Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy WoW Screenies!

Lets have a haaapppyy post!  :D

Why?  Idk, maybe I'm in a good mood.  Maybe I'm high.  Maybe I dinged.  Maybe I just felt like it!  ^.^

I see a smiley face in the Tree.  Let me have my happy face!

Smiley eye patch with fluffy cheek smiles!

Legions coming!  War is on the waaayy!

I went alittle dark.  I'm not sorry.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Monk Artifact: Sheilun

So Mistweavers...  You have what has to be the SHORTEST run I've ever seen... I mean really... Easy and quick... I was in tears at the ease.

So this one is abit of running till you hit Terrace.  There you'll find our favorite Shando-Pan!

You start by fighting a boss, healing the "Tank" and freeing the other dps.  There will be adds... Drag them to your tank or kill them yourself.

The healing is pretty light at this time but you do still need to watch the health bars and do abit more healing as you free the others.

Next you'll move on.  You can pick and choose who you wanna focus more healing too in the dps but honestly you'll still have to heal them all... So just decide if you want dps that do dps but stand in fire, or dps that do less but actually move when needed.

I personally had two focus and the melee surviving.  But I had a 690+ ilvl and ALOT of experience as a monk healer and healer in general... For me it wasn't so bad but there wasn't really time to dps myself. 

All the same, I hope I gave you a decent explanation without spoiling the quest.  Good luck getting your healy staff!

My personal gauge on how hard this was?  10 being worse...  It would be a 3 easily.  For someone NEW to healing i'd say maybe a 5 or 6. 

Monday, September 26, 2016


Can we take a moment to stop and think how cool it is that flight paths now take from your favorite flying mounts?

At first I thought it was a glitch because it was the mount I was on... But nope.  It actually uses a random favorited flying mount to transport you now!

Its so small but so pleasing.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thristleleaf Bully

A Humaniod Legendary with 2 grey friends (you can catch the friends if you need them!)

I used three undead though I think the two and another with healing might of been better.  Say a emerald drake.  But live and learn!

First was my Creepy Crate.  I used my AoE (3rd) and then attempted to apply Doom and then Agony.  The thing dodges so your chance with this are limited.

After going through that rotation I switched to my serpent.  Bones, Death and Decay, Fly by, and then Bones again.

Then switch back to my Crate.  Crate does his rotation.

Rinse and repeat till the bully is dead and/or your pets are dead.

Kill as normal (its random what two you'll get as his friends mind you so do as you can).

The backline should be lowered by the time you get them thanks to the crate so they'll only need a few hits.

This fight is very luck based thanks to the 2 turns of 50% dodge chance so undead that can damage backline during this time frame (Graves and Crate for example) are great to have.  When dealing with strong humanoid fights my serpent and crate are my go to combo because they DoT to prevent too much healing as they widdle away health.

But three Undead can cover this pretty easy but I know this method worked for me and Nav.

Happy Hunting!


Friday, September 23, 2016

Brewfest 2016!

::::Taken 2015 and Updated!!::::

Whats new?  Not much!!  Well, alittle...

Trinkets from Coren are updated to 810 iLvl.

Theres a new toy!!  Its a meat... hat...  May the picture explain.

This toy cost 100 tokens and is sold by the SAUSAGE VENDOR!  It is the SAUSAGE HAT!

Theres also some funny little items like Throwing Sausage, Spirit Spirits, and SyntheBrew Goggles XL.

Outside of this is same as always!  So heres the info you need to rule brewfest!

For this post I’ll mainly be explaining briefly with hints, tricks, etc.



Ram Racing


Idea is easy.  Don’t kill the ram and get 2 coins per barrel delivered. 

Hints:  Hit the apple barrels to clear fatigue stacks and as such keep yourself going at the FASTEST speed possible!

The one at the fork in the road is a MUST hit but you can choose to hit the one in town or at the midpoint to keep it from being a close shave.  I prefer the midpoint and the fork for mine (On Ally Side) and just keep it in the red.

