You want 20+ because of the second pets constant AoE.  He'll knock ya down about 500-1000 hp (depending on the level of your snail) before the 3rd pet hits. 

Also you might want to make sure their not weak to humanoids.  Or else they might go down too quick.

Well that's my method for the week!  Enjoy!

Friday, May 22, 2015

SELFIE Tour: Black Temple

Can I be lazy this time pwease...?  I don't wanna talk, im siiick!  Fiiine...

Akama...  How we miss your smooth, sexy... Sickles...
Moving on...

Howlin at da Fel Moon!

Im Frozen... (Screenie)
Im a bad panda parent, my kids here...

So Feral..!  This sort of thing kind of reminds me of a face Sabertooth would have... Mmm... I mean, you saw nothing!

Do you know where this is in BT?  Cookies if you do!

More frozen!  I see a Navvy on a stick...!
Okay im done, bed time *snores*

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Garrison Building: Pet Menagerie

One of my favorite buildings honestly.  Even if your not a big collector you can agree its great for fixing up your lowers and getting those badly needed rares.


~Everyone gets this building.

~Offers a Random Fight each day for Charms.

~Vendor sells costumes, rare stones, and leveling stones.  Also heals your pets unending.

Level 1 Perks:

- Five random favorites from your list will roam around.  At times, glitching... Oddly.. But still!

-Unlocks the random Pet to fight each day.  The quest gives 8 charms each time you finish it.

Level 2 Perks:

- MORE pets roam about (10 actually).

-Your Heal pet spell has a shorter CD in Draenor.

-You have a BETTER trap in Draenor (AKA, NOWS the time to go fetch those pets!)

Level 3 Perks:

-Your daily quest gives you a bag that can contain some pets, random crap (bandages, greys, ect), leveling stones, and 9-10 charms!

To Unlock Level 3 you DO have to do 250 Pet battles in Draenor (The trainers and the daily DO count towards this), I suggest to really start for that at L2 when you have the better trap and to take that time to power level pets, hunt rare pets, and catch what you need for the Draenor collection achievement.  BUT it can glitch and you get it early.  If it doesn't you really wont have to wait long to do this.

My suggestion:  Go far the coast of Talador with a 25 Flyer (Such as a moth) and some 20+ leveling pets.  Theres like 5 or so of the needed pets to collect there as well as chance to level up your pets PLUS a few rares. 

Another suggestion:  This achievement is for account shared plans so maybe take your 95ish alt to go farm the shit out of those pets.  By the time you get the battles you need they'll be 98ish most likely.  Just saved yourself some questing there.

My last suggestion:  Do it with a dps while you queue.  We all know those queues are long and sad.  While you wait a hour it may as well be doing something useful!

More Facts: 

This building doesn't open till L100.

You have to do 2 quest to open it up. 
-First Quest is to run to your mine and pick up a rock outside.  Said rock will then take one of your pets and make it 25!  Not a bad quest reward, huh?  I suggest you use it one of your level 1 pets!  Seriously, its 25 levels and they don't split.  Get best use you can from it!
-Second Quest is Pets vs Pest which I explained on Saturday (the 16th, mind you.).  VERY easy. 

Having a this building ALSO opens up the door for Erris.  (I explained her fights as well in a earlier post.)  She awards a few chances for pets in a bag that can also hold leveling stones.  As well as the fact that she straight out GIVES you 3 leveling stones for a fight.  Her pets no longer give decent exp though.

Unlike the trainers you can fight (like Ashlei) the daily pet battle can be completed over and over with each character you have (with the building) able to do the quest once per day and fight the current challenge over and over for battle pet exp (I only suggest that if its one of the few that gives more then 100 exp a kill.  Since the nerf only 3 or so do.).

Last fact:  Each week I explain one of the fights (starting with all of the Garrison and Draenor Trainers) so if your having trouble with a fight you can check to see if I have already posted a description of the fight and a simple method for you to beat it!

And that's all from me.  I hope I enlightened a few of you on this building.  Happy Hunting!


Monday, May 18, 2015

L40! Plus a Update was made!

I feel like im leveling too fast now... Soo many post going out... 

I don't know, yall enjoying the bit of art and update?  Im the only one whos gotta work to get this up.  :P

Meh, I started a tradition I suppose.  I don't see it slowin down either...  After I hit 100 I might need a break though...!

Workin my fingers to da bone!

But I like it... I think.  No worse then LFR.


For those who missed it, I forgot to mention in my Barn post that there was a pet to get in the Barn!  So go back down and read up on that if your into the free pets!

Again, sorry I forgot that one.  But hey, im bring it up now!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pets vs Pest

Its TECHINCALLY a garrison Pet battle.  In fact its how you unlock the Pet Building!  So im going to call it a 'Pet Battle' Update rather then my regular post.  And im going to be doing a post on the building the up coming Weds!  Sound good?  Good!

Quick tips:  You CAN one pet these (now, they WERE harder) so feel free to bring in 2 leveling pets.  I know using 2 20+ im getting in the 100s a piece with hat. 

I personally suggest putting the leveling pets in first though because they all die pretty quick.