Preach for the Brewers

This one is easy with a 4 minute limit as well but nerfs have made it MUCH easier than before.  All you have to do is run by the banners in Ironforge/Org to promote one of the brewers.
Take a Break:  While in older days you had to return on the ram to finish, you now only have to be on the ram to promote, once you’ve hit everywhere, just dismount and fly back!  You don’t even have to turn in 4 minutes or less either!

Hint:  Know the clicks.  I highly suggest keeping in the yellow the whole time and being very careful with stacks.  I find a click every 3 seconds or so will keep it steady in the color while rapid clicks switch it faster.  You shouldn’t hit 100 before hitting everywhere if you keep it steady and you won’t have to alternate between speed and a trot (or worse, crawl).



Bonk the Robot

Grab a free brew off the table, aim at the robot by turning towards it, and drink.  It’ll throw it for you!  Easy...  Just make sure ya aim.

Invasion of the Black Dwarves!

Brewfest is under attack!  Take the Bonking practice and use it to repel the dwarves!
There will randomly be mugs of brew out to grab.  Get them, drink them, spinning into the dwarves!
This event pops hourly I believe.  You don’t have to join the get the gear, but ya look like an ass if ya don’t try to help!


Direbrew (Updated to 2016)
Open to 109+

A queue with daily rewards where you’ll kill a boss for currently 810 trinkets.  The barrel you’ll get will have a chance at mounts, a 810 mace, and coins.

For the fight you’ll quietly AoE down adds, melee avoid getting disarmed, and healers watching for a 7 second stun that can hit any player including you and the tank!  Plus a 5 second one.  Oh... And mole machines toss you abit.  Enjoy!
New to 2016:  He summons two elite adds.

Well, that’s all the dailies!  Now the quest.


Pink Elekks!

Grab your beer googles (or a lot of beer) and take advantage of those mage ports (or your Shrine/Ashran ports!) and hit Darn, Exodor, and Stormwind!  Objective?  Catch the pink elephants from Dumbo’s dreams!

Tip:  There is a portal next to hellfire one in Darn and Exodor that connects the two...  Why wait on the boat? 
Tip:  Save Stormwind for last, then you can take a fun drunk trip down the tram tunnel!  The tram is ALWAYS fun when your drunk and dancing!!
Tip:  Mage friends... Free ports.  Enjoy the mage.
Tip:  Get your hearth set to NEW Dal or the Panda land main city!  Cities of PORTS!

This quest awards 40 coins but no longer a pet it seems.  The pet is now 200 coins!


Yap, get your Purple stein if you didn’t in the last few years they’ve been offering that color…


Ram Racing PreQuest

Trot, Gallop, Cancer.  For 8 seconds.  Just keep the stead 3 second clicks for each one.  I suggest starting slow then going up, but meh.  It’s your choice.

After this you’ll learn the course for barrel runs where you get 4 barrels in 4 minutes, No coins per barrel.  Same Idea though.



 It did linger!

It does not linger, it runs.  So you get drunk and try to catch them with nets!  These you still get as pets though.  No coins though.

Direbrew-Once a Year Barrel

Repeatable yearly on everyone, gives 40 coins and must be looted of the bosses corpse.  Done!


There is TOO MUCH to get on one character alone!  If you have none of it, you’ll be hard pressed if you use only one character.


Realistically… You can get 200 coins in about 2-3 days if you do everything to the best of your ability.   So I suggest you take some alts and work on get 2-3 items per character to split it up.  If you have an abundance of alts, get one per alt instead and you’ll have them all in two days!

If you need achievements:  Get the hat, chest, and boots on ONE character, you can’t send those.  Now, you can’t blame me if you do that...



Disturbing the Peace

Go to Dal, get smashed (it’ll tell you you’re completely smashed), /dance WHILE wearing the three brewfest items that will take 350 coins to get.  You CAN NOT use the goggles to be drunk because there is a hat.  The where does not matter either.

Almost Blind Luck

Get a mage or priest friend to help you safely fall (you have to land to get the achievement) and wear your beer goggles.  Done!

Can also be done with gliders and gliding toys.

Brew of the Year

This one will take a year to do, naturally.  Get a membership to the Brew club via vendor and then sample the brews they send monthly in the mail!  Easy as that but not required for the Title.


Brew of the Month

Goes hand in hand with above, you get it for joining the club!


Strange Brew and The Brewfest Diet

Two different Achievements but they are the same thing.  Buy the listed foods and brew and down them for the achievement(s).  All sold by the local vendors of brewfest!


Does your Wolpertinger Linger?

Do the quest to get your pet and boom!  Easy as that.  Quest listed above!


Have Keg, Will Travel

Get a mount from the daily boss kill or just buy the hops to make your mount brewfest-y!


Kill the holiday boss, Direbrew!  You probably did that already.

Down with the Dark Iron!

You’ll get this for doing the daily to collect the cog from the invasion, as listed above!

Well, I know it was brief but I hope yall enjoyed and will be Brew Masters soon!


Brewmaster Elve


Hey hordies, no telling how long this will last but Voljin and Mekkatorque always give speeches at  6:15 AM and PM Pacific time but it appears that death has not stopped this troll!  Even after being burned and sent to the sky, he still appearing to give that speech... See it before Blizz corrects it and say your goodbyes in person!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rogue Artifact: Dreadblades

Hey yall, its been a crazy month so far.  This is the first time in so long that level capping meant more to do then leveling, hah...

Well either way, my rogue went for her artifacts so I started with Outlaw.

Outlaw (the old Combat) involves picking the Bloodsail at your hall...

And I gotta say, it was sooo quick to finish this one!  I spent more time in my Class Hall.

So.  Quick run down.  (No spoiling, I promise!)

After picking you'll head to Booty bay and from there you have this way to easy stealth through.  I'm sure your suppose to use distract but I just quickly ran through.

Objective:  Don't hit a bomb, don't get seen by the dogs/sharp shooters, and don't run into the bones.

From here you'll knock a NPC down to 10%.  He hits like a truck, have some pots and Def. CDs ready.

Then another stealth gauntlet that is ABIT harder... Be ready to sprint and vanish..

Now you'll finally catch a peak at the main person before they unleash a giant on you...

Again, have those CDs and pots at the ready.

Now you'll purse...  Easy enough but a slight dps check as you have to quickly kill three NPC to move on (one at a time).  BUT there is a moving wall and you do NOT want that heal they do to go off but they can heal more often then you can kick.

Solution:  Pop CDs and save kick till "Chain Heal"

Seriously, don't let the wall hit you.  They'll heal to full and you'll get ALOT of pain.

From here you sap one, pick a side, and run like hell to avoid falling rocks... All in stealth of course you rogues!

And FINALLY we get to kill the demon puppet with our weapons.

She hits the hardest of them all!!  Pop every CD, stun if you can.

Upside:  If you die (like I did with 5% health left on her...) her health stays the same so you don't have to start from scratch.  (YAY!)

Now you get to Indiana Jones your ass out of there!! 

From here you just return to base with your badass, life sucking blades...

No really the effect lets you get 5 combo points per hit but takes health every time you use a finisher for 12 seconds... This means you'll probably average 20% of your health being sucked every 90 seconds if you factor in Energy Regen and keeping it on CD.

But oooh-ho!!  Whats this?  Unlike the ones I've done so far ITS NOT OVER!!

You now get to try out the weapons on a rogue we long thought dead who decided to poison everyone and try to kill you!

Luckily, they fail horribly...

And lastly, we get to see where we upgrade...  Oh, and take my advice.  Don't do option 1.  You'll thank me later.  *winks*

Now business as usual.

Overall, I found this stupidly easy with a few kinks that were solved by popping a CD. 

Just take the time to set your bars and get a feel of the spec on a dumby and you'll have to trouble!