First off:  Carrot

Main and only really needed pet:  Some Frog.  Any Frog.  Frog Kiss it to death!  Seriously.

Next:  Gorefu!


Moth.  Start with Dust and then Alpha Strike till dead.
Lastly:  The Rat
Any Beast will work but I prefer my Robo Cub.  I enjoy the Maul and Bite combo he has. 
And there ya go!  Enjoy dearies!

Friday, May 15, 2015

SELFIE Tour: Firelands

Okay im doing SELFIEs in places besides where I need to so... I did soo many in FLs it aint funny...

Theres something about rebirth that demands a selfie...

Hey don't look behind you but I think im about to be eaten!

Nice...  I got A screen capture in my SELFIE...

I gots me some horns.... Ya like?

What ya mean somethings behind me?  I don't see--OOOOH!  Its fight time...

But But But... He was posing!
(Seriously, He didn't need my help...)

Im with the worlds BIGGEST Hamma!  Wait till the folks at the Turtle see this!

Worlds BIGEST shoulders...  Hard to tell though, but me fitting in here is something.

Im green in the red.  Firey demon died for fear of the Irish Luck! 

Dogs... They don't like looking at the camera... Ever...

And lastly, the screenie of doom.  Im in burning roots... On hard rock...  Why are the roots not burning away and how are they floating in air?  In fact where could they sprout from?!
Okay, im done. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barn and its Skinning Purpose!

Okay, its not JUST skinning, its good for tailors and cooking too, but whos counting?

Now this wonderful building is a beloved thing for ALL crafters.  Infact, I have it on 2 L3 barns already. 

So lets start off with WHY its so great.  One:  You got a tailor or Leatherworker?  Well this is your source of skins and 'cloth' (fur) at L1, no killing required, no skinning required.  (and since you no longer get boost from side proffs, a lot of people DID drop them)  Two:  Raiders use it to farm feast.  Who brought the food?  Why the badass with a Barn did!  Three:  Savage Bloods.  ALL crafters need these PLUS they sell so well!  So why transmute or trade spirits?  Just trap them!

L1=Trap non elite mobs for fur or leather.

L2=Trap non elite mobs for meat AKA pre made feast.

L3=Trap elites for Fur, leather, or meat PLUS a chance at Savage Bloods! 

(SIDE NOTE!  Assuming the Fel Bloods haven't hit yet with Tanann Jungle..  I don't know the date on that either or IF you'd have looked at this since it hit... But theres talk these will be made useless via that patch.  I think this is people reading it wrong.  So far I've not seen anything saying that the new crafting material will out right replace the stage 2-4 savage blood upgrades.  Also it hasn't shown a token to upgrade past these stages.  So their use is still debatable for over all game play.  But they can still be used for transmog purposing armor too.  I know some of those weapons look SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! )

Where was I...  Oh yes.

Trapping only has TWO downsides. 

One:  Skinners cant skin for their leather while trapping because the beast disappears leaving nothing dead.  So you gotta go somewhere else for that. 

Two:  Anti Social wanting Savage Blood Elite farming?  Your probably screwed.  Your best choice is to go into Custom groups and find a group farming leather, fur, meat from elites.  You can have a whole raid going for this.  Best part:  EVERYONE gets a trapped beast per trap.  Just be in range.  Easy as pie.

Well, that's my say on this matter... Its a pretty simple thing and it has so few downsides to me...  I cant imagine anyone would get it and find much to be upset about if they need the mounts it gives.



I forgot to mention the PET you get in here!  Pygmy Cow.  To be honest its a tiny cow like dark moon fair.  Remember that one?  Yaa...

Okay, so its a mug that's sitting in your barn.  Its on the top or bottom locations (as far as I know, its only the two.  Its called a [Glass of Warm Milk].

This first one shows the bottom level (where mine was).  You see it above my 'head' and on the two boxes, yes?  Just hop on the table, boom.  Reach able.

This one shows you the cow.  Im also showing you where it spawns up top.  RIGHT in that window behind the hook.  If it spawns there you can relog or leave garrison to force a reset but it doesn't always work.

So sorry I forgot to mention this.  But hey, im only a FEW days late!

SIDE NOTE:  The pics are FROM ally Garrison but the HORDE garrison also has these.  I'd off Screenies for those too but at the moment I don't have any with a barn.  Sorry.  :/  My Hordie is all about the Money to feed her transmog needs! 

When I get a horde character up I promise i'll be updating this to show Horde garrison stuff too!  So don't feel left out :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fell Behind Update: 30 Post Added

I missed another update pick so heres one letting you know it'll be added to the right post!

As always you can find my art on my DA  !

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Casper Reference Team!

Ya know, the three uncles?  Bah, nevermind...

For this method I started with a Lil XT.  You can get a look alike with similar abilities from the shop, or any Mechanical with heavy AoE damage will work.  Your main goal is to weaken the backline.  (Pocket Reaver from TK will also work with Quake! Or Stone Grinder perhaps if you make GOOD use of Thunderbolt.)