Happy hunting!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Splint Jr

Its a Legendary Critter.  Its Solo.  Its Easy!

I picked three random Beast pets (Snake, Fox, and Spider).  As you can see, it wasn't too close.

With my snake I used the cobra strike mainly.  And pretty much absorbed a Stampede.  It died quickly.

My Fox Crouched, Applied Dance and then bite till dead.

Finally my spider (now faster then the rat!) applied Fiery Web, Poison, and then Drained life.  Rinse repeat till rats dead.

All of these are battle pets.  No special.    Any variety can work!  Just remember your first pet is meant to start you off and eat a increased damage taken buff so save the best for last!

Spiders are great because the multi-hit attacks will kill it faster then you.

Happy hunting!


Friday, September 16, 2016

Too Many SELFIEs huh?! Well lets try DEATH Selfies!

Ya, you heard me!  We all know the "tragic" deaths caused by people wanting great SELFIEs...  Well heres some Death SELFIEs that aren't all staged...!  :D

Hah, plates not heavy...  Really!

"Battle is Sooo serious... I'm not about to get cleaved in half."

"Deathwing takes forevvveeeerrrr to get here.  Lets grab a quick pic while we wait!"

"Hm?  Behind me?"

"Hah, just killed a bunch of undead!  Didn't break a sweat."

"Just a average day in Westfall."  *Big bird comes out of no where*

Hey, they suck but lets see your take on a Deadly SELFIE!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WTF Block! Its WTF 14 (plus some!)

Alllrriiigghty.  I know its Weds and I usually toss yall a few scraps of content but there is more WTF things saved then I care to throw a stick at!  So I'm taking the chance to distract yall with the Blizz's crazy mind while I enjoy the content and give my brain a break!

No really, I'm just enjoying the content at this time but i'll have more soon, no fear!

Shall we start?

Okay Blizz, we get it.  Why the hell do you keep teasing our lack of tail?!

Anyone else notice this teams play out?  "Holy" murlocs verse a team of undead (aka, the best attackers against humanoids).  Its a Good vs Evil show down!

Soo... Who all runs by this and thinks nothing?  Probably every kid or innocent mind... But the rest of us, we know what this is.  We know the true root of evil... Or possibly the leaf.

Thunderbird is a direct Reference usually featured by Native Americans.  A bird that's easily 30 feet long.  Its actually kind of cool it made it into the game, but setting it closer to the Hozen would make more sense.  Fun Fact:  Most scientist think a Thunderbird was either a huuuggeee vulture or a dinosaur that attacked and fed on early Natives.  But there are still accounts of it living today.

Heres a true WTF!  We were SCALPING in WoW!  Do you know what that is?  Its SKINNING a persons head usually at the scalp.  This was a sick tactic often used on women, children, and men alike.  And unlike in WoW, they weren't always dead but they usually didn't survive the ordeal. 

If you don't know the history, I suppose this passes over your head but being a history buff... *shudders*  There was one or two living accounts of people surviving this, and they weren't a pleasant read.

For my last entry of the day, lets talk about how Dark Blizz really is.

The demon kids in Goldshire, upside down sinners, pentagrams and demons everywhere... (FYI, you cant see Upside down Sinners anymore but you can YouTube the Goldshire Kids and the Upside Down Sinners to find vids of the creepiness and even a way to see the kids yourself.)

But during Warlords they had this everywhere.  Blood Altars and bodies...  If you know the REAL lore behind the Dark portal then you know this fits and gets much darker but its still disturbing none the less!

Well.  That's todays post, I hope you enjoyed the short History lesson and a few WTF moments I found in WoW.  Enjoy!


Monday, September 12, 2016

WTF 13

For this one...  Were looking at CoT Strat!

Why?  Because WHY NOT!!

 Ya know, unless this is World War Z and that guys got cancer.... Why do they look calm as zombies charge the bear...? 

 These dragons wanna stop the Lich King... Why are we stopping them from stopping him?!

So cheery looking!  The nicest part of town is where they sell flowers and tombstones! 

This really was a wtf instance... We didn't even get to kill the wretched last boss AND we helped the Lich King?!  Does that make us part of the Scourge?

I feel like I need to be stoned to figure this out now...


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ominitron Defense System


This is three pets:  Elemental, Magic, and Mech.  BUT they switch out CONSTANTLY due to only having a attack each and you never know who you'll get next.

They key:  Don't switch too.  Stay on the same and do your best with what you got.

Personally I enjoy my Frog but I wish i'd of taken the critter ability for one instead.

My tips: 

Have each pet with a dodge, damage reduction, or heal.  These can be used between attacking the ones your stronger too.

AoE.  AoE attack when you can, I didn't have any AoE attackers on this team but I think AoE attacks would help a lot since theres a constant switch.

As far as what I did:

Frog-Frog kiss saved for the non-elementals and healing on the one I was weakest to.  Then water jet the Elemental.

Corehound (or whatever you want was a elemental)-Burn the Mech.  Dodge one of the others and scratch the other for steady damage.

Ony (Or any dragonkin... I didn't even need this one)-Whip the Magic and heal/flyby on the others.

This was a easy and simple mob and I wish you happy hunting!


Friday, September 9, 2016

Wing Butt and Rainbow Selfie!

Sooo...  Its a pet peeve but Blizz...


 The Winged..
 CAT ASS?!?!

And just for giggles... Demonie-Mage-Rainbow-Selfie!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mage Artifacts

I know I said it might be awhile but I had the day off and decided to check out the leveling with one of the strongest but most squishy classes there is:  Mages.

So being the slow but deadly kind, I got the Fiery Sword.

I don't wanna spoil anything so imma be brief and avoid screenshots (I might offer those is later months though!).

So the fire one sent me to ICC. 

I personally spent the first half kiting and freezing (Something any PvP or solo content mage is pretty good at).  For me, the fire one at 100 was beyond easy.  I had 690-700 gear on  its the crits that really control your damage so I was in a good place in dps and the mechanics were easy, simple, and light (probably because fire is so heavily long cast).

Fire was the EASIEST artifact I got! 

Next at 102 I decided to get the other two!  Fire was SO easy that it couldn't be too bad right?  HA!

Arcane... I went for bloody arcane.

This little F-er sends you on a look alike quest of what Disc Priest do (Sorry to spoil that but its the EXACT SAME but with one or two different mechanics)

So I went to the Nexus... Everything is easy as can be till I get in.  First couple of mobs are okay.  But after I free the dragon the damage those mobs do seems to go up by 10 so I'm having to skitter around so I can eat between fights.  (I'm not ashamed to say that either.  I was eating between every damn pull.)

So knowing the Mechanics already I blink over the bad, kill, eat, avoid the randomly placed bombs.

Then I get to the "Boss"...  I wanted to diiiieeee.  And I did.  Hitting a clothie like a truck even when I avoided what I could and spell steal abilities (I found my silence to be useless btw, it might be bugged or he could be immune, no text popped).  So I got him down finally and went to kill the next boss.

Dear god, that was hooorrrriiibbblllee.  He likes to blow you away and I cant imagine doing that as Arcane.  I'd be spamming Barrage and maybe explosion (which would of probably been easier then what I really did) but I was fire so I sat that using my fire artifact and fire blast to gain free pyros.  I usually got like 4-5 of these while waiting.  Then when I wasn't in danger he hit me like a truck while I tried to control damage with my shield, heal in my ice block, and get in a few fireballs before I had to run in place.  I'm pretty sure that fight was designed to get all your dps in while moving.  Frost may have a easier time then Arcane.

But after all that hell I was expecting the staff to be the WORSE (like it was on Disc, but i'll go into that another time...).  It was actually lackluster though.