For XT:  Start with Heartbroken and then AoE it down.  Once that's done just zap till ya die. 

~For me the Lil XT is about to kill or JUST ABOUT kill this first two.  Its why I suggest him over the other pets you can find.  But it also helps stress that amazing AoE damage.  As Magical pets you cant over power, hitting for more then 40% and it'll be negated.  But if you take raw power and split it 3 ways then you have a amazing counter!

My second pet is MUCH easier to get:  Lofty Libram or any magic pet can work really.  You mainly want the counter passive of a magic for when the last one has you cursed and crits.

Personally I switch to my 3rd pet after he curses me, but I use a leveling pet.  I suggest a 20+ so you'll have no trouble taking the hit and then switching back to your magical to finish it all off.

With hat my 20+s only get somewhere in the 60ish range of exp but I really don't need a 3rd pet and just take what I can get.

I hope this helps someone who struggling on this fight, Happy Hunting!


Friday, May 8, 2015


 And Another fun installment of, SELFIE FRIDAY!  


Is it sad im not even scratching the iceburg here?  I mean I feel addicted...

 First off... THIS is how you have a Too Many Whelps Achievement.  Pull both sides then selfie with the giant swaming mass with teeth!

Ghost Wolf with a Ghost Wolf with a Ghost Film in a Ghosty place...  Its all very Dead.

Im starting to find the fun things you can do while SELFIEing... Like Sitting/Kneeling.

Damn Helmet... Gets in the way... Look like I got Camara IN my head... Well, I might...

Clipping is Clipping...  I think he needs some Head and Shoulders...

Wow... The one thing ya never see clip is clipping in a selfie...  The Blindfold cant do new models.

Is it just me or do glowing runes just look SO cool in the sketch filter?  I mean really.
Okay...  Till next time...
I think I need help...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Transmog and its Perks

Wont lie, this is a wonderful thing.  The ability to transmog has saved MANY a eye and has lead to some very creative looks.  It also allows Blizzard to be lazier about new armor.  After all, who cares if its new if its a recolor of your FAVORITE set and matches your character better?
Moving on..
It starts like this:  Ya quest, you get some gear, you quest SO fast that said gear does NOT match in any way...  So now your green, pink, and a white sash to top it off...  Old method to fix that was getting a complete set of gear.  Mainly, Tier.  OR sitting in a cheap green or two.  OR (more popular option for females) strip and dance on mail boxes.
Now I cant deny, this has lead to MANY a copy cat...  I mean, does EVERY female cloth wearer need to be in the freaking mageweave models?  Or the now famous Slut mail/plate?  You know who you are...   BUT it still opens up some doors for the rest of us.
So, the joys of Transmogs!

In this one you see my rogue... Shes just hit 100 and grabbed a few upgrades.  Now... It aint matching AT ALL.  The belt alone just looks stupid..  If I wouldn't of had a few light drinker pieces via salvage, i'd be blue and white with the ugly troll head.

With Transmog, I can change it.  I can wear a almost full Lightdrinker set (a slightly updated and recolored version of T1 if anyones wondering.).  But even though im WEARING a few of the pieces and have a few already transmog'd its still pretty expensive.

In fact the higher the ilvl, the higher the cost.  Just throwing that out there for raiders.

And the finished product.  Most of it being pieces I picked up questing or when I was raiding in past expacs. 

Now, for what your really after:  My tips.

~ If your CONSTANTLY changing gear (like raiders, mainly those who are expecting to progress and adjust gear at a VERY fast pace..) you might want to consider holding off on your look.  This gets expensive fast, especially with weapons.  If your getting 3 new pieces a week, your tossing gold out the window.

~Heirlooms:  Pretty much a 1 gold per to transmog!  PERFECT to keep the same look.  Down side, your gloves, boots, and belt will constantly be changing.  Unless your just going to fast to find a upgrade.

~Be flexible.  Try and change your look to match a few pieces you have on, like I did.  I picked a few items that matched what I had rather then spend a extra 500 gold COMPLETELY changing it all.

~Transmog only what you need.  I know theres a slot for helm, cloak, and bracers... But do you really need them?  If you keep your cloak and/or helm hidden, why transmog them?  And bracers... 99% of the time are hidden.  Don't waste the gold man...  Same with pants.  If your using a robe, DONT TRANSMOG DA PANTS!

~Look at greens, blues, and even epics you find.  Looks pretty cool, why not keep it?  Later on you might decide to build a set around it or use it to replace a unattractive piece in a set you DO like.

~Screenshot different looks.  Some-like my Boyfriend Nav...- will change a transmog 6 times trying to decide which they prefer.  So instead of putting 6 different sets on, try viewing them in the window, screen shot them and then look at them to decide which is cooler.

~For the daily changers-Nav.- to save gold on your daily switching sets, try switching to a set that has a few of the pieces your already wearing in it.  T1 pally set is using the same Golden Hammer as you would for Judgement?  Well then switch to T2 instead of that Christmas light special of a DK look alike set from ICC.  Not transmogging that 2her twice will save you a few hundred gold alone!

Well, that's all from me for now.  Yall behave and happy hunting!