Go into the bubbles, get a pop up to hit, channel, and then blink to the next.  All I did was try to avoid the balls but they died easily so Arcane could just Explosion and stroll over probably...

Then after this cakewalk I just grabbed the staff.  Done...  I suffered like hell to get there and then it was so... EASY.

Right after this (staying Arcane to test the new staff) I went to do the Frost Artifact questline.

This one was almost as easy as Fire...  But it required more attention so i'll call it mid ground.

First off, it was a glorified shopping list for a few quest.

Then a few quick demon kills.  Then a few blinks between spots to place some items...

Finally I sat in a magic circle and defended a crystal.  Between fights I healed and then hit the crystal again to power it which brought on new mobs (Ya, you had time to eat here which was nice-wasn't rushed).

Once that was done I got pulled to the Nether, healed up and killed a demon.

Spell steal his buff, silenced like once, and used slow fall to prevent death (this part took attention since if I did it too soon I couldn't do much and if I did it too late I was dead).

And that was it.  Very easy...

Difficulty Scale 1-10, 1 is easy, 10 is impossible.

3  Fire  as fire
4  Frost  as arcane
6  Solo Leveling
7  PvP with a healer
8  PvP against a death knight with 50 more iLvl points then you plus PvP gear
9  Arcane Artifact as fire...
10  Fel Rever   /  Trying to untangle Christmas lights

I wish that was a joke...  But I'm so serious its scary! 

I did this with no crafted gear, no mythics from HFC, just old fashion quest gear and the wrong specs to keep the artifact that gave a HUGE boost in damage.

But I hope yall find a easier way then I did before then nerf it.  >:3

Happy Hunting!


Edit:  Frost has a special and fun "Daily" go to Dal wearing it each day to unlock lore and a special buff for a hour by finding new NPCs or memories.  This all leads to a hidden appearance so well worth the effort!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Nostalgia: Invasions

Now you knew this was coming...  We cant forget the easiest gear/level grind of all time now can we?!


Happy Labor Day! --WITH UPDATES!

Happy Labor day to all my fellow Americans.  :)  I hope you actually got the day off or at least getting a extra 5 bucks a hour to make up for it!

Big news, big news! 

I know I mentioned I wouldn't be able to do anything on Legion content for awhile (due to me not being able to afford for a few months because real life sucks...!) but plans changed.  :)

I was able to get Legion thanks to a special friend and so I hope to start bombarding you all with post as soon as possible!

As far as Friday and Saturday post go, I'm afraid those will be Old content most likely till next month.  I really wanna focus on up to date content for the Main post (Weds Post).  So I wont have time to do a lot of Achievements, SELFIEs, or Battle Petting.

I hope to keep all the post up to date, but if their a bit late, please forgive!  I only just got the expac so i'll be taking my time to ensure I give nothing short of accurate info!

Happy Hunting!


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Undead Val'kyr

This is kind of a brag too, but lets make it educational!

Now this Val'kyr is a RARE spawn.  One at a time and like 4 locations in every zone but Wintergrasp and random chance with rates said to be 12-48 hours. 

This is a SUPER powerful undead in PvP matches too.

I found mine by accident while farming Tokens for Tournament.

So you can try the old, alts at the location thing and log in every now and then (like after resets).  Or you can just keep your eyes out while flapping about. 

If you DO get it, allow me to share some wisdom...

Haunt... It "kills" your pet to do damage but then after 4 rounds you get it back.  But Haunt only affects the ONE pet.. And if that pet dies before Haunts done, it will kill your pet too...

I don't know if that's a glitch but its happened 5 times to me and it makes the spell abit useless..

Don't stress this farm.  Like the Void Portal this is SUPER RARE.  Theres a HUGE area to cover with limited time and a high chance of missing out due to other players being closer.  The only thing that might be worse is Loque.  Every Hunter wants it and every achievement lover wants to kill it...  Its a lot of factors that can screw you up.

Don't use critters during this fight...  If its a grey, one crit will end it..  Take it slow, catch it, be happy